A Story


True stories sometimes are far better then a made up story, so what you are about too read is true, it happened a few years ago a few nights before a big day, a wedding. But first a little back story is in order I think.

A few days after I was born I was adopted into a loving family, I was raised as one of their own I grew especially close to the one became my step sister, Jenna. About two years or so ago she met a guy, lets call him Paul, they had what we all called a whirlwind romance and quickly decided too move in together and eventually get married. Threw out all this I did what ever I could too help them, shopping for dresses finding locations for the wedding and well you get the idea.

Anyway a few days before the wedding her fiancé and his friends went to Las Vegas for the stag party, Jenna stayed with me at my place, a small one bed flat with very little room, but it was home for me, and all I could afford on such a low wage. It took Jenna awhile to get used too my way of living, lets just say I didn’t wear clothes in the home, I still don’t. Two nights before we were sat watching a movie we had rented, it was a little more then se was used too, it was a porno movie, we got too a great part of the movie after a few bottles of wine. I could tell Jen was getting a little uncomfortable seeing three women screwing each other. Me? I was loving it I am a lesbian after all, Jen knew this but didn’t mind or care I don’t know.

The next scene really got my juices flowing as it was two women, gorgeous in wedding dresses really going for it, Jen started to blush as I noticed her eyes run over my body stopping for a moment it my 32c tits, from the corner of my eye I also sized her up, she’s amazing, long golden hair, shaven pussy 36dd tits with legs that just keep going to the promised land, and yes you got it, she was also naked. A few moments passed before she stood up to get another drink, clearly I could see why she was embarrassed, her pussy was almost dripping. For a brief moment my eyes locked onto her mersin seks hikayeleri sweet shaven haven as I stood and my tongue slowly ran over my lips. The silence seemed to last for hours as we both just looked at each other.

After the eternal silence our lips locked in what was the most passionate kiss ever, it almost seemed as if the world was coming too an end as our tongues darted around each other’s mouth, my hands quickly found her perfect ass as I picked her up and she wrapped her long legs around my waist, I could feel her wet pussy against my skin as I turned around and threw her onto the sofa and pushed one finger into her sweet pussy as for the first time I tasted her juices.

Quickly I pushed two fingers in and out of her bringing her quickly too a powerful orgasm as she moaned and screamed my name, almost instantly I began to lick her gorgeous pussy clean while my hands began too play with her huge tits. Quickly I brought her to yet another powerful orgasm that left her shaking and panting as I once more cleaned her delicious pussy, my mind ran wild with all the things I’ve wanted to do too her for some time, and now I had that chance.

What happened next I have no idea, we found our selves in bed her hot naked body pressed against mine, I could feel her heart beating threw her perfect tits as she kissed me passionately. It seemed as if both our lives had built too this moment, one perfect moment. As if he universe would come too an end if we didn’t taste the pleasure of each others pussy. Nervously she looked up at me from between my legs, the sent of sex overwhelming her, she moved down slowly and for the first time tasted the juices of another women, of her own sister. Seconds turned too hours as I awaited the next pass of her tongue, my body ached awaiting that feel as it passed over my pussy again, I wriggled slightly in excitement at the pass, and then the next as her tongue slowly picked up speed on my clit. For what seemed like hours her tongue found it’s way over my pussy and deeper with each pass, quickly my pussy exploded as an amazing orgasm filled my sweat soaked body. Like a starving woman she licked my pussy, legs and ass clean of my juices. We didn’t sleep much THAT night, although we rarely left the bedroom, let alone the bed. Around four in the morning I ran a bath for us both as it was the day of her wedding; something that pained me too know that in a few hours she would be in the arms of some one else, especially a man. Well we both shrugged off the thought as the bath had been run and we both got in with her laid against my tits as my legs wrapped around her waist with my hands softly rubbing soap into her huge tits, she looked up me with a smile of content in her eyes.

“Do I really have too go ahead with it Babes?”

“We could always run away together. I have a lot of money put back, we could make a new start some place. Unless you love him”

“I do love him…”

My heart sank slightly at what she had just said, slowly I moved my left hand down between her legs and began to run a finger tip over her delicious pussy lips as she continued.

“But I also love you too, I have for awhile now. After seeing you naked for the last few days I knew I had too have you and taste you”

Slowly I pushed my fingers deep inside her and began to finger fuck once more. How much time we spent in that bath I don’t know, but the water was cold when we both eventually got out. I remember my pussy was sore from the sex and water all over the floor, the rest of the morning passed quickly as I helped her into her wedding dress, she was a vision of absolute beauty, a goddess made mortal; she wore a long white silk dress with intricate design, strapless barely holding in her huge 36 DD tits, underneath she wore silk thigh length stockings held by a garter belt, her long blonde hair tied tightly on top of her head.

As I stood looking her, I knew I had too have her once more quickly I planted yet another kiss onto her lips as my left leg ran up her thigh. She returned the kiss with all the passion of the last night we spent together in each others arms, softly I pushed her onto the bed and pushed her dress up to gain access to her pussy we knew we didn’t have much time before the guests began too arrive we had too be quick. I grabbed the strap on and quickly pulled it on and began to fuck her, her huge tits began too bounce out of her dress as she screamed, moaned and begged me for more, she was just about ready too cum when I pulled out and flipped her onto her front. I threw her dress over her back before pushing the rubber cock deep inside her over and over until she exploded as my finger pushed deep inside her perfect ass.

After cleaning up once more I pulled on my chief brides maid dress, almost a mirror of the dress she was wearing, with a large smile on her face she looked at me and spoke softly.

“I love you Kasey, and I want too give you something”

She pulled up my dress and kissed my freshly shaven pussy leaving lips stick marks on my pussy lips, almost instantly we both heard the front door unlatch as our parents arrived, quickly I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her in for a powerful kiss before we both walked out of the bedroom.

“I trust you two girls had fun last night?”

“Yes dad, we watched a few movies and had a late night!”

At the church the wedding went off with out a hitch, although my eyes where always locked onto the gorgeous bride and the pride in the thought that I was the first to get her wedding dress off.

Ohh did I mention that the lipstick mark was on my pussy all day, a little reminder of our night together.

Every chance we have now we spend naked in bed reliving that night over and over again and when her marriage broke down we lived together as lovers for a time, but now she’s back with her husband although we still make love when ever we can… and for the moment, only one person knows of our relationship, and he loves it!

After all we are sisters of a sort!

Well I hope you enjoyed my True story and thanks for reading.

Thanks To Darryl whose love and support as been with us always.

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