Discovering My Potential


Discovering My Potential – by CallMeRunic

(This story includes: consensual sex, consensual touching, unrealistic growth, unrealistic muscle strength, a massive cock and a ridiculous cumshot. Consider yourselves warned.)

I had been living in Los Angeles for a little over four months after moving there from Northern Europe. I was 23 years old at that time, living alone in downtown. The reason for my presence here was quite simple: my mother had a friend in LA, and that friend was specialised in spontaneous genetic mutations.

Now, some 30% of the world’s population has some sort of a genetic mutation, but only a tiny fraction of those result in anything extraordinary. Usually, such mutations lead to lactose intolerance, red-green blindness, slightly higher cancer risk, etc. I would soon learn that my situation was quite different.

I had first visited Dr Valerie Donovan three months ago. Her offices were located in a tall building close to the financial district, and the inside looked something out of a “fancy lounges” magazine, if that is a thing. I got a cup of (free!) coffee from a machine and sat down on one of the soft couches.

After a few minutes, a hot woman, probably some 25 years of age with hair dyed red walked into the room and saw me. She approached, clipboard in hand and wearing a white coat. Under that coat she had a black skirt and a formal red shirt. She walked right in front of me, looking me straight in the eyes.

“Hello, young man, what is your name?” She didn’t smile, seeming to be either in a hurry or tired to welcoming people in. Or perhaps both.

“Aaron North, miss” I replied. “I’m supposed to meet Dr Donovan at 14:00.”

“Mr. North… Yes” she nodded, checking her clipboard. “The doctor will see you a quarter past two, she is currently busy. I am Claire Simmons. If you need something, I’ll be at the front desk. Please wait here for Dr Donovan to come fetch you.” After saying that, she turned around and walked away, towards the entrance and the front deskI I looked after her. She walked terrifyingly fast, despite wearing high heels, clearly having a lot of experience with such shoes.

I returned my gaze into the steaming cup of hot coffee in my hands. I took a sip. It was mediocre at the best. I hadn’t had a decent cup of strong coffee outside my own apartment, ever since arriving in the US.

“Excuse me. You’re Aaron, right?” I heard a voice say and looked up. “I’m Dr Valerie Donovan, nice to meet you.”

The woman in a casual suit, heels, glasses and a doctor’s white coat with a name tag extended her hand towards me. I got up and shook it, looking into her eyes. Her brown hair, accented by blonde stripes, was in a neat bun at the back of her head. She was about 35 years old, sporting a beautiful smile, light blue eyes and a massive set of breasts. My eyes traveled downwards, and I caught myself staring at her breasts like a horny teenager. Snapping out of it, I looked up at her eyes again, blushing almost invisbly. Even if she noticed my stare, she didn’t say anything.

“Shall we?” she asked, and I nodded.

Dr Donovan led me to a room that looked very much like any doctor’s private office I had ever seen. Diplomas and certificates on the walls, a large desk, a computer, comfy chairs and so on. She motioned at me to sit down, so I obeyed. Sitting across her desk, Dr Donovan leaned on her hands and looked directly into my eyes.

“So, your mother has told me why you are here, Aaron. We spoke on the phone a week ago.”

I waited for her to keep talking, returning her gaze. What would I even say? I did not know, why my mother had sent me to see her from all the way across the Atlantic.

“How have you been, since moving to LA?” Dr Donovan asked me. I was a bit thrown off course. I’d have liked to hear what she had to say, but I am a patient man.

“I’m fine. Haven’t made any friends yet, though.”

“Have you been exercising?”

“Not really, I don’t have a gym membership, if that’s what you want to know.” Why was she interested in that?

“Do you drink or smoke?”

“No, doctor.”

“Have you used drugs?”

“No. Why?”

“Are you sexually involved with anyone?” Dr Donovan continued, completely ignoring my question.

“Not currently, no” I sighed, getting slightly annoyed. “I don’t have knocked up anyone either, if you wanted to know that too.”

“Very well, Aaron” she said, leaning back in her chair. “I needed that information for your treatment. Now, all I need are some samples. See, your mother has informed me, that your DNA carries a genetic mutation of some kind.”

“And that means…?”

