Candy Stripper

Alex Tanner

Lacey looked at herself in the mirror. “It’s a real nice dress, I like it!” she said, turning this way and that. “And it’s even got little red and white stripes on it! It really is a candy stripe dress!” She grinned at herself. “I guess it’s actually a skirt with a blouse, but they match so it looks like a real dress. I’m glad it’s not like the old-fashiony kind they used to have like in the picture – a ‘pinafore’ they called it. That sort of looked like Bo-peep or Little Miss Puffet – or is it Muffet? Whatever, that one was sort of like an apron that wrapped all around, with big fluffy petticoats! You couldn’t see what a girl looked like with that.”

She caressed her round, shapely rear and pulled at the waist and neckline. “It is a little tight,” she said, cupping her hands over her breasts. “But this was the only size they had left.” She ran her hands down along her sides. “That’s okay, though. At least it reaches my knees. Wouldn’t be good if it was short like this, the way I usually like it …” She pulled up the dress six inches above her knees and grinned. “Oo la la!” she sang, and flipped the skirt up, flashing her white cotton panties. “Don’t guess I’ll be doing that much today!” She undid the top button of the dress, which exposed a little of the cleavage between her ample breasts. “There!” she said, “That’s better, especially since I’m not wearing a bra. I guess it’s okay if I bounce a little – nobody’ll notice … except for the guys!”

She fluffed up her long wavy blond hair, and clipped in the little pink barrettes that kept it out of her eyes. Her friend Alicia told her to wear them, because she said a lot of men like how that looks, cute and innocent like a little girl. And she knew it was true – she’d seen how men stare at her on the bus, especially when she was sucking on a lollipop. “Alicia is so smart!” she often thought to herself. “Of course I’m not really a little girl,” she thought now, “not with these …” She grasped her breasts and lifted them up to the mirror. “Nope, no little girl is this big.”

She thought about makeup, but then decided that she probably shouldn’t wear it in places like the hospital she was going to today. Her lips were naturally pink, anyway. She puckered a little kiss at herself in the mirror and giggled.

She was so glad she was paying attention in church that day when Pastor Ted was talking about doing service to the community. “That’s what I want to do,” she decided. “I want to do nice things for people!” And wouldn’t you know it, the very next day Alicia told her about the hospital looking for candy striper girls. At first she thought it was something about candy canes, but Alicia told her no, they were high school girls who volunteered to help at the hospital, bringing people drinks and books and magazines, or helping out in other ways. The candy stripe name meant the dresses they wore. “Oh! I see now!” She called the number Alicia gave her, and they said okay – she could be a candy striper!

It was always high school girls. Well, that’s exactly what she was – next year she’d be a senior. She should have graduated already, but she had to stay back in the seventh grade. The math was so hard! She just couldn’t get it, even though a nice eighth-grader named Jason would come by after school to help her. He’d try to explain it to her while she sat on his lap staring down at the page and listening to him. He used to keep his hands on her chest while she sat there, so she wouldn’t fall off of his lap, he said. He was so nice! But the lessons hadn’t helped, and she stayed back. Now the other kids are going off to college or working somewhere and she’s still in high school. Oh well.

But the summer was going to be so cool! She’ll meet the other kids and the hospital people at the school at 8:30 and they’d go to the hospital for a tour and their first day of being candy stripers. She could hardly wait! After that they’d decide when they want to go to work every day. Well, actually, she supposed the hospital people would decide that; whatever was okay with her. “And I really like this dress!”

* * * * *

The first day was just a tour around the hospital, finding out where things were, like the drinks and plastic cups, and the places where the books and magazines were kept. The girls weren’t allowed to do the things that nurses do, of course, but Lacey was glad that she’d be allowed to go around talking to people, make them comfortable, things like that, try to make them happy even though a hospital is not a really happy place to be. And these were all things that she could do, she certainly didn’t need math for that. The patients in the rooms seemed to like her, especially the older men – she liked them, too, they reminded her of her grandfather, the one who was still alive. Most of them smiled when they saw her; one of them even patted her rear – so cute!

Lacey got a big surprise when she and the other girls were led into one particular room, meeting the three patients there. They were older guys, and they seemed very happy to see the girls, smiling and looking them up and down as they filed into hatay seks hikayeleri the room.

