A Caring Mom


My wife and I have been married for the last 6 years. I have two kids ages 4 and 2. After dad passed away a few years ago, mom decided to sell her house in Maine, and buy a condo near us in sunny Arizona. This way, she reasoned, she could be close to us and the grandkids in particular. This worked out great for us, as we could rely on mom to take care of our kids, while my wife and I went on dates etc. Sometimes, mom took care of the kids at our place, and at other times, we would drop the kids off at her condo.

One day, mom called me to tell me that she had been diagnosed with Sciatica. This came as a surprise to me. She explained that Sciatica was a condition caused by a pinched nerve, and caused her a pain from her back, down to her leg. The doctors had prescribed pain killers, which upset her stomach. She said one of her friends at her condo complex also had Sciatica, and was seeing a Chinese Acupuncture specialist. So far, Acupuncture had showed promise, and her friend was seeing improvement in her pain. I asked mom what Acupuncture entailed, and she explained the specialist used pins and needles at key pressure points on the body. I agreed it looked promising, and she should try it. Mom asked me if I would accompany her to the Chinese doctor, since she felt uncomfortable going there all by herself.

Now, I work on what is known as a 9/80 schedule. That means I work roughly 9 hour days, for 9 days, and get my 10th day off. Thus in a two week period, I get to take every other Friday off. So I asked mom to schedule her appointment on my off Friday.

On the scheduled day off, I dropped the kids at the daycare, and picked up mom for her appointment. The Doctor was an elderly Chinese gentleman who barely spoke any English. After examining her, he said she could be treated, but it would cost $35 each session. In 4 sessions, she would see a lot of improvement, and by the 8th session, the pain should be 90% gone. Mom was pleased to hear that since she was on a limited budget, and asked if she could start the treatment right away.

The Chinese doctor asked mom to slip into a gown, and asked mom to lie on her back on the examining table. He moved the gown up to her stomach and gingerly grabbed mom’s ankles, and moved them apart. After that, he went to work dropping pins onto her skin. I generally tried to stay out of his way, but couldn’t help sneaking a peek at my mother lying on her back, only in her panties, and legs parted. I could make out the dark patch of her pussy hair through her panties. I have to admit, it turned me on seeing my mother like that. About fifteen minutes later, the Doctor asked mom to turn over, lie on her stomach, and proceeded to drop pins and needles on the back of her legs and along the waist and back. After half an hour, we were done, and on our way back home.

During the drive back, my mind kept floating towards that sexy image of my mom lying on her back in her satin panties, with legs gently parted. I decided to focus our conversation in that direction.

“Mom,” I asked. “How are you feeling? Did the pins hurt?”

“Not bad,” she replied. “No! The pins didn’t hurt at all. But I hope it gets better with time. Thank you for coming with me son.” She added. “My friend had warned me about lying there all exposed like that. With you there, it made me more comfortable.”

“You’re welcome mom.” I replied. “Hope you don’t mind my saying this,” I added a bit nervously, “I had read, it was a good idea to shave off all that excess hair – you know, from hygienic perspective.” And I smiled a bit nervously at her.

Mom smiled back, put her hand on my cheek, and replied. “I understand perfectly what you are saying son. I used to shave it off regularly for your dad. He loved it that way. Now there is no one to do it for. Besides, now it itches.” She added with a laugh.

Wow! I thought. What a breakthrough! How many guys are there, that can talk to their moms about shaving her pussy, I thought? I felt a closer bond with my mom after that chat. I also felt a nice little rise, and when I dropped mom at her condo, I had to wank myself to release the pent up tension my mom had so innocently created.

Two weeks later I took mom back to the Chinese Doctor. This time the routine was the same. Mom lay on her back in her panties, the gown up against her chest, legs gently parted, and the Doc proceeded with his pins and needles routine. My eyes kept going to mom’s pussy, and I noted with pleasure, that mom had shaved her pussy this time! No dark patches in the center. The Doc rolled her on her stomach, and proceeded with his pins and needles technique. Before letting her go he looked at me and said.

