A German Reunification


This story follows on from on the series Sisterly Assistance and makes references to events and characters from those stories, focused on Karl and his sister, Lucy.


A decade had passed and Lucy had left Nottingham having met and married Torsten, a German who had been working in England. Karl had remained in the north of England, was now thirty and single. Lucy and Torsten had moved over to Germany the previous year and had settled in the city of Wiesbaden in the Rhineland. Now that they were far apart, Karl was missing his sister and so was quite eager to visit when she had emailed a rare letter, with an invitation to stay over. Close encounters were a mere distant, albeit enduring memory, he reflected. Things were different now, and she had a new life, adapting to the change of language and culture. She had written how nice the area was around Wiesbaden and they could enjoy a few days together in between work commitments.

It was a very warm September afternoon when Karl arrived in Wiesbaden’s main station. Lucy was waiting for him on the platform. He made his way off the train through the crowd and recognised her – she was waving out for him, and looking stunning in a floral summer dress, her skin tanned slightly from the continental sun.

“You’re looking well!”

“Thanks. Good trip?”

He kissed Lucy on the cheek. “Fine, flight ok, slightly late, but there’s lots of connections with the trains here. And, bonus: no screaming babies on the plane for once!”

Lucy looked slightly askance for a tiny moment. “Ok, so we are not far away.” She led them through the station entrance to the frontage. “I’ll hire a taxi… you know Torsten is away?”

“Oh? No, you’d said that he’d be here.”

“Urgent business to sort out in Berlin. Could be a few days.”

“Oh, shame. Pity to miss him.”

“Yes, he wanted to meet you again. But at least you can keep me company.” Lucy waved at a taxi that was approaching.

“So you’ve taken some time off?”

“Yes.” A cream coloured Mercedes pulled up. “Hallo, Taxi bitte!” She gave the street name and they got in the back seat.

“So we have an itinerary?” Karl enquired.

“You saw the Rhine valley on your way down?”

“Yeah, looks fabulous, all those clifftop castles, vineyards, boats plying the river.”

“Good. Because that’s where we’re going. There are some really nice walks. And, being Germany, there is always a nice little cafe on top of the hill.”

“Sounds good to me.”

A few minutes later, the taxi pulled up by an older four storey apartment block on a narrow tree lined avenue.

“This is our place,” announced Lucy, “…and this is where the fun starts!”


The next day, Lucy and Karl set out for a walk along the vineyards of the Rhine. A short train ride brought them to a village set in the dramatic steep sides of the Rhine gorge. Although it was only mid morning, it was already hot.

“It’s September, right?” said Karl, feeling the heat as they climbed up on a narrow path.

“The Rhine valley stays hot, it has got a local climate. It’s good for the grapes.”

They passed through the lines of grapes, ripe in the sun, and below, the Rhine was humming with activity with huge freight barges, cruise boats and ferries, whilst on each side of the river, trains rattled above the riverbanks.

Karl felt his energy sapping in the hot ascent. “Any chance of an ice cream?”

“You know me, Karl, I wouldn’t refuse you bit of pleasure,” Lucy smiled as she carried on ahead. “Up by that castle, there’s a really nice cafe, and they do ice creams that you won’t forget in a hurry.”

Under the shade of a tree they picked a table and sat down, Lucy ordering the ice creams.

“So,” began Karl, “tell me about married life in Germany.”

“It’s pretty good. Life’s busy, as people work hard here, but once you finish, that is it. The working hours are less too.”

“Seems fair. How’s Torsten?”

“Oh, fine. He just has to go on business trips quite a bit recently. Berlin one day, Hamburg the next, even Warsaw the odd time.”

“Not great if you are finding your feet in a new country.”

She shook her head. “Well, my German is coming on, … by necessity. But you know some things are cool, others a bit frustrating, like the bureaucracy.”

Their ice cream arrived, lavishly bedecked with fresh fruit. Lucy smiled and nodded at the waitress. “Oh yes, and the ice creams are really good! Danke schön!”

She dug into the ice cream with a long spoon. “I’m hoping to get more work, but I have to keep working on my German too.

“Of course. So, map work?”

“Yes indeedy.”

Karl followed in suit by digging into the ice cream, and for some unknown reason remembered Lucy’s friends back in Nottingham. A little flashback took him to the time he had enjoyed a passionate night with Beth as well as Lucy.

“Did you keep in touch with Beth and Jules?”

“Yes. They send their love.”

“Wild times,” Karl murmured, causing Lucy to glance up at him.


That evening Torsten rang Lucy and she spoke with a mixture of English and German. Karl guessed that the German bits were the private bits. Putting the phone down, Lucy looked over to Karl.