“Mr. Slocum! Is that you?” Mr. Slocum was from Lacey’s own street at home, down at the end of it. He lived there in a big house with his sister, Mrs. Losik – she had moved in with him years ago when her husband died, and just stayed. Mr. Slocum never got married, so they just lived together now, two old people who happened to be brother and sister. A lot of people thought that was weird, but Lacey thought they were nice. They were always nice to her, anyway.

So here he was in a hospital bed now, with both of his hands bandaged up like he was wearing white boxing gloves, and one of his ankles was bandaged, too.

“Lacey? Is that you, sweetheart?” he said, looking at her with surprise. “Well, how about that!”

She ran over to his bed. “Hello, Mr. Slocum! Gosh you look like you got hurt real bad. What happened?”

“Oh, an accident with my damned backyard grill,” he said. “The bloody tank was loose and flamed up when I turned it on. Both my hands got pretty burned, and I twisted and busted up my ankle when I tried to run away from it. Real stupid of me!”

“Oh gosh, I’m so sorry,” said Lacey. “I hope it doesn’t hurt too much now.”

“Not too bad, they take good care of me here.”

“Aw, poor Mr. Slocum!” Lacey pouted and stroked his hurt leg, but way above his knee, far away from the bandage.

A nurse called over to her. “Come along, Lacey, we have more rooms to visit.”

“Okay,” Lacey said, then turned back to Mr. Slocum. “I have to go now, Mr. Slocum,” she said, “but I’ll try to visit you later, okay?” She ran to the group, and smiled back at him and waved as she followed the others out the door.

Mr. Slocum’s roomates, Al Johnson and Jerry Steinberg, had had their eyes on Lacey ever since she came into the room.

“Well, I’m gonna have sweet dreams tonight,” said Al. “Won’t be sleeping on my stomach, that’s for sure!” The other two laughed. The candy stripers almost made a stay in the hospital worth it.

At five o’clock when Lacey’s tour and training ended, she stopped to say goodbye to Mr. Slocum before she caught the ride back to the high school to meet her mom.

“So, Mr. Slocum, I’m going to start working tomorrow in the night time, well, not actually the night but like from five to nine o’clock. I won’t be doing that all the time but just at first, I guess. Anyway, I’ll be sure to come by to say hi to you before I leave. If you’re asleep already I’ll just whisper good night in your ear!” She grinned and waved then turned and tripped to the door. Three sets of eyes followed her enticing figure out of the room.

* * * * *

The next morning Lacey thought about her new job as a candy striper while she was in the shower. “I hope I can do a good job,” she thought. “I think I can. The people there seemed to like me, especially the men. Of course, men always seem to like me, and I know why!” She looked down at her glistening, naked body and ran her hands over her hips up to her high, full breasts. She lifted and squeezed them in her soapy hands, and tweaked her erect nipples with her fingertips. “But that’s okay, I don’t mind. And they like this, too, I bet!” She reached behind her and moved her hands over her firm, prominent buttocks and along the curves of her hips. “Gosh, when some men look at me you can see them get big between their legs! I kinda like that.” She reached down and caressed herself between her legs. “Makes me tingly to think about it,” she sighed dreamily, closing her eyes as she massaged herself in little slippery circles.

“Actually, if a candy striper gets men turned on it’s probably a good thing, ’cause it makes them real happy! And that’s what we’re for, right?” She began to shampoo her hair. “So I’ll let the men look at me all they want … just hope they don’t have weak hearts!” She giggled.

“Of course, I wouldn’t go too far,” she said seriously as she rinsed her hair. “I’d never do anything like actual sex in a hospital, no, you couldn’t expect me to do that!” She stepped out of the shower and began to towel herself off. “Just like with those boys who sometimes make out with me in their cars – just ’cause I unzip them and keep them hard forever doesn’t mean I’ll let them put it in me. I’m not that kind of girl! I mean, the way I touch them feels real good, right? And they get to feel me up while I play with them? Well, that should be enough, even if they don’t get to come.”

She wrapped a towel around herself and ran to her bedroom. “I think I’ll make a good candy striper!”

* * * * *

The next day was busy. There were a lot of things she and the other girls had to do that didn’t have anything to do with visiting the patients, like filing records or carrying little jars to the lab. But everybody was nice and smiled at her. As usual the men were extra nice to her, the orderlies and even the doctors. She could almost feel their eyes trying to see up her skirt when they were behind her on the stairs – it made her heart beat really fast! She was glad that she had gotten the small size dress after all.

