A Long Hot Summer Ch. 02


This is the second installment of Jim’s and Sarah’s adventures. This one has more sex and probably less of a build-up before sex. I’ll continue this story as time lets me. I hope you enjoy it. I appreciate any and all comments.

Chapter 2.

A few hours after cumming all over my sexy sister (and becoming her sex slave) I had downloaded all the pictures to my computer and sat reviewing them when Sarah came in to my room. The pictures were extremely sexy and I had another hard-on from looking at several hundred pictures of an extremely sexy woman posing. The fact that the woman on the pictures was my sister and the cock the spewed cum all over her was mine didn’t exactly lessen my arousal. Not at all. Seeing the images and thinking of that session was enough to almost make me cum again, without even touching myself.

“What, are you not dressed yet? You really need to get ready quickly since you’re taking me to dinner tonight!” Sarah looked awesome in a flower print summer dress and sandals. But she looked mad too.

“I didn’t know, Sarah! You never told me, did you?” I was annoyed as I turned around to look at her. I only wore a pair of sweatpants and my hard cock tented the trousers very visibly. Sarah’s eyes focussed on my groin and a strange look came to her eyes.

“Put on your tan slacks and a white shirt. No underwear. You have 1 minute!” When Sarah saw my hesitation she barked at me. “NOW, SLAVE!” That reminded me of our initial deal. I stood up and looked at her.


“If I’m to get dressed I’d like some privacy here, mistress.”

“Forget it! I’ll stand right here. Tell me while you dress…did the pics come out right?”

“Oh yeah, they’re fucking hot, S…Mistress.” I stripped my sweats and stood naked in front of her with my cock pointing straight at her. I suddenly saw her nipples poke little peaks in her dress. No bra? My cock twitched. I turned my back to her to go to my wardrobe.

“Hold it, slave! Stop!”

I stopped immediately and Sarah came up to me.

“Turn around.” Her voice was suddenly hoarse. I did as she said and faced her, only a few inches away. My cock almost touched her dress. Sarah grabbed my cock and stroked it a few times, then she grabbed my scrotum and squeezed gently. Next she went to her knees and with a firm hold of my balls she put out her tongue and licked the head gently. It felt like a burst of electricity went down my spine and all my senses concentrated on that particular part of my body – the cock. Slowly Sarah lent closer and my glans was in her mouth. She sucked my cock slowly and gently for a few minutes without using her hands in any way other than holding my ball sack. All she moved was her head, forwards and back, forward and back again. The sensation was fantastic. Suddenly she stopped and my cock left her mouth with a loud “plop”.

“Get dressed!” Sarah rose and went to the door and waited while I forced my hard cock into a pair of tan slacks. I put on a white cotton shirt, some socks and shoes and was ready to go. My cock had softened somewhat, but was still quite hard. Sarah looked me over and smiled.

“Good, you’re ready. Let’s go.”

She went ahead of me and I couldn’t help but watch her ass swaying as she walked. What a woman this was!

When we came out to the car Sarah was standing at the passenger side, waiting and looking at me. I opened her door and let her in before I got in behind the wheel and started the engine. Sarah told me where to go and we drove off. After a few minutes I felt Sarah’s hand stroking over my cock a few times before she unzipped my pants and took it out. I was instantly rock hard in her soft hand. She jerked me for a little while and then bent over and took me into her mouth again. I almost ran the car off the road but managed to just slow down.

“Keep driving! Don’t stop, don’t slow down, don’t catch anyone’s attention. Just enjoy.” Sarah flashed med a mischievious look and put me into her mouth again. She sucked my cock while holding my balls in one hand and stroking me with the other. She was a fenomenal cock sucker, my sister! After about 10 minutes of this torturously slow treatment, I felt my balls contracting and a familiar sensation spread across my back. I was close to cumming. Sarah judged my reaction perfectly and stopped everything and let go of my cock. The helmet was soaked in her saliva and it felt very cold as it left her warm, wet mouth. She looked at my cock with her head in my lap and after a minute of calming me down she stuffed my cock back inside my pants and zipped me up. Then she sat back at her seat with a smile on her face.

“Nice. I love the way your cock tastes. Especially the precum, it almost made me have an orgasm!”

