Education Reform Pt. 02


Part 2 is an attempt to continue the story line and set up Part 3.

Please let me know if there is further interest in a Part 3. I have many ideas floating around. Feedback is welcome.



The next day with Sasha…

After the meeting with Hans and my “new” team I don’t really remember the rest of the day.

Everything was so fast paced… going here and there.

Appointments for my hair, Botox, meeting a personal trainer, it was all a blur.

One Week Later…

I woke up to Ashley’s expressive face “good morning sleepy head!” she bubbly beamed.

She immediately handed me my SOURCE OF LIFE bottle and watched as I sucked in the cock errrr… straw to my lips.

Her face was mix of aww defying wonder, shock that it fit, and enjoyment that she didn’t need to suck down a foot of cock ummm… straw for breakfast.

Ashley still put on her excited face and praised me for my ability “oh honey you’re so beautiful with your mouth full!”.

If I remember one thing from this week it was all of Ashley’s supportive phrases and encouraging comments.

She just gushed over me, like I was a newborn or something. Immediately reverted to her normal tone and went over the day’s events with me.

The hair stylist was coming to the suite to do the “works”, my sex coach was then going to stop by, and Will had decided he wanted to stay the night.

I quickly learned if the day’s event includes one or two activities, I could expect double that.

Around ten the hair stylist showed up.

She opened a large box of hair extensions.

My hair was already reaching my butt; it was long and perfect for natural hair.

Over the next three hours the amount of hair added to my scalp was crazy, I felt like my head had an extra twenty pounds attached.

When “Susan” the hair stylist pulled a hand through my hair it was SILK, just SILK, no other words could come close.

There was sooo much hair, when I looked at my face and hair in the mirror, I WAS BARBIE.

Apparently, we weren’t done! Susan then started dying my hair!

Could it be some crazy color?

Will liked me in Pink. Maybe it was Pink! After a lengthy process, my hair was… Platinum Blonde.

The extensions and the platinum…whiter than white platinum shined in the reflection of the mirror, a shimmering reflection.

If I was Barbie just an hour ago, I was now the FUCK DOLLS of FUCK DOLLS.

Like always, I was so overjoyed by my beauty, the joy that would come when Will would gaze at my face when his cock was in my mouth, being worked over by my cock pads for lips (so dreamy).

After my hair became platinum I could totally see what Will was making me into, if I was stupid looking before, I now would look beyond stupid.

If someone just saw me they would think I was dim and that was probably being nice, but they probably would also get a hard on, so… win-win.

My face had no expression, my lips had to have been bigger since the last fill up and my eyes had become considerably more vacant.

I couldn’t even move my face or make any facial expressions, the motionless face, and extreme beauty of my god given proportions, showcased that I was the BIMBOS of BIMBOS.

A Bimbo meant extreme beauty, curves, and no non-sense stupidity not seen at any level in humans. As I write this it’s like I’m writing it subconsciously! I literally haven’t had a cognitive thought since that meeting with Hans when I gave up my phone-electro gaziantep erotik hikayeler thingy.

I could feel that when I stopped making decisions, thinking, or even do anything for myself part of my brain shut off.

I even stopped reading altogether in the past week.

My eyes were definitely hollow compared to before. They looked like no one was home, yet so happy at the beauty before me. It was like I was so stupid to realize the BIMBO in front of me was myself.

I kinda knew that, I swear I did!

Life was even more amazing. All I had to do was look like a fuck doll, be a BIMBO, and suck cock. I would soon learn more about my path… it gets deeper, much deeper.

Around three the sex therapist showed up.

I was always excited when he came by.

Ashley usually had me dressed in a sexy outfit and today was no different. Booty shorts that sucked into my ass crack in the most perfect way and a sports bra top thing that highlighted my huge tits, so thin my nipples poked through, at attention.

I was 100 pounds of tits and an ass that was getting rounder and rounder as my workouts intensified. Any larger and guys would call me pear shaped…LOL JK…

Rom was his name, or something? Can’t really remember?