About an hour before the end of her shift she finally got some time to go see Mr. Slocum. It was eight o’clock and she was worried that he might be asleep, but he wasn’t. She pulled a chair over to his bed and sat down to chat. He seemed very glad to see her again, and appreciated how she fussed over him, making sure he was comfortable, running her hands over his covers to smooth them down. When she adjusted his pillows her breasts got close to his face, and he seemed to like that – he couldn’t take his eyes off them, and she could tell that he was looking where she had left the top button undone. That made her smile, and she took her time leaning over him to fuss with the pillows. She noticed that the other two men in beds across the room were watching her intently.

“Aw,” she thought, “I bet they’re jealous! Oh well.” She yawned and stretched her arms, which emphasized the size and shape of her breasts, then turned in the chair and slowly crossed her legs. As she did the two men had a clear view up her skirt to the crotch of her sheer, white panties. She looked up and noticed that they were staring at her with their mouths hanging half open. “Oh gosh,” she thought, “I guess they got a peek!” She smiled. “Well, that’s okay. Bet they’re real hard now! I hope so.” She felt quite proud of herself. “And they can’t do anything about it! Well, serves them right for being so nosy.” She looked away and pulled her skirt up a little higher, just to punish them more.

At nine o’clock she stood up. “Well, time for me to leave,” she said, and leaned over to give Mr. Slocum a kiss on his forehead. “I’ll come back to see you again tomorrow night, okay?” He took her hand between his bandaged ones and smiled gratefully. She waved back to him with her fingertips as she walked to the door. As she passed the other two men she waved at them, too. “Good night, sirs,” she said. “Have sweet dreams!” She smiled and went out the door.

* * * * *

The next morning Lacey thought about her first day as a candy striper, and especially about Mr. Slocum. She enjoyed the time she spent with him – he was so pleased to see her! “But it must be hard for him lying there in bed with nothing to do,” she thought. “He can’t even get up to walk around! Maybe there’s something I could bring to him that would help him pass the time. Does he have any hobbies? I don’t know … hmm. Wait! I know! I’ll ask his sister, Mrs. Losik.”

She had most of the day before her shift started at the hospital, so before lunch she walked down to the end of the street and knocked on Mrs. Losik’s door. After half a minute Slocum’s sister opened the door a bit irritably. Her expression softened when she saw Lacey.

“Oh, hello Lacey,” she said. “What can I do for you? Come on in.”

“Hi, Mrs. Losik! I wanted to talk with you about Mr. Slocum.”

“Ah, yes, I heard about what you’ve been doing at the hospital.” Her mouth twisted in a sarcastic grin. “So, how’s the dirty old man doing?”

“Oh no, the patients there are kept very clean, Mrs. Losik.”

The older woman looked at her blankly.

“The reason I wanted to talk to you,” Lacey went on, “is to see if there’s anything that maybe I could take to him, you know, something to keep him busy so he won’t get too bored. Does he have any, like, hobbies?”

Mrs. Losik coughed a harsh laugh. “Well, the only thing he has you could call a hobby is in a box just inside the garage door. I put it out there when he went to the hospital.” She got a glint in her eye. “You can take that to him if you want.”

“Oh, could I? That would be great! I really want to try to make his time there nicer.”

“Well, that should do it,” the woman said. She looked Lacy up and down and nodded. “You know, you were always his favorite kid in the neighborhood.”

“Oh gosh, that’s so nice to hear! He did seem happy whenever I brought the Girl Scout cookies.” She turned to leave. “Well, thank you so much, Mrs. Losik! I’ll get the box from the garage now.” It was a warm day and she was wearing tight white shorts, and her pretty rear wiggled as she tripped along the path to the garage.

“Oh yeah,” Slocum’s sister muttered, “he liked your little cookies, all right.” She closed the door and hurried back to the soap she had been watching.

The garage was open, and Lacey found the box right away. It was tied up with string, and she decided she’d open it after lunch when she had more time. It was fairly heavy, but she didn’t have far to go, so she managed to get it home without too much trouble. She put it in her room then went to have lunch with her mom and little sister.

After lunch she went into her bedroom and closed the door. “I wonder what it is?” she thought. “Model airplanes or something like that?” She carefully undid the knots of the string and opened the flaps of the cardboard box. She looked inside. “Oh my gosh!”