“Torsten says hi.”


“Also, he says, if it’s hot why don’t kahramanmaraş seks hikayeleri we go to the Freibad? There is this superb open air swimming pool on the hilltop.”

“Hilltop. In the heat,” remarked Karl.

“There’s a bus.”

“Ok!” – an instant conversion for Karl.

“In the meantime we can hire bikes and do a tour of the city. Not only that, Mainz is just across the Rhine.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

By the afternoon the heat was searing, The bike trip was curtailed and they caught the bus up to the pool. Karl got changed and waited at the pool edge for his sister. She came out after a few minutes wearing a white bikini, her long black hair was shining and hung over her shoulders as she walked up, picking up Karl’s gaze.

“Hey, Luce, looking hot!”

“Good job there’s some nice water to cool you off!”

Karl studied her as she slowly approached the pool before dropping quickly down the pool ladder. He followed, marvelling at the sight of her. Was it because she was unavailable now he found himself attracted to her again? He told himself that he was probably just chasing old memories, and that he was best off just enjoying the swimming and their opportunity to spend a bit of time together. He followed her down the ladder and into the cool water. She was already off, dodging those standing around in the pool and he made some powerful strokes to catch up.

“Hey, Luce, where are you off to?” She came to halt and he found himself stealing a glance at her nipples through her bikini top, hardened by the cool of the water. He relished that moment, and again his thoughts betrayed him and he remembered from years back seeing her nipples exposed and under the ministrations of his tongue. Lucy tilted her head at him to bring in his attention.

“Hey, let’s do a few lengths?”

“Yeah, but how about, after that, having a go on that big water slide?”

She looked up and the long winding tube and noticed the speed of its occupants hitting the pool. “Ok… but only if you hold on to me.”


Despite the busyness of the pool, Lucy and Karl swum several length before Karl headed towards the slide. “Ok Luce, brace yourself!”

Lucy followed, climbing out slowly before they both made their way up a long wooden walkway to the top of the slide. It looked steep and fast.

“See what I mean, Karl? This slide is nuts!”

“Yes, it’s only for the moderately insane and children.”

Once clear to go, they got in and rapidly took off down the slide. Lucy clung on to Karl, giving whoops as they barrelled down, accelerating fast, despite Karl’s vain attempt to slow them down with his legs. He felt Lucy’s tight grip round his stomach, her wet hair on his shoulders, her wet legs round his all giving him a warm glow, until with a smack they suddenly hit the pool water. Engulfed in the water, almost stunned, Karl held his breath and swam back up to surface followed by Lucy alongside.

“Ace!” she cried. “Let’s go again!” She immediately swam to the ladder and made for the walkway up to the top. Karl caught up with her as she strode up. “I want to go in front this time!” she declared, grinning excitedly. It was like being with a little girl, except for a couple of things. They got to the top.

“You’ll hold me?” Karl agreed and Lucy settled down on the launch spot, with Karl climbing down to sit behind her, placing his legs around Lucy. Waiting until she was ready, he heaved to launch themselves off.

As they span round the water chute, Karl could feel Lucy’s behind pressed against his groin. Her skin squeaked as the chute rubbed against her bottom, he watched her behind as they leaned into the bends, her bottom in contact against what he realised was an incipient erection. He savoured this secret pleasure and began to stroke his sister’s stomach when suddenly they hit the water with a hefty whumpf. His ears filled with the water pressure, he immediately released his grip on Lucy before they twisted their way back to the surface.

“Once more?” she looked at him with what seemed to be a sly, inviting look.

“Oh, go on!”

Again they ascended the walkway, and at the top Lucy took front position with Karl again behind. He was holding Lucy as they spiralled their way down, and again his lust rose and was pressing insistently against Lucy’s pert bottom. Surely she felt it? Karl realised that old passions were stirring again. What did she once say about it? “Enjoy it, and just let it go.” And with the next crashing entrance into the water he did just that.

After their swim, Lucy decided the day was too hot for anything else and suggested that they have an afternoon lunch and a siesta back at the apartment. They picked up some wine on the way back with the groceries. Lucy busied herself with fixing their lunch, handing him things to take to the table. Over lunch she announced, “I’m going to have a rest for an hour or two, if that’s ok. This heat is knackering.”

“Sure, Luce.”

