My Turn


Today was the day. After all I had witnessed I had finally decided I was sick of it. Sick of the shouting, the denial, the ignorance and the late night arguments, the early morning ones too.

It had been six months since I came into your apartment as a roommate, however I hadn’t expected the storm that the household was in, and quite frankly I didn’t understand it. To start, the ‘apartment’ that you two had graciously offered me was more or less the size of a house, so I found it difficult to believe there were any problems in your life. However once I had listened in on a few of your quarrels I finally understood the situation. Your girlfriend was a dead fish in bed.

This piece of information did not come as a surprise to me though. I had known Tracey all my life and it definitely fit her personality. She would certainly keep her body in shape for peak performance and social media attention but when it came to the nightly activities she had neither performance or attention for any of it.

Tracey had grown accustomed to having high expectations of her partners. So much so that they eventually all realised she didn’t meet their’s, and she was none the wiser. All of her men were just meant to provide and be both cameraman and model as she went about flaunting and seducing her fans on the internet, explaining to them that they should be jealous of the attention she got, it was her after all.

So when I figured out the situation I definitely giggled, more importantly, I was impressed. You had managed to stick with her for the better part of three years, longer than any other had, and despite her constant rejections of your bedroom ideas, you stayed loyal. Not only had you done that but you found a way to release your stress, didn’t you?

At first I thought you were luring me, however I soon realized you had just been complacent as you left the door open, stroking and edging yourself to a strong and glorious climax. I had seen that day, and it had now become my new hobby to peek in on your sessions once in awhile, but who could blame me? your girlfriend had high expectations. If she was Eve, you were Adam, if she was a model, you were a pornstar, it was almost uncanny how you weren’t as conceited or selfish as she was.

All this had led to the current situation. Last night you had your biggest argument yet, not because of the volume, but because of the topic of conversation, you. Tracey had gone on the offensive as always, berating you that you were lucky and all the usual crap, but this time she attacked your interests.

Now, for the record, you weren’t the kinkiest man ever, but you liked what you liked and you were firm in that, which is admirable. But to her, who barely qualified as vanilla, you were a perverted animal. So as I listened to her degrade you about wanting oral and maybe a facial here and there, my ears perked up once she mentioned your nylon fetish.

In my experience, I had a conflicted relationship with men and their want for lingerie. I personally loved dressing up to fuck, but whenever it came time, they would just look me over hungrily before undressing me. This confused me as there was no difference to regular sex at this point, if I had put on lingerie, then fuck me in it! The only time I had been was when my partner of the night hadn’t removed my thigh-high stockings because “he couldn’t wait”, talk about lame.

My already building interest increased as she continued scolding you about your ‘thing for feet’, as she called it. Which as common as it apparently is, I had not had experience in, I had definitely done the research to quench my eagerness, however the opportunity never arose. So as my consciousness faded and Tracey’s voice receded into the recesses of the night, I dreamt of my plan to reward you, if she didn’t want you, it was my turn.


I had woken up earlier than usual, today was THE day after all. I had finished my workout and had my shower, returning to my room I slipped my towel off and looked at myself in the mirror. Although I wasn’t slim I liked to keep myself in shape, in comparison to Tracey’s lithe sakarya seks hikayeleri hourglass figure and sizeable breasts I preferred how pear shaped I was, my wide hips giving room for my tight ass to shine on any social occasion followed by my smaller c cup breasts, that remained perky and alluring even if they weren’t the biggest in the room.

I slipped into my planned sheer black lace cropped cami, a favourite of mine as it clung to my skin, promoting my assets without squeezing them. I then slid my matching black lace panties up my legs before opening the mirrored closet and retrieving my favourite dildo. I proceeded to climb onto my bed before kneeling to face the mirror, I still had time to kill before Tracey left and I wasn’t going to waste it. As I tied my cherry coloured hair back and looked myself in the mirror, I winked, “damn I look hot” I whispered to myself as I lowered myself onto my pleasure rod.

Half an hour had past before there was any signs or sounds of movement in the house, and in this time I had broken into a light sweat between the gasps and moans of me impaling myself, however I didn’t stop. I maintained eye contact with myself as I worked my hips against my faux rod, my pretty French tipped nails slowly circling away at my clit as I moaned and soaked my bed sheets, my dripping wet pussy easily keeping up with my pleasure, as it had done on many occasions, my limit was far in sight.

The minutes flew by as I continued my warm up, my built up excitement finally easing once my door opened and Tracey peered in, I took my hand away from my pubic area, but my hips remained in constant motion. “Oh my… ” Tracey said while averting her gaze. “What’s with the unexpected visit?” I asked, nonchalantly. She paused, taking a moment to herself before forcing out,

“I might need you to take care of dinner as I’ll be at an event tonight”

“Oh is that right? does your boyfriend know?”



“We had an argument so I haven’t told him” she muttered, she always hated sharing details about her personal life.

“I’ll let him know then” I smiled back, watching her nod before turning and sauntering off as the door closed. Finally.

