My Sister and the Tenant Ch. 02


In this chapter, I further unfold what happened between my 20 year old sister and our 50 something tenant Kartar Singh. Do read the first chapter to get more insight into what exactly happened.

After that appalling sight of my sister and Kartar Singh making out, I couldn’t focus at all on my classes the next day. All I could think of was that bulky old guy fingering my innocent sister while kissing her like a lover.

Her moans were still ringing in my ears. I had heard her say, ‘Kartar Ji’ so many times but the way she moaned his name that night, it made my blood boil. The way she wrapped her arms around him, let him lick her throat, oh god, I couldn’t bear it. She rejected such smart, intelligent and talented individuals, only to end up in the lap of this illiterate old man who was even older than our father?

While I was immersed in all these thoughts, I noticed my penis was tearing through my underwear. I had a massive boner, in class. I couldn’t sit properly, I wanted to jack off so bad. Confused, I raised my hand in the middle of the class and told the teacher I wasn’t feeling well. She could see me covered in sweat, pale in the face and panting. She sympathised and asked me to take the day off and return home. The student on the first bench gave me a bottle of cold water which helped me calm down and calmed my boner down as well.

Restless, I took a rickshaw back home. My sister used to be in her college at that hour but I was sure Kartar Singh would be home. I didn’t want to face him but I had nowhere else to go. I thought, I would just barge in, tell him I’m unwell and disappear in my room. I wanted to call dad and tell everything to him. But like they say, curiosity killed the cat. I was curious as to what exactly happened.

When I reached home, I realised the front door was open. Even though, at the back of my mind, I was expecting to see what I saw in a few moments, I still treaded with weak knees. My heart was throbbing and I could feel it pump in my ears. There was an eerie silence.

“She wouldn’t bunk college for him? Would she?” I thought to myself. She never missed her classes, even when she was sick. There was a reason she was the favourite of all her teachers. But my guess was right. I carefully walked towards Kartar Singh’s room and there they were!

The scene was quite similar to the one I saw the day before but it was much more silent, much more intimate. My sister was wearing a sleeveless, orange-coloured kurta with a salwar with the same bangles and earrings as last night. She left her hair open which Kartar Singh was pulling in in his fist as they kissed madly. At first, it was a simpler smooch, they were chewing each other’s lips. But then it got crazier as things heated up. She took out her tongue first which Kartar Singh immediately grasped with his own tongue and that made my sister moan.

She adjusted her hips and made her hug tighter around him. Her thin arms, wrapped against the old man’s thick body circumference. They were at it for a good 5 minutes when they broke the kiss and looked at each other with lust. Kartar Singh made a questioning nod towards her to which she replied with a affirmative nod. It was a signal to take things forward.

Kartar Singh got her down from his lap and turned her around on the bed. Digging his nose in her hair, he seductively shoved them towards her breasts. He then bit her neck while untying the knot of her kurta. My sister moaned again, shouting his name for the first time that day. He then took her earlobe in his mouth and sucked on it while removing her kurta. Her moans got louder. Then, he quickly untied her salwar and angrily removed it from her legs. She was left in a black, laced bra and panty, still facing away from him but constantly bending her neck to allow Kartar Singh to feed on it.

Kartar Singh then pulled her back on his lap, adjusting her hips on his groin. He expertly unhooked her bra and threw it down on the floor. I saw my sister’s naked back for the first time. It was a piece of art! Her neck was slender and it carried on to her curvy, white and spotless back. I was disgusted beyond imagination when Kartar Singh’s rough and heavy hand grabbed my sister’s left boob. With his right, he stretched her panties and slapped her cunt. My sister jumped in joy and turned her face backwards to kiss him.

“Aahhh, ahhh, Kartar Ji. Yes, there!” She moaned in ecstasy, sometimes breaking the kiss, sometimes in his mouth. With her right hand, she adjusted Kartar Singh’s dick between her ass crack and started rubbing her hips.

“Noo, Sincan Escort not the other one. Just one. Ouch!” She grabbed Kartar Singh’s hand to stop him from inserting a second finger.

“Rub it there! Faster!”