Once they had finished, Lucy retired to her room, and Karl made his way to the guest room. He lay on the futon feeling hot and restless, and after an hour got up again to wander around the cooler main room of the apartment. He looked at the books on the shelves: a lot were in German, which would be far too much hard work. Then he spotted a coffee table book, lavishly illustrated with photographs about the Alps. That would do nicely. He sat down to read on the sofa; the street outside had gone quiet in the heat and he could just hear the steady hum of the refrigerator in the corner of the kitchen area, and another quiet little buzz. Odd. It seemed to come from Lucy’s room. Karl’s mind wandered from the Alpine peaks to the noise. Was she self pleasuring with a device? Had this afternoon ignited her lust too? Looking around the room, he decided it was all too complicated to dwell on.


Evening time came and Lucy had got up and put on a short summer dress. She suggested that have a wander round the park, and meal out at a Thai restaurant close by. Karl was very happy with the idea and the park offered some cool respite from the city heat. The Thai meal was very good and after their dessert Lucy offered the wine they had earlier bought.

“First thing, it’s local. And very good. You can’t leave the Rhineland with out sampling some.”

“Sounds fair to me.”

“Secondly, I could do with letting go a little. To be honest, the past few months have been harder than I thought they would be. A lot harder.”

“Ok, you tell me all about it and we’ll crack that bottle open.”

In fact, more than one bottle was opened. Lucy relayed how life was different in Wiesbaden and how tricky it was now that Torsten was away so much. Work was ok, but their social circle was limited.

“Thing is,” she then confided, “with him being away…”


“Well, to be blunt, we’ve been trying for a baby… well, I need him to be around, at least until I am better established here, better at German, have a support network of friends and so on.”

“Ah.” The revelation hit him. “Oops that changes things,” he thought. He paused as he digested his sister’s news. “So…you really want one?”

“Time’s right, I’m not getting any younger, and as Torsten says, if I was busier it might not be so easy to give my work up.”

“If you wanted to give your work up. Gosh, Luce, how time flies!” Karl never really imagined free spirited Lucy would want to devote herself to raising children. Maybe it was Torsten’s idea?

“Sleep and freedom gone,” he remarked.

“Well, yes.”

“We were so carefree once!” Karl had flippantly referenced their past: his visits to Nottingham.

Lucy sipped at her wine and looked studiously at her glass. “Not quite. We got careful.” It was ironic now, she thought. Panics about contraception and now – the opposite. To top it all, these little spoken hints or little physical reminders about their wilder days was having an effect on her. That time back, soon after she’d moved to Nottingham, on the night they had been at the club and she had encouraged him: he’d been so eager. She could picture them still. “Leave it,” she told herself. After all, she had had this afternoon to herself. But was that a trickle of wetness she felt now? Oh no! She was a little shocked at her arousal.

Karl remembered the time in the thunderstorm as Lucy transformed from reluctant sibling into a wanton lustful fire spirit, fucking him for all he was worth. And those other times: unbelievable. The wine has made them both fairly woozy, which allowed him to eye up his sister a little more closely. Her breasts were nicely framed in the strapless dress, her slim body emanating fitness and energy. The heat and the wine wove their way through his thoughts, lowering the barriers to dangerous territory.

“Was hot, though,” he finally spoke up. Lucy ran a finger around the rim of her wine glass.

“Yeah. That was then. You’ve got someone now though, haven’t you?”


“Stick around here. Friend of mine said Rhineland folk are very open and friendly, and there are a lot of gorgeous German girls – well, from all over really.”

Karl mulled her comment over. “Well, I didn’t just travel here to pull, tempting as that prospect may be.”

“Maybe you should.”


“You know why.” Oh, she’d noticed in the water slide then.

“In four days? It’s not that easy, Luce.”

“No, I know. It’s not that easy for me, either.” She drew on her glass, aware that her brother was looking at her intently.

“But you are sorted, right?”

“Yeah.” It was not so convincing a response, or so Karl thought. He glanced over at her again, but Lucy’s manner suggested she was bringing the matter to a close.

“Look, I’m tired, and I have German classes tomorrow morning. I’m turning in.”

“Ok, I’ll plan a day out then.”

“Yeah, well, half a day, at least. We’ll sort it out tomorrow. Goodnight, sweet brother, it’ll all seem easier in the morning.”

Lucy then got up and went to her room, closing her door. That was the night over then. Or so he thought.


Some time after midnight he awoke to hear Lucy in the kitchen area, presumable fetching a glass of water. It reminded him that he was thirsty too, as a result of the heat and the wine. He waited a moment to let her finish before pulling on some shorts and going to the kitchen area. He found that a cabinet light was still on, and so he could retrieve a glass easily. He filled his glass from the tap and turned to see Lucy had left her door open; he could see her in the darkened room, lying on her back on the bed. Was she already asleep? Then just as he quietly took another sip, he began to hear a tell tale buzz, like he had heard that afternoon. His mind rushed to confirm his suspicion that she was pleasuring herself. He felt a wave of adrenaline and peered over; in the dimness of the room, it seemed that Lucy’s legs were parted, and her short little nightie seemed to be drawn up?