“I do not know before I’m able to isolate the sequence. I worked under your mother’s tutelage, and she told me, that she had never seen anything like this before. Apparently it’s the first such occurrence in the entire world. I’m sure you have many questions, but I can assure you, that while I do not have the answers yet, you don’t need to worry. Your medical history shows no signs of anything malign çorum seks hikayeleri whatsoever.”

I leaned on my hand, thinking. So, apparently I was some sort of a genetic oddity, and my parents had not told me anything. Not really knowing, what to think about it, I decided to agree to Dr Donovan’s tests. I could mull over the thoughts about my parents at a later time. Right now, I was just curious about what was so special about my DNA. Not my blue eyes or my light brown hair, that much I was certain about.

“Very well, doctor, take your samples” I said, shrugging. “It would be nice to know, what all this is about.”

“Good. Come with me, please” she replied, getting up from her chair and leading me to an examination room.

After she had taken a dozen samples of my blood, spit and tissue (that hurt), she retired to her office to analyze and perform her tests. She sent me home, assuring me yet again that I needn’t worry about this, and urging me to join a gym, for some reason. I returned to my apartment, wondering what all this could be about.


Now, three months later, I got a phone call. It was Claire Simmons. The clock was already past office hours, and I was just finishing my dinner. I had made garlic salmon with rice. Tasty and not too expensive.

“Mr. North? It’s Claire from Dr Donovan’s office. She asked me to contact you, apparently she has finished the tests.” Her voice sounded exactly like she did the last time. “Valerie would like you to come here immediately. Are you available?”

The tests were ready and I was asked to go there right now? I got a little nervous. Usually good news were not that urgent.

“Yes, I can come” I answered.

“Good. See you soon.”

I made my way to the office, still deep in thought. The time was past 18:00 before I arrived, and the building was mostly empty. All the normal 9-5 people had left already. Walking into Dr Donovan’s office, I was greeted by Claire behind the front desk. She looked up at me and rose up. She was not wearing the white coat like the last time, instead clad in a long sweater dress and knee-high boots. She looked really good, her impressive boobs stretching the chest part of the garment.

“Good, you’re here, Mr North. Please follow me.”

I obeyed, trailing her quick steps along the halls. She led me to Dr Donovan’s private office, followed me inside and closed the door behind us. Dr Donovan was standing behind her desk, a bunch of papers in her arms. She looked up at me, nodding.

“Good to see you, Aaron” she said, smiling.

“Hello again, Dr Donovan.”

“Please, call me Valerie.” This time her hair was down, and her white coat lay on the backrest of her chair. She wore a tight gray tank top, her massive tits squeezed tight, showing a generous amount of cleavage, a black skirt, black thigh-high stockings and red heels. I have no idea why she had dressed up that sexy, but it made me feel a familiar stirring inside my pants.

“Could you tell me, what this is about?” I asked, unable to tear my gaze away from her huge boobs.

“Of course.” Valerie set the papers onto her desk, pulling one particular from the pile. “Your DNA has a never before seen mutation, which will soon cause some significant changes to your body.”


“No, don’t worry, Aaron!” she tried to calm me. “The changes will not be dangerous or bad in nature. In fact, the opposite…”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, thanks to the mutation, your muscle tissue is about 4,8 times denser than that of a normal human being. Yet, it’s not heavier than that of an average person!”

I looked at her, not really understanding this. Valerie’s eyes glinted with excitement.

“So that means?”

“It means, you are about five times stronger than the average man.”

“Really?” This was news to me. There must’ve been a mistake in her results, I had never been able to bench press more than 50 kilograms.

“Well not yet, but in five weeks. The mutation will launch these changes before the end of this week. Your body has been preparing itself for all this from the day of your birth. That’s why it didn’t happen before now. I wanted to let you know, so that you won’t be alarmed by the sudden changes” Valerie explained. Her eyes kept shifting over to my crotch from time to time, so I knew there was something else too.

“What else?” I asked. “I can see you glancing at my groin, Valerie.”

“Well… You may also experience some… Big changes regarding your penis and testicles.”


“See,” she continued, “the mutation also seems to affect the development of soft tissue and stem cells. Your body will be producing a massive amount of stem cells during these following weeks, and some of them will be used to reinforce your reproduction organs. It’s evolution at its simplest, making sure that the most powerful genes get passed on. Therefore, your penis and testicles will probably grow a lot, and your sperm production will increase exponentially. We will have to monitor that during the following weeks…” she trailed off, involuntarily licking her lips.

