Beth’s Dirty Bath


One I cooked up over the past few days. It turns out Adrian didn’t know Beth as well as he could have. She’s been up to no good for some time.

If you detest swinging/cheat/cuck stories, then this isn’t for you.

Anyway, I hope the following gives some entertainment to you. Feedback would be appreciated.

Thank you for reading.

GA – Da Nang, Vietnam – 17th of April 2016.


It’s late afternoon when I get home from work. I park the BMW in the garage and then use the connecting door for access into the kitchen. I see Beth standing a few feet away from the patio doors overlooking the back garden. She’s staring out at the boy mowing the lawn, her robe loosely belted, the black, silky one with the hem that falls just below the undercurve of her buttocks.

When I see what she’s wearing I feel the slide of jealousy curdle my stomach, my cock getting hard in contradictory response. It’s always the same old confusion at moments like these: I hate what we’re doing but can’t resist the thrill. Even though I know it’s probably not good for my mental health, I can’t stop myself from letting it happen. Besides, it’s the only way I can maintain an erection. I don’t have a problem getting it up, it’s the keeping it hard that’s the problem.

“It’s been a hot day,” mumbles Beth, not taking her gaze off the boy. “I bet he’s all sweaty, Adrian.”

There’s a catch in my voice when I reply. “He probably is.”

I move close to my wife, unzipping as I get to her.

“Wuh-what do you want to do?” I ask, stammering because I already know the gist of what she’s going to say.

Beth glances down at my cock. “I think I’ll fuck him,” she murmurs, fisting my length with backhand strokes as I stand behind and a little to one side.

She’s so gorgeous to look at I’m swollen with need for my wife as she works the shaft, her focus back on the boy.

I groan, “Oh God, Beth … I love you.”

I see the diaphanous bra and underwear set she has on, black like the robe, large breasts spilling over the cups, her body a siren call to the desire welling inside me.

She looks me right in the eye, smirking while jacking my dick.

“I love you, too,” whispers my wife.

She glances down at my cock, then looks up into my face. Regardless of my current tumescence, she knows it’s no use trying to get me to fuck her. As soon as she offers me her sex, I’ll grunt and sob and spray her with cum. It’s frustrating to the point of arm-waving anger, the fights furious as accusations fly and blame is flung around like a mad man’s shit.

I run my tongue round dry lips, then gurgle, “What do you want me to do?”

Beth turns her head to look out at the garden. “Go and get him,” she says, letting go of my dick. “I fancy a bath.”

I tuck my cock inside my trousers and zip up the flies. Beth moves in to kiss me, her tongue squirming inside my mouth, her ardour a sign of just how aroused she is.

The jealousy burns in the pit of my stomach. This is the moment I hate the most, knowing my wife is all wet and horny for someone else’s cock.

But it’s also one of the most delicious times as well.

“You’ll let me watch?” I ask Beth while her green-eyed gaze holds my attention.

“If you want to torture yourself.” My wife gives a shrug. “I have to warn you I’m in one of those moods, Adrian.”

My throat works as I swallow down on the mixed emotions rising inside me.

I croak out an, “Oh God,” and she chuckles.

“Are you sure you want to put yourself through it?”

Again it’s the paradoxical mix. I know I’ll hate it when I see and hear my wife with her lover, but still feel a thrill of anticipation surge through me.

“Yes please, Beth,” I reply on a groan.

“Then go and fetch him for me,” she says, moving in to kiss me again.

I stare at Beth for long seconds, soaking up her loveliness, the tousled blonde hair, the Amazon body, her pretty face a mask of desire, the expression giving her features a sly, vulpine look.

I whisper I love her again, then reach for the handle, sucking in a deep breath as I push open the door.


I found Beth on the bed, which was a ruin of tangled sheets. My wife was sprawled out, arms flung wide, legs spread, her labia puffy and swollen, a suspicious glistening down at her core.

The sound of the toilet flushing sent a wave of cold-water shock rushing over me, the man appearing at the door of the en-suite confirming just what it was dribbling from Beth’s pussy.

His gasp of, “Oh fuck,” brought Beth out of her doze.

My wife’s eyes snapped open. She blinked and levered upright, legs closing on the horror of his jizm seeping out of her body.

“Adrian!” she squeaked. “But you’re–“

I had no idea what it was she was going to say. Meant to be away, might have been one option, Home early, another.

