Lust at first sight


It was 12pm and she was taking a break from work, looking out over the small lake watching the duck’s wake criss-cross the glassy water. The sun was out but the air was crisp as she took in deep inhalations, wondering if the fog in her head would ever clear so she could find a way out of the rut she was stuck in. She wanted passion, fervour and zeal. Life was too short for anything less. He wondered as he wandered around the small lake. He wished that life could be simpler. He wished that the one whom he was to spend the rest of his life with loved him. Loved him for who he is, not the lifestyle he attained. He wished money didn’t exist, and that materialistic and unnatural needs and wants didn’t need to be satisfied. What kind of people have we become? Have we really put aside our basic emotional and spiritual needs for commercialism and consumerism? She sensed him before she heard his light footsteps on the mossy concrete. She moved her eyes in his direction and made immediate eye eryaman escort contact with him. She felt an immediate connection and understanding. She looked through the windows to his soul and saw what she saw in herself; a want and a need for something more real and more intense than the present. It was impossible for him to draw his eyes away from hers. The rest of the world was a blur while he was focused on her. Nothing else mattered. She looked so natural and had an amazing sexual aura that he knew he had to get to know. As he made a beeline for her, he wondered if there was anything he could say, but he was lost for words. They seemed to have an unspoken understanding, like that of a decades old marriage, or an identical pair of twins. They exchanged pleasantries, but the words were unnecessary and superficial. They had a physical attraction more powerful than either had ever felt before. Her yearning hazel eyes drew sincan escort his hardened dark grey eyes closer, and before either could change anything, even if they wanted to, their lips were pressed together. They closed their eyes and got lost in the moment. Seeing more passion in the blackness than either had seen before. His large hand caressed the side of her face as she ran her hand around his neck and through his hair. She leaned into him more now, their tongues dancing a seductive Samba number together. Either could have died a happy person at that moment in each other’s embrace. This is what they wanted, and where they wanted to be. She slipped her hand into his trench coat and ran it down his chest. Her tongue probing deeper as her hand slid down across his stomach. He jumped as she ran her finger nails over his pants, across his hardness. In retaliation to her, he ran his hand over her thighs. Deciding to venture further, etlik escort he ran his hand up the inside of her tight skirt, parting her legs slightly as his fingers crept further. She was squirming as his hand swept across her moist panties, barely making contact. She gasped as her head fell backwards, revealing her neck, surrendering her body. He stood and grasping both her hands he pulled her to her feet. Glancing briefly he rushed her along the pathway, leading her by their interlocked fingers. He forgot work and he forgot his worries as he held her in front of him and rushed her through the busy streets towards his house. He flung the gate open and firmly pushed her up against the front door, kissing her mouth hard, breathing into her ears lightly and fumbling for the correct key. They almost fell as the door swung open and they stumbled inside. She spun him around, flipped of his coat and pushed him down on a chair. Pulling her skirt up around her waist, she dropped herself down, straddling his lap. They continued where they had stopped earlier on, on the park bench. She ground on him as they kissed each other’s faces and necks. She began unbuttoning his shirt and running her hands across his hard body. She felt his hands under her shirt, holding her hips, pulling her closer and harder onto him.

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