He was super hot and stuff. His biceps were huge, and looked super roided out. This dude was definitely pumping the juice.

And boy was I juicy. Before I meet Rom I thought I liked muscly guys, and boy did I feel squeamish when he was around. He just couldn’t take his eyes off my ass though. I actually had to wave in his face to take him out of his trance more than once.

Rom entered the lounge “hey Sasha…what’s up babe?” with Ashley leading the way. Dressed in his typical muscle tank and sweat pants.

“Hey Rom!” I spoke up in my little girl voice, the voice I knew men loved. Rom sat next to me and ogled my tits. Just loved my effect on men!

“Today we have a different type of lesson.”

I tilted my head at him like a dog trying to make sense of an unfamiliar situation. Pursing my lips so their volume increased, just touching the nostrils of my nose, I replied, whining “no pole today?”

Here is a brief description of the pole/pole test… Taken directly from the manufacture…

“The Pole 3000 is the most advanced sexual measuring device! Looking for the cold hard facts about your females sucking pressure, mouth temperature, pussy texture, actual moistness level, all while creating performance benchmarks to enhance YOUR pleasure!”

The last few sessions Rom would use the “pole” to increase my libido and make sure I was developing into a slut that drained cocks in the most efficient manner.

Anyway, Rom continued with the session…

“Not today!” he replied.

“We need to talk about how you act around men, especially the man that fucks you.”

Nodding my head, Rom looked to see that I comprehended what he was putting out.

My face and eyes being more frozen and vacant then ever didn’t really help Rom. He motioned to a video on a tablet.

“This video will help explain everything.”

He pushed play.

The title of the video, “From NATIONAL BIMBOGRAPHIC: How to Act Around Men”.

“New studies attest that men prefer women who are stupid, not just stupid women, but women who display no intelligence. Men become hornier, stay harder longer, and generally stay in relationships with females who act stupid and are stupid. This stupidity quotient, or SQ will directly replace the intelligence quotient, or IQ for the female gender. From 2020 to 2025 SQ will be phased into everyday life. Stupidity is not only connected to how you talk and act around men, SQ also measures how stupid you look. Vacant eyes, a face with no expression, architecture of a slut face, bright colored clothing, a 5 law body; all highlight your lack of intelligence and need for male domination. A proper BIMBO will always crave male domination and exploitation of her body.”

Just listening to the video made me super hot, I was practically shaking with glee and excitement. Didn’t really understand all the words though. I think it said something about stupidity and looking stupid is good.

The video continued… such a smart movie!

“Researchers have found an unexpected outcome from the increased stupidity of the female sex, increased sexual performance. Incredibly as women lose brain connectivity and intelligence their sexual performance skyrockets to levels unseen before. Pussies become tighter, vagina walls exude a golden velvety texture, and the flow rate of juices typically doubles. BIMBOs will have increased stamina, repressed gag reflex, and an ability to generate an immense amount of heat in their mouths during fellatio. Several Universities have also found that as a BIMBO becomes more BIMBO, when her “score” increases, IQs dramatically fall off. A BIMBO has also been known to see hips widen and increased cheekbone growth, as the body tries to compensate for reduced intelligence. Almost as if mother nature tries to make the women look more appealing to men in the hope that increased stupidity, the visual look of stupidity, and a scalable ass will help men easily recognize certain females as better partners, partners that will provide pleasure in the most efficient manner. A BIMBO designed to serve men…”

The video continued, but by this point I was so hot and bothered I just watched the pretty pictures, and pink graphics, enjoying the view.

Rom took away the tablet when the video was over.

“National Bimbographic, they really know how to produce a quality film, who knew there was so much to talk about when it came to Bimbos?”

Nodding, my typical sign of approval when a man likes something.

“Ok, Sasha… the video didn’t mention this part… it’s still controversial in some settings… you should never talk TO a man UNLESS spoken to. If he doesn’t ask you a question directly, do not talk in his presence, doesn’t matter if the man is or is not fucking you.”

