Hypno-Doc Pt. 01


Tom was a little surprised at how young the kid looked. When he’d made an appointment to see the boyfriend of his neighbor’s daughter, Donna, he had assumed he would be a little older than she was. Since she was a college sophomore, he’d expected at least a senior. Even though he was 19, this kid looked more like a senior in high school.

The thing was, Donna couldn’t stand the smell of cigarette smoke and he had tried and failed to quit. This was his last chance — if he couldn’t stop, she’d said they would have to break up.

As a therapist who used hypnosis routinely in his work, Joe was often looked on in his neighborhood as a miracle worker. He’d had a particularly high rate of success with habit-breaking, and smokers were among his most frequent clients.

This kid, though — Joey was his name. He didn’t even look old enough to buy cigarettes. For his first session, Tom decided just to get to know him — find out what his motivations were when he was smoking. He put the kid in a light receptive state and took him through the whole experience — from pulling out a cigarette to lighting it to smoking it to putting it out.

It turned out he was pretty typical — Tom found a strong desire for acceptance combined with a real oral fixation. Joey had always looked young for his age, and he hated it when the other kids treated him like a baby. In addition, his mother had kept him on the bottle until he was almost 5, and he never got over the need to be sucking on something when he wanted comforting. It all seemed promising and pretty straight-forward.

Just for the hell of it, he left a post-hypnotic suggestion that Joey would very much want to talk to Tom about his sex life.

After he woke Joey up, Tom talked in generalities and waited to see what the kid would do. It didn’t take long before Joey volunteered that he was still a virgin where girls were concerned. He’d fooled around with other boys a few times but he was always embarrassed when their cocks were bigger than his. Nowadays he generally avoided being naked in front of other guys.

As the session ended, he told Joey to come back in two days, and this time to bring his gym bag with him — he might want to change into gym clothes if they decided to try some physical exercises. Joey had no problem with that — anything for Donna.

Shortly after the next session began, Tom put Joey into a light trance and told him that he was alone in the locker room, changing for gym class. Joey immediately began stripping. With no sign of embarrassment whatever, he finally pulled down his briefs, leaving himself completely naked in front of the doctor. His body was perfect — full chest, small waist, big round bubble butt, muscular legs, all smooth and hairless. His cock was not large, but it wasn’t particularly small either. Nothing to be ashamed of.

As he reached for his gym bag, Tom told him he wasn’t going to need his shorts — just the jockstrap would be enough, since he was alone. He had the kid run through a number of exercises, taking advantage of the opportunity to watch his bare buttcheeks bounce. Then he had the kid reverse the process, returning to the locker room to get dressed.

This time he gave him a post-hypnotic suggestion that his asshole was starting to itch and that when Tom asked him whether he was feeling all right, he would ask Tom to give him a rectal exam to check it out. As he snapped his fingers to end the trance, the kid relaxed into his chair.

A minute later, though, Tom could see him start squirming around. As they talked, the kid edged one hand under himself and tried to surreptitiously scratch his asshole. Tom let him squirm and itch for a while, then finally asked “Are you all right, Joey?”

The kid gasped a little (his hand was somewhere underneath him) and blurted out, “Doc, would you please give me a rectal examination?” He blushed at the sound of his own words. “Uh, it itches,” he added, trying to explain himself.

“What itches?”

“Uh, my, uh, ass,” he managed to get out, blushing furiously.

“Stand up and turn around, Joey,” he ordered. The kid did as he was told. “OK, lower your pants to your thighs, please.”

Slowly, Joey unfastened his belt and zipper, lowering his pants gingerly, revealing his big round asscheeks, snugly enclosed in his white briefs. “All right, now the underpants.”

The kid paused, blushed again, then finally reached behind to his waistband and lowered the briefs slowly down to mid-thigh.

Tom took the boy’s shirttail and raised it up high above the kid’s waist. “Hold your shirt up so it doesn’t get in the way, please.” Joey obeyed, using both hands to hold the shirt.

Tom gripped one cheek in each hand. “Now, where does it itch?”

“Uh… in the middle, kind of.”

Tom immediately thrust the fingers of his right hand deep into the kid’s asscrack. “Here?” he asked, rubbing his fingertips up and down the kid’s tight little hole.

“Uh… yeah.”

Tom reached for a tube Ümraniye Escort of cherry-flavored KY in his desk drawer, spread some over his fingers and began rubbing it over the kid’s hole. “There. This should soothe the itch. How does that feel?”

