A Sister’s Awakening Ch. 09


Saturday morning, Phil, Megan and Vanessa said goodbye to Monica, who was driving out of town to visit her sister for the rest of the weekend. They all kissed goodbye and then waved her off as she drove away.

“Time to get ready for the party! Megan called excitedly, dashing back into the house.” Vanessa and Phil laughed at her eagerness and followed her in more casually.

Megan checked her preparations. There were a number of old school desks and chairs scattered about the living room, a blackboard propped up at one end of the room, A nameplate on her father’s study door that read head-master (and the room had been set up just like a real office), a sign on the kitchen door that read cafeteria and a sign to the door that read gymnasium. And of course, the small area of the living room that she had partitioned off with furniture that read bike shed. ‘Cause everyone at her school had disappeared behind the bike shed with someone at least once!

It was kind of lame, but she liked it anyway. There was also plenty of food and drink about the place. Happy, she went upstairs to have a bit of a nap before the party started. Her father was due home at 8pm and she had made him promise not to be more than five minutes early, or more than five minutes late so that she would know exactly when he was getting home. She had told him that he’d have to get into costume before he joined the party but she wouldn’t tell him what the theme was or what his costume was. She promised him to keep things sane until he got there and not let them out of hand, but he had to do as she told him. It was amazing how agreeable he had become since they’d had sex and she was really looking forwards to it happening again. The party was going to kick off at 6:30pm. She new that after an hour tonight, he’d be ready to explode without even having been touched and she was going to make sure that he exploded at some point during the night. Hell, she was ready to explode now and the party was hours away!

Vanessa had helped set up, but she too had decided to have a sleep and was already in bed snoozing away before the party.

The alarm went off and Megan startled from her sleep, momentarily disorientated. She looked at the clock. 5:50 … pm, oh yeah! Party time. She jumped out of bed and headed to the bathroom. The shower was running … Vanessa had beaten her too it. One advantage of her relationship with her sister was that there was no problem at all walking in on her in the shower.

Megan stripped off her clothes and called for Vanessa to pass her the shaving cream. She filled the sink and got her razor and shaved down her pubes again. There was little to remove so soon after they had been shaved for the first time, but she had decided to stay bald and wanted to be really smooth for tonight. She got wet just thinking about some of the things she had planned for tonight, but didn’t do anything about it.

“You going to be long, Nessy?” she called out.

“No, I’m almost done, you can come in if you like,” Vanessa replied from the shower alcove. Megan gladly joined her sister in the shower, hugging her to her and kissing her passionately, their tongues dancing together.

“Are you wearing any underwear tonight?” Vanessa asked her whilst her hands fondled her breasts and stroked her body.

“I wasn’t going to, but I’m so fucking horny that I think I’ll have a trail down my legs if I don’t, so I’m going to wear a thong. After all, I did take my dress up quite a bit and it’ll be indecent enough without exposing myself more,” Megan replied.

“That’s probably a good point, I think I might wear some myself when you put it like that,” Vanessa said. “Anyway, time for me to get out. I’ll see you in a bit.”

Vanessa stepped out of the shower, dried herself off, did her hair and wandered off to her bedroom to get her costume. Megan finished up in the shower and wandered off to her room to do the same.

Megan wiggled into her thong, then slipped her tunic dress over her head, zipping it up ready for the party. She fixed her hair into pigtails with bright pink ribbons and slipped her old school shoes on. She surveyed the results in the mirror and was pleased by what she saw. She turned her back to it and bent over to gauge whether she’d managed to get the length of the dress right. Her butt didn’t show unless she went to the extent of almost touching the floor without bending her knees. Perfect.

Megan had no intention of this turning into an all in orgy, it really was just a case of wanting to catch up with friends before she headed west again, but she did want to fuck her Dad and since Cindy and Vanessa would be at the party, there was a fair chance that she’d see some girl-loving action as well. The potential of combining the two sent spasms of pleasure through her pussy, though she doubted that it would happen. She’d not seen any inclination that Cindy was into dick at all for a start and well Nessy … she doubted it. But then again, she’d never expected that her little mardin seks hikayeleri sister would tie her up, shave her and then fuck her arse with a vibrator either. She’d certainly awakened something in Vanessa!

