Becoming a Biker’s Bitch


I couldn’t help myself. I have a cock addiction and so I found myself entering a local club but not any old club but one known to cater to bikers. In particular it catered to the rough crowd. Was I looking for trouble? Actually I was playing with fire. As I entered, I thought about the past week and what prompted me to go there in the first place.

I had just moved to this little town, having been offered a position in a multi-national company. The salary was outstanding even though the company was located off the grid. Nothing to do except work! I had been working there for a few weeks and was beginning to make friends. Since I was a higher level employee, I was lucky enough to rate an enclosed and private office. My computer needed servicing so when my secretary informed me that the computer guy was there, I told her to please send him in. I had expected a geek but was I surprised when he entered. He introduced himself as Jock. I can only describe him as a swarthy looking tall man. He apologized for his appearance since he had been riding his bike and the call was unexpected since it was his day off. I thanked him profusely and moved away from my computer so he could work. He completed his repair within a half hour and told me that it was not a serious problem.

“You are all set now Mr. Luther.”

“Please call me Aiden.” I was fascinated by his demeanor. He was good looking but in a commanding and rough way. He smiled at me and asked if I would like to have a drink with him after work. Normally I would not have been so friendly with any customer, lower level employee, or serviceman. In fact, I purposely kept my distance from my employees since I did not want them to pry into my private life. For instance, each morning the mailroom clerk delivers mail to me. He always greets me very politely but I do not respond in kind. I am afraid to get close to him especially since he is very hot looking, young, and black. I don’t want to spoil any work relationship I might have and so the reason for my aloofness. You see I am a closeted gay man. I should mention that I am a 30 year old man, about 200lbs and standing at six feet.

“Sounds good Jock but we need to be discreet if you know what I mean.”

“I understand Aiden. I’m currently staying at the Hyatt Regency in town. I live a few towns over but on my days off I like to treat myself by staying at a nice hotel. Can you meet me in the hotel bar?” And with that we made the date to meet later that evening. With some trepidation I entered the hotel bar and quickly made eye contact with Jock. He was dressed very nicely and I kind of looked forward to getting to know him a little better. Jock shook my hand and guided me to a booth. He had taken the liberty of ordering drinks for and a waitress brought them to our booth. He assumed that I enjoyed a scotch on the rocks and he was correct in his assumption. I was beginning to realize that he was a take charge kind of man and that was fine with me.

After about an hour of Anadolu Yakası Escort small talk and more drinks, Jock suggested that we continue to chat in his room. I quickly agreed and we took the elevator to the 6th floor and his room. As soon as we entered the room, he pulled me closer to him and kissed me hard while grabbing my ass in both hands. I melted in his arms. In a flash, his demeanor seemed to change.

“Get naked bitch and prepare to be bred by a real man. And you will address me as Sir or daddy.” I was in shock but quickly undressed while he smiled and watched me. “Now take off my clothes and then get on your knees.” After I got naked, I worked on removing his clothing. Finally, after removing his underwear, the last piece of clothing he had on, I found myself getting excited as this man seemed to control my very existence. I was naked and on my knees. I took the liberty of looking up at his beautiful body. He was hard and so I reached up with my hands to feel his abs. He smiled but pushed my hands down and slapped my face hard.

“Don’t you ever try to touch my body unless I give you permission bitch. Now get to work with your faggot mouth.” I sucked his cock, swallowed his balls, and munched on his ass. He lifted me up so I could lick his upper body. I sucked on his man titties and licked his pits. He soon tired of this foreplay and guided me to his bed. He lifted me up in his arms and lay me on the bed, stomach down. He slapped my ass and ordered me to lift my butt up so he could begin to fuck me. He held onto my hips and proceeded to enter me inch by inch. I moaned in pain but then the pain became pleasure as his cock moved in and out. The more he fucked me, the more I pushed back onto his cock with ecstasy. I was being bred by a master. I could sense him going faster and faster and knew that he was close to cumming. “Get ready cunt. Here it comes!” And cum he did. It seemed never to end as I felt his love juice entering my body. Finally, he pulled out and told me to join him in the shower. He scrubbed my cock, balls and ass and I did the same for him. After we dressed, he spoke.

“I want you to travel to this biker bar this weekend. I’ll meet you there and make sure you dress like the cunt you are. I want to introduce you to a few friends of mine.” I should have said no but he was irresistible and I was submissive to his every word.

For the rest of the week I thought about him and was kind of excited about the prospect of going to a biker bar. The weekend came and I was ready, at least I thought I was. I dressed, not as a masculine man but as a fem boy. My outfit consisted of hot pants, see through blouse, white sneakers, no socks and pink panties. I had heard that these bikers could be rough but I knew that Sir would take care of me, or at least I hoped so. As I entered the bar, all eyes seemed to be on me. The room was noisy and full of cigarette smoke or something stronger. I searched the room looking Kartal Escort for Sir to no avail. I was approached by a particularly rough looking bear.