“Oh, by the way, Claire will be joining me in the examinations” Valerie snapped out of it. “She will assist me in the monitoring process.”

I sat down, trying to wrap my head around all this. So, during the next five weeks, I would get incredibly strong and well hung. Sounded good to me. I had always been a very average person, so it was nice to have some qualities setting me apart from others.

“Okay…” I muttered thoughtfully. “But why did you urge me to start working out?”

“Well, it’s good for anyone’s health. But more importantly, physical exercise will help you get to know and control your body better, as the oncoming changes are bound to make you feel strange from time to time, until they have run their course” she said. “Besides, seeing yourself suddenly lift twice more iron than before is a good confidence boost.”


Dr Donovan had been telling the truth. The following Wednesday, I woke up with a morning erection harder than I remember ever having had before. I had also purchased a set of kettle bello to easily test every morning, how my strength developed. I lifted an eight kilogram weight, my arm straight and pointing away from my body, to my shoulder level and held it for two minutes without breaking a sweat. After breakfast I headed to Dr Donovan’s office. Today was my first check up.

Once there, Valerie took some more blood samples and had me lift some weights for her and Claire. They wrote intensely on their tablets, Valerie asking me many questions about how I felt and had I gotten enough sleep lately. Claire rarely spoke, but she treated me warmer than before.

“Aaron, I would need to measure the size of your penis and testicles” Valerie said matter-of-factly.

“Really? Can’t I… Do it myself and tell you the result?” I asked, blushing a bit. Claire blushed in the background too, more than I did.

“No, I must do it. For the sake of the purity of the data, I cannot let a patient do the measurements. They might lie.”

She had a point. If a guy was asked to measure his dick and tell the result, he would probably exaggerate by at least an inch or two.

“Fine” I agreed, still uncomfortable with the idea. Not being impressively endowed, I didn’t really jump at the chance to show my cock for two hot women, even for the sake of science.

“Good. Please remove all clothes” Valerie told me. “I need the exact size, clothes might get in the way.”

I obeyed, figuring I had nothing to lose. I had agreed to this, and had to see it through. Before I had even gotten completely naked, Valerie was on her knees before me, holding some sort of device and looking at my soft dick. She clicked a button the device, pointed it at my groin and held still for a while. After a few seconds, the machine gave a bleep and she looked at the screen, nodding.

“Good, I have your measurements when soft. Now, I need them when you’re hard” she said, looking up at me. I blushed good and proper this time.

“Would you let me touch you, Aaron?” she asked me, now with a sexy smile. “I’d like to see your hard cock…”

I couldn’t help but feel my dick stirring already. I nodded at her. Valerie grabbed my shaft gently, beginning to stroke it up and down, her gaze never leaving my eyes, her smile only getting warmer and sexier. I was fully hard in seconds, my cock pointing towards her forehead, a single bead of precum leaking from the tip. Valerie used the machine again, waiting for it to bleep, and got back up on her feet. She shot me one last sexy smile before checking the screen.

“13,9 cm, which equals 5,5 inches” she said. “Good. Now I only need a sample of your semen.”

I looked at her, still standing naked in the middle of the room. She was focused on her tablet, writing down something. It went on for a few minutes. I glanced at Claire, who blushed again and quickly turned her attention to her tablet too. I looked back at Valerie and coughed a little.

“Oh, sorry, I got sidetracked” she said with a giggle, handing me a specimen cup. “Here’s a container, Claire will show you the way.”

I got dressed up again and followed the red-haired woman out from the examination room. She brought me to a door, which only had a sign “please do not disturb”.

“Sorry about Valerie” Claire said, blushing, as she opened the door for me. “She is sometimes a terrible tease. To talk dirty like that to a patient…”

“It’s okay” I said. “It was all for the examinations.”

Claire didn’t say anything, just blushed even more and walked away with her signature speed. I shrugged and entered the room. It was dimly lit, and had a comfortable chair, a flat-screen TV, a bed and a cabinet. Inside the cabinet was a veritable collection of porn of various sorts. Dr Donovan’s office was not a sperm bank or a fertility treatment clinic, so I had no idea what to make of a cabinet full of porn here. Deciding not to think about it too much, I sat in the chair and proceeded to deposit my sample, needing little more than the fantasy of both Claire and Valerie sucking my cock together.