Megan was standing there thinking back to the strokes of the razor on her pussy when she heard the doorbell ring. With a squeal of glee, she rushed out of her room to go down and see who it was. She nearly collided with Vanessa who was coming down the hall from her own room at the same time. As they made their way down the stairs together, Megan surveyed her sister’s efforts. Vanessa also had on her old summer uniform (the classic tunic dress) and Megan noted that the hem of her skirt had risen significantly since she had tried it on a couple of days ago. It wasn’t quite as high as hers, but it showed off her long legs beautifully. Vanessa had her hair pulled back in a pony tail and hadn’t bothered to put any make-up on, enhancing the illusion of her being a young school girl.

“I am so going to eat you later,” Megan said to her as they descended the stairs.

“And I am so going to enjoy it,” laughed Vanessa, reaching the front door and swinging it open.

“Cindy!” the two girls chorused together when they saw who it was. Cindy had come in their old school winter uniform, a blue plaid skirt, white blouse, blue tie and a blue blazer. She also had on pantyhose and shoes and her hair was tied back in a ponytail like Vanessa’s.

“Wow you look fantastic!” Megan told her as she bounded into the house, taking each of the sisters into an embrace and tongue kissing them in turn. “Why the winter uniform?”

“Well, I tried the summer one on, but it didn’t seem to fit around my breasts without some significant stretching so I opted for this one. It was easier to substitute a bigger white blouse. And by the way, you two look positively scandalous!” Cindy laughed. “Can you imagine what the teachers would have said if you’d shown up with skirts that short?” (The girls and their friends had all been to a private school where ‘indecent’ uniforms were frowned upon) As she said this she slipped a hand under each girl’s skirt, caressing her butt.

“Now now,” said Megan, “There’ll be time for that later, its just a normal party until I say otherwise. Besides, I’m so horny if I let you touch me I might just throw you on the floor and eat you and that would be a shock for the next person through the door!”

They all laughed and headed out to the back room where they grabbed their first drink for the evening. It wasn’t long until the doorbell rang again and not long after, the living room was filled with the noise of happy party people drinking, dancing and having fun. There was a mixture of effort with regards to costume, but all in all, it looked like a typical day at school apart from the drinks and the obvious couple of years that everyone had acquired.

Vanessa was talking to Melissa and Dan and joking with them about disappearing behind the ‘bike shed’. Dan hadn’t been to school with them but replied that he would have been more than happy to disappear there with Melissa.

“I never realised what a turn-on a school uniform could be,” he told the two girls.

“That would explain that appendage that seems to be struggling to get out of your pants,” laughed Vanessa as she headed off for another drink.

“Vanessa!” exclaimed Melissa, shocked that she’d say such a thing. Dan simply blushed and Melissa then laughed at him, grabbing hold of his cock briefly.

“Just make sure that its ready when I need it young man,” she mockingly scolded him.

“I don’t think I could make it un-ready around here if I tried,” he laughed back.

“Well maybe I should take you around the back of the bike shed and sort that out then,” Melissa teased him.

“Hey, I’m not drunk enough to start that sort of thing in here you know. At least … not yet,” he said, winking at her.

“Well, its time that I got you another drink then,” she said, leading him in the direction of the drinks tubs.

Megan grabbed Cindy by the hand and dragged her inside and behind the ‘bike shed’. She took her in her arms and planted a kiss on her lips, her tongue darting into her friend’s mouth and lifted her hand to caress her breast through the fabric of her blouse. Cindy eagerly returned the kiss and her hands found their way under Megan’s dress, cupping her butt cheeks in her hands.

“you know, I would love to be back at school and kissing you behind the real bike shed,” Megan said to Cindy. “Of course, I wasn’t even into chicks then, but what a turn on it would be.”

“Well, I did kiss a girl behind the bike shed,” laughed Cindy, “and it was awesome especially when this guy saw me walk back out with her. I could see on his face that he suspected something. I think that’s when the rumours about me started. Not that I really cared. Some of the girls treated me differently and some even seemed scared. Of course, the boys all loved it. They thought it was cool that I might be a lesbian, but I think they all really hoped I was bi!”

