Amazing Vacation Ch. 03


I woke to the sound of moaning and wet skin slapping coming from the bathroom. I wasn’t sure how long I dozed off for, but I didn’t see anyone else in the bedroom so I figured that both girls ended up joining Anthony in the shower. It seemed only fair that the girls gave him the same treatment they gave me during my shower earlier in the morning.

I got up and went into the kitchen to start a pot of coffee. As I passed the bathroom, I grabbed a robe from a shelf just inside the door. I didn’t peak around the corner to see what was going on, but now that I was closer to the action, I could clearly make out the sound of both Rachael and Kate moaning and talking dirty to each other as one of them got fucked hard by Anthony.

I got the coffee started and sat in the kitchen reflecting on how much changed in Kate’s and my marriage in just the last 24 hours. I came on this vacation hoping that a little break from the kids and the tropical setting would help Kate loosen up a bit and enjoy sex a little more; at least for the two weeks we were down here. What I got was that, and so much more. Not only was Kate enjoying sex more, but she has become an absolute sex fiend that enjoys anal sex, sex with another woman, sex with another man, and seems to enjoy watching me have sex with another woman. As I sat in the kitchen drinking my coffee and listening to my wife have sex with another married couple in the other room, I couldn’t believe this amazing turn of events, and couldn’t wait to see what it meant for our future sex life.

I was daydreaming about things that Kate and I might do once we got home when Anthony emerged from the bathroom with a towel around his waist.

“Man, those two are out of control!” he said with a big smile on his face as he walked into the kitchen. “Perfect, you made coffee. I could use some of that.”

“How long have you guys been at it in there?” I said, handing him a mug from the cupboard.

“I don’t know, quite a while I guess. They just kept begging to be fucked more and more. Once I’d cum, they’d fuck each other for a while, start sucking me again, and then ask me to fuck the other one. We did that a few times and then I had to get out of there….I couldn’t keep going.”

“No shit” I said shaking my head. “I’ve never cum so many times. I don’t know what has come over Kate. She’s never like this.”

“She could have fooled me; your wife is one hot fuck. She gave me a run for my money last night.”

“Obviously you and Rachael brought something out in her” I said, “I guess it’s understandable, I couldn’t stop thinking about Rachael after the first time we met at the pool.”

“Yeah, she has that effect on people. She’s a very sexual person and I think people can sense that….men and woman.”

“There’s no doubt about that! Well, cheers to a wonderful vacation!” I said raising my coffee mug with a chuckle.

“Cheers to our hot wives” Anthony replied.

Anthony and I continued our small talk while the girls gave each other a few more orgasms in the shower. Anthony was actually a pretty cool guy and we had a pretty easy conversation which was kind of surprising given the guy just got done fucking my wife multiple times. Finally we heard the shower stop, and then heard giggles coming out of the bathroom as the girls started drying off and getting ready.

We managed to keep our hands off each other as we all got ready to head out for the day; which was kind of hard considering how much naked skin was walking around one bathroom. We all decided to grab some breakfast by the pool and then head to the beach for a while. Kate and I only had our cloths from the night before and didn’t have our bathing suits, so we decided to borrow stuff from Anthony and Rachael rather than head back to our room. I just borrowed a pair of shorts and a t-shirt from Anthony, but was pretty happy with what Kate ended up borrowing from Rachael.

Clearly Rachael’s selection of bikinis was far more revealing than Kate’s, as both girls showed off a lot of skin when they came out of the bedroom giggling and putting on an impromptu show for Anthony and me. Rachael was wearing a very skimpy yellow bikini that had enough fabric on top to do little more than cover her nipples and a thong bottom that was so thin it barely looked like she had anything on when viewing her from behind. Kate was wearing a pink bikini that was very similar Rachael’s in shape and size. Kate has never worn anything that skimpy in public, and I was very surprised she was ready to leave the room with so much skin showing. Both girls ended up putting tropical pattern wraps around their waists as we left the room and headed for the pool, but they were still displaying some pretty impressive tits for all to see.

I enjoyed seeing all the looks Kate and Rachael got as we made our way down to the pool for a late breakfast, and I’m pretty sure the girls enjoyed the attention as well. We ate a quick breakfast by the pool and then made our way down to the beach.