“You need massage your mother.” He said engelli seks hikayeleri in his broken English. “Massage berry berry good for Sciatica.” Then he gave me a demo, and showed me how to massage mom with long strokes, and squeezing her calf and thigh muscles. “Massage increase blood circulation. Good for Sciatica” He added. “This special oil only $10.” He pitched. So I bought a bottle of the ‘special’ oil for mom. Then he looked at mom and said. “Exercise berry berry good for Sciatica. No aerobics. Only swimming!”

I understood what he was saying. After dad had passed away, mom had gained a few pounds. While she still looked very attractive, and at 5 Ft 6 in, she had a decent figure, nice boobs, and had put on some weight which showed around her hips, thighs and stomach. I was glad the Doc had made her aware she needed to lose weight.

That day, after the Doc’s visit, I had my first attempt at massaging my mother. Once at her condo, she slipped into a gown, lay in her bed, and like the Doctor, I raised her gown, past her stomach. Then, like the doctor, I gently parted her legs. Wow! I thought. This was nice! I get to touch mom’s legs, thighs, and back, and be within a few inches of her vagina. Only thing between my mom’s pussy and me was a thin piece of satin. I felt a bit ashamed to admit that in a way, I was sort of glad that mom had this problem that gave me the opportunity to get so close and touch her almost naked body.

As mom lay on her back, I started to massage her. I started out slowly, from her calf, went up to her thighs, past her panties, and up to her hips and waist. As I reached up to her waist, I got close to her panty area, and tried to get as good a look at her vagina as possible. Then, I started on her thighs. I held her right leg, with my left hand on the outside, and my right hand inside between both her legs. I used the almond oil rather liberally. I massaged using long strokes with both my hands, starting from the knees, up to her thigh. A couple of times, I let my right hand run all the way to her panties. I raised her right leg up, and rubbed oil from her knees down towards her vagina — again, in long strokes. Sometimes, again, I accidentally let my right hand end up touching her panties. With my hand soaked in the almond oil, whenever my hand touched her satin panties, the panties soaked up the oil. This made them somewhat translucent, and gave me a better glimpse through her panties. Then I switched to her left leg, and repeated the process. Only, this time, my left hand would end up brushing up against her panties. Oh how I loved what I was doing, and so close to her vagina. At this point I was developing a raging hard-on, but as I was wearing loose Dockers, mom had no inkling of what impact she was having on me. Besides, if she had seen my hard-on, I would have been mortified.

Then, I turned mom on her stomach, and proceeded to massage her legs and back. This time again, I allowed my hands to rub past mums panties as I massaged her. While working on her back, I slid down mom’s underwear a couple of inches lower from her hips in order to get better access to her buns. Mom squirmed a bit, but made no motion to stop me. I did not want to push my luck too far either, so I didn’t push the panties too far down. With mom lying face down, I began to angle myself such that I could get a better look at mom’s pussy, knowing she could not see me. I was literally in heaven. I never thought massaging mom would be so thrilling. After about 30 minutes of massage, I left her to rest, and headed home to masturbate. Massaging mom in her panties had given me the biggest raging hard-on I could ever have imagined.

The third and fourth week at the doctor was uneventful. I looked forward to having mom in bed, in her panties, with her legs parted, and massaging her legs, thighs, and back. On the fourth massage session, I noticed mom’s thighs begin to lose the lumps of marble I had seen in the first session. Her legs began to take on a smooth, slim feel. Early on, mom’s thighs used to touch each other, now they did not. Her stomach also had gone down, and her ass was slimmer. I complimented mom on her weight loss. Of course, I did not tell her that as a result of her weight loss, there was a slightly larger gap between the sides of her panties, where it covered her vagina.

