You walk into the room holding his hand, and lead him to the bed. You tell him to sit on the bed and you walk to the desk and start to play the music you already had setup. You turn around and start to move your body to the music and slowly make your way back to him while moving your body to the music. You start to dance for him, and as you’re moving your body with the music, you pull your top off to expose those beautiful breasts. Then you straddle him as he sits on the bed watching you. He puts his head in your chest, but you release him and stand up. You keep dancing for him, even as you rip his shirt open.

Now you start to really get into the music, by giving him a lap dance for a couple songs, all the while you take off his shirtless, your boots, and skirt. All you have left are your knee high socks and panties. As you’re dancing for him he’s groping your breasts, squeezing your nipples, running his hand down your back and spine, and sliding his hands up and down your inner thighs. The two of you are like a beautiful piece of art fitting itself together in the artist’s hands.

Finally, he slides your panties down your legs to take them off, and you bend over to slide his pants and underwear off. Then you stay bent over and take is dick into your mouth and suck it hard. As your head bobs up and down his shaft I undo my own zipper to give myself some growing room. You take him into your mouth over and over, until without notice you stand up, pull him up, and jump up. He catches you, and brings you in close to him as you wrap your legs around him. Now he lowers you down onto his waiting dick and starts to pick you up and put you down on his dick as he stands.

Up and down you go as his muscles bulge with lifting you up and lowering you down. Finally, after lifting you up and down his cock for a bit you lean back and let out a good scream as your hot, sweet cum pours onto his cock. He picks you up and places you back on your feet. He then walks you to the bed, and you push him down on his back. You climb on top of him, aim his dick and slam down onto him, cowgirl style.

I slide my shorts down and start to rub myself as I watch you fucking this guy hard. As you pump him I pump myself, not even trying to hold anything back, and as you get up off his dick and turn around to reverse cowgirl I lose control completely, right as you lean back, taking him full into you.

Finally, I get up out of my chair, pull up my shorts, and turn off the computer I was using to watch the camera. I open the door to my office and make my way towards the back of the house where all the moaning and screaming is coming from. I open the bedroom door just as a loud scream of pure ecstasy escapes your lips. I see his dick in your pussy as you ride him reverse cowgirl quivering as you recover from your orgasm.

“Did you fall and land on his dick?” I say in a calm voice. You both look up in surprise. “Honey, I didn’t realize you were home.” You say as you jump off his dick and allow him to stand.

“Yes I am home, can you ask your friend to leave now. I think it’s time you learn who’s in charge.”

“Do you?” You smile, wickedly. “You know, I think you’re çanakkale seks hikayeleri right. It is that time” you take my hand “come dear. I want to show you something. You, come along as well.” You say to the other man. You walk me through the house and to your office, which you keep locked. You unlock the door and pull me through, and tell him to go inside as well.

What I see is something I’ve never seen in my life. You have a table with restraints, a set of holes bult into it, whips, strapons, anal plugs, dildos, paddles, body jewelry, ball gags and all kinds of things on the walls.

I continue to stare in amazement. “How did I not know about any of this? And how long have you been cheating on me?”

“Come dear, I’ve told you not to worry about how I make my money, and you’re not allowed in here. Now, as you say. It’s time to show you who’s in charge. Get on the table.”

I turn to look at you, and now you have a whip in your hand. My eyes open wide and I go over to the table.

“Clothes off first”

I start to take my clothes off and climb on the table. At the same time you lock the other man’s penis up so he cannot get hard. Leaving him there, you come back to me and have me lay down, on my stomach onto the table so that my penis goes through one of the holes then strap my wrists and ankles to the board spread eagle. You have him sit on a chair in the corner. You come back to me and bend over so your eyes are level with mine.

“Now honey, i want you to always remember who’s in charge in this relationship, and after tonight I don’t think they’ll be any question as to whom is in charge.”

You walk to the wall and give the other man something. You walk behind me and he walks to my head with a ball gag in his hand. He puts the gag loosely around my neck and places the ball at my mouth. When I hesitate to open, you flick the whip just enough to make me gasp. He slides the ball into my mouth and tightens the strap down.

“If you hesitate you will be punished” you say, as you whip me again. “Understand?” *whip* I nod my head yes “excellent” you walk to the wall again and hand the man something else.

You take the chair and sit down next to me, and move your hand under the table, grab my penis and start to jerk it. Your hand moves up and down making me harder and harder. The other man walks behind me and pushes something against my ass. It doesn’t matter, your hand job is getting me so hard I’m already so very close. Then the man pushes the anal plug into my ass, and you stop jerking. The man verifies it’s in and won’t come out, then backs up again.

“Now, you are my slave, I am your mistress. If you ever think otherwise you will be punished.” You stand there looking at me, thinking. “I think, you need to get this idea hammered into you. I’m going to call some people over just to make sure everyone understands your place. Stay right there while I get ready.” You turn to the other man “prep him.” You say as you walk out the door.

