Morning wood

Air Hostess

Another morn, dreamt of pornAnd woke up hard again.This sexy bird, we shared no wordMy soul, I’d let her reign.Was at the club, the dance floor rubAll bodies grinding tight.You’re half erect, from indirectThat pelvic pump delight.I saw her there, she caught my stareIn her flowing summer dress.Her auburn hair, her ass near bareTo all, she did impress.I’m now on track, my morning jackTis her, will Keçiören Escort be my goal.With nimble wrist, I wrap my fistAround my eight-inch pole.My scene will be, that her and meWill glide to the second floor.Against the rail, waist thin, and frailShe knows, what’s soon in store.She bites her lip, my pants unzipShe reaches for my cock.She Etimesgut Escort wants to fuck, No time to suckNo foreplay or sweet talk.Although she’s young, she sucks my tonguelike she’s done this dance before.She jacks me long, pulls down her thongHer panties hit the floor.Her arms wrap tight, her body lightShe climbs up on my hips.With Demetevler Escort little haste, legs round my waistGuides me past, her pussy lips.My thick cock head, her pussy spreadI drive my cock in deep.She squeals loud, her pussy plowedHer juices start to weep.My neck wrapped tight, she starts to fightTo take all of my length.She fucks down hard, with disregardImpaled with all her strength.I jack my cock, hard as a rockAnd start to fuck the air.My mind a swirl, That sexy girlShe’s almost got me there.She cries, I grunt, I pound that cuntMy mind, she fucks the best.She fucks so good, my morning woodI come across my chest.My morning jack, though companion lackCan be orgasmic bliss.I dream of you, and what you’ll doMy dreamy morning Miss.

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