The kid’s eyes were closed in blissful enjoyment of the sensation. “Good. It feels real good.”

“Good. Now I’m going to press some up inside. This may feel a little funny at first.” Tom pressed his forefinger slowly into the kid’s asshole, giving it plenty of time to spread and get used to the stretching at each stage, until he finally had his entire forefinger inside, pressed to the second knuckle. Joey grunted a little during the process, but didn’t complain. Tom pumped the finger slowly in and out a couple of times. “There. I think that’ll do it. The itch will slowly go away as this lotion sinks in. Anytime this happens, just let me know. It’s no problem at all. Now just bend over and let me take a closer look.”

The kid bent over, and Tom spread his big, round cheeks wide. He leaned in and carefully examined the kid’s tiny pink asshole as he pulled his finger slowly out. He rubbed the lips a few times as they slowly contracted after the finger was withdrawn. They ended up tight, only slightly flushed from the friction. “Just let me wipe off the lotion with this moist cloth before I pull up your underpants.” He leaned even closer and pressed his tongue against the kid’s pretty little asshole, licking off the remains of the flavored lubricant. He licked it hard a couple of times, then pulled back. “There, that should do it. How does it feel?”

He watched as the kid flexed his hole a couple of times. “Feels pretty good. I guess that was all it needed. What was that you used?”

“Just some lotion I keep for skin irritations. If you ever need it again, just come by. I can’t give it out, but I’d be happy to apply it for you any time.”

The kid blushed even more. “Oh, no. That’s OK. I couldn’t ask you to do that.”

“No, seriously. Believe me, in my occupation I see a lot of bare asses, and yours is easily the best-looking specimen I’ve come across in a while. It actually gives me pleasure to work with a healthy young ass like yours. During our next couple of sessions, maybe I’ll take a look at it again and make sure it’s OK.”

“Oh… uh… thanks. I appreciate it.”

Tom had been holding the kid’s cheeks spread while they spoke. Now he released them and gave one a swat. He grinned as the kid jumped and the bubblebutt jiggled and bounced a bit. “OK, you can pull up your underpants, then.”

“Now, to get back to your original problem… I’m going to give you a post-hypnotic suggestion that should reduce your need for cigarettes. Don’t think about it, though. Just behave normally. Don’t try to cut back particularly. Just keep track of exactly how often you smoke and how many, OK? Then next week we’ll discuss what happened.” He waited until the kid finished zipping and tucking himself together and sat down. “OK, now, I’m putting you into a light trance.”

The suggestion he left with the kid was that every time he lit a cigarette, his asshole would start to itch and would continue to itch until his bare asshole had been rubbed by his finger.

Two days later, the kid was early for the next appointment. As soon as he got in, he burst out, “Doc, you’ve got to help me. That itch is driving me crazy. It’s completely wrecking my social life. Every once in a while, usually when I’m with other people, the damn thing starts itching. I just can’t control myself when it does — I’m squirming around like some kind of kid. It doesn’t stop until I rub it for a while, and I can’t do that in front of people. It gets so I have to take off two minutes after I get together with anybody. Except Donna. Funny — I didn’t think of that until just now. When I’m around her, it doesn’t seem to happen.”

“Maybe she takes your mind off it.”

“Maybe. But it’s more like it just doesn’t happen.” He threw himself down in the chair. “But that doesn’t do me much good when I’m with my buddies. God, it’s humiliating. And the only way to stop it is for me to shove my finger all the way in — like you did.” He groaned. “And I can’t do that in front of the guys. They’d think I was queer or something. Can’t you give me some of that lotion? Maybe that’d help.”

“Does it itch right now?”

“No. It never does when I want it to.” He blushed. “I mean, it just seems to happen whenever I don’t want it to.”

“Well, let me take a look at it, and maybe I can try another post-hypnotic suggestion to control it. Take those pants off this time, and the underpants, too.”

The kid was wearing a pair of exercise sweats with an elastic waist. He slowly pulled them down over his ass. “Uh… couldn’t I just lower them a little?”

Tom laughed. “What? You’re getting shy? Come on, Joey, I’m a doctor. Don’t worry about it. I don’t want to have to worry about getting anything Ümraniye Escort Bayan on your clothes.”

Looking very self-conscious, Joey pulled the sweats down around his ankles and carefully stepped out of them. Underneath, he was wearing just a jock.