He looked at my expressionless face and gave me the famous Rom predatory smile.

“Sasha, your score preludes speaking! You know that.” He laughed again.

I really didn’t, but serving Will was my dream life, if not speaking was what he wanted, then I had no problem closing my big lips as far as they would allow! Which as you know is not too far, LOL. Will loved my huge keyhole pout.


I felt my body being nudged then it became more frequent.

Opening my eyes to Ashley’s expressive face, she motioned for me to get up. Looking around, Will was in bed with me!

Silently I lined up my cock pads on his cock and engulfed his rod of a cock.

My tongue piercings providing just enough extra friction and texture for his cock to “wake up.”

I oscillated my tongue and worked my throat muscles to gently wake Will. As my sex trainings told me, no manual stroking or ball work until your man had woken up.

A women’s place was to take direction and coax the man up from his sleep; “Simply a wet place to start the day.”

My mouth was the wet place if you didn’t know.

After using my throat a bit more Will was awake. He immediately palmed my head and held me down.

Just swallowing 12 inches of man meat, I was a highly trained Bimbo don’t mind me!

With his other hand he smacked my left tit.

The “CLAAPPPP” echoed in the room. Causing my tits to start a sexy wobble.

He roughly pinched my erect nipple.

As he was playing with my tits, feeling their weight and curvature of their size, I raised my ass up into the air. Just to give him more to look at, maybe he would even look at my face and compliment my cock pads!

Watching Will made me so happy! He seemed to really be enjoying himself; the look in his eyes when he spotted my ass in the air making a gyrating motion was priceless.

Eyes bugging out he quickly reached for his phone.

I wouldn’t know it then but that video was going to change my life. All I could remember was all the happiness I was feeling, the glow of knowing I was servicing such a powerful, wealthy man.

After I stopped doing everyday tasks, anything sexual with Will made me feel high, not just a sexual high.

My whole purpose for being was being called upon. I was addicted to making sure men were happy, their egos big and hard.

It is all I think about, all the time.

After he adjusted his eyes to the sway of my ass he grabbed my long hair and used it to control my head.

Slowly at first he was using my cock pads to get him off, yanking on my silky platinum hair.

He quickly was bored and started to throat fuck me. At that speed my cock pads were dragging on the slippery surface of his rod.

Each time he yanked my head off of his cock, my huge lips would drag and their outrageous shape would become more pronounced, the Botox packed top lip would inflate and touch my baby nose.

Its size was immense.

The cock pads for lips would continue to grow until they reached the massive head of his cock, then straight back down to his balls.

The speed he was going forced me to lose any understanding of what was going on for the few minutes that he was using my face.

My only purpose was to look pretty and accept my place as a fuck toy.

I worked to make sure my vacant pretty eyes were making eye contact if that was what he wanted.

It was my guess if he made contact as he was using my face? Usually Will liked to tell me how stupid I looked, or that he loved the look of my fun bags but today he was silent.

Then suddenly he held my face to his pubs and started to rock it back and forth.

He was about to finish.

A quick jolt and the cascade of cum spurting from his cock hole down my throat.

Working my throat muscles and tongue stud I coaxed out more of his sweet seed.

My mouth and mind was overloaded with happiness, swallowing down cum, and working a beautiful cock.

I was making sure my mouth was warm, wet, and full of happiness.

He simply held the phone in my face.

I looked into the phone with devotion, the face you make when while thanking someone.

A face designed to get men hard.

“Can’t wait until you’re even more of a bimbo, how could it get any better…”

Shifting his hands from my head to my waist placing his fingers on the curve of my ass, he basically locked me into place.

“Ahhhh… that nice.”

As his cock was dripping the last of its precious seed. He just held me there.

Ashley apparently entered the room at that moment.

“Post that,” he loudly stated.

“Yes sir,” was Ashley’s only reply.

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