How I met Betty


How I met BettyI was a bit horny and I bought a Magazine where there were Contact advertises. I found a special advertise in where it said Model are lookin for new guys. I contacted this girl who had this advertise out. She asked me to come to her Place for some test filmings. She actually saifd she wanted to be with two guys. I showed up and the other guy too. We sat down had a cup of coffe and were talkin about how make these scenes with Betty. Neither one of us had have sex with a woman together with Another man. So we just gt a good feeling together and got relaxed as friends. When we showed up at Bettys house she opend the door and let us feel welcome. She told us to have coffe in the cough. Betty then got into her room for some dressing to fit for what was commin up. She soon appeared and began dance for us . She danced Close to Beşevler Rus Escort us and gave us some short kisses to cheer us up.. After fallin into Leifs arm. she kissed him and opend up his pants and let his dick out. She told me to put mine out too.. Betty then kissed me and sat between me and Leif wankin our Cooks. we touched her breast lickin her nipples and kised her. Then she told us to join her in the bedroom.. In the bedroom she climbed up in the bed takin her shirt of and finaly was undressed except her stockins. We both climed up and began kiss her. She then started to suck my cock and switchin to suck Leifs Cock.. We just stood there enjoy her treatmen of us. Then suddenly KLeif Moved Behind her and put his dick into her. She moaned and they were doin Cebeci Rus Escort rythm movements while suckin me. After a wile it was time for change. I laid me on my back so Betty could sit over my dick and move up and down while suckin Leif who stood between. I then turned us around so I become layin over Betty and I fucked her in the missionare while she moaned. Leif got his dick sucked. Then it was time for a change. Now it was Leifs turn fuck her in same position while I got my dick sucked. It was so nice I was almost to come several times feelin her warm mouth around my dick..Then I took the lead and took her from Behind. at the same time was Leif Cummin in her mouth wich he not have expected but Betty drank up all his Cum and swallowed. I then took a chance and Kolej Rus Escort put my dick in her arse. She screamed and I fucked her in her anal a time. Then I Was shifting my dicks by fuckin both Pussy and arse. She screamed Delightful. I couldnt stand it no longer Betty was wild and moaned horny. I feel I have to come. I then squirt Betty in her ass. After drawn out my dick from her I said to Leif Bring me the cup you drank coffe from. He said why. Dont ask just bering it. He gave it to me and I put the cup under Bettys Ass and said. Ok you Little horny one just push out my cum in this cup then you will have a toast from it. Betty then began push with her ass muscle and soon almost all my cum in her ass was in that Cup. Betty grabbed the cup and said to Leif and Me. I bring atoast for you my horny Stallions cheers and then she drank all cum and swallowed it with a pleasant sound.We kissed each and said thanks for the time. We took a shower and got dressed and was about to leave. When Betty told us . Hey guys yiou were fantastic we need do this again. If anyone will stay for dinner and dont have hurry home youre welcome spend the evening with me. Can you guess our answer. We forgott eat dinner that evening

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