Lifeguard 2: Chapters 7 , 8


Chapter 5The next week was a blur. Jill met Frank’s kids on Monday. They were shocked at first at the suddenness of their Dad’s decision but after meeting Jill, they understood. She was as charming and gracious as she was beautiful. Frank and Jill were married in a civil ceremony with his kids, Alex, Caley, and his three business partners and their spouses in attendance. And Andrew was there of course.Soon it was Friday afternoon and they were on the way to meet at Derek and Belle’s house.Jill held Frank’s hand the entire way from DC to the Ramsey’s. They talked about everything that was happening, oh so fast, and they were both excited to be spending their first weekend together. Frank had no idea what to expect at the Ramsey’s and Jill really didn’t tell him much but she did giggle some and said, “Oh it will be fun.”As they pulled up the long drive Frank could tell Jill was getting excited as she grabbed his hand a little tighter. They pulled up to the front door and there was Alex and Caley there to greet them. Caley was barefoot. Much hugs and kisses followed. The depth of Jill’s kisses with Alex and Caley now made sense. Caley kissed Frank long and complete. Frank’s breath was taken away almost as much by Caley’s kiss as it was with Jill’s kiss. Alex’s hug was brother otele gelen escort to brother.Laughing and giggling they grabbed bags and headed into the beautiful house. Derek and Belle would come along later and an additional surprise, Katie and her twin “Andy” were coming and catering for the weekend. It promised to be a wonderful weekend weather-wise as well.Alex had some chilled Sancerre at the pool so they were going to quickly change into swim attire and meet poolside. Jill led Frank into a beautiful second-floor room with a balcony overlooking the pool. The whole scene was absurdly beautiful. Once in the room, Jill laid a huge kiss on Frank and they tumbled into bed. They almost got to a point of no return, when they heard Alex yelling for the newlyweds to stop what they were doing and get downstairs. Jill took off her clothes, grabbed a towel, and headed for the door… naked. Frank didn’t really quite get it until Jill turned around at the door, and said, “Come on, show them what you’ve got!” With that, Frank dropped his swim trunks and strode proudly out the door. Frank had a great body sculpted from many years of competitive wrestling and well maintained by the workout facility at his company headquarters. balgat escort He had also married the most beautiful woman he had ever met who thought he was quite the stud. He grabbed Jill’s hand and walked proudly and nakedly to meet the world. Jill squeezed his hand and his penis started to grow. He had a big package and knew it, but he couldn’t control its vigor when he was around his wife. He walked hand-in-hand with his wife Jill and upon entering the pool area and by now wasn’t a bit surprised to see Alex and Caley naked as well. Alex had his arms around Caley and her back was to Frank as they came out into the sun. Alex kissed Caley and said something to Caley in a whisper. Caley turned around slowly and as Frank gazed at her lovely naked body, his eyes did not miss the large penis between her legs. Frank stopped, squeezed Jill’s hand in surprise, and stared. Frank’s penis took an immediate stance upon seeing the full glory of Caley and became instantly and achingly hard its full girth and length fully maximized.Jill said, “There was no way to prepare you for Caley’s total beauty until you saw it.”Frank was as speechless upon seeing the entire beauty of Caley just as he had in seeing Jill naked for the elvankent escort first time. Frank simply said, “Caley, you are beautiful beyond words.”Caley reached for Frank, pulled him into a full embrace, and said a simple, “Thank you.”Frank felt he’d been transported into a whole new and exciting world. He never thought he’d ever get a hard-on hugging a woman with a penis, but he most assuredly had one now. And to make things more interesting, as Caley and Frank continued the hug, Caley was getting hard as well. As they pulled apart, Frank was not a bit surprised to see Alex with his arm around Jill, both looking at them and smiling.Jill then said, “Hey let’s get some Sancerre!” Off they went, Alex holding Jill’s hand, Frank holding Caley’s hand. It seemed so natural.The Sancerre was phenomenal: cold, mineral-ly, tart but not too tart, sweet, but not too sweet. Alex sat with his arm around Jill and Caley sat with her arm around Frank. Frank was uncomfortable, but not in a negative way. He had been taken by Caley the first moment he saw her in her condo, now only two weeks ago, but this feeling was more… lustful. Her soft skin, her beautiful raven-colored hair, her beautifully proportioned breasts, her scent… and her penis was gorgeous. Frank had been in lots of smelly gyms and arenas, showered with many, many men after practice or a meet, had seen all shapes and sizes of penises, but Caley’s was absolutely magnificent. Frank thought it was surely nine inches long when it was fully erect, and it was perfectly shaped with a nice mushroom head. Frank caught himself glancing down at her crotch, again and again.

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