“Kartaaar jiii! Oh god! God! Ahhh!” She screamed so loudly I was sure the neighbours could hear. It was obvious she had orgasmed. Standing at the door, I had also pulled out my dick. I had never seen it so erect. It was an angry monster waiting to spurt venom. But I knew things won’t end there. I controlled myself and waited for the right moment to cum.

I was right. As soon as she came, my sister turned around to kiss Kartar Singh. That was the first time I saw her boobs. They were as gorgeous as the rest of her body. I felt embarrassed being turned on by my sister’s boobs but I was helpless. The nipples were pink and sensitive, like a virgin angel’s. The one that Kartar Singh had fondled was swollen and the breast had become a reddish pink. He sure had a tight fist!

But just as my sister was about to kiss him, Kartar Singh pushed her on the bed and lifted her legs. He sucked her breast while pinching her thigh. The moans resumed. Kartar Singh spent a few minutes sucking her boobs to his content and then looked her sternly in the eye. He bent and crawled towards her cunt. Locking his hands between her knees, he started kissing her thighs.

“Oh god Kartar Ji!”

With every kiss, he moved closer to her vagina. My sister understood what was happening.

“Stop! Stop Kartar Ji. What are you doing?”

But he paid no heed. He bit her labia softly and unleashed his tongue upon her cunt.

“Nooo. What are you doiiiiiing?”

“Stoppp! Don’t stop! Wowww! Woww!”

It was clear this was the first time Kartar Singh was eating her out. Her lower body was trembling as she locked Kartar Singh’s head inside her legs.

“What is thiiis?”

“Kartar Ji! You’re…you’re ahhhhh!”

Kartar Singh was licking her wildly now. I could see a glimpse of her cunt and it was dripping! The juices were visible from a few feet away where I was standing. Kartar Singh was also loving it as he made crazy noises.

“Aaaaaaaah!” My sister came again! She literally lifted her lips into Kartar Singh’s mouth as he greedily drank the juices.

“Come here baby!”

My sister seductively invited her for a kiss. A 20 year old girl calling that disgusting old man ‘baby’ was too much for me. She was young enough to be his daughter. She was the prettiest girl in a town known for its beauties, and her she was getting orgasm after orgasm from that ugly, illiterate asshole. Love really is blind, isn’t it?

I was angry and all that anger unleashed on my dick as I masturbated violently. But I still didn’t cum! Kartar Singh refused her advances once again and in a fit of rage, removed all his clothes. He unleashed his dick. It was a good 7 inches or more, thick and black. His crotch was like a jungle, hairy. So was his entire body! He had hair on his back, his ass, and of course his chest. Even his legs looked that of a gorilla.

But in that he looked less like a gorilla and more like a lion as he roared:

“I told you, next time, it’s my turn!”

My sister’s jaw dropped at the sight of that monster cock and Kartar Singh used the opportunity to enter her mouth. She was helpless. She could just say a meek ‘no’ as her mouth became full with that thick black cock. She was still lying down on the bed as he started fucking her mouth, with his balls slapping her chin.

“mpppf, noo!” She mumbled. But Kartar Singh was possessed with sexual energy. He was not letting go. He grabbed my sisters hands and placed them on his balls. The cock was going in 2 inches at max, even though he kept forcing it inside.

“Open your mouth wider beta! Take your uncle in your mouth.”

But my amateur sister couldn’t help it. It was a sloppy blow job and Kartar Singh had enough of it. He lifted her up and choked her throat.

“I am going to teach you how to suck properly!”

“For now, use your hands.”

It seemed as if my sister was more adept to handjobs than blowjobs as she expertly wrapped her hands around his cock and embraced him in a passionate kiss. She stroked him eagerly while sucking his tongue.

“You like that, my lover?” She broke the kiss and stared into his eyes.

“Yesss, keep going.”

She offered her throat to him and stroked harder and harder. And he came! He shot dense sperm all over the bed, inside my sister’s delicate hands Etlik Escort and some on the floor. And so did I! I came on the floor and quickly removed my shirt to clean it.

“Clean this mess and wash the bedsheet.” He ordered her angrily.

“Yes Kartar ji!” She meekly obeyed.

“And cook something nice today!”

I hated the way he was ordering my sister around while she was still naked, with his cum in her hands and looking at him with eyes full of love. But I was helpless. Looked like we both were possessed by lust and couldn’t make the right decision. I rushed to my room. Red with embarrassment but still wondering how to catch them in the act again. My dick was still hard as I tried to sleep.


Next day at school I was the same pale, lifeless being. I didn’t have a lot of friends and usually kept to myself. So, no one really noticed what was up with me. I had planned to again feign sickness and rush home. As much as I hated what Kartar Singh was doing with my sister, I was craving to see the lovers going at it again. However, this day, I was met with yet another surprise. An unpleasant surprise that didn’t even help with my horniness. A surprise test!

I wrote my test and reached my house on my usual time. My sister was in the kitchen and Kartar Singh was in his room, drinking cheap whisky. He asked me to sit with him.

“Your sister is making snacks. Sit. How was school?” He spoke like a proud, drunk man.

“It was good. We had a test today.” I could barely see him in the eye but tried my best to not make things awkward.

My sister came in. She was looking as gorgeous as ever but there was another development. She had covered her head with a shawl like married women do in some parts of India.

“Kartar ji. Your snacks.” She said shyly. “Oh Vikas, you’re home! I’m making lunch, go get freshened up.”

“Okay didi!” That was my cue to leave and I hurriedly walked out the door. But I knew these guys very well by now and I stopped right outside the door.

As soon as I was out of sight, Kartar Singh grabbed my sister’s hand and pulled her on his lap. Her shawl dropped around her neck and Kartar Singh held her head and hungrily grabbed her lips.

“My jaan! I can’t spend a minute without kissing you!”

“Stop it, Kartar Ji. Vikas is home. What if he sees us.” She said that but didn’t really make an attempt to get up.

“He has gone to freshen up. That gives me enough time to suck your boobs.”

“You did that already today. Let me go.” This time she tried to part ways but Kartar Singh was drunk and wasn’t ready to back down. He pulled out her boob from her kameez and started slurping.

“Ah, the snack I was waiting for.”

“Ah, Kartar ji.”

“Stopp!” My sister finally asserted dominance and got up.

“We’ll do it again tomorrow. I promise. I’ll be back on time.”

“We can’t do this when Vikas is home.”

A part of me felt good that my sister cared about my feelings but a part of me was disappointed at the anticlimactic ending.


Never in my 18 years of life, I thought I’d bunk school, that too to see my sister get fucked by a 50 something monster. But such is the power of lust.

I went to school for a few days straight because I had unit tests lined up. I knew what was going on at home and couldn’t really focus on the tests, but I didn’t want my father and sister to find out I skipped my tests. So, I wrote my exams, gave my best and was sure I’ll get above average marks, enough to not raise suspicion.

Then, a few days later, I didn’t go to school at all. I left home and called up a classmate to call in sick. I requested him to tell the teacher. I roamed around for an hour, my stomach churning in anticipation. Then, I started walking towards home.

Just like the other day, the door was unlocked. I took careful steps towards Kartar Singh’s room and was greeted with the loudest moans I had heard from my sister thus far. Kartar Singh had pinned my sister against the wall, her leg was locked around his back, and he was licking her pussy like a wild animal. They both were completely naked and Kartar Singh had even removed his turban.

“Yessss, babbbyyy!”

“Kartar jiiii! Right there.” Her eyes were rolled backwards just like her head as she moaned in her trance state.

“Ahhhh, I’m coming, my love!”

As soon as she came, Kartar Singh entered beast mode again. He got up, turned her around, pulled her ass towards him and was about to enter her. Shocked, Çankaya Escort she screamed:

“Noooo! Not that. Please!”

He grabbed her hair and turned her towards him.

“Why not?”

“Not today. One day. I promise. I’m not ready.”

“Please ji.” She kissed him to calm him down. But he didn’t let go of her hair. Angrily, he pushed her downwards and shoved his dick in her face.

“Suck it!”

“If you don’t want me to fuck you, suck it like a good bitch. The way I taught you.”

At first, she could only get about two inches in her mouth. Then Kartar Singh guided her.

“Take it all the way till your throat, then push it out your mouth. Then do it again.”

My sister obeyed.

“Good kid. Keep going. Ahh!”

In a few moments, it felt as if my sister had been giving blowjobs all her life. She was sucking him like a pro. Massaging his balls with one hand and brushing her cheeks with his penis. She even looked at him with puppy eyes as he pulled her hair harder and fucked her mouth.

“Keep going beta. Aaaah, you’re a natural!”

I guess my sister could feel Kartar Singh’s cock throbbing as she quickly took it out of her mouth. Hot, sticky cum got sprayed on my sisters shoulders and boobs. She tried to get up but Kartar Singh held her down and emptied his cock on her.

“That’s more like it. Now clean everything and prepare my drink and snacks.”

“Go go, good girl.” He said as he spanked her ass with his thick hand.


After that day, my father came home for a few days. Kartar Singh and my sister were bold but not that bold to do something nasty while my father was there. And they both also respected him a lot.

“I hope my kids didn’t bother you Kartar Ji!”

“No paaji, not at all! I couldn’t be happier. They’re my kids too!”

In the days that followed, Kartar Singh’s drinking increased and my sister wasn’t her usual chirpy self. They were surely missing their sessions and so was I. On our movie nights, I would still sometimes see some movement beneath the sheets but nothing too bold.

One night, I was sleeping in my quilt when I suddenly heard the bed shaking. It was a really cold night so I thought my sister was shivering but before I could react, I heard her giggling voice.

“Kartar ji, what are you doing?” She whispered loudly.

“I missed you!”

I heard the sound of a long smooch after that.

“I missed you too, lover!”

“But you have to go, we’ll wake Vikas up.”

“Come on! It take 10 alarms and a slap to wake him up in the morning. He’s in a deep sleep!”

“I told you we can’t do all this when he’s home. And now my dad is home as well! What if he wakes up!”

“You worry too much baby.”

“Ahh!” I think he squeezed her boobs.

“Ssshh. Don’t make noise.”

“I won’t take a lot of time. I just wanted to tell you I’m leaving tomorrow.”

“Leaving? Where to? Ahhh, slow.”

“I’m going to my village for a few days. So I wanted to say goodbye in my way.”

“Nooo. Please don’t go. Ahh, why…god, ahh, why are you going?”

“I miss my wife and kids…give me your hand.”

“Really? You’re gonna leave me here? For her? Arggh.” Her moans were getting louder and we amplified with her jealousy.

“Why not? She’s my wife!”

“And what am I? Your slut?” I could hear the sound of bangles getting louder. She was giving him a violent handjob.

“No, you’re my lover.”

Then, the bed started shaking louder and my hand also went towards my dick. Their kisses were getting sloppier and their moans heavier. Both were going at it with full speed.

“Kartaaar jiii! I love you! Please don’t go.”

“You don’t love me, you won’t even let me enter you.”

“Ahhhh, I willll. But not yet….Ahhh please, only you can enter me but give me time.”

From the sounds, I could make out that Kartar Singh had removed my sister’s clothes and was sucking her breasts.

“Nooo, please!” I think he was just about to enter her again and she stopped him.

“Don’t get angry, jaan. I promise you, when you get back. You can fuck me.”


“Nooo. I’m not sure. I will try my best to make up my mind. I just want to be sure that you really love me.”

“You doubt that?” He was on top of her now and kissing her wildly.

“No, no. Kartar jiii, ahahhh I’m coming. Ummmbb.” Kartar Singh shut her mouth to stop the noises.

“Baby, don’t leave like that. Fuck my mouth. I want your cock inside my mouth.”

With that, my sister started blowing the old man, whilst I was sleeping just a few inches away. His gruntled noises made it seem that he was about to cum. And cum he did, within minutes! And so did I. Even though I couldn’t see anything, the erotic nature of the whole affair was so overwhelming.

“I’ll miss you baby. Come back soon and I’ll get my body ready for you.”

To be continued…

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