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Wife, Sue made a friendAlthough normally pretty conservative, my wife Sue occasionally becomes hyper horny, especially when she drinks. The occasional alcoholic drink to her is the one true aphrodisiac, the more she drinks, the hornier she gets. While I enjoy watching guys looking at Sue and encourage her to dress in sexy outfits, she normally dresses attractively, but conservatively, and is satisfied noticing a man’s approving sideways glance. But when she gets horny, she becomes a teasing exhibitionist, excited showing herself off and making horny men lust for her. Sue has a very cute, smiling face, blonde hair and a great body with large breasts and knows she attracts attention. Over time we have learned each other’s fantasies and verbally play on them with each other during sex. These fantasies are rarely acted out, but very occasionally an opportunity arises during one of her hyper horny spells. These times seem to strike more often when we are out of town. I have related stories to her of how horny businessmen are when traveling, so she will pack sexy clothes and short dresses when she accompanies me on a business trip. When Sue gets horny, she enjoys teasing guys by letting the wind blow her short skirt up, bending stiff legged to show her shear panties, wearing slightly shear skirts with no slip, or bending so that guys can see her breasts. She’s even allowed guys to feel her up or expose her while drunk or pretending to be drunk, but that’s as far as she’d go and that’s how I like it. She figures that teasing is fun and harmless, particularly since I don’t mind, but she swears that she would never have sex with anyone other than me. Some great episodes have occurred on these trips and I hope to relate some in future stories.The following is a true story that happened not two weeks ago, and was easily one of the most exciting sexual episodes we ever had. It was one of those extremely rare instances when she became so excited and horny that she lost all control and ignored her conservative instincts.My nephew was visiting us for a week, just to see if the city is a place he would like to move to, My wife always had thought he was a sweet guy. He was on the shy side and acted very uncomfortable in social situations. Although he said he had dated a few girls, we had seen his awkwardness around girls and suspected that he was still very inexperienced. His innocence seemed to be especially attractive to my wife, who I know was keenly aware of his furtive glances. You need to remember Sue is a very attractive 54 year old very fit in my opinion. I noticed that Sue had changed a little since he had arrived. I guessed that his presence was the reason she was teasing me more than usual and initiating sex at bedtime. On the fourth night of his visit, after having some drinks while out for dinner, I played with her mind during our foreplay by mentioning how I had caught Patrick staring at her while she was preparing breakfast in her short, silky dressing gown. I made up a little story of how I had seen him peeking at her that morning through our bedroom door while she slept partly exposed as Sue always sleeps naked. She kept saying that she didn’t believe me about the bedroom door, but I could tell the fantasy had its desired affect. To increase the sexual excitement while I rubbed her clit, I started playing on the fantasy of her letting him “accidentally” see more. The discussion got her so excited, she suggested that I stop long enough to crack the bedroom door in case he was awake and tried to sneak a peek into our room. Finding the idea as exciting as she did, I quickly cracked the door and returned to the bed to continue massaging her clit. She came almost immediately and noisily and urged me to enter her and fuck her hard. She came again hard, soaking the sheets. As we cleaned up, I again shut the door, fairly confident that my nephew had slept through our little game. The next morning I was surprised to see the effects from the night before. As she prepared breakfast, I noticed that she was still naked under her silky, knee length robe. I watched Patrick who at first didn’t seem to pay any attention. When she moved in front of the glass sliding doors, however, with the sun behind her, I could clearly see her body through the robe. I caught Patrick in my peripheral vision staring at her. After that, I noticed he was keeping a closer eye on her. She displayed her cleavage and upper thighs to him quite often while getting things out of the lower cabinets and setting the table. I remember seeing one quick flash of her cheeks peeking out when she did one of her patented straight knee bends reaching for a pan that she didn’t normally Çankaya Escort use. Despite trying to hide his glances from me, he was only too obvious in his gawking.That night we again had incredible sex while discussing Patrick’s peeking at her. During our foreplay, I made up a fantasy for her about letting Patrick see her while she pretended to sleep. As our sexual excitement built up, she embellished the fantasy into pretending to be passed out, with me out of the house, so he would feel at ease looking at her. As usual, this type of discussion sent her into a terrific orgasm. We were both so turned on, that we continued to discuss the idea even after I had fucked her to another orgasm. As we developed the details of the scenario more and more, I started to massage her pussy again, but she was too sensitive. I entered her again and as we fucked a second time, we agreed to put the plan into action the next night.Now, most times these fantasies die in the bedroom, which I fully expected in this case. After all it is my nephew we have been talking about, I was pleasantly surprised that afternoon when Sue suggested that we make a big show out of drinking heavily. We would consume what looked like a lot of drinks while playing cards, but would substitute water for most of them. She was afraid to play the passed out game we’d fantasied about, but thought we could have some fun if he thought we were drunk. Secretly, I decided this would be more fun if she indeed drank too much.That evening she dressed in a very sexy dress that, while not looking over like she was displaying herself, showed a lot of skin. I