Not that it mattered, I’d walked in on her post-coitus, hair all messed up, that just-fucked look on her face which was rapidly bitlis seks hikayeleri morphing into horrible surprise.

It didn’t matter at all what my wife had been going to say. It was obvious there was only one explanation. Any attempt at “It isn’t what it looks like” wasn’t going to do.

I boggled at Beth, stunned by the sight, the scene awful; and as ridiculous as it might sound, I still felt a rush of desire for my wife. It came in on a vague and very distant level, but I thought she looked so beautiful just then.

Beth recovered first. She turned a wide-eyed look on the man and hissed at him to get out.

“Fuck off,” my wife snarled when he just stood there gaping at her, his long schlong down along his thigh. “Alan, get your clothes and get out.”

He mumbled something indistinct, then moved to the foot of the bed to scoop up and armload of clothing.

I actually stepped aside to allow him to pass, too shocked to do anything else. Anyway, he had ten or fifteen years on me. He looked to be about twenty-five and had a muscular frame. Any attempt at violent retribution on my part would likely had led to more humiliation being heaped upon me.

“Oh Jesus, oh shit,” muttered Beth, pulling the covers up over her body.

I had a nebulous notion about it being odd she should cover herself. It seemed an odd thing to do considering I was her husband.

I asked the stupidest, most obvious question. “Beth,” I croaked, “wuh-what’s been going on?”

She laughed at me then. My wife rolled her eyes and said, “Well, I’ve been fucking behind your back, Adrian. I thought that would have been obvious.”

I stepped into the room, moving to the foot of the bed. I was still in my suit having only just driven in from the airport, my unexpected early return obviously catching Beth by surprise.

Questions popped into my mind: all the predictable, usual things I suppose pop into a cuckold’s head at these moments.

“Why, Beth?” I croaked. “Why did you do it?” Then, almost straight away, I followed up with, “How long has it been going on? Are you in love?”

Beth blurted another laugh and repeated the eyeroll. “Love?” she sniggered. “Don’t be insane.”

“Who is he?” I asked.

Beth shrugged and said, “A salesman from a car showroom. I was looking at cars, he offered a test-drive. One thing led to another.”

“Have you done it before?”

To my dismay, my wife stuck out her lower lip while thinking about it. “A few times,” she admitted.

I gulped and gaped at her, then breathed out another question. “How many?”

“Do you really want me to answer that, Adrian?”

I stared at her for what seemed an age, then finally nodded.

“All right,” Beth sighed. “I’d say a couple of dozen. Thirty or forty, perhaps.”

That little revelation had me boggling. I even staggered a bit, unable to process the information for at least a minute, my legs going so weak I was forced to perch on the edge of the bed.

I struggled to make sense of it all.

“Different men?”

“A couple have been repeat performances, but I usually just go for a one-off.”

I stared at my wife some more, reliving the moment I saw his cum down at her sex.

“How can you be so calm and casual about it?” I asked. “Jesus, Beth, this is huge.”

“You’ve caught me,” she said, eyes fixed on my face. “You’re going to ask, and I’ll tell you. I’m not proud of myself, Adrian, but it’s something I’ve done. I tried to give it up, but it’s so thrilling just sneaking around. The sex…”

“But I thought we were good.”

Her grimace said otherwise. My wife pulled a face and looked down at the quilt.

“We are for the most part,” she said with a murmur. “But when I got away with it the first time … Well, I don’t know why, really. It was so exciting…

“So I did it again. Then I suppose I got hooked. I’m an addict, I expect.”

The way she looked when she said it caused a thrill of desire down in my cock, and, confused by my body’s response, I croaked out a fateful question: “When did it start?”


I don’t know why it surprised me so much when Beth opened up and told me the story. It was always her style to be forthright and honest – infidelities excepted, of course. So, following the briefest hesitation, she said she’d try to explain.

My wife gave it to me with both barrels, no sordid detail omitted – or so it seemed as I sat there and listened, aghast and horrified, humiliated at being so blind to the deceit.

“Remember the gym membership you got me for my thirty-third birthday?”

I gaped at the revelation. “That’s three years ago!”

Beth nodded. “Yeah, that’s right.”

“You’ve been … been doing it for three years?”

My wife pulled a face. “Yeah…”

She got quite snippy and asked if I wanted to hear what she had to say after I gasped out, “Oh, Beth … three fucking years?”

