Ad For Swinging Ch. 02


As we relaxed Terry and I waited for the girl’s final word which to my surprise was that they really wanted to go for it as, at least, being sisters they could trust one another not to blab to anyone else about their bicurious experiment if it didn’t work out for them. Suddenly I was nervous for the first time as I knew, for certain, that I would soon be alone with Terry and was expected to get sexual with him.

After dinner Terry and I strolled to his car and drove to my house. We hardly said anything along the way. As we stood in my living room we decided to pretend to begin as if each of us were with a woman as the first part of love making would be about the same whether it was a man or woman you were with.

It was obvious that Terry’s encounter with me was not going to start out rough and tumble. We were not sure at all about what we were doing. Tentatively I placed my hands on his shoulders as we faced one another and I drew him closer. His arms went around my waist. We closed our eyes and timidly pecked each other’s lips.

His lips felt the exact same as Theresa or Karen’s. So we kissed again this time our tongues touched; I liked the feeling. The third time was truly the charm as I pushed my tongue into his mouth. It didn’t take long for Terry to return the kiss. Taking a deep breath we kissed yet again and this time our tongues danced merrily together and our hands caressed each other’s back.

Still kissing my brother in law I grabbed both of his ass cheeks and began kneading them. As he unbuttoned my shirt Terry was nibbling on my neck. I ground my cock hard against his and then shoved my hand between us. In a matter of seconds I had unfastened his pants and pushed them and his underwear out of the way of his pulsating cock.

Falling to my knees I could still smell the faint aroma of Karen’s pussy on his cock and balls. I had never given another man a blow job before and his large eight inch cock was a bit intimidating to me. I just thought of how I liked it done to me and wrapped my hand around his fat member and began running my hand up and down its length.

Leaning forward I swiped my tongue across his piss hole as he kicked off his shoes and clothing. Terry moaned while taking off his shirt as I took his spongy head into my mouth. I rolled my tongue all around the head as I worked at stripping myself. I was surprised at how much I like the feeling of sucking on the head of his cock

“Bob Fuck it’s great but, let’s lay down on the floor,” he whispered in a husky tone. So, I Backed off his cock for a second and Terry practically dove to the floor. His eight inch pecker was pointing straight up at the ceiling. In a heartbeat my mouth was covering his prick and I began mouth fucking his organ. He grabbed my head and slammed it all of the way down to his pubic hair.

There was nothing more I wanted in the world than to make him cum. Frantically, I shoved his legs apart and sucked him with a fury. As I squeezed his balls and mouth fucked his cock his moaning grew in intensity. His cock twitched then he filled my mouth with his salty seed.

I had no more than finished making him cum when Terry pushed me to the floor and feverishly sucked me off. It only took a couple of minutes for me to explode in his mouth. After resting for a few minutes we took turns fucking one another’s asses. I didn’t know what to expect when he shoved his cock up my poop shoot but was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it.

Meanwhile, Karen and Theresa were exploring the world of lesbianism. On the way to Theresa’s house they discussed whether or not either of them had any prior same sex experience. Karen said she had occasionally got moist in her crotch when looking at or thinking about other women but had never done anything about it.

Then Theresa told my wife about an experience she had near the end of her freshman year in college. It was the middle of the night and Theresa was in her dorm room bunk masturbating when suddenly her roommate climbed out of the top bunk. Theresa was really into her fantasy and didn’t hear the girl climb down.

Quietly the girl stripped off her night clothes and straddled Theresa’s head. Gently she moved Theresa’s hand from her pussy and took over pleasuring Theresa. By the time Theresa realized what was happening she was having her first orgasm and her roommate’s pussy was inches above her face.

The next thing she knew they were into a hot sixty nine and made love for a couple of hours. That was the only time they did anything as they both felt weird about it the next morning. Karen got extremely turned on by her sister’s story and had to hold back her excitement at least until they got to the house.

Sensing Karen’s excitement Theresa unlocked the door and ran as fast as she could back to her bedroom not wanting to take a chance of being attacked in the front room. She didn’t want anymore sex on the floor. Hot on her heels Karen caught up with her just inside the mobil seks hikayeleri bedroom door and threw her arms around her sister’s waist drawing her body against hers.