“Sarah, you’re a great cock sucker. I never felt anything like it. But why…”

“It’s mistress when we’re alone, slave. Sarah when we’re among people. But only then. I stopped because you haven’t deserved to come yet. You might never deserve kars seks hikayeleri it, but we’ll see. Take the next exit, then turn to the right, continue for about 2 miles and we’re there. When we get to the restaurant, you’re my date, my boyfriend. Remember to treat me the way I deserve to be treated!”

“Yes mistress.” By now I had a severe case of “blue balls”. I’d been about to come when I watched the pictures earlier, then again when Sarah blew me before we left and a third time just now in the car. I always cum a lot, but this time it felt like my balls contained gallons of cum that I desperately needed to expel if I wanted to survive the evening. But being my sister’s slave apparently didn’t encompass ejaculations, at least not when I felt they were necessary. Still, I wasn’t complaining. The sexiest woman alive had just blown my cock twice in less than an hour and a couple of hours before that she had posed nude for me before giving me a huge orgasm. And I had a feeling this wasn’t the end. Especially since she had said that she loved my cock and that I was to be her sex slave throughout the summer. My cock throbbed in my pants but I decided to relax and enjoy myself. To be Sarah’s sex slave might be really enjoyable and if not, perhaps I could turn the tables around at a later point.

We parked outside a very nice, expensive-looking restaurant and walked through the doors. A Maitre’d welcomed us and led us to a booth, leaving our menus and taking our drink orders. I ordered a beer and Sarah wanted a Gin & tonic. While we studied the menu I felt Sarah’s foot caressing the back of my leg and then a hand fell on my thigh. She looked at me with glittering eyes.

“Kiss me, Jim.” I did. Her full lips were soft and yielding and I felt her tongue against mine as we kissed deeply. My head swam at the kiss and when we stopped I took Sarah in my arms and hugged her close to me, while putting gentle pecks all over the side of her neck and on her ear lobe.

“Oh my! Already taking things for granted, hey? Stop that, right now!”

“I thought I was supposed to act like your boyfriend here?” I said innocently.

“No, I said “date”, not boyfriend.” I could see her nipples poking through her dress, and her face was flushed. Her eyes were slightly glazed, her lips looked almost swollen and her chest above the cleavage was reddish. All signs of arousal. She was just as hot as I was, but she wanted to stay in control. Fine by me. Suddenly Sarah moved to sit opposite me and then I felt a foot slide on my leg up to my crotch. She started stroking my cock with her foot which, of course, got me hard again. This continued all through our meal. When we had finished and I had paid the bill, Sarah’s foot reluctantly left my groin and she rose to leave. I rose to, an embarassing tent in front of me. Sarah simply took my arm and we went through the restaurant to the door. Many of the women guests stared at my tent, some with a smile and a few with a look of disgust. At one table, three women in their 30s turned and looked. One of them spoke up.

“Excuse me?” Sarah stopped and looked at her.


“I just wondered if I could touch your date’s…eh…bulge?” She blushed when she said this, but so did I. I couldn’t believe she would say a thing like that.

“Oh, I think we could do better than that.” Sarah said with a viscious grin, looking at my crotch. She stood behind me and put her arms around me pulling my zipper down and taking my cock out. She jerked me a few times to make me completely hard.

“Here, feel it. Hell, you can have a taste if you want.” All three women stared at my cock. One of them unconciously licked her lips, one had a few beads of sweat on her forehead and the third, the one who had adressed us, swallowed heavily. Then she smiled, moved closer and grabbed my cock. She jerked me a couple of times before bending forward, putting her lips around the helmet. I felt her tongue on my glans and she sucked a few times on me. Then she let go and offered my cock to her friends, but none of them accepted the offer to my relief. This was embarassing as well as very erotic. The woman gave my cock head a final lick before putting my cock back inside my pants. Without looking at me at all, she instead smiled at Sarah.

“Thanks. It’s a beautiful cock you’ve got there. I’m Helen, here’s my card. Call me, please.”

“Ok, I will. And I agree the cock is beautiful. But you should test his kisses…well, another time. Nice meeting you, Helen.”

We went to the car. I didn’t understand anything.

“Just what the fuck happened back there, Sarah?”

“It’s mistress, slave! What happened was that a beautiful woman wanted to see and taste your cock and I let her. She then wanted me to contact her when I wanted to share your cock with her. You agree she’s beautiful, right?”

“Yes, she looked really hot.”