After I was done, I headed towards the exit. Claire took the sample container from me at the front desk, not looking into my eyes, only saying goodbye. I tried clearing my head, and decided to head for the gym I had joined this week. It was not like I had anything better to do.


The following Wednesday I woke up more tired than usual, despite getting a good ten hours of sleep. I had noticed that my cock was definitely getting bigger, and my balls felt heavier too. I made a big cup of really strong coffee for myself, enjoying the scent for a while before tasting it. After drinking it, I tested the kettle bells again. This time, I held 16 kilograms like last week. It was easy, and I decided to try 20. Again, I didn’t even break a sweat.

I left for my weekly examination after breakfast. Knowing what to expect this time, everything went smoothly, except that Valerie was a bit worried about my tiredness. She told me it probably was linked to the changes I was experiencing, but wanted me to let her know if it got worse or didn’t go away.

The measuring of my genitalia was not any easier than last time, though. Even though I was visibly bigger than last week, I felt queasy getting naked before Claire. She blushed upon seeing my cock, but didn’t turn her head away this time. Valerie acted with such utter professionalism, not perturbed in the slightest of the sight of my member, I didn’t feel strange about it anymore.

Until when she lifted her eyes up at me again, smiling naughtily and grabbing my cock after asking for my permission. This time she started by giving the head a quick, but wet, lick, causing me to tense every muscle in my body. Claire gasped upon seeing it, covering her mouth. Valerie used her fingers to massage my shaft up and down, until I was fully hard, and then measured me again.

“19.05 cm, equalling 7,5 inches. You are really growing!” the woman said, looking delightfully up into my eyes before getting back up on her feet and handing me a specimen cup again.

I relaxed my muscles, sighing, and got dressed. Claire, blushing, was about to lead me out of the room again, but Valerie spoke once more.

“You came an impressive 14 millilitres last week. That’s almost 30% more than average, and you had yet to really begin your changes. Next week that cup might not be enough.”

Claire let out an awkward cough, blushing deeper, and opened the door. I said goodbye to Dr Donovan and followed Claire again. She opened the door to the private room without saying a word. I entered, thanking her, getting a mumbled “you’re welcome” from her before she sped away again. I deposited my seed again, this time almost filling the cup to the brim. It caught me by surprise, and I almost spilled some out when lifting it, but managed to keep from making a mess.

Claire let out a heavy, almost horny sigh when I gave her the container at the door. She looked like she had trouble focusing on her work, stopping to hold the lidded cup and lifting it a bit to feel the weight. I said my goodbyes to her, leaving the building and heading for the gym again. I had spent a lot of time there lately. It was a good thing, for during the first week, I had experienced some awkwardness of movement as my muscles were going through the strange changes.


The third week from the beginning of my body’s intense changes was better than the second one had been. I had slept peacefully every night, not waking up tired anymore. The heaviest of the kettle bells I had weighed 25kg, and it felt like holding a bunch of grapes at a 90° angle from my body. I also had bench pressed reps of twenty with the weight of 150 kilograms at the gym, without much of a strain. Some people there had looked at me eyes wide as I had lifted over 300 pounds of iron like it was not a big deal. But I did not like being at the center of attention like that, so I had started visiting the gym in the evenings, when there was fewer people around.

My cock had also grown rapidly again. It was now so thick, my fingers couldn’t wrap all around the shaft. It felt quite amazing to suddenly have a dick big enough to get far in the porn business. Not that I cared to try it, but I knew I had the size for it, and it felt good.

Once again, I arrived at Dr Donovan’s office at the agreed upon time on Wednesday. Claire wasn’t at the front desk this time, so I waited at the lounge. After a while, she appeared, looking flustered. When she saw me, she tried to hide her face behind a clipboard, but I had time to notice that her hair was messy and her cheeks rosy. She looked like she had just gotten fucked or been masturbating.

Having straightened her shirt and her hair, she approached me to lead me to the examination room again. She couldn’t hide the blush on her face, but I turned my attention to the tests Valerie needed to do again. Just before she was about to reach the part where my cock and balls were going to be measured, Claire said something about needing to fetch something and quickly slipped outside the room.

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