The resort had a really nice private beach with perfect white sand and more than enough lounge chairs and umbrellas for the guests. Eryaman Escort Like I noticed the day before, there were no kids in sight, and the beach was mostly full of adult couples and a few groups of college kids.

We set ourselves up in a spot that had two really big padded lounge chairs (they were pretty much beds on the beach) and a big umbrella. I was pretty tired from the late night of drinking and fucking so all I wanted to do was sleep in the shade to the sound of the crashing waves. Anthony had the same idea, and the girls set out some towels to get some sun.

I don’t know how long I was asleep, but when I woke up, everyone was still in the same place. Anthony looked to be asleep in the chair next to me, and both girls were lying face down on the towels in the sun. I admired their two beautiful tan asses lying next to each other, both glistening in the sun. As I continued to ogle over the four perfect mounds of naked flesh in front of me, I noticed that both girls had removed their bikini tops to avoid tan lines. Kate was always complaining about her tan lines, but she was never willing to remove her top in a public setting because she was always too modest. Obviously things were changing quickly. Scanning their bodies even more, I realized both girls were lying on the beach pretty much naked other than the very skimpy thongs they were wearing which did little more than cover their pussies. I was getting an eye full, and I was pretty sure every other warm blooded male on the beach was to.

I was still lying there when the girls got up and decided they were hot and needed to head to the water. I pretended I was still sleeping and was wearing sun glasses so they didn’t know I was watching them as they got up from their towels. Kate started putting her top and wrap back on; reverting back to her old modest self, but Rachael somehow talked her out of it. I was pretty surprised when Kate actually followed Rachael down to the water, wearing nothing but a skimpy thong, basically showing off her entire body to a beach full of strangers.

The girls looked extremely sexy as they walked confidently, hand in hand, down to the water. They were quite a pair. Rachael was mouthwatering with her dark skin, long dark hair, and curvy muscular body accentuated by the best bubble butt on the beach. Kate was stunning with her smooth tan skin, blonde hair, long toned legs, and tight ass. It was quite funny to watch how many guys turned their heads or stopped in their tracks as the nearly naked beauties walked by.

Most notable were a group of college guys that noticed them standing at the edge of the water and made very little effort to hide the fact that they were gawking at the older women. The guys had some girls with them that were pretty attractive themselves, and they weren’t too happy with the guys as the appeared to go on and on about how hot Kate and Rachael were. I could tell the guys were talking about their tits and asses by the motions they were making to each other.

It looked like Kate and Rachael noticed the attention they were getting from the younger guys and they seemed to enjoy it. They didn’t do anything too obvious, but they definitely weren’t trying to hide their bodies from the guys as they walked along the water’s edge to give them a closer look. The guys shut up pretty quick as the girls were approaching, but they still didn’t hide the fact that they were looking them up and down. Kate and Rachael walked right past the college guys, holding hands, and even gave them a very warm smile as they passed through the group and then ran into the water, diving under the waves.

As soon as the girls were in the water, the college guys started laughing and high fiving each other as it looked like they were daring each other to dive in after them. At this point the girls in the group seemed pretty annoyed and they squashed the guy’s fun and pulled them back to what they were doing before the little show.

The girls swam around in the water for a little while before heading back to their towels. The sight of them walking back up the beach was even better than watching them head down. They looked like they were right out of a Hawaiian Tropics photo shoot or something, just with fewer cloths. Their tan wet skin looked delicious, and their tits bounced perfectly as they basically skipped back up the beach towards their men.

The girls were really enjoying their time and seemed pretty pleased with their ability to get such an obvious reaction from a bunch of young college guys. Anthony gave them a hard time about flaunting their bodies for everyone to see, but it was clear that both of us enjoyed seeing our wives get so much attention.

The rest of our time at the beach was pretty non-eventful. We spent more time relaxing in the sun and did a little swimming in the waves, with only a little grab ass under the water, before deciding to pack up and head back to the poolside café for a little lunch

While eating lunch we learned that Anthony and Rachael already booked a snorkeling trip for the afternoon so we Sincan Escort were going to go our separate ways for the rest of the day. We decided that we were definitely going to meet up for drinks and dancing again later that night, but Kate and I needed to figure out something to pass the time until meeting up with our new friends for more fun.