“And my guess is you woulnd’t mind fucking her if I allowed it, right?”

“I guess…”

“So…take us home.”

We got in to the car and Sarah told me to open my pants and take out my cock.

“I want to see you jerk your cock while driving.”


“No buts. Jerk it!” Sarah sat back in the seat letting her dress ride up her thighs and looked straight at my cock. I drove off and put my hand on my cock starting to slowly jerk it. Sarah suddenly bent over and spat at my cock.

“It looked a bit dry.” Was all she said. “Do not, I repeat, do not cum. You will only cum when I tell you to. Understand?”

“Yes mistress, but my balls hurt. I need to cum real bad.”

“No matter. You don’t shoot that load of spunk until I say it’s alright. Got it?” She almost sounded angry now.

“Yes mistress.” I kept jerking, but slowed down a bit too keep from cumming. After a while of this, Sarah removed my hand and took over herself. Then she bent over and started sucking on my cock again. Her soft, wet, warm mouth started to feel really familiar now and it was almost like “coming home”.

“Ohhhh mistress. It feels so good. Please let me cum!”

“No!” As we were almost home, she put my cock back inside my pants. By now, I was so horny my whole body shook. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to walk from the car to the house.

When we got into the house, Sarah told me to get my videocam and bring it to her bedroom. I complied. When I came in to her bedroom she was sitting at her bed, dressed only in a black under-wire bra that really pushed her tits together, a black lace thong and a pair of strappy black patent leather shoes with very high heels. She looked at me, read the reaction and looked very pleased with herself. She rose and went up to me.

“Put the camera on the tripod, aim it at the bed and start shooting.”

I did as she said. While I did this, Sarah walked around in the room, making sure I got a good look at her sexy ass, her incredible legs, her perfectly shaped breasts where the nipples almost were showing over the edge of the cups, and her beautiful face flushed with excitement. Her eyes shone.

When I was ready and the camera set I started shooting, zooming in on the bed to the exclusion of almost everything surrounding it. 2 lamps were aimed at the bed, meaning that Sarah had made sure there’d be enough light. Sarah went to the bed, crawled up on it with her ass towards the camera. She snaked around on the bed for a while which caused my cock to grow again. She motioned to me to come closer.

“Come here, slave.”

While as I walked to the bed, Sarah got up on her knees and started caressing her breasts. Looking straight into the camera, she licked her lips and removed her bra revealing her great pair to the camera and to me. She pinched her nipples, put her hands under the breasts and pushed them up so the tip of her tongue could lick first the left nipple, then the right. Her nipples were hard as pebbles. Then she turned towards me and started unbuttoning my shirt. She removed it and opened my trousers. When the trousers fell to the floor my cock sprang out, hard as an iron bar and practically oozing precum. She bent down, put her tongue to the head and licked some of the precum off. Turning back to the camera, she stuck her tongue out and showed the goo before she swallowed it. Things were heating up considerably and unconciously I grabbed my cock and started to jerk it.

“Stop it. Don’t touch unless I tell you to. Understand?”

“Yes, mistress.” I removed my hands from my aching cock. I was so hard it actually hurt. Sarah looked at me and started caressing her breasts again. She slid her hands over her chest and belly and down to her thighs. She rose a bit and pulled of her thong. Sarah then turned her back towards me, bent over and slid a finger from the crack of her ass around to the other side. She spread her pussy lips open with two fingers and inserted a third. When she removed the finger it was shining with her juices. She held her finger to me and told me to lick it. Her taste was incredible; sweet, musky and tangy all at the same time. And it tasted like Sarah. Her taste and scent sent signals from my brain straigt down to my cock. It twitched and I felt like I was about to erupt. Sarah put two fingers inside her pussy with her ass still towards me and started finger fucking herself. She pulled the fingers out, licked them clean herself and turned around again, facing me. She grabbed my head and pulled me down so she could kiss me. I got an open-mouthed kiss with her tongue deep inside my mouth. Tasting her pussy from her mouth was incredible. I was so horny I forgot everything, the camera, the fact that this was my sister and that we were comitting incest, everything. My head was filled with a red haze and my blood was boiling. That’s when I felt her wet mouth engulfing my aching cock again.

