Anal Antics


You wake up suddenly covered in sweat and trying to get your bearings back to where you are and you look at the clock and its 5 AM and it will be time to be getting up soon for work. You wonder if what you dreamt really happened Sunday or not. But your ass does hurt a little bit.


It’s Sunday afternoon and you have just finished taking a long bath and just finished shaving your legs and you start to shave your pussy. You decide its getting to much hair down there and want to shave most of it off but leave a little strip just for fun. You start to lather it up with shaving cream and you start to feel that familiar tingle radiating from your clit. You start to shave and you try to be real careful not to nick yourself while shaving. While shaving you start to notice your nips are getting rock hard but the funny thing is the water is warm. You get your pussy down to the landing strip and you grab the mirror by the tub and take a look at your handy work. You notice how smooth you are but decide to look down further to make sure you have no more hair. You spread your ass cheeks apart and notice around your anal hole there some hair so you shave gently around it and put your finger down there to make sure it is smooth. You feel its smooth but your pussy gets flooded just by grazing your ass hole. You start to play with your ass hole and finger it and rub your clit. You get one knuckle in to your ass and start rubbing your clit faster and faster until you explode. You didn’t realize how better of an orgasm you could have while fingering your ass hole.

You decide you are still really horny and you want to get to the mall to take your mind off how horny you are. You dress quickly and put on a blouse that shows off your cleavage and short skirt and no panties so maybe you can cool your hot pussy off. You get to the mall and you spend sometime window shopping and just piddling around Çankaya Escort to get your mind off your wet pussy. You go past a lingerie store and decide you need to buy some more bras and panties. Its getting close to closing time but you think to yourself it shouldn’t take to long.

You walk into the store and notice you’re the only in there and there is a really cute salesman vacuuming the store. He notices you coming in and stops his vacuuming and says hi and if he can help in anyway then please just ask for his help and he smiles and continues to what he is doing. When he smiles it sends a sends a shiver through your body and a shock to your clit. You mill around and find some sexy panties and bras and you go into the dressing room into the far back. You start trying them on but don’t know which ones look good on you and decide to tease the store clerk a little.

You come out and find the salesman and find out his name is rod and ask him that you need his opinion on what you picked it out. His eye light up like it’s is Christmas time. He follows you and go into the stall and close the door and you change into the first set and you open the door and ask how it looks and his jaw about drops the floor. You do this with the other 3 sets and the last time you notice the big bulge in his pants. You come up to him and whisper to him if he would like to help you undress. You can feel your juices running down your leg. He helps undo your bra and you can see him behind you in the mirror and his eyes get big when he sees your big dark color areolas and big thick erect nipples. You can feel his warm breath on your neck and the bulge rubbing up against your panty clad ass. He gently cups your 38’Ds and gently massages them and teases you by getting close to your thick nipples but moves away when he does. You can hardly stand it and a moan escapes Keçiören Escort from your lips. He presses into a little harder and can feel how hard he is. He starts to kiss up and down your neck and starts to tug on your nipples and pulls a little more and you tell him to pull harder on them and you almost cum from him pulling harder on your nipples. He pulls your panties off and you can smell the sent of hot pussy in the changing room. He tells you he will be right back he runs to lock the door and put the closed sign on the door and he dims the lights. He comes back with some lube off from on of the shelves and has a devilish grin on his face.

He tells you to sit on the chair on in the room and to spread your legs wide. He tells you to close your eyes and to enjoy it. He starts with your legs and gently kisses your leg up and down and just teasing you and licks up to your thighs and licks back down and licks up your other leg and to your inside thigh again. He keeps doing this and every time he gets close to your pussy a moan escapes from your lips. He does this for a few minutes and you are leaking girl cum everywhere. He stops teasing you and he licks the outside of your pussy lips and you moan loudly and you feel like your pussy is about to explode. He slides his tongue deep inside your pussy and starts to lick all over and keeps licking up and down and then he licks your very hard clit. You start to orgasm as soon he touches your clit and you feel your body convulsing from the pleasure but he keeps licking and sucking on your clit till it is on fire. He gets some lube and puts it on his index finger and while he is licking your clit he rubs lube all over your asshole.

He gets its all lubed up and then he slides his finger inside your ass and gets its all lubed up and when he does this you explode your girl cum all over his face Etimesgut Escort and you feel like you passed out from all the pleasure. When you wake up he has gotten undressed and his face is covered in your girl cum and his cock is very hard and erect. He asks you if you have ever had anal sex. You say no and are Leary at trying it but he says it is fun and very kinky to do it. You remember how much fun you did have when you were in the tub fingering your asshole while rubbing your clit and how much of an orgasm you had.

He says he will lube your asshole and his cock up well. You say you’re willing to try anything once. He tells you to bend over and to spread your ass cheeks. He gets the lube and lubes your asshole and gets it very slick and he really lubes his cock up for you. For extra measure he dips his finger in your pussy and rubs your pussy juice all over your asshole. He tells you he is about to slide his cock in your ass. You can feel him put the head of his cock against your ass hole and feeling some hesitance while he pushes his big cock head in you. You feel a little pain but it feels really good and then you feel like a seal has been broken and his cock head slips inside your ass.

He slowly slides all 7 inches deep inside your ass. It feels like your ass is stuffed and can’t take anymore and there is a lot of pressure. He puts more lube on his cock and starts to gently slide in and out and it feels like he is stretching your ass to the limit and you start to moan as he continues to slide in and out of your ass. You start to rub your clit while he is sliding his cock in and out. He starts to go a little faster and you start to moan louder and louder and rub your clit in frenzy. You cum so hard that your sphincter muscles contract so hard that it milks his cock of his cum and he sprays his cock juice deep inside of you. He cum’s 4 big loads of cum in you and he pulls out of your ass and you just lay on the floor from exhaustion and he does the same thing. You can feel his cum leaking out of your ass hole and you have big smile on your face. You fall asleep.

You wake up in a cold sweat and try to get your bearings and you look at your clock it is 6 AM. Was it a dream you had? But your asshole tells a different story.

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