He could hear the buzzing again; he reasoned that he should leave her to her private time, but then, her door was wide open…deliberately? He was curious and relished the chance to see his sister in an act of self pleasuring. Then again, he could be letting all hell loose by doing so. A moment later, she gave a little sigh, and then he was propelled forward by some kind of magnetic force, and before he knew it, he was at the doorway of the bedroom.

Lucy was in front of him on the bed with one hand between her legs with a vibrating device. He gazed at her, her satin nightie indeed pulled up above her waist, her legs outstretched and her eyes closed in pleasure. He was entranced, willing on his sister to orgasm, oh, he would be such a well behaved spectator! He noticed his erection growing in his shorts, and his attention was drawn to her hands moving steadily between her legs – and then she stopped. He froze. He’d been noticed.

He shut his eyes in horror, unable to move or think. He heard a rustle from the bed, and tried to compose an explanation for his “observing.” His mind was blank, he was rooted to the spot and after another moment he felt something gently pulling on his shorts; they dropped to the floor, and now, suddenly there was something else, wet and warm, caressing his upturned cock. It was slipping and sliding over his hardness, he continued to be statue still as the warmth embrace of lips and a tongue lapped his stiffened manhood.

“Oh Luce,” he whispered hoarsely. With kisses and caresses she teased him and pleased him until he was whimpering with lust. Once he was twitching in pent up arousal, she silently withdrew to the bed.

“I want you Lucy,” he murmured.

“Keep it outside of me, Karl,” she whispered in response as he followed her on to the bed, pulling up her nightie. He leant over, and brushed his engorged cock over her tightly trimmed bush. He could not say a word as he balanced himself on his forearms and guided himself, brushing up and down her pussy lips. This time they had to be really careful. He knew he had got some condoms, but if he had brought them in it would have suggested he had meant to fuck her all along. No. Better for her to allow them to dry fuck, it was already mind blowing.

He lowered himself a little, now at ease, he had enough space between his cock and Lucy’s vulva. She was already squirming under him in pleasure, he stroked her clit – oh so long since he had touched that little nub of delight, and slipped his cock along the ridges of her pussy lips. It felt deliciously damp down there. No mistakes this time though. The slight roughness of her hair down there contrasted the slippery warmth of her lips; of course, she was already primed. He kissed her on the mouth, and continued to brush his cock up and down with patient little strokes – Oh! That squirm she made was a little risky – he raised himself slightly, but she bucked again, he moved cautiously up again; that was a little dance with danger: she liked that, did Lucy.

He eased off teasing her clit, just to be sure; he had a nice rhythm sliding along her sweet pussy lips. It would be all topped off at the end with a nice pool of cum on her stomach. Sweet. A moment later she bucked again and raised her hips a fraction more and he found he was sliding down, down, over her vulva. This was really risky now. She raised her hips again and oh, he was inside her! Oh God! His married sister! She bucked her hips as if in encouragement, and he was lost now, all traces of restraint evaporating as he began to plunge deeper into her hungry wet pussy. She was sopping wet, and so ready for him.

Lucy gave something between a sigh and a moan and Karl responded by thrusting more forcefully. Something powerful had been reawakened in them now and Karl nuzzled his sister as he fucked her shameless cunt. She was hungry for sperm – his? Oh Hell! He couldn’t stop even if a bomb went off. He was caught now, steadily thrusting in her forbidden pussy, unified again after so many years. She fitted him like a glove, and was so in tune with him. And now she was starting her unforgotten killer moves on him: she wrapped her legs around his, binding them tightly together, and just that made him fuck her harder, and he could sense she was getting closer now, and, oh, that’s when she wants him to cum – her fingers found their way to his balls and gently stroked them with a deft touch, he felt the rush approaching, his orgasm nearing, his sister now squeezing on his cock with her vaginal muscles and gasping in her own approaching orgasm, he really, really should not be in her, but her fingers were stroking again, quietly demanding his balls empty into her, and he could do nothing else but instinctively thrust as deep as he could, in, in, shooting his cum deep inside her seething pussy, a volley of spurts, coating her walls with his hot essence. She clutched him close to her and he felt her sapping out his juice as they slowed to a stillness. He looked deep in to Lucy’s eyes. They gave assent to what had just taken place. He, still locked in place by her legs, felt her warm little internal shudders draw to a close.

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