Kate and I were weighing our options while we were all waiting for the check when Rachael came up with an idea for us.

“Why don’t you guys go get a couples message!” she said very enthusiastically. “Our friends Adrian and Jade have a really nice spa in town. We go there once or twice every time we come down here.”

Kate loves messages, mostly from me, so she thought it was a great idea. It sounded nice and relaxing so we decided to give it a try. Rachael said we wouldn’t need an appointment and just told us to take a cab there after we got freshened up.

She even said, “just tell them you’re friends with Anthony and Rachael and they’ll take care of you”. It sounded innocent enough until she gave me a sexy wink right after saying it. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I have a pretty good feeling that this was going to be an interesting massage.

We said goodbye to Anthony and Rachael and went back to our room to take a quick shower and change into some normal cloths. We managed to keep our hands off each other while showering and changing despite getting a good laugh about both of us admitting that we really wanted to fuck again. We were tempted but both agreed we should save up some energy for what was sure to be another fun night.

We changed into some comfortable cloths and called the front desk to get us a cab to the “Paradise Spa” across town. During the cab ride to the spa, Kate and I talked a lot about how much fun we’ve already had with Anthony and Rachael and about the chances of hanging out with them when we return home to Atlanta. I was surprised to find the she felt the same as me, and hoped that we would continue spending time with them even after heading back to our “real lives” at home.

The cab finally stopped on a side street in front of a nice, but very discrete store-front for the Paradise Spa. The lobby of the spa was very nice and simple. Pretty standard spa type feel. As we approached the front desk, the receptionist greeted us warmly and asked, “welcome to Paradise, do you have an appointment with us today?”

“Uhhh, no, we’re friends of Anthony and Rachael….” I said, not sure if this type of thing ever really works.

“Ah yes, Ryan and Kate, we have been waiting for you. Your room is ready for you if you will just follow me.”

The young woman stood up and led us through a door in the back of the lobby and down a long hallway. We went through another door and then finally stopped outside of a third door.

“This is your VIP room for the afternoon” she said with a warm smile. “Please relax and enjoy the accommodations. This is for you to enjoy any way that you please.”

She opened the door and led us inside. The room was simply amazing. It was very large and dimly lit by candlelight so I couldn’t see everything, but what I did see was impressive. The floor was natural stone and the whole room looked like a tropical cave with plants and a little waterfall falling from the ceiling, over some large rocks, and into glowing hot tub carved into the rocks. There were two large beds in the middle of the room, likely set up for massages, and there was a stone table full of tropical fruit and various drinks. The effect of the candle light, shadows and the sound of the waterfall was very relaxing and romantic.

“Again, please relax and enjoy” she said as she started leaving the room. “There are robes and towels by the tub if you’d like to change. However, when this red light starts flashing, please remove your clothing and get under the sheets on the table. The light is to let you know that your masseuses will be joining you soon.”

After she closed the door and left us to ourselves, Kate and I took a few moments to look around and take the room in.

“Wow, this room is amazing!” Kate said as she walked around and admired all the details that made the room so impressive. “I wonder how much this is going to cost.”

“It’s probably really expensive” I said, “but I have a feeling we won’t be paying anything.”

Kate turned and gave me a big smile that said “I hope you’re right, this is going to be fun!”

Kate walked over to the hot tub and felt the water. “Mmmm…this feels good, I’m getting in.” Without hesitation Kate stripped her clothes off and slipped her sexy naked body into the water. “You going to join me?” she said in a playfully sexy voice.

“Just a second” I said as I walked over to the table with food and drinks. I grabbed a few glasses and poured what smelled like some type of tropical cocktail and back walked over to the tub.

“Mmmm, good idea” Kate said as I handed her the drink.

I got undressed and joined Kate in the hot tub with my drink. The warmth of the water, the sound of the waterfall Etlik Escort and the candlelight in the room made for an incredibly relaxing atmosphere and we both just relaxed and enjoyed the quite moment sitting next to each other thinking about what has transpired over the last 24 hours and what is still to come.