Around this time, I started noticing that during my massage, mom would periodically doze off, and take a brief nap. I attributed that to an improvement in my massage skills. I started to take advantage of her naps during the massage. Whenever I heard her breathing deep, I would lift the flap of her panties, and take a sneak peek at her vagina. This was a beautiful sight. Then I also snuck an oil soaked finger inside her panty flap and gently rubbed it over her pussy. A couple of times, I raised her nightgown up a bit ever so carefully, and got a nice peek of mom’s boobs and her nipples peeking below her gown. All this would result in a huge hard on, that I would take care of as soon as I returned to my house. All this time, my mother was blissfully unaware of what impact she was having on me. Mom was definitely feeling better with the Chinese Doctor, and I could see an improvement in her. I often kidded her that it was my massage, and not the Chinese Doctor’s pins, and needles that were doing the trick. She often thanked me with a warm hug, and often felt her boobs mash into my chest as a result. I loved it.

After a couple more massage sessions, things took a slightly different turn. I had started to get a rather bold in my approach, and I often let my fingers slide across her panties in her vagina area. Up to this point, mom had not once stopped me, or told me I was making her uncomfortable. I started questioning whether her lack of protest meant permission to proceed further. But I was very afraid of going too far too fast. I did not want to shock my mom, so I continued with my cautious approach.

On the seventh session, I asked mom if she would mind removing her under wear, as it was coming in the way of massaging her hips. She looked at me surprised, that I would make such a request, but she replied.

“Son, I don’t mind removing them. But please don’t embarrass me.”

I found a 4 Ft by 6 Ft baby blanket, and laid it across her stomach. I then reached under the small blanket, and gently grabbed her panties as if I was starting to remove them. Mom grabbed the blanket with both her hands, and elevated herself on her elbows, and I gradually slid her panties off! Oh what a sweet gesture. I felt like the luckiest guy in the world. This gave me a huge hard on, and for the first time, my hard on became evident. I saw mom looking at it, and I felt embarrassed.

“Oh. Mom”! I said apologetically. “I am so sorry.” I added.

To my surprise, mom became uncomfortable that she had embarrassed me. She in turn, tried to placate me.

“Oh. That’s alright son.” She assured me. “It can happen to anyone. Besides, I am flattered that an old hag like me can still stir such a reaction.” And she smiled, stretching her arms out as if to give me a hug. Pretending to feel dejected, with my head down, I leaned forward to give her a hug. She pulled me on her and wrapped her arms around me. My weight fell on her body. I could not help it, but my hard on landed right between her legs on the blanket, and this gave me an even harder erection. Instinctively, both my hands went under her shoulders, gripping them as I often did when I was fucking my wife. Pressing my hard on between my mom’s legs felt very good. After a while, mom relaxed the hug, and I slowly got up from lying on top of her. My hard on still visible, I just pretended to ignore it, as did my mom.

I proceeded to massage my mom and as usual, she closed her eyes. This time, I was careful to avoid touching her pussy with my hands since she was buck naked under the baby blanket. After a few minutes, I grabbed mom’s ankles, pushed her legs back until her knees were raised. Then I pushed her legs further back so that the thighs touched her stomach and I gently leaned forward on her knees. That’s when it hit me! Mom’s baby blanket had just covered her knees, and she must be butt naked (no pun intended) right now. All I had to do was lean back and I could get a nice view of her pussy.

As if reading my thoughts, mom opened her eyes, and our eyes met. Our gaze locked into each other. I was frozen. I so wanted to lean back and see my mother’s naked bottom, but mom was gazing deep in my eyes. Instinctively, I gave her a brief smile, and she smiled back. Was that my permission to peek? I wondered. While smiling, and gazing deep into her eyes, I leaned back. Then I broke eye contact. My heart was racing a thousand beats per minute. I glanced down, got a brief glimpse of mom’s naked vagina, and looked back up into my mom’s eyes. And I smiled.

My gesture had told mom, I saw your naked vagina. It also told her, that I know that you know I saw your naked vagina. As if understanding what I wanted, mom slowly closed her eyes, while her smile still lingered on her face. It was like she was telling me go ahead; I know you want to see more. And then I did! I looked down at my naked mother’s pussy lips, and saw her pink clitoris, and her beautiful vagina. My cock got harder than it had ever been. At this point, as if possessed by a demon, I put my right forearm on both of my mom’s shins holding her legs in place. With my left hand, I unbuckled my pants, and in 4 seconds flat, dropped my pants and underwear. I instantly kneeled before my mom’s vagina, and not wanting to shock her with a penetration of my rock hard dick, I pointed my cock at her thighs near her vagina to let her know I was waiting at her doorstep. I then leaned closer to moms face. Her eyes were still closed. Her smile was still in its place, and I whispered slowly as if afraid someone might hear me.