Tom grinned. “Makes it easier to get at that hole, huh?” Joey flushed and nodded. “I want the jock off, too. Come on, step on it.” Tom didn’t have much trouble faking impatience. The kid was a born tease.

Joey turned his back and slid the strap down his legs, then, bending deep, stepped out of it. “Now get up on this chair on your knees and bend over the desk.”

Joey looked a little shocked, then blushed and followed instructions. As he got up on the chair, he turned nervously to Tom and asked, “Like this?”

“Yes, exactly. Now bend over and rest your chest on the desk. That’s it. Lower. Get your chest and belly flat on the desk. And spread your legs wider — I have to be able to get all the way in there.”

Joey followed instructions. He kept looking back over his shoulder, unable to believe the way his bare ass was sticking right up in the air behind him. After several minutes of recreational ass lubing and stretching, Tom asked Joey to show him what he did when he had an itch. Joey reached back and after searching around a little to find his asshole, slowly pressed his middle finger all the way into it. “Ah, I see. Very good.” He took hold of Joey’s hand and moved the finger in and out a couple of times. “And this works, does it? The itch goes away?”

“Yes, sir, it does.”

“Ah. I can see where it would be embarrassing in public. Pretty hard to stick your finger up your butt without anyone noticing.” He pondered a few minutes while observing Joey’s big round butt, his finger deep in his asshole. “Well, there’s only one thing I can think of — that’s to pump enough lotion up there to last until next session. That might work.”

“Anything, Doc. This is driving me nuts.” Joey suddenly realized he still had his finger up his ass and self-consciously pulled it out. He stayed bent over with his ass in the air, obviously considering that the doctor was still examining him.

“Well, OK, Joey, for this you’ll have to stand on the floor with your legs as wide as you can get them, then bend over again just like you are now. Rest your upper body on the desk.” Joey followed instructions, ass jutting high in the air, legs (and cheeks) spread wide. “Now keep in mind that the pump is a little bigger than your finger — or even mine — so you might feel a little pressure. I’ll just put you lightly under so you don’t feel it.” Tom put the kid in a relaxed state, with his eyes closed — too tired to open them — too relaxed, etc.

Finally, he dropped his own pants and shorts and quickly greased up his rock-hard cock. Slowly he began massaging Joey’s tiny virgin asshole, just to loosen it up. Finally, he began pressing his cock against the relaxed lips of the boy’s hole. Slowly, very slowly, the lips stretched and parted, as millimeter by millimeter, the cockhead pressed its way in. Joey grunted and moaned as Tom forced his cock deeper and deeper into the hot tight hole. “How’s it feel, Joey?” he managed to gasp.

The boy groaned. “It’s so big! It’s so tight! Oh, God!”

“Does it hurt?”

“Not really — it’s just so big. I feel like I’m stuffed full.” He groaned again.

“Just relax, relax. It’s almost all the way in now.” Slowly, Tom forced the long cock shaft all the way into parts of the kid’s ass that had never been stretched before. Finally, he felt his crotch grinding into the kid’s big soft cheeks. “Now I just have to pump it in a few times — make sure we get enough lotion in there.” Tom slow-fucked his long cock in and out half a dozen times before his over-stimulated balls began spurting deep into the kid’s ass. “That’s it. That’s it. Feel the lotion, Joey? That should feel good, right? Feel the soothing lotion up your ass?”

“Oh, yeah! I feel it. It feels like it’s filling me up. I think that’s enough, isn’t it? You should stop now before it starts leaking out. OK? Stop, please. My ass is a little sore.”

Tom pulled out, buttoned up, and brought Joey out of the trance. “How do you feel? OK?”

Joey stood up and reached back to his ass. “Uh… yeah, I guess so. Kind of sore, though. That was sure a big pump. Where is it, anyway?”

“I put it away already. It’s got to be kept sterile.”

Joey fingered his puffy pink ass lips. “It feels kind of loose. I hope the stuff doesn’t leak out.”

Tom reached over and moved the kid’s fingers away. “Here, let me clean it up.” He wiped off the cum that was dripping out of the stretched hole, reaching well up into the hole to get everything that was likely to leak. “That should do it. Next session, you’ll have to let me know how it worked. Maybe we’ll just do this every week or so until whatever’s causing the itch goes away.”