The box was filled with magazines. She took out the one on top and looked at the title. “Cocktease,” she read. “Huh! Is it something about chickens?” Then she saw the picture. “Oh! I guess not. Her tits are even bigger than mine!” She leafed through the magazine, fascinated by the pictures of naked and half-naked girls. In most of the pictures the girls were smiling seductively, giving little peeks under their skirts, licking their lips as they almost uncovered their breasts. “Oh, I’ve got to tell Alicia about this!” She ran to the phone.

* * * * *

Alicia laughed with delight when Lacey told her about Mr. Slocum’s magazines. She liked turning men on as much as Lacey did, and was certainly more experienced. She’d taught Lacey a lot about what gets to men – especially “dirty old men” – and they loved talking about penises they’d seen, how they get hot and hard when they’re stroked – “aroused” and “erect” are the actual words, Lacey had learned.

“What I don’t get,” Lacey said, “is why the girls in some of Mr. Slocum’s magazines don’t show everything. I mean, men want to see girls all naked, right? So how come in a lot of the pictures they’re just sort of almost taking off their clothes but leaving things on. You know, so the guys can’t see what they really want to?”

“That’s the cock-tease, girl! A lot of the time the girls are looking at the guys and smiling, right? That shows the drooling men that the girls know what they’re doing to them, getting them all hot and bothered on purpose. It gets the guys all mad and frustrated and that’s just what the girls want. And it gets the guys’ cocks even bigger and harder, makes them want so bad what the girls won’t give them.”

“Oh! I get it. But that’s kind of mean, isn’t it?”

“Oh yeah, so mean that the guys spend all night going crazy and jerking themselves off, just loving it! Not all guys, but the ones it gets to are totally addicted. They’re the ones I like to play with. Sounds like this old guy you know is one of them.”

“I guess you’re right – you usually are about hard cocks!” They both giggled. “Well, I gotta get ready to go to work now. I’ll call you to tell you about what happens later.”

“Oh yeah, call, I don’t care how late it is. It makes me wet to hear about guys with stiff pricks!”

“Alicia, you are so bad! Don’t worry, I’ll call. Later!”

Lacey looked through another magazine after hanging up the phone. In this one the girls were showing everything, getting totally nude and spreading their legs wide apart while they looked out at the camera and smiled or licked their lips. But in most of the magazines they were teasing just like Alicia said – cock-teasing. “But I guess the naked ones spreading their legs are teasing, too, ’cause they’re showing the guys what they want so bad but can’t have!” She was learning so much today.

Although Lacey and Alicia were both interested in kinky things like older men who got turned on by young girls like them, she knew there was a difference in how they felt about it. Alicia wanted to punish men for being pigs, because of the cat calls she was always getting when she walked down the street, sometimes even getting groped. Of course she always dressed in ways that emphasized her sexy body – especially her ass! – but she couldn’t be blamed for that. It was her business if she liked to wear skin tight pants that showed off her big round butt or the panty lines of her bikinis and thongs. “If they can’t control what’s happening between their legs it’s not my fault!” she would say. “I like giving them raging hardons, but they should just keep their mouths shut and their hands to themselves!” Even on dates with a guy she liked she’d do things to drive him crazy with sexual frustration, since she always had it in the back of her mind that a man’s cock should be used to punish him.

Lacey, on the other hand, believed that a man’s cock should be used to make him feel good; well, to drive him crazy with pleasure, actually! Sometimes with actual sex, but not always – she was very selective about which penises she’d let slide into her nice warm pussy! But there were other ways to work a man’s cock, like with the boys she liked to play with on dates. And one really good way was teasing them. I mean, she’d think to herself, I can’t stroke the cock of every man I see during the day, can I? No, of course not! But if I smile at a guy who’s staring at my tits or let him get a little peek up my skirt, then I bet he’ll be thinking about me all day, wishing he could suck on these or fuck me, and later at night he’ll be jerking his cock and wishing it was my hand! That way I’m getting guys off all day and maybe all night too!

She liked knowing that she had the power to make men want her, and doing things that aroused desire but kept it unsatisfied would just increase their sexual hunger and draw it out, and that was the idea, right? To make them want sex so bad it keeps them right on the edge of coming for a long time? She loved to get them all hot and bothered and frustrated – that way when they got home and jerked off half the night wanting her so bad it would feel sooooo good when they finally got an orgasm! So cock tease wasn’t punishment at all. She enjoyed thinking about a man stroking his cock in bed while he thought about how she teased him with her sexy body, imagined him moaning real loud as he came all over his hands.

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