“I never actually asked whether you’re a lesbian or bi. I was just told that you were gay. And that was after we’d kissed anyway.”

“Well, I haven’t been with a boy for a long time, but that’s more because I haven’t come across one that’s been worth it than any particular distaste for them or anything. I’ve been lucky enough to have a small but steady stream of chicks who have met all of my pleasure needs.”

“Ahh, sounds something like me,” Megan said as an alarm started beeping. She pulled a small travel clock out of the zip pocket of her dress. She glanced at it and noticed that it was ten to eight. “Oh, I have to go, I’ll be back soon.” She and Cindy left the bike shed and Megan headed towards the front door. Cindy went back to the party, winking at one of the boys who had watched the two of them come from behind the partition with a wry smile on his face.

Megan waited by the front door until she saw her father’s car come in the driveway. She went outside to meet him and laughed as his eyes nearly fell out of his head and his jaw dropped when he noticed what she was wearing. She gave him a hug, noting that he already had a hard-on just from seeing her.

“Why Daddy, I think you’re pleased to see me,” she laughed at him. He went to speak to her but she indicated to him to be quiet. Megan led him inside and upstairs to her bedroom where she presented him with his costume for the evening.

“You get to be the headmaster, Daddy. All my friends are down there and they’re all dressed up as school kids. I know you’re going to have fun.”

“Geez Megan, I don’t know about this, I mean its one thing to hang around and have a couple of drinks with you and your friends, but with everyone dressed up like this? I don’t know,” Phil replied whilst at the same time his mind boggled at the thought of some of his daughter’s girl friends in their school uniforms. As he stood there, half protesting, his daughter passed him the head-master’s costume that she had gathered together, basically consisting of a suit, gown and mortar board. He took it from her to have a look at it and as he did so, she set to work undoing the shorts that he’d left the house in. They dropped to his ankles and she tugged on his boxers, his erect penis springing to attention in front of her.

Phil watched as his cock was engulfed within his daughter’s mouth, her eyes peering up at him as she slid her mouth up and down its length. Stopping, she said to him,

“Come to my party, Daddy and then you can cum after it.” Then she stood and started to remove his t-shirt and get him into his costume. Again, Phil found that he had no resistance and allowed his daughter to have her way, dressing him up as the head-master before leading him downstairs to the party.

As they were leaving the bedroom, Megan said to him, “I’ve been a good-girl so far head-master, but I’m afraid I might be very naughty later.”

“Well you know the rules young lady and if you break them, then I’m afraid that you’ll have to be punished, no matter whose daughter you are,” Phil replied, slipping into a role that he had fantasized about countless times before, his eyes glued to his daughter in her school uniform.

The two of them entered the party and Phil found mixing easier than he thought. Everyone seemed to be playing along with his role of headmaster, which he found both useful in mingling and a huge turn-on in the case of his fantasy that he had only shared with Monica previously. She looked good in the fake school uniform that they had bought, but these girls were only a couple of years out of school and wore their real private school dresses. He found himself wandering around the room with a massive erection that he had to try and hide with his gown. Cindy approached Megan as soon as Phil left her side after they descended the stairs and said to her, “what have you done to your Dad?”

“What do you mean?” Megan asked her.

“I mean that enormous thing that he has in his pants and is trying to hide,” she said.

“Hey, that’s got nothing to do with me, but I might tell you something later,” Megan said to her conspiratorially.

“Well I tell you something, Meg, I may not have seen a cock in some time, but I can assure you that if what your father has in his pants is all real then its rather impressive. I might even end up in the head-master’s office myself just to find out,” She laughed.

“Cindy, that is my Dad you’re talking about,” Megan replied, feigning shock.

“He may be your Dad, but after I flirted with him when he dropped us home, I know he wants me!” Cindy teased.

“You are bad!” Megan said, slapping her on the arse.

“I’m sorry, has someone been bad?” asked Phil, passing by and only catching the final statement. “I don’t have to punish anyone do I?”

“Not yet,” replied Cindy, “ but the night’s only young you know.” She glanced at his pants and noted that although not as hard, there was still evidence of a sizeable package in there.

“Yes, well just see you obey the rules,” said Phil, moving on with difficulty and with an already hardening cock as he thought of what he’d like to do to that young lady’s body.