“Gosh, I sure appreciate Anadolu Yakası Escort this, Doc. I know you’re supposed to be treating me for smoking, but seriously, with that itch, I couldn’t concentrate on anything else, anyway. Not even Donna. Seems like all I could think about was my ass. I’m sure glad you’re not turned off by all this. You’re sure an easy guy to talk to.”

“Well, I’m supposed to be. That’s my business.” He smiled. “But when I’m dealing with a fine young man like you, it’s really easy. You’ve got a lot of spunk. Not many guys would let me get up their ass that easy — most guys would put up quite a fight. It’s nice to meet a kid without all those hang-ups about body parts.”

Joey smiled and blushed. “Well, actually, I’m pretty shy about stuff like that. I don’t even like undressing in the locker room. But — I don’t know — you just made it real easy.”

“Well, enough of this mutual admiration society. Let’s get back to your real problem — your smoking.”

Several minutes later, Joey left, burdened only with some post-hypnotic suggestions that might actually help him cut down on his smoking. Plus just one little suggestion that he might not be as interested in Donna as he thought, and that he might be a little curious about the size of the dicks of the guys that he undressed with in the locker room.

During the same time that he was working on Joey, Tom had occasion to take on one other client of the young male variety.

This one had been referred to him by the coach at the local community college, and was a simple enough case. Bobby, age 19, had a pathological fear of being naked in front of the other kids. This caused a good deal of trouble, since Bobby was a particularly gifted wrestler, and the logistics of having him dress and shower alone at all the practices, let alone the meets, were a nightmare. The coach wanted to keep him on the team, but he felt he just couldn’t keep this up. He’d talked to Bobby and the kid understood — he’d have to get over it or he was going to be cut from the team.

At the first session, Tom put the kid under and had him strip, telling him (the usual) that he was alone in the locker room. Even that seemed to give him a little problem, but Tom decided to stick with it rather than switch it to something less threatening, like his own room.

And the kid did manage it, finally. Tom was impressed by the kid’s desire to change almost as much as by the kid’s body. Although once he was naked, Tom was unable to get beyond that body. He was truly gorgeous — strong, muscular build, smooth tan skin — a real Adonis. His tits were full and sensual — the broad dark nipples drew the eyes, made you want to feel them, squeeze them, lick them. His ass was spectacular — strongly muscled but sensually smooth, rounded cheeks arching abruptly from the boy’s narrow waist. The crack between was obviously deep, but the cheeks were separated enough to draw the eye to the shadowy area between them, giving the impression that you were looking directly at his hot little hole.

Tom could see one reason why the kid might be shy about exposing himself. Even though he was alone in the locker room (in his mind), his cock was hard as a rock and leaking precum. The problem might be as simple as embarrassment at exposing himself with a hard-on.

He had the kid continue by putting on his wrestling singlet. The sight was almost as obscene as the naked view had been. The singlet was elastic and clingy, emphasizing every curve of the kid’s ass and basket. His hard cock was visible in detail, while his bare nipples peeked out from around the narrow shoulder straps.

He brought the kid out of the trance and spoke with him for a few minutes. The kid gave no evidence of embarrassment whatsoever. Finally he asked him directly about it — he had the kid stand in front of him and pointed out that his hard dick was completely visible through the thin material. The kid was a little embarrassed to be hard, but unfazed by the exposure. “Everybody’s in the same boat with these singlets. You don’t want them to get in the way so they have to fit tight. When I wrestle, I don’t usually get hard like that.”

Tom had the kid stand in front of a mirror and describe his body in as much detail as he could. His description was graphic, and it really didn’t seem to bother him. Tom decided it wasn’t a simple fear of exposing his hard-on.

Tom asked if he had trouble stripping in front of a doctor for a physical examination. Bobby said he had a little trouble, but he got over it. It didn’t really bother him that much.

But what was different about stripping in the locker room, Tom asked, and the kid had no good answer. Tom suggested he try a series of desensitization sessions — even if that didn’t cure the problem, it might reveal what was causing it.

He decided to start right then, and ordered the kid to strip off the wrestling singlet (this time without any hypnosis). The kid managed to get the straps off his shoulders and the suit down to his waist before he froze. When he tried to push it further, his hands shook and he couldn’t go on.

“OK, then let’s try a little experiment,” Tom suggested. He sat in a chair and had the kid stand in front of him. “So you’re OK with this?”

Bobby nodded, a little uncertainly.

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