“Your story made me so fucking hot; I never knew another girl could turn me on so much and certainly not my own sister,” Karen panted in Theresa’s ear. Theresa turned to face Karen and their tongues met instantly in pure unfettered lust. Clothes dropped to the floor around them as the sisters fell to the bed.

Neither of them submitted to the other as hands and mouths busily traveled every inch of the other sister’s body. Their thighs were entangled as their crotches rode each other’s legs. Feverishly they sucked each other’s boobs as their mouths paused on their journey south to their heated crotches. Lust was in full control of them.

Karen laid there admiring Theresa’s pussy, never having seen another pussy this up close and personal before until she felt Theresa’s tongue swipe across her clit. She moaned her guttural approval as a second tongue swipe came across her hot button. Then grabbing Theresa’s ass cheeks Karen lowered her face to her sister’s pussy and began flicking her tongue around the lips and over the clit.

The two sisters rolled around on the bed caressing one another as their mouths ate pussy as if they were possessed by a spirit. As the aroma of honey filled the room the girls became even more filled with lust and before long they were using Theresa’s dildo and vibrator on each other.

Karen told me later that she lost count of how many times she came and was sure that the same could be said for her sister. When Theresa brought Karen home the four of us sat down for a brief talk. We quickly decided to go for the final level of our experimentation on the very next night.

Since this was our idea Karen and I invited Terry and Theresa over for dinner. Apparently Terry and Theresa could not wait to get the evening started as they were 15 minutes early. We kept it simple as I stopped for a bucket of fried chicken and some wine on the way home from work. No one worried about their dress figuring that our clothing wouldn’t be on very long although I did notice that Theresa didn’t have a bra on under her T-shirt.

My wife started off the sexual play as she ate her chicken leg as if she were sucking a cock. Not to be outdone Terry followed suite by sucking on a chicken breast as if it belonged to a woman. Greedily I sucked down my food smiling at the playfulness. Then reaching under Theresa’s shirt and grabbing her big boob I coolly said, “I’d rather have the real thing!”

“Go for it,” Theresa replied as she pulled the shirt off. Then she surprised all of us as she spooned a dab of mashed potatoes on her breast quickly followed by a drizzle of gravy. I just couldn’t pass this opportunity up. I was hungrily licking and sucking on her boobs in seconds. Her hands were all over me undoing my buttons and zipper.

Theresa kicked the chair she was sitting in out from under her and attached her mouth to my prick. Seeing this Karen scurried around the table and pulled down her sister’s shorts and undies and voraciously ate Theresa’s ass and pussy. Terry came over and, while milking one of Karen’s boobs, stuck his rigid pole right in my mouth.

Excitedly I sucked his entire length into my throat as I watched the heads of the two women working on their respective crotches. I was the only one still sitting at the table but this soon changed as somehow we all ended up on the living room floor just a few feet away. It was a mass of flesh with bodies intertwined.

The moaning rose to a crescendo. Just as I shot a load of spunk down Theresa’s throat I received my reward for sucking Terry’s cock as a jet of his cum slammed into my mouth. Immediately I looked for Karen’s mouth and delivered Terry’s cum to her. At one point I was sucking a tit and wasn’t sure which of the ladies it belonged too.

The smell of pure sex filled the air as I thought I heard a door open and close. I looked up and saw nothing and resumed eating out Theresa’s pussy while someone sucked my cock. Then Terry sat his ass on Theresa’s face and began pinching and twisting her titties. Sliding forward he rubbed his cock from one of her C cups to the other before letting it settle in the valley between his wife’s orbs.

I watched his cock poking in out of her boobs coming straight at my head. Karen was working her magic on my cock and made me yelp when she gave my tender balls a tortuous squeeze. We continued to sweat and play for the next two or three hours. I don’t think any of us missed out on trying any possible combination of ecstasy.

The only negative thing for Karen and myself was that night after they left we didn’t have enough sexual energy to play around before going to sleep. On Tuesday night we all took it easy and talked on the phone and decided to get together at Theresa’s and Terry’s house on Thursday evening after work.

Karen and I had fantastic sex on Tuesday night after talking about our new foursome. She asked after we were finished if we could do one on one Thursday night instead of another foursome as she wanted to have Terry over to fuck his brains out. The next morning I called Theresa and told her of Karen’s request.