“I’d better make sure you don’t catch me behind the bike shed then,” laughed Cindy As Phil moved on, Cindy leaned in to Megan and whispered in her ear, “You know I could even have sex with him just to say to you ‘I fucked your Dad.’”

“I think I might have to fuck you myself just to keep you satisfied,” Megan whispered back, licking her ear, “but until this crowd thins out, you’ll just have to wait.”

Later in the evening, when most of the guests had left, Vanessa was out by the pool, sitting on a sun lounge talking to Pete. She hadn’t had much to do with over the last couple of weeks in the whirlwind of discovery that she’d been enjoying with Cindy and her sister. Pete had been surprised but pleased to be invited to the party, especially as he really hadn’t had much to do with Megan in the brief time that he and Vanessa had been getting friendly. The drinks were starting to take effect by this time of the night and Pete had moved his hands to Vanessa’s thighs. Vanessa leant in close to kiss him, curious as to whether she would still really want to do this or not. She enjoyed the kiss and decided that maybe signing off boys all together wasn’t necessary after all.

“Want to go behind the bike shed?” Vanessa asked him.

“Bike shed?” Pete asked.

“Didn’t you see it on your way through? Megan made this nice little secluded area inside and nicknamed it the bike shed in memory of the place where we all used to sneak off to to kiss boys when we were at school.”

“Oh, that! I saw the sign, but didn’t quite click as to what it was about. But the answer is hell yes!” he laughed, standing to follow her inside.

As they disappeared through the door into the living room, there was a splash as someone fell into the pool. Vanessa glanced back to see Cindy laughing hysterically at the poor boy that she had pushed in. Her father was advancing upon Cindy. “Probably going to be a stick in the mud,” thought Vanessa, turning to continue inside to the refuge.

Megan helped the boy out of the pool and got him a towel. His girlfriend came over to help as well and told him that she thought that he’d had enough to drink and that they should be going now. Megan walked them to the door and thanked them for coming. As she stood there, a steady stream of the last of the revelers also said their farewells, keeping Megan at the door.

“You know, that school dress looks fucking hot on you, Vanessa,” Pete told her as he held her in his arms in the confines of their little hide-away.

“Why thank you sir,” she said with mock coyness. “I can’t say that the school-boy look is particularly stunning, but I am impressed by what it appears to be hiding.” As she said this, Vanessa stroked his cock through his pants before kissing him. His hands started to explore her body, fondling her breasts and caressing her hips. Vanessa’s hands started to work on the button and zip of his pants and she urged him to stand up so that she could pull his pants and underwear down.

“See, now this is a lot better,” she said, taking his cock in her hand and running her tongue along its length.

“God, it sure is,” Pete replied as the length of his dick started to disappear within Vanessa’s mouth. She sucked up and down its length, exploring his cock and enjoying the moans of pleasure that she was drawing from him. He ran his hands through her hair as she pleasured him with her mouth, her lips moving up and down his shaft, her teeth gently grazing the length of it.

“Mmm, that’s wonderful baby,” Pete said, “Let me give you something to moan about too.” Megan stood up and lifted up the hem of her dress.

“Be my guest, pleasure me,” She said, pulling aside her thong to expose her bald pussy. Pete knelt down in front of her, running his hands up her legs to grab the waist band of her thong, sliding it down her legs to fully expose her bald mound.

“Wow, that looks fantastic. You’re the first girl I’ve ever met who shaves her pussy.”

“Well I like it smooth and intimate and if you’re finished looking, how about some licking,” Vanessa suggested.

“Yes Ma’am,” laughed Pete, his hands reaching up to cup her butt cheeks and pull her pussy towards her, his tongue slipping easily between her wet lips to feast on her delights. Now it was Vanessa’s turn to run her hands through Pete’s hair, her legs spread to allow him better access, and pull him into her, urging him to increase her pleasure. The attention to her pussy was different to that which she had been getting from her sister and Cindy, harder somehow, more urgent. All the same, it was very enjoyable and she found herself moving towards orgasm. She pulled his head away from her pussy.

“I think we should adjourn to my bedroom,” she told him,” because I want your cock in me but I don’t want to risk it just here.

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