Beth sucked in a deep breath, blinked several times, and then started her tale.

“There was this bloke at the gym. One of the managers, not a trainer. I don’t think he’d been there long when I first went, and it seems he had a bit of ‘thing’ for me. I sussed him out straight away and tried to ignore him when he kept on about taking me out. Anyway, blah-blah, one day the girl who was my trainer at the time told me he was rumoured to have a really big cock. I didn’t think anything of it at first, but for some reason it kept on coming back to me. I got curious, and…

“Well, to cut a long story short, Adrian, I basically asked to see it. He took me into an office and just lobbed this … thing, this long, fat and totally wonderful cock out of his shorts. I can’t explain why I did it, I just did. When he let the bloody great lump hang out of his flies I just knew I’d end up sucking on it.

“That was what went through my mind. It wasn’t so much about fucking him – which I did, and it was fucking incredible – but more about having him in my mouth. At first, anyway.

“It was mental, he wasn’t all that good-looking, but when I saw his cock it was such a shock; he was only a skinny bloke, but his thing looked fucking enormous.”

“So you did it?” I croaked, not sure why I actually wanted to know.

My wife looked at me, nodding slowly while saying, “I’ll say. I couldn’t believe it afterwards. I couldn’t believe I had it in me to be such a slut. But I went down and sucked him. There was a mirror in the office and I wanted to watch myself doing it, too.

“The dirty sod took a photo of me with my mouth full of his dick. He took it on his phone. I still have it somewhere,” Beth added, her gaze drifting, tone absent for a few moments.

“Oh, Beth,” I breathed, the image coming to mind of my beautiful wife with her features distorted because of some thick lump of meat stretching her lips.

“He fucked me on a desk,” continued my wife. “I was on my back, legs up while I rested on my elbows. I could look down at where he just kept feeding his thing into me. It seemed to go on and on and on. He eased it in slowly. I thought it was never going to stop. But I eventually felt his balls nudge up against my arse.

“Then he started to fuck … Oh God, didn’t he just use me…

“That was one of the dirtiest things about the whole experience. It was like he was using my pussy to wank off his dick. He didn’t care about me at all. In fact, he kept calling me names – filthy, dirty names which only made me more wild for him to shag me.”

Beth paused, blinking at me while apparently studying my face some indication of my response.

“Is this too much for you, Adrian? Should I stop? I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be so … so graphic.”

I gulped down on the confusing whirl of emotions swelling my throat. It was the strangest, most surreal time for me. I hated hearing about this man and his enormous appendage, detested the expression on her face and the dreamy tone to her voice as she recounted the tale of her first foray into adultery. I didn’t want her to tell me any more about it, but was still drawn by a morbid fascination to listen to it all.

And, while all this shit was going round in my head, a great darkness yawed in my guts, my mind conjuring up the scenes of my wife making me into a cuckold, I found myself with an erection pulsing with need.

“No, tell me it all,” I managed to croak. “I need to know.” I tried to ignore the dark urges rising within while Beth looked at me, brow furrowed with doubt.

“Are you sure?”

“Tell me!” I snarled, fingers bunched into fists. Whether I was angry at her or myself, I wasn’t quite certain, but I had to hear all of what she had to say.

Beth gazed at me, cogs turning while I assumed she thought about what to do for the best.

“Well, all right,” she continued after a time. “If you’re sure…”

I nodded, appalled by my body’s traitorous response.

“He called me those vile names and I remember him pulling his thing out so he could slap its underside against my pussy. It bloody well hurt I can tell you, that fucking fat hose smacking my pussy.

“Anyway, the rest is a bit of a blur. I came and came and came. It’s a miracle nobody heard me screaming and carrying on. I know he shagged me from behind while going on and on about my tits. He grabbed me with both hands, really pawing at me while giving it all to me hard and fast. We might have shagged for an hour, I don’t have a clue, all I recall next is him groaning on about doing it over my face. He grabbed hold of my arms and then pushed me down with his hands on my shoulders. He grabbed a handful of hair so he could make me watch him wanking it in right in front of my face. He knew what he was doing, all right. He was well in control, aiming his cock at me while his spunk shot out. He actually let me have it on my face and both tits, still calling me rude names while he deliberately shot his muck where he wanted.

“I was grateful that there was a shower stall in a little room next door. Otherwise I’d have had to walk through the public areas to the changing room all plastered with cum. It was in my hair and all over my face and tits. God, I was such a mess.