I slid myself off the slippery dildo, admiring the wetness I had left on my thighs as I moved to kneel in front of the mirrored closet. Time passed as I curled my luscious cherry hair to sit around my collarbones, my hands moving to apply my make-up, enough to seduce, but not enough to cake my face. After reaching satisfaction I applied my lipstick, a brighter cherry red that both matched and complimented my hair. I stood up, ready, smiling as I saw Tracey’s car disappear down the road, you would be ready too, I thought as I sat on the edge of my bed, reaching into my drawer I pulled out my black stockings. I took time pulling them on, feeling the nylon tops as the silk brushed against my legs, I was sure you’d be pleased. I stood and slipped myself into my open toed heels, finishing my outfit with the accentuated dark red against the black. I smiled as I walked to view myself in the mirror, extremely happy and eager with what I was about to do.


I opened the door to your bedroom, the large sprawling space always amazed me and, as if scheduled, there you were. The bed was next to the door, but you weren’t there, you were past that on the couch facing away from the door, sitting, waiting as you chose which video to play on the screen opposite you. I silently crept in, closing the door without a sound as you sat there frustrated. I smiled as I made my way behind you as you remained oblivious, stroking yourself as you browsed through the endless amount of pornography you had on hand, sadly you wouldn’t need it today.

Your eyes met mine as I walked around the couch, it was a moment later that they widened. “Woah, what the fu—” you managed before my raised foot gently pressed against your lips. “No need for that, honey” I smiled as your eyes fell to my stocking covered foot at your lips “Do you like it?” I asked, as I dragged the tip of my toes down your chest, noticing your cock throb and engorge at the sight “but we can’t… ” you begin before trailing off, your gaze raking across my body as you weigh your options. I see your loyalty try to quell your desire as I trace my heel along your cock and back to the floor, “how about… ” I start, kneeling between your opening legs “I give you… ” I continue, my hand wrapping around your shaft “a trial before you decide?” I finish, my warm tongue stretching out to meet the base of your pulsing member as I slide it up to your cockhead, my soft red lips encasing your tip as my hand strokes from the base of your shaft to my lips and back again.

You let out a moan, I feel a sense of satisfaction as heat floods my waiting hole and I match your moan, my tongue running across the top of your cock as I slide my lips down your shaft to meet my hand halfway, the back of my throat pressing against your sensitive tip as you find your fingers locked in my hair. I continue pushing your cock to meet the back of my mouth, your impressive length thickening as you begin thrusting against me, your enthusiasm rising as you ride the entrance of my mouth. I feel your balls tighten against my palm as I release my grip, sliding my wet red lips from your shaft. “Your trial run has ended baby” I muse as I watch you in frustration, giggling as I stand and retrace my steps around the couch, kicking off my heels as I swing my hips, heading towards the large bed. “If you’ve made your decision, I’ll be over here” I tease, I know your eyes are on me before I even turn to sit on the edge of the bed.

It doesn’t take you long to follow, your need to unload leading you to me, but as you move to climb on top of me your chest is met by my silk-wrapped foot, “not so fast” I whisper as my other foot rises up your thigh, my toes pressing against the underside of your smooth shaven balls as your cock twitches across my foot. You moan in disbelief of the situation, cut short however by my stocking-clad foot finding its way back to your lips as the other caresses you below. I speak one word.


and you do, my toes reaching your tongue before you take over, grabbing my ankle and enveloping my foot with your mouth. I let out a gasp, this had started with your pleasure, however I had found something new for my own. as you suck and lick at my foot I use the other, sliding it along your shaft, pressing it against your rippling stomach as I rub along its length, up and down, over and over while you go drunk on your fetish. I let you relish in it, taking time with both before I find my soles at the base of your now rock-hard pole. “It’s a cock like this that really turns me into a slut” I admit as my eyes meet yours and I bite my lip, my silk soles trapping your girth between them as I stroke your length. You groan and strain, holding yourself back as you’ve trained yourself to do before, good. I take pleasure in edging you further, my feet driving you crazy as you moan while I give you the ultimate footjob.

Before long you shudder and I freeze, I know you’re close but I have other plans for you. You reach for my ankles to finish the job yourself but they’re already gone, my hand cupping your member as I stretch my tongue to lick away your dripping pre-cum. You groan louder, pushing me down onto the mattress taking off my lace panties and cami, this is what I was waiting for.

“Fuck me” I whisper, but you’re far ahead of me, raising my legs to your shoulders as you plunge your entire throbbing cock inside my warm, wet hole. The initial thrusts setting me off as I moan and shout “oh yeah, fuck me baby, fuck me!” to which you oblige, already on edge as you plow my hole, stretching it with your massive pole. I scream as you push my ankles back above my head, folding me, I move my arms to hold them in place as your full length and girth open me up. Your fingers wrap in my luscious cherry curls as you ram me, our hips meeting as you pound my walls. “DONT STOP!” I yell as my eyes roll back, the ecstasy worth all the build up as my pussy floods for your enormous cock. You place your fingers on my lips and I stick my tongue out to meet them, sucking on them as my body is driven in wave after wave of pleasure, my legs shaking and spasming as you continue filling me up to the point that I have to push off you.

I pant, letting my legs down as my body relaxes “I’d have done this sooner if I knew you could do that” I let out between gasped breaths to your satisfaction. I slowly get up, draping my arm around your neck as my lