My Wife And Her Friend Get A Massage


Kay’s friend Sally suggested that they get a massage at this place that Sally goes to every couple of weeks or so and enjoys her time there.  Kay agreed and asked me to drive her there since she does not like to drive and said that Sally would meet her there.  We got to the place, and it looked inviting from the outside. We walked in and told the girl at the desk that my wife’s friend was meeting us there and paid for the special massage package that Sally recommended.  The woman gave Kay a robe and had her go through a door to get naked Demetevler Escort and put on the robe, and said that someone would be with her shortly. Another cute girl took me through another door to wait on Kay.  It was a nice room with relaxing music and soft chairs. Kay’s friend Sally was sitting there sipping on some tea and in her white fluffy robe.  I could see that she was starting to relax and she smiled at me.  We talked, and she said, “Kay will enjoy this and Otele Gelen Escort that depending on what happens that we may just go to her house afterwards.”  Kay came in with her robe on and sipping on some tea. A sexy-looking woman came in and refilled their cups and took Sally’s hand to go back for her massage.  As Sally got up, I could see her shaved pussy that I had seen before, and it still looked sexy.  She leaned over, whispered something to Kay and gave her Balgat Escort a quick kiss.  After Sally left, Kay kept sipping on her tea, and another woman came in to get Kay. As they left, Kay gave me a kiss and said, “I love you.”After a few moments, a lovely lady came in and asked if I wanted to watch my wife being massaged. I said, “sure but would it make my wife feel nervous with me in the same room?”She told me I would be in the room next to her room and would be looking through a mirror.  I said, “Okay but, I would also love to see her friend also being massaged.” She said, “Maybe just a quick look.”We went into one room, and I looked into the mirror to see Sally naked on the table, and this sexy woman gliding her bare breasts on Sally’s bare and oiled back.  She was also fondling Sally’s bare and oily breasts.  We went into another room just as Kay had walked in from her shower,

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