She readily agreed as she had thought of the same thing. After calling her husband Theresa called me back and things were set for a saucy Thursday night of Swinging family style. The kink in our plans came on Wednesday evening when our daughter, Gina, dropped by having driven an hour from college.

Now Gina is the oldest of our three kids at 22 years old and, of course, we are very proud of her. At 5’7″ and 150 pounds with D cup boobs, long legs, and a nice large heart shaped ass she is never lacking for a date. That Wednesday evening she walked in and I instantly knew there was something different in her demeanor. She seemed to float around the room and was wearing much more suggestive attire than she ever wore in front of me.

“So, Gina, how did I earn the pleasure of your company this evening,” I asked alone in the house as Karen had a meeting across town. Then she dropped the bombshell.

“Well, dad, I came over to do my laundry like I do every week or two. I came over Monday evening and I think you and mom were too busy,” she let the words roll out nonchalantly. My face turned crimson as I realized that I really did hear the door open and close while I had been eating Gina’s aunt’s pussy.

“Oh my gawd, Gina I’m so sorry, I can’t explain what happened,” My entire face felt hot.

“Don’t apologize dad; I watched for over an hour. What you guys and Aunt Theresa and Uncle Terry were doing was better than any porno I’ve seen,” she whispered almost shyly. I couldn’t help it but my cock suddenly became rigid in my pants. My mind was racing remembering what we had done two nights earlier and wondering why Gina was spilling the beans about what she saw.

“Gina, this is so fucking embarrassing having my own daughter catch me like that! I can’t believe you watched us, I don’t know what to say sweetie,” I was more embarrassed and excited than ever.

“There is nothing to be embarrassed about daddy; you looked like you were having the time of your life. I wanted to join in especially after watching mom suck your big cock and watching Uncle Terry fuck Aunt Theresa’s boobies. Gawd, I’ve always wanted to fuck a big hard cock with my tits. Oh my daddy, looking at your lap it looks as though your cock would be perfect as it is big and hard right now,” Gina was almost purring.

“Ah, ah Gina I was just thinking about the other night. Ah, ah, I can’t, I mean we can’t; you are my daughter,” I muttered trying to hide my bulge.

“We can’t what dad? Yes I’m your daughter but Aunt Theresa and Mom are sisters and I saw them take turns eating each other out,” she cooed. She was now on her knees right in front of me and slowly peeled her shirt off over her head and then equally slowly unfastened her bra and removed it. I gulped when I saw those huge globes directly in front of me with thick nipples surrounded by half dollar sized areolas.

I was frozen in a kind of state of shock as Gina bent down and unzipped my trousers. Quickly she undid the fastener of the pants and worked my pants and underwear off of my hips. I unconsciously lifted my ass to allow the garments to come down. My cock sprang out as if on a spring excited to be free.

After she gently pulled my hips forward in the chair she wrapped her breasts around my rock hard member. Slowly she worked her boobs up and down and up and down. My cock disappearing and then reappearing in a smooth rhythm. Running my hands through her hair I gave in saying, “Ok sweetie you’ve got me but we’ll talk later.”

“Oh your big cock feels so good between my boobs. Sit back, relax and enjoy; I’m gonna make you cum all over them,” Gina said with renewed confidence. She alternated between straight fucking my cock with her orbs and having one tit go up while the other went down; it was quite the sensation.

Periodically my daughter would pause momentarily and suck the top of my cock into her mouth swirling her tongue all around it. Needless to say I was grunting and squirming under her boobies in no time. It didn’t take long for my first shot of spunk to shoot out like a fountain and splash all over the tops of her globes.

Not stopping she continued tit fucking me until I shot two more times making her tits into a sticky gooey mess. Sitting back on her ass she carefully took her fingers and spread the jism out evenly over her chest as I watched in fascination. After she licked the stuff from her fingers she reached for her bra and started to put it back on as she asked, “So, dad, when is mom supposed to be home?”

“She should be back in just over an hour or so,” disappointment obvious in my voice as my little girl was now putting her top back on. Then she tucked my semi-hard cock back into my pants after helping me pull my garments back up. I was afraid we were finished but then Gina climbed onto my lap and sensually kissed me.

