Adventures with Steph Ch. 02


This story is best when read with the first! Enjoy; comments appreciated!


This new adventure I was undertaking with Steph had me exhilarated for days. My husband was the grateful recipient of the sexual energy coursing through me. If he wondered at the change, he didn’t ask me.

The next time Steph called me, I could hardly contain my excitement. I spent hours getting ready to visit her, shaving my legs, putting on a touch of makeup, and taking care while I dressed. With the kids at school, we had all day.

As I pulled into Steph’s driveway, I saw her press a kiss to her husband’s cheek and come down the walk. She climbed in to the passenger side and smiled. “On to the mall, right?”

I felt my smile falter a little, but then shrugged. “Sounds good.” And we had a perfectly lovely day.

A few days later, Steph called again. I took care with my appearance once again, wearing something that I thought flattered me. This time, she met me at her door with a cup of coffee and the sound of preschool TV coming from inside. I sighed, nodded resignedly, and kept her company through the play date.

The day after this one, our house erupted. My son broke an arm, my daughter in trouble at school, my husband working overtime and my mother came to visit. By the end of the week, I was ragged. Steph was still there, coming for coffee once and trying to get me out of the house for some relaxation time, but in the following week, it never worked out.

Finally, on a school holiday, she called and invited me and the family over. Piling in the car, I closed my eyes against the dull roar coming from the backseat. We arrived, the kids still squabbling all the way up to the door. I knocked.

The door flew open, Steph’s kids nearly running me down as they ran out to tackle my little monsters. Steph’s husband kissed her, cooler and stroller in hand. He greeted my husband, loading everyone in the car with such speed and efficiency that I realized it had all been arranged beforehand.

Moments later, antalya seks hikayeleri I was the dazed recipient of three kisses, hugs, and ‘Bye, Mom’s as I walked into Steph’s house. I gave a short chuckle and said, “Wow, where did that come from?”

In response, I felt a sharp slap across my cheek. I lifted my hand to my stinging cheek and looked at Steph in shock.

Her expression was cold, calculating. “This is how you come see me?”

I looked down. My jeans and t-shirt had definitely seen better days and I realized I honestly couldn’t remember if I had brushed my hair this morning before putting it up in a ponytail. “I-“

She cut me off with another slap before wrapping a hand in my ponytail and dragging me to the kitchen. I hit my hands and knees at the foot of a chair when she shoved me. “Take it off”, she commanded.

I slowly started to remove my clothes. Once they were all off, she yanked my head back.

“See those two water bottles?” she asked, pointing to the large bottles on the table. At my tight nod, which pulled at her grip on my hair and made me wince, she continued. “I just finished drinking those about thirty minutes ago.” Her grin was cruel in my face. “So how is my little potty today?”

I tried to pull away. “Steph, no, I can’t-” Another slap across my face silenced me.

“Dee, I don’t want to hear it.” Calmly, her hand still on my ponytail like a leash, she dragged me into her bathroom. She pushed me up against the edge of her tub, my hips digging into the rim. I heard her open a drawer and then she sat on my back.

Something smooth and plastic gently rubbed against my ass. The pressure of her body on my back kept me still.

“Dee, you’ve had a hard couple weeks, I know. I just want to help you relax and I think this will do it. Sometimes it’s easier to get back in the swing once you’ve been broken all the way down. It seems easier than trying to stay standing under all that weight. Just let it all go.” With that, I felt the object lift before the sharp spank of her hairbrush.

I squealed with the first, trying to wriggle away under her weight. She rained smacks down on my ass mercilessly until I felt tears falling freely down my face. The weight of all my stress seemed to crash down with it until I was openly sobbing. Only then did she stop. She pushed and prodded at me until I was kneeling in the tub, still sniffling with my tears. She lifted my chin – I’m sure my face was a mess- and sneered, “Now, potty, it’s time to wash those tears away.”

I bent my head, shaking it and babbling with pleas for her not to do it. Again, she slapped my face. “Potty, you know I can do whatever I want to you. One more time and I’ll make you drink every drop.”

Steph closed her thighs around my head. I could feel her pussy brushing against my forehead and I squeezed my eyes closed tight.

The warmth spread, dripping down my face and in my hair. I could smell it, the tangy bitter scent making me want to breathe through my mouth. She moved then, backing away slightly, which splashed some against my lips, then down to my tits. I felt it dripping, running down over my stomach, my legs, and over my pussy. I was shocked to feel a tingle of arousal shoot through me at the utter humiliation and disgust I felt.

“Okay, potty, tongue out.”

My eyes opened slowly and I stared up at her. She watched me calmly, expectantly. “Tongue out”, she said again, enunciating it sharply.

Slowly, I put my tongue out, closing my lips around it. She bent close, wiping her pussy on my tongue. I could taste the bitterness of the clinging drops, but also the flavor of her wet pussy. She used my flat tongue to rub her clit, humping against my face. I tried to move my tongue against her, which earned me another slap.

“No, potty, tongue out!” she insisted. I opened my mouth, just letting my tongue lay flat against my lower lip for her to please herself against. She pushed her cunt against my mouth, rubbing until I felt her shiver and gush with her orgasm. As she came down from it, she looked at my upturned face, a cruel glint in her eye.

“Did you really think those bottles of water would all be gone?”

My eyes went wide, but her grip kept my mouth sealed to her. I felt it start and I squealed, the sound changing to a gurgle as it filled my mouth and began to spill out.

She stopped soon enough, not forcing me to swallow more than I did with my gagging and sputtering. I spit what I could out. Steph gripped my hair, pulling me to stand as she turned on the shower. Two of her fingers pressed into my pussy.

She stood behind me as the water rinsed me, her fingers playing in the baffling wetness between my legs. She turned me toward the wall, pressing my upper body against it as she started to finger me harder and deeper. My eyes fluttered closed when she pressed downward against my g-spot, rubbing it firmly, hitting it with every thrust of her fingers into my cunt. My legs spread wider, my ass moving with her rhythm until my world broke and I cried out with my orgasm.

I rested against the wall as my breathing returned to normal. Steph, still behind me, lathered a bath sponge and began to wash me gently. She pulled me back against her body, the sponge gliding over my neck, shoulders, and breasts. Her other hand, still holding the bottle of shower gel, moved back to my pussy. She slowly worked the tube into my hole, fucking me slowly with it. I was quickly ramping up to another good cum when she removed it. Another bottle was placed on the tub floor. This was her shampoo and was decidedly bigger than the other had been. She put me on my knees, facing her, and lined the bottle up. She pressed me down slowly, rearranging the folds of my pussy until I felt the bottle’s top open me. Steph then stood over my face, her hands on my shoulders. I licked her as she pushed down on my shoulders, pressing more of the bottle into me. She bucked against my mouth when I sucked on her clit. When she came, she shoved me down, filling me completely when my pussy lips hit the bathtub floor. The complete violation of it triggered my own orgasm, making me squeal and writhe with the bottle still embedded inside me.

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