“You must be Jock’s latest boy toy. He’ll be here later and he told us to take care of you.” He said this with a smile. I hesitated and was ready to leave when the bear held me around the waist and sat me down in a chair at the bar. He ordered a fruity drink for me and a scotch for him.

“Don’t be in such a hurry to leave slut. The night is young and we’re planning a party in your honor.”

“Well okay but are you sure that Sir, I mean Jock is coming?”

“Very sure and I like the way you already call your master. Now let’s go to the back room for the celebration.” I quickly finished my drink and he held my hand and guided me to the back room. The room consisted of a pool table in the center and a long sofa on one side. Two pinball machines were located at either end of the room. Soft lighting complimented this very cozy setup. I was a bit surprised at how welcoming it looked so my guard was down. My escort introduced me to a small group of rough looking bikers. As I looked on, they began to undress and within a few minutes they were naked and seemed ready for action.

“We heard a lot about you bitch so let’s party. Get naked and on your knees!” I had no choice so within seconds I undressed and landed on my knees. I was quickly surrounded by these bikers.

“Open up bitch!” Soon I was sucking cocks and boy they were rough, slapping my face and face fucking me. I couldn’t seem to get enough cock as one by one they came in my mouth forcing me to swallow their creamy cum. This was just the beginning I discovered as they lifted me up and placed me on a mattress that was situated at one end of the room. They ordered me to get on all fours, slapping my ass as they did so. I was spit roasted as a cock entered my ass and another entered my throat. I was in my glory as I was pounded at both ends. And so it continued for the next few hours. They seemed never to tire as I became a receptacle for their lust. I never realized how much I enjoyed being a cum slut whore for the biker studs. But as they say, all good things must end.

The men were laid out all around me with their bodies stretched out in various positions. I was sandwiched in between two of the studs. I fell asleep but was awakened by my daddy who called out my name.

“So you really have become a pig bottom bitch. Now get up, get dressed and follow me out to the car.” I was tired but ready to obey my master. Cum was dripping out of my ass and my mouth. “Listen up faggot. Before we leave, clean your loser body up. I don’t want my car dirty because of your disgusting slut attitude. From now on, you will only be fucking who I give permission to.” Not only was I becoming a slut, but now I was to be pimped out by my daddy. We returned to his hotel room where he proceeded to order me to get naked and on my knees.

“I Kartal Escort Bayan see that this position suits you very well. Now strip me naked but when you get to my underwear, use your teeth to remove the underwear. And be careful of your teeth. I wouldn’t want to punish you.” And so I carefully removed his clothing and when I got to his underwear, I was very careful not to brush my teeth against his skin. Once removed, I reached for his cock with my tongue. He seemed pleased and smiled as my hands wrapped around his waist and my fingers probed his ass. Even though I should have been tired, I couldn’t help but worship his body using my tongue to lather his cock and balls. He turned around and I knew exactly what he wanted as my tongue entered his ass. He pushed back and allowed me to fuck his ass with my tongue.

“Enough faggot! Now get your ass on the bed and assume the position, ass in the air.” I lay on the bed on my stomach, ass high in the air as he mounted me. As he bred me, I realized that I was totally being controlled by a dominant man. Pounding my ass was incredible. When he came, his fluid flowed in my body. He got off me and told me to stay put as he had a surprise for me. What kind of surprise did he have for me. I was soon to find out. There was a knock on the door. Daddy opened the door and brought his guest into the room. I couldn’t see who it was since I lay on my stomach but I assumed it was one of his friends come to visit. I was wrong.

“Get your ass up out of the bed and meet Jamal. Jamal knows you very well since he works in the mailroom and delivers your mail directly to your office. Well Jamal is looking forward to becoming a close friend. Isn’t that right son?

“Thank you for inviting me here Jock. My boss, the faggot, was always very curt with me. He treated me like a slave and now the tables are turned, right faggot?” I lowered my head in shame and said nothing. Jock sat in a corner chair to watch the upcoming show.

“From now on you will treat me as your superior.” He raised my chin and slapped my face several times. “Now get your ass back on the bed and prepare to be fucked like the faggot you are. Jamal was a young black stud and I could see that he was very hot. My cock got hard thinking about being fucked by the mailroom boy. And so I took Jamal’s cock in my ass and he too bred me. Jamal got off of me and spoke.

“You are a good little faggot. When we are in the office, nothing will change but anytime I want your ass, you will obey me and also you will be giving me a promotion to mailroom supervisor. Any problem with that cocksucker?” Of course I agreed with him and looked forward to being fucked again. “One other thing bitch. Suck my cock and worship my body.” I did so with pleasure and knew that my life would be changing. I was sure that I would be considered the office cocksucker and I accepted my new station in life.

Jock, my daddy, introduced me to a new lifestyle and that was fine with me. Whenever he was in town, he would call me and make arrangements to fuck me or to pimp me out to his friends. In the meantime, Jamal was cool with our arrangement but whenever he was in the mood, he called on me to submit to his desires. After a while, he had some of his friends fuck me. I was very happy that I had become a cum slut whore.

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