remember catching Patrick staring at her several times when he thought I was looking away, but was actually looking in our wall mirror. After a couple of hours and three or four real Manhattans, Sue had become more “careless”. Several times she showed him a lot of cleavage bending to pick up cards that she had “accidentally” dropped. I could tell Patrick was taking in the more frequent views of her shear panties as Sue’s dress seemed higher and her legs seemed to fall open more often. Patrick talked to her more than to me and he was quick to suggest playing a new game each time we finished. Patrick excused him self to use the loo. While he was out of the room, Sue insisted that I switch to the fake drinks since she was starting to feel too drunk. I did as she asked, but not as fake as water but fake,After consuming several more fake drinks, Sue started to act really drunk, slurring her words, becoming more careless with her legs and having difficulty with her balance. The straps to her dress kept falling down, exposing a tantalizing amount of her breasts. I also started to act a little drunk. Evidently assuming that we both were getting too drunk to notice, Patrick staring became very blatant. When Sue nonchalantly positioned one foot up onto the chair next to her leg, causing her skirt to bunch at her waist, I particularly remember watching in the mirror as Patrick repositioned himself for a better view and stared quite openly at her exposed crotch over his cards.Sue gave me a clue when she told me in a very slurred voice that she was feeling very lightheaded. So, she really wants to do this I thought. She had been slouched down in the chair, and now let her head drop and closed her eyes. When she didn’t move for about a minute, I told Patrick that she must be passed out and that now I’d have a hard time getting her to the bedroom. I pretended to try to wake her by shaking her arm and talking to her, but of course she did not respond. I told him that once she passes out like this a bomb could go off and she wouldn’t wake up. I intentionally put my hand under her dress and pushed her dress up as I lifted her out of the chair so that Patrick got an eyeful of her ass through the shear panties. I had hoped that I might “accidentally” expose her breast as I struggled to lift her, but the dress didn’t cooperate. As started to I carry her I told Patrick that she was so dead to the world she wouldn’t even know how she got to bed and wouldn’t wake up until the next morning. Her acting was pretty good, although I noticed her smiling at me as I carried her to the bedroom. I put her on the bed and closed the door. I let her completely undress herself. She put on her silky robe, but left it completely open and lay down on her back. Unable to contain myself, I kissed her as I put my hand between her legs and massaged her swollen and very very wet pussy. She whispered to me to hurry up and leave, but keep an eye on her through the window, as we agreed, just in case Patrick got out of hand. Before Keçiören Escort I left I opened the vertical blinds on both windows. As I walked out, I left the light on and the bedroom door open just a crack. She had pulled the sheet up to barely above her crotch with her open robe barely covering only one breast, her stomach exposed.Patrick had gone into the guest bedroom to get ready for bed. I told him I had to run to the garage for cigarettes and a few other things and that I’d be back in about 20 or 30 minutes. I asked him to stay awake while I was gone and keep an ear out for Sue in case she got sick. He said sure, no problem.I started the car, ( I was not over the limit) drove to the end of the stree, parked and jogged quickly back to the house. I walked quietly to the back of the house and peered into the window, shaking slightly from the excitement. I immediately noticed that the door was now open about a foot. I could just see Patrick in the dark hallway peering in. I actually was surprised that this was working, and that it had taken Patrick so little time to take advantage of the opportunity. I suspect that he planned to look as soon as I said I was leaving. Sue looked very convincing, still on her back, with one arm at her side and the other by her head and one breast completely exposed. I saw that her legs were spread wide apart under the sheet. I new that she had to be extremely aroused and hoped she could keep up the act. The window was positioned right next to her head. The excitement was so great that I had to pull my cock out from my shorts and begin lightly stroking it, I could not believe how much pre- cum was flowing from my cock end. As I watched, the door opened further and for the first time I realised that Patrick was only wearing his underpants. As if testing the situation slowly, Patrick knocked on the door and waited for a reaction. He continued to stare at her and knocked a second time, loud enough that I could here it through the closed window. He called her name. After getting no reaction, he moved halfway to the bed. As he stood staring intently at her breast, he started stoking his cock through his underwear. I remember seeing him suddenly shudder intensely from the excitement. His face was contorted almost like he was in pain. He moved to the side of the bed, bent forward and looked at her breast closely. Because he had knocked, I knew that she was aware of his presence and could only imagine how horny she must be. She looked convincing.It became immediately obvious that Patrick had lost any sense of caution in his heated state as he reached down and moved her robe gently off of her other breast. He stood back, staring and stroking his cock. As we had expected in our fantasy he carefully lifted the sheet and pulled it down to just below her exposed pussy. I could see his hand shaking. I stroked my cock harder as I watched him. I shuddered as I saw him move his face closer to her open, almost completely shaved, swollen pussy. He glanced at her face two or three times to make sure she wasn’t awake as he continued to stroke his now exposed cock. I saw him freeze and start to back away quickly as she moved slightly, bending her leg to open her pussy even wider and turning her head away from him. I knew he had regained his composure when he moved back to the bed. After watching her