My knees almost buckled when she started to suck my cock in ernest. This was not the slow, careful oral sex Sarah had performed on me earlier today. No, this was a red-blooded, very horny bj queen at work. She fucked me with her mouth while she massaged my balls with her hand.

“Oh fuck, S…Mistress! I’m gonna cum!”

“No you won’t!” Sarah stopped and told me to lie down on the bed. She started kissing and licking my legs with her perfectly shaped ass towards the camera. I felt her tongue over my legs, my knees, my thighs, missing my cock and continuing to my belly, my chest. She sucked my nipples, nabbed them lightly with her teeth before continuing her way up my throat. When she came to my lips she kissed me deeply and I felt her erect nipples grazing against my chest – an incredible feeling. We kissed for a long time and I felt her wet pussy against my almost vibrating shaft.

Sarah broke the kiss, rose to her knees and crawled up to straddle my face.

“Lick my pussy, slave! Eat me!”

I dove in. Her bare lips were soaked with her juices and I licked the outer lips, the inside of her thighs, back to her outer lips. I took a lip between my teeth and bit gently and got a loud moan in return. Next I put my tongue between her ass cheeks and licked all the way to her clit. The hood protecting her clit opened up and the little pearl became visible. I took it between my lips and flicked it with my tongue. Sarah gave a scream of pleasure, rose, turned around and got down again. This time we were in a 69 position and I felt my cock enter her mouth again as my mouth quickly found her clit again. Sucking her clit I inserted two fingers in her dripping wet pussy and started finger fucking her. Her moaning vibrated on my cock. I increased tempo and Sarah let go of my cock and screamed out.


Sarah’s body shook like an earthquake and her pussy contracted around my fingers when her orgasm hit her. She came harder than any woman I’d seen before – even in the pornos I’d been watching just a few days earlier. Sarah rose and turned so she could kiss me. She sat down on me squeezing my cock between us. She kissed me hard on the lips and then looked me in the eyes.

“That was an incredible orgasm. Thank you!” She kissed me again. “I think it’s time you had your reward for being a good sport today, Jimmy.” Sarah straightened her back, grabbed my throbbing cock and aimed it between her pussy lips. She sunk down on me and my cock was encased in a tight, velvet-like, wet vice. It fit perfectly. Every square inch of my cock had this wet velvet pressing against it. The feeling was out of this world. As she started riding me, Sarah grabbed her breasts and pinched her nipples. When her speed increased she began to toss her head and her moans turned into screams of pleasure. Just as I was about to grab her and throw her on her back to ram it down roughly, she stopped completely and just sat on me with my cock inside her all the way. Her pussy was contracting around my cock but I had crossed the line and was now so horny I almost couldn’t cum.

“I want you to cum on my tits and my face for the camera, Jim.”

Sarah dismounted me and laid down on the bed with her head towards the camera. I went to the camera and zoomed in on her upper body and face. Then I went back to the bed, climbed up and kneeled between her thighs. I gripped my cock and put the head against her, by now, very wet and somewhat distended pussy. With a hard shove I hit her cervix and she screamed out loud.


My cock went in and out very quickly and I bent to take a nipple between my teeth. I bit down a bit too hard and Sarah screamed. She rubbed her clit furiously and suddenly came again. Her pussy tried to milk my cock and Sarah’s entire body went rigid – not a muscle moved except those in her pussy. Then her back arched and she screamed.


I felt my own orgasm closing. I pulled my cock out of her and slid up to kneal over her. Sarah lifted her head and I moved closer so she could suck me. I jerked my cock while she sucked me and as I felt a huge load building I increased the tempo. I then pulled back a bit in order to shoot on her breasts, that were by now gleaming with sweat. All blood rushed to my cock and I could actually feel it swell a bit more and then I came. Thick ropes of cum flew from my cock. The first splashed on her forehead, the next hit her open mouth. I almost covered her face and breasts in white goo. Never before had I cum so much or so hard in my life. After 6 or 7 spurts it slowed and Sarah pushed me so I fell on my back. She put her mouth on my cock and sucked the last few drops out of my cock, swallowed and then turned towards the camera again. Later, when I saw the movie, I saw that she used her fingers to scoop as much cum as possible from her face and into her mouth. The rest she massaged into the skin on her face and breasts. After about 5 minutes of this, she rose and went to the camera and turned it off. She came back to the bed but stopped and looked at me. My cock was still hard as iron even though I was completely spent.

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