“Mom,” I whispered, “I need this. I gotta have it.”

Mom whispered back. Eyes still closed. “Go for it son. Take it baby.”

And then I did. Without touching my dick, my hard dick found mom’s wet vagina, and I entered. Holy smokes! I was finally buried in my mom’s pussy. I pulled out after the first entry, and pushed in deep in the second stroke. I was buried up to the hilt. I hadn’t realized mom was so wet, but she was. She opened her eyes, smiled once again at me, and whispered,

“That’s so beautiful. Take me. Just don’t tell anyone baby.”

“I won’t mom. It’s our secret.” I replied while increasing the tempo. I was now fucking my mom harder and deeper with every stroke.

With that, mom grabbed the bed sheet, and pulled it over me. It made a nice tent over us. Now it seemed nobody could see us. Our eyes met. I moved my face closer, and for the first time, mom kissed me squarely on the lips. I kissed her back, with my tongue slipping inside her, and flicking her tongue. It was like electricity had passed through us. Our tongues instantly connected, and explored each other frantically. All this while, I kept pumping my mom’s pussy harder and harder. I then reached under her gown and my hands found her boobs. Oh how lovely they felt. I tweaked her nipples in my fingers, and cupped her full breasts in my hands. All this was too much for me, and I could feel the rumblings of an orgasm forming deep inside. Mom sensed I was close, and put her arms around me, caressing me. “Cum inside me baby.” She cajoled. “Cum inside momma.”

That was all I needed to hear. I let go, and felt the torrent of my sperm gushing through my body and through my shaft as I exploded deep inside my mom’s pussy. Wave after wave it followed. I twitched, and moaned. And as the last few drops of my semen slipped out of my penis into my mother’s pussy, and I slowed my thrust, I saw moms eyes go dreamy, and a deep guttural sound emerge from her throat. I knew she was about to cum. My dick was still hard, and I pumped my mother’s vagina harder. I kept pumping even though the tip of my penis wanted me to stop. She let go, and I could feel her wetness dribble down my legs. I kept humping my mother realizing she was having her first orgasm in a very long time. And I was not going to stop. This sweet lady had allowed me her most cherished anatomy and I was not going to let her down. Then finally, mom stopped rocking and I fell on top of her, with her arms warmly wrapped around me, and the bed sheet over us. For the first time ever, I slept in my mom’s arms, with my dick buried in her pussy. I slept like a baby. It was like a dream come true.

Mom and I have fucked each other’s brains every other Friday since then. She likes to call my Friday Off, a “Get Off Friday.” We have since tried all sorts of positions. We do it in the shower, inside her closet, and in the kitchen while she cooks for me. I often sit with my back to the stove, and eat her pussy as she fixes lunch. Before I leave, mom always makes me sit on the sofa like a king, and always gives me head. She says that reminds her why she seduced me in the first place.

Yes! Mom confided in me that she really did not have Sciatica. She had made that up! It all started when mom was babysitting at our place and she heard a recording from my wife’s doctor, about her locked jaw problem. She immediately knew that meant her son was not getting head from his wife. She had learned from her friend at the condo all about Sciatica, and the Chinese Doctor, and the massages, and decided to try him in an effort to get me close to her. She said she was glad I took things slow, as it gave her time to reflect if she really wanted to continue to seduce me. She was happy to say that she found herself waiting every other Friday for a chance to have her son touch her. I told her that I too was always looking forward to my off Fridays for a chance to touch mom’s naked skin. And all those times that she pretended to be asleep? She was not really asleep! She was faking it! She admitted she enjoyed watching me, peek at her private parts. I was very happy that mom had seduced me in such a slow and what appeared to be a completely natural manner. Neither of us had ever felt uncomfortable because we took things very slowly.

I consider myself very lucky to have such a considerate and thoughtful mother.

The end.

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