face for a few seconds Patrick reached over and slowly pulled the sheet down below her feet. He stood back stroking his cock and staring at her nakedness. Then he did something neither of us had anticipated would happen. He bent over her chest and lightly licked her nipple and stood back. When we talked out this fantasy, we had only thought about Patrick looking at her. We had never thought that he would have the courage to actually touch her. I wasn’t sure she would be able to contain her breathing with this much excitement. Emboldened by her lack of reaction, Patrick again brought his mouth to her breast and licked her nipple. He stood up and moved his hand to her breast and lightly traced his finger around and across her nipple, glancing at her face for reaction. He placed his hand over her breast and started lightly squeezing while watching her face for any reaction. Patrick gaze shifted to her crotch while he continued massaging her breast.Patrick moved down her body, bent forward and stared between her legs. He brought his hand up and lightly touched his fingers against her, wide open pussy. He withdrew his hand immediately when her leg twitched. After no further reaction, he again brought his hand to her pussy and started lightly exploring with his finger Etimesgut Escort as he moved his head in closer again. I started to get nervous and really excited at the same time. I knew Sue had not planned on the game going this far, and figured she was either out of her mind with lust or starting to get scared. I remember that sometime during the examination of her pussy his hard cock must have come into contact with Sue’s upturned hand laying at her side. He straightened up and must have suddenly become excited by the idea of her hand on his cock. He positioned it onto her open hand and with his free hand moved it back and forth in her palm. This went on for no more than 20 seconds. He looked at her face, which fortunately was facing away from him. I’m not sure that it wouldn’t have occurred to him to put it into her mouth had she been facing him. Patrick started stroking his cock again and moved back to her pussy.As I stood watching, he lightly slid his hand up and down the inside of her thighs and across her pussy. He started sliding a single finger up and down along her opening. He continued to lightly massage her pussy for what seemed like a minute or two, glancing between her face and her pussy, all the while stroking himself with his other hand. I saw Sue’s legs moving open slightly and wandered if she was loosing control. My cock almost erupted when I saw from the position of his hand that he had slid his finger gently into her. I remember starting to shake from the intense excitement as he slowly, repeatedly withdrew his finger and slid it back. I saw that Sue was reacting to his gentle finger fucking. Her legs had opened even wider and her head was rolling slightly side to side, eyes closed and mouth open. Patrick seemed to really enjoy her reaction, alternating his gaze from her pussy to her face, evidently confident that she was still u*********s.I knew Sue couldn’t take much more, and this was far more than either of us had thought would happen. I decided that I had better rescue her before she gave herself away or before Patrick went to far and she would be forced to “wake up”. I was nervous at what he might do while I made my way back to the car, but figured he wouldn’t have enough time to do too much. I started the car and drove back to the house, sure that Patrick would hear the car pull up and frantically race back to the guest room. I shut the door hard as I entered in case he hadn’t noticed my car. I moved noisily to the kitchen, opening and closing cabinets to allow him a little extra time to get settled. I turned off the lights and headed to the bedroom, stopping at the guestroom door on the way. I asked if everything was ok and Patrick replied “Yea” in a shaky voice. I said goodnight, walked down the hall and opened the now closed bedroom door. I saw my wild eyed, naked wife, legs wide open, frantically rubbing her clit. She whispered to me “Holey shit that was good!” It probably took a good two to three hours to come down from the excitement as we recounted our two sides of the story between bouts of intense sex. She told me that Patrick had continued to finger fuck her and had actually sucked on her clit briefly with his finger in her just before suddenly covering her tit’s in his cum then as quick as he could he covered her up and ran out of the room. She told me she held on well when he licked her nipple, but almost lost it when he first touched her pussy. She had jumped slightly and made a small noise. She said feeling his hard cock rubbing back and forth in her hand had really excited her, but was really glad he hadn’t tried to put it in her mouth. She said she had moaned softly when he first slide his finger up and down on her pussy, and involuntarily let her legs part a little more. She had continued to moan occasionally as he massaged her because she couldn’t contain her breathing and couldn’t lay still enough. She though it would be believable that a person passed out could be turned on and thought it would excite him more if he thought he was exciting her. When he’d finger fucked her and sucked her clit, she almost completely lost control and knew she had moved and made quite a bit of involuntary noise. She was very close to cumming violently and was thankful that he’d stopped.The next morning, Patrick took a while coming into the kitchen. He acted nervous initially, but seemed to relax once he saw us acting hung over, but otherwise normal. Once he realised he had gotten completely away with his adventure, he became his old self. After that, he seemed to always be staring at Sue, but otherwise the rest of his stay was uneventful.We of course have since had many intense lovemaking sessions recounting the visit from Patrick. I’m sure Patrick has masturbated many times reliving his once in a lifetime, incredibly good fortune that night. He had seen a beautiful woman completely naked and was able to freely explore her u*********s body and excite her without her knowledge. I envied him. It was an experience wish I could have had at the age of 23

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