Eugene the Nerd Pt. 03: Conflicted



The Life and Hard Times of Eugene the Nerd, Part 3: Sizing Up The competition

Eugene, the same nerdy young man who would feign a belly ache to get out of playing in a shirts vs skins basketball game for the fear of being seen shirtless in his wimpy days, suddenly developed a love for gym class. He had morphed his scrawny weak body into the body of an athlete. Because he had avoided participating in any competitive sports growing up, he lacked the skills developed over the years growing up to be very good in sports like basketball, and because he had shot up so quickly from being just over 5 feet tall to now being six feet tall in just the last few months, his physical coordination these days was lacking. He also was not naturally gifted with athletic talent, but despite that he now yearned to be an athlete.

His body was now raging with an abundance of testosterone, and that plus his daily hard workouts had transformed him from being a short skinny soft pot bellied ectomorph to being more of a filled out lean and muscular mesomorph. His chest, shoulders, and arms had bulked up significantly. Physically, he now looked like and was treated like a formidable athlete. When teams were picked in gym class, Eugene was now, for the first time of his life, on the radar. He was often now one of the early picks rather than the last pick that neither team wanted.

Eugene loved being a desired athlete, but he knew that would quickly change if he failed to be a large contributor to any team gaziantep porno hikayeler he was on. He realized it was not enough to just look like a jock, he had to be a jock. He learned very quickly that being a hard nosed, gritty, physically tough hard player could make up for those athletic skills he lacked. He quickly learned to be a team player, fearless, always willing to physically lay his body on the line for the team. Playing smash mouth was easy to learn, and he found that he loved the physical contact. His testosterone was raging, and he loved, no he LUSTED for taking chances and putting his body on the line physically, in fact just thinking about it gave him a raging hardon, just like he got when he put his abs through merciless sets of weighted crunches. He felt unexplainably exhilarated and he actually became highly sexually aroused during tough physical competition and combat.

For Eugene, his urge to compete athletically was becoming blurred with his youthful sexual urges. He couldn’t get enough of either one. Physical pain was now becoming associated with sexual, sensual pleasure. Privately, his most blissfully intense orgasms were when he exerted himself to the point of pain or when he actually inflicted his body with pain, for example by pinching his tender nipples or punching his flexed abs hard with his fist before and as he came.

Still a virgin other than to his own right hand, Eugene was now at the age that he thought about sex 24/7/365. He loved going shirtless and showing off his new body. He loved that he was often stared at and being treated like a sex object. It was now common for girls his age and older to flirt with him, to teasingly grope his butt, and to lean into him so they could feel up and often times grind their body against his large ‘package’ and yet they would try to make it seem to have been an accident, unintentional. He knew that he had never been “accidentally” bumped into and rubbed up against at any other time in his life.

Eugene quickly learned that he could easily have his pick out of the many MILF cougars that obviously prowled the school. As Eugene the wimpy nerd, he was totally oblivious to this, but now that he had the body of a jock AND word had gotten around that he had the cock and balls of a racehorse stud, many MILF cougars had made it obvious to him that they were available. “Maybe he should quit school, find himself a hot, rich sugar momma and become her boytoy,” he mused to himself. All he would have to do is provide his muscled body and big dick and balls to use for her pleasure whenever and however she wanted it. But Eugene always kept things in perspective. Unlike so many other “jocks”, he was still every bit as driven on the academic side of things as he was the physical side. He loved the experience of being a jock, and he wanted to ride that wave in his life for as long as it lasted.

Eugene’s favorite movie was now “Fight Club”. He often fantasized about actually joining a fight club and duking it out shirtless and dripping sweat with other sweaty muscled jocks, in a room surrounded by a bunch of muscled studs hungry for combat, the heady stench of sweaty male armpits and ballsacks filling the room. He loved fantasizing about girls, and he longed for that right time in his life to have a hot girl to make love to like any straight male his age does, but he now found himself interested in guys as well. Not in the way he did about girls, but more like an aspiring buck male in a herd sizes up the other males, ready go balls out into any fight, anytime, with any other male buck in the herd in order to gain, elevate, or defend his male supremacy. Eugene definitely liked looking at and checking out other males’ bodies. He respected other guys who had bulging biceps and pecs, defined rippled abs, and strong sinewy legs knowing and appreciating first hand now what it took to get them.

He loved to size other guys up, if they were not shirtless, he stripped them down in his mind, and the thought of a fight with another shirtless muscled sweaty stud always chubbed him up. He had learned to accept that his dick usually boned up hard when he saw another muscled guy, and he had learned to take measures to try to keep that hidden. Since his own large dick (and balls) was a shower and much less a grower, he always had a large bulging package suspended between his legs, and his boners therefore weren’t that much more prominent than the large visible bulge from his unaroused junk. The main thing he had to worry about was those times when his dick snaked its mushroom head up his belly and under the waste band of his shorts and into the open like a submarine’s periscope. He knew that could one day be humiliating around a bunch of guys.The only guys that he ever thought seemed to have noticed it and stared at it were guys that he thought were probably gay themselves anyway, and they never pointed it out to others that were around, but they would often give him a knowing smile and wink of their eye.

One of those guys was Bradley! To be continued…

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