A Letter Back Home

Dear Sirs,

I would like to officially enter a letter of complaint, in regards to my treatment at your facility during my stay with you.

Let me first say, that I know I did wrong, and that I deserved to have been incarcerated, as I was. But to be put in with the hard timers for a three months term, was a little bit excessive for the small amount of money that I illegally obtained.

Due entirely to my treatment by the other inmates as well as your own staff, I am considering taking the penile system itself to court, and suing you all.

But before I make such a case, I feel it’s only right and proper, that I give you a chance to explain the behavior of both your staff, and the other inmates in your charge to the following charges-

Day one, on arrival, I arrived at approximately 12 noon, and was roughly escorted from the prison transport into the reception building by your staff. I was then, humiliatingly stripped naked in the showers, and that wasn’t the worst of it. My wrists and ankles were cuffed to the wall, and it seemed that all of the staff who had brought me in, set about assisting each other in scrubbing my entire body clean until I tingled all over. Then they dried me, dressed me in clothing that was practically see through, and gave me a pile of bedding, and marched me off to my cell.

An over crowded cell I might add, there was already three people in it as it was having to sleep on just two beds. I was pushed hard into the cell and the door was slammed shut and locked behind me.

I felt like the main prize at a turkey shoot by the way the other inmates were looking at me. So I hope you can fully understand how scared and intimidated I felt when, ‘as one,’ they all got off their beds and came at me pinning me against the door. My screams for help from the staff watching outside the cell, went completely unheeded. Undaunted, the inmates proceeded to tie my hands and feet up with their sheets and İstanbul Escort Bayan blankets and carried me over to a bed where I was then re-tied to the bed posts still screaming for help. They grabbed at me, slapped me tore my clothing to shreds and started abusing me while you’re officers watched on encouragingly. The indignities I were forced to endure for the rest of the day, and into most of the night, as they all took their turns at pleasuring themselves with me over and over again was more than I could endure. I must have passed out sometime in the early hours of the morning, and have recollection of what they did to me then or if they simply gave up and went to sleep. The following morning I woke up on my back with a arm across my chest and a legs pinning me down across my thighs. Thankfully my hands and feet had been untied and, carefully I managed to extricate myself from under that sleeping body and hunkered down in the far corner of the cell naked and terrified.

My only comfort from all of that was that I’d been looking forward to the chance of escaping them for a couple of hours out in the exercise yard. But what, I laughingly call my ‘cell mates,’ did when our breakfasts were pushed under the door was absolutely disgusting in the extreme. Each of the three started to masturbate themselves over their meagre meals, and they forced me do the same with mine while the guards stood looking on.

I’m fairly certain the guards were committing some act of indecency on the corridor while watching us, but no one seemed to be paying them any attention as to what they were doing. That wasn’t the end of it either, after we had all finished masturbating our selves, I was made to eat my breakfast, tasting myself on it with every bite I took. We also learned that there would be no exercise yard this day due to the shortage of guards on duty, and that it was likely to be like that for the rest of the week. I think I was the only one there İstanbul Escort that was upset about the prospect of being stuck in the cell with three other people for the whole week.

The day went almost to expectation, but instead of me getting abused. They told me it was my turn and I had to do something to each of them in turn. That was basically how we spent the whole week, all day and most of the night, somebody doing something to someone else. That first Sunday night two of the guards came into our cell with news of one of us being able to sleep in a spare cell for just one night. I gave the other’s no choice, I jumped past the guards and waited for them on the landing. They just laughed and told the others they were to slow as they closed the door on them and marched me away.

It was a blessed relief to see an unoccupied cell with a bed calling for me. At last I thought, I could be alone even if it was just for one night only. I flung myself on the bed and I closed my eyes as I heard the door closed and locked the door behind me. This time I didn’t mind the sound of the door closing like it did that first night. That is, until I heard the rustling behind me and looked over my shoulder to see what it was.

Five of the guards stood inside the cell looking down at me. I opened my mouth to thank them for getting me out of the other cell. But the words got stuck in my mouth, when I noticed one of them was already touching themselves and looking at me hungrily. I knew what was coming, what they wanted when they all started to get undressed and what was also expected of me.

I tried my best, to cater them all, but the past week had taken a lot out of me, and I ended up falling asleep after only the second one. What they did to me while I was asleep, or how long it went on for, I neither cared nor wanted to know, I just wanted sleep. I woke up the following morning in a new cell with new inmates and a glimmer of hope this Escort İstanbul would be different. But as soon became apparent I was wrong as I started to come around and they set on me using me for their own sexual reasons. I told them, I needed the toilet, they just looked at each other, got up to let me up, but they followed me and sat on my lap when I sat down to pee. I’ve always found it hard to have a pee when someone is in the room with you let alone foundling you and waiting for you to pee so they can feel it splashing on them.

So my complaint is in my humiliation of suffering indignity upon indignity, for the three months I was there. By day I spent with the inmates being abused, by night with the guards. And I would like a full explanation as well as an apology from you.

Yours sincerely Ex-inmate

No xxxxxx

My Reply

In Re-regards to the letter dated xx/xx/xxxx

Ex-inmate, No xxxxxx

In regards to your stated experience at the Norton Woman’s Correctional Facility during your stay with us.

Although I am disappointed to hear of your distress, that you feel you have suffered at the hands of my guards and inmates of this facility. I doubt very much the success of your case in court in your law-suit of us.

In the first inst; I have checked our records extensively, and could find no records of any complaints made by you against either the guards or any of the other inmates during your stay here.

However we do have our daily records, and personal statements, of the above, verifying your willingly, lustful, and often extensive sexual behavior with all you came in contact with, including myself on several occasions. Of which I can contest by the bruises and the tenderness I still have from the things you did to me.

If you still wish to proceed with this matter, please contact our legal department, Address listed above,

yours contentedly

The Governess

P.S. I’ve taken the liberty of contacting your own organization, and requested your presence in one month’s time. Your Madam Hildebrand, states that she will make sure you are available to us at any time we have further need of your services.

XXX Honey Pot.

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