The other man comes over and undoes the ball gag, then the ankle and wrist cuffs. I stand up and start to take out the plug, but he grabs my hand and shakes his head no. He leads me to the closet, and has me put on a gimp mask, a collar with leash, some leather cross straps, for my chest, and tight vinyl pants, with a hole in the ass and where my dick is. He then locks up my penis, just like his. He leads me back to the table, but this time has me lay down on it, so that I’m on my back. The plug sticking out one of the holes, then locks up my wrists and ankles once more.

You enter the room again. Now you’re dressed in a tight vinyl mini dress with the whip hanging at your side. “We have some time before they arrive. Let’s get you a taste of what to expect.”

You place the chair in front of the table, and rotate the table so that I’m vertical now. The other guy sits down on the chair, and you get on your knees, unlock him, and start to suck, as I watch. Up and down you bob. With each down I get more and more turned on. You push your head all the way down and hold it while you choke on his cock before pulling back up again. Over and over you keep entertaining his dick with your mouth and tongue.

You lift up and off his dick then use your tongue from the base of his dick all the way to the tip. You leave your tongue right on the head of his shaft, twisting and turning, teasing to the point of torture.

Your torturous dick teasing continues as he grabs your head trying to get your mouth to surround his shaft again, but you love to tease too much for that. Twisting that tongue around the head of his cock so he feels every wet tastebud coming through the tip of his penis over and over again.

Finally, you move your tongue back down his shaft, all the way to the base. This time, you let your mouth linger a bit before starting to lick and suck his balls. First one, then the other, and both. Sucking them into your mouth hard and moving your tongue against them before letting them go and working yourself up the cock once again. Licking, biting, and finally sucking hard. I can tell he’s starting to get closer to release with every one of your movements. Finally, right at the cusp of his obvious release, the doorbell rings. You jump off his dick, leaving him hanging so you can get the door.

You come back into the room leading some people. All are dressed up, and within the next 20-30 minutes even more trickle in. Some wear slave outfits, some obvious masters, some with just a mask, some completely naked. They all come in the room and surround the table. The man from earlier stands up and goes by to stay by the wall. Finally, everyone seems to be in and you address the crowd. “Time for a new slave to join our ranks, but he must be broken in.” You set the chair against the wall so you have a clear view of me on the table. “Let the breaking in begin. Show him his place.”

One girl goes to the wall and gets a strapon, brings it back to me and straps it around my face, so the dildo is pointed straight up as soon as she tilts the table horizontal again. She climbs on the table, lifts her skirt, bends down, and slides that dildo right into her pussy. As she sits on my face over and over fucking herself with the dildo in my mouth, I notice that there are some that have started to play with themselves. She takes off her skirt, and keeps going up and down. I feel the pressure of her body on my face, using me as a cock holder for this fuck session.

Everyone in the room is still enjoying my humiliation when one of the subs climbs on the table, stands above my head with his dick hanging out and in line with her face. She takes his cock in her mouth and starts to suck. I’m watching as his cock enters her mouth over and over again, with saliva, pre-cum, and her cum dribbling all over the mask I’m wearing and down my neck. I’m getting so hard by all of this that my cock is hurting against the cock guard. In, out, up, down, drip drip drip all right in front of my eyes without being able to join in.

They continue this torture for awhile until he cums and sends every bit of his hot juice into her mouth. There’s so much cum that it spills over the cock in her mouth and down her chin to my face, and down my neck. After a few more sucks from the girl he pulls out of her mouth and gets off the table.

The girl also climbs down, and another girl and guy get up on the table to replace them. This time the girl slides onto that dildo, then leans forward to expose her ass. The man gets the hint and pushes his cock against her ass, and slowly works his way into it as she slowly slides up and down the dildo and his dick at the same time. Up and down she moves, now with his dick fully inserted into her ass she gets to feels the pressure from the dildo in her pussy pushing against his dick, and she cums immediately. She squirts her sweet juices all over my neck and mask over and over again. Making me very wet. The cock guard still preventing my full erection. They keep going at it back and forth up and down. I can see the strain in the girls face as she continues to squirt and take it into her ass more times than I can count in this situation. Finally, he cums in her ass. Again, it dribbles out of her and onto my chest and neck as she finishes her squirting.

The next girl jumps up and sits reverse cowgirl with the fake penis in her vagina. She begins to slide up and down on it as a guy jumps up and straddles my face to shove his cock into her ass. Again, this girl can’t take the pressure and squirts all over my neck and chest. The guy rocks back and forth so his balls and ass are in my face over and over. I can smell the sex coming off the dildo, as well as myself. I can smell her cum seeping down to my nose and mouth, and finally I can smell the man’s cum as he releases it into her ass. Again, he pulls out and again, the cum dribbles out of her ass. This time it covers my nose, mouth and eyes. She jumps down and wipes it away from my eyes so that I can still see.

All night long this continues. Two people would get on the table and have their way with each other, and leave the mess all over me. Finally, after everyone had had their fun, and with my own cock aching against the guard, you get out of the chair. You come over to me, take the dildo and gimp mask off of me. Looking down at me you say “I think we’ve established who’s in charge now haven’t we? I’ll take the cock guard off the next time I allow you to have a release.” Then you and everyone else walk out of the room, leaving me strapped to the table wondering on the new life I’ve stumbled upon.

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