We did this for several minutes and I couldn’t figure out what kind of game my daughter was playing. She let me fondle her tits through her clothes and even through just the bra but wouldn’t let me go any further. Then licking my ear she moaned, “Daddy, my pussy is on fire. I want you to put the fire out; eat my pussy daddy.”

Standing up she lifted up her short skirt showing off her silky white bikini panties to me. Gina then twirled and thrust her ass toward my face to display the huge wet spot in the crotch before walking over to the coffee table. Once she got there she shimmied out of the panties and lay back with the skirt around her waist and her feet flat on the floor.

Slowly she spread her legs giving me quite an eyeful of her furry bush and bright pink pussy. It took me only five seconds to climb down between her thighs. The table was actually low enough that her knees were higher than the table causing her hips to be thrust slightly upward so I was pleasantly surprised to see her puckering asshole when I assumed my position.

“Oh my gawd, sweetie, what a magnificently beautiful vision your glorious pussy is. I will never forget this sight for as long as I live; unfucking believably sexy,” I huskily whispered with a large lump in my throat. Sensually, I began by caressing her upper thighs and then running my fingers through her bountiful hair before softly planting a kiss on her outer pussy lips.

Wrapping my hands around her thighs I gave her little butterfly kisses all over both lips before sliding my tongue into her steamy depths. Her honey was smooth and sweet as I scooped it into my mouth. Gina caressed the top of my head gently pulling me into her snatch. I licked her more and more vigorously working up to her magic button.

Folds of flesh seemed to melt away as my tongue traversed deeper and deeper into her honey pot. Loud groans of pleasure erupted from my daughter as I continued. It was time to move her to the next level so I cupped my hands under her ass cheeks and slid my tongue to her little button.

As her ass moved around on my hands my thumb grazed her butt hole. An inspired idea came over me as I sucked her clit in between my lips. Gently I pushed my thumb little by little into her tiny rectum. Her hands gripped my hair even tighter as she yelled, “Fuck yes daddy; shit, awesome!”

Shudder after shudder ran through my daughter’s body as I felt each and every tremor run through her while thumb fucking her asshole as I brought off her pussy with my mouth. It didn’t take long for me to be rewarded as honey poured from her cunt. Hurriedly I lapped her sweet flow. As her body relaxed from multiple orgasms I got up on my knees and began to unfasten my pants.

Suddenly I found myself falling backwards onto the floor. Gina had clamped her legs together like a door slamming with such force that she pushed my body right out of the way. I couldn’t believe her lower body strength as I felt like I had been tackled by a linebacker as my ass hit the carpet.

“What the hell; Gina did I do something wrong? I just assumed that you wanted to have sex,” I asked trying to regain my dignity. I sat back looking directly at my daughter’s knees that were fused together. The aroma of her pussy still filled my nostrils as her cum dripped from my chin.

“Oh no daddy you are great! I want to fuck you so bad; but, I want to join in with all of you guys. So, until I am invited to join in and until I’ve at least kiss mom’s pussy in a mommy, daddy, and daughter threesome you can’t fuck me. If you are as hot as I am you’ll do whatever I say to get your big cock in this pussy,” she cooed and slowly spread her legs showing off her sloppy snatch.

“But, Gina, I am so fucking turned on. I need to have your body, I complained loudly. Her pussy disappeared from my view as my little girl with the big ass rolled over and displayed her hot rump for me.

“I tell you what you can kiss my ass while we discuss our future plans,” she cooed. For the next twenty minutes I fondled and kissed her ass while straddling her legs. When I reached her asshole she pushed it up against my mouth and we both enjoyed the tongue fucking I gave her tight shithole.

I promised her that I would talk with her aunt and uncle and guaranteed that they wouldn’t be a problem. I had seen the way Terry had gawked at her tits and thinking back it occurred to me that Theresa had licked her lips admiring my daughter a few times. No, Terry and Theresa wouldn’t be a problem at all as they would readily welcome their niece into our little incest circle.

If there were a hang-up it would be Karen but Gina had a plan already worked out in her mind which she told me about. I wasn’t about to disagree as I would have done anything to fuck my daughter’s twat at that moment. Once she had revealed my role in her plan she put on her panties and smoothed out her skirt.

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