“Anyway,” Beth said with a half shrug. “That was the first time. It was so sordid I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I hated myself for doing it, but got insanely horny whenever I thought about it.”

I asked, “Did you do it with him again?”

Beth’s eyes flicked to the quilt as she chewed on her lip, nodding while saying nothing.

She gnawed on her lip until, eventually, my wife looked up into my face and said, “A couple of times more. But I stopped going to the gym, if you remember. That was also the time I lost my phone and had to cancel the number. But I hadn’t lost it at all, I just had to stop him from calling me every half hour.”

“Three fucking years,” I breathed to myself when Beth stopped talking. “And you’ve been doing it ever since?”

She nodded again. “Yeah. Sometimes I didn’t do anything for a couple of months. I tried to stop, but couldn’t give it up. I’d go for weeks and then crack if I saw some hot bloke. Sometimes I’d fuck two in a day…

“Once, on a train, I shagged a squaddie in the toilet.”

“Beth, oh shit, oh Jesus. God, please, no…”

I groaned and felt jealousy piercing my ribs.

“I know. I’m sorry,” continued my wife. “I’d tell myself I’d never do it again, but when I saw your diary entries with dates for when you’d be away I’d start getting all anxious and squirmy. Then, when you left, I’d give it an hour before packing a case and driving out to where nobody knows us. I’d find a Premier Inn and perhaps slut around in the bar. I’d put on some inappropriate clothes so it was obvious I was up for it, then see who I could snare.”

“And this last one?” I said, voice cracked with desire for my wife surging through me/ “He was going to sell you a car?”

“I wasn’t going to buy it,” Beth informed me. “I just wanted … Well, you know…”

My wife stared at me while I gazed back at her.

“Where does that leave us now, Adrian? Are … are we finished? Is that it?”

Beth’s questions prompted me to consider the future for the first time since I’d walked in and found her all sprawled out on the bed. I’d been so stunned to make the discovery, shocked by the subsequent revelations that I’d not even thought about what kind of life we could possibly have after this.

The decision came on a whim. I looked at my wife and felt another rush of desire. I still thought she was so lovely with her hair all messed up, her green eyes so full of shame and fear.

Lust burned hot in the pit of my stomach, the heat down in my balls and my cock.

“Show me your body,” I growled, thrusting my chin at where she lay covered.

Beth blinked and said, “What? Adrian, what–?”

“Show me,” I growled, leaning over to tug the quilt down. “Open your legs. Let me see it.”

“I don’t think–” she began, my snarl cutting her short.

“Just show me your cunt. Open your legs.”

I was mad for her by then, desperate to see her pussy all swollen and seeping his cum. In that moment it was all about reclaiming my wife, making her mine, marking my territory. It didn’t matter that she was brimming with another man’s seed, I’d pump her full of my jizm to show I was the last one inside her. The thoughts and impressions were jumbled, a confused mess of ideas which I was in no mood to analyse in the heat of the moment. I acted on instinct, a primordial need to plunge into this woman and hear her squeal out my name and scream that she loved me. I wanted to flood her with my essence to show any other usurpers sniffing around she was already taken.

All right, okay, they might have used her body and given her pleasure, but she was still my wife and I held her heart.

She kept her wary eyes on me, but slowly revealed her core, her labia sticky and clinging together.

“Open your piss-flaps,” I told her, deliberately crude.

My wife gasped out my name, shocked by what I’d said, my lewd outburst so out of character.

“I want to see your filthy cunt. I want to see it dripping with spunk.”

“Wuh-what are you going to do?” stammered Beth.

“I’m going to fuck you,” I said as I rose up from the bed, hands going to my belt.


My wife gaped at me, round-eyed and obviously amazed as I stripped out of my suit. I was in such a rush to get at her, I left the jacket and trousers in a heap on the carpet. I’d normally hang them away, fastidious to the point of obsession, which is probably one of the reasons Beth was boggling at me. I wasn’t the husband she knew – I was a beast and desperate to have her.

“Adrian, what are you doing?” Beth asked, shoving up onto her hands as I clambered onto the bed, hard-on as stiff as I’d known it for years.

“Fucking my wife,” I declared while knee-walking between her legs, cranking my dick as I went.

“But–” blurted Beth.

I pressed at the inside of one of her knees, forcing her thighs wider while leaning in over her body, my weight on one straight arm.

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