I tilted my head back onto the edge of the tub, closed my eyes and daydreamed about fucking Rachael and watching my wife get fucked by another man. Despite the intensely erotic images running through my mind I was starting to drift off to sleep until I felt Kate’s hand reach into my lap and discover my rock hard cock point towards the surface of the water.

“Well, what are you thinking about right now?” Kate asked and she stroked her hand up and down my stiff shaft.

I didn’t respond, but simply let out a soft moan as my cock responded to Kate’s sensual touch. I didn’t open my eyes or raise my head from the edge of the tub, but I reached my hand over and slid it between her legs, finding her pussy. I slipped two fingers inside and could tell she was dripping wet and most likely thinking about the same things I was. She too let out a soft moan and we both continued to lightly rub each other to an increased state of arousal.

Kate’s breathing started to deepen and I could tell she was getting close to cumming so I turned my focus to her clit and continued to rub. When I thought she was getting really close, I felt her body move next to mine and before I knew it, she was straddling me with my cock deep inside her hot pussy. She was moaning now and had her head buried in the base of my neck and was grinding her pussy in my lap.

I grabbed her ass and pulled her in tight and she lifted her head from my neck to kiss me deeply and passionately. We kissed harder and harder, probing each other’s mouths with our tongues like we wanted more and more of each other and just couldn’t get it. I slipped my hand down her ass and reached her asshole with my finger, circling her anal opening a few times before slipping my middle finger deep into her ass.

“Ohhhhhh, fuck that’s good” Kate moaned as she felt my finger probe her ass.

Soon after my finger entered her ass I felt it tighten as her pussy clamped down around my cock. Kate fucked my cock harder and moaned into my mouth as she came. She pulled away from my mouth and tilted her head back moaning loudly as she rode out an intense orgasm. I continued fucking her ass with my finger and leaned forward to suck hard on one of her nipples, causing her orgasm to continue wave after wave until Kate couldn’t take anymore and she collapsed into my lap, motionless except for her breathing.

My cock was throbbing and practically begging form more fucking but I gave Kate a little time to recover before starting round two. After a few minutes, Kate began kissing my neck and slowly grinding her hips in my lap causing my cock to press tightly against the velvet walls of her wet pussy. Wanting to cum before our massages started, I picked Kate up and bent her over the edge of the tub for some hard doggy style fucking.

Kate moaned as she lifted her ass and accepted my cock back into her pussy from behind. I grabbed her tight ass with both hands and fucked my beautify wife with long hard strokes. It didn’t take long for my balls to start tingling as an orgasm approached. Kate could sense I was close so she turned her head and looked back at me with lust filled eyes.

“Fuck me baby!” she moaned, trying to make me cum harder with her dirty talk. “Fill my pussy with your cum.”

That was all that was needed to send me over the edge. With a few hard strokes I felt my balls contract and my cock pulse within her hot sex as I release several hard streams of cum. I came long and hard, losing myself in the moment until I noticed something out of the corner of my eye.

“Oh shit!” I said, pulling out of Kate and looking towards the door, “the light’s flashing, someone might be coming in soon”

Kate and I scrambled out of the tub to grab some towels and dry off quickly before climbing on the message tables and getting under the sheets. I never had a professional massage before so I already felt a little awkward about it, and I didn’t need to add to it by being caught naked with a full erection as the masseuses walked in. Kate was giggling the whole time we were scrambling under the sheets and didn’t seem as concerned about getting caught naked as I did.

The massage tables were the kind with the hole at the top for your face, so we both lay down with our faces pointing towards the ground and waited for the masseuses to arrive. I heard the door open no more than 10 seconds after we were both settled in which made me wonder if they knew what was going on.

I heard the door open, and could hear the slight sound of steps approaching the tables, but no words were spoken. I was starting to feel a little uneasy about the whole thing until I felt the sheet get pulled down to my lower back and then a pair of warm oily hands press firmly in the middle of my back and work their way up to my shoulders. My anxiety melted away as the gentle, but firm massage worked every inch of my back and shoulders, hitting pressure points that gave me sensations I’ve never felt before. I could tell Kate was enjoying her massage as well because I could hear soft moans coming from the table next to me; sounds I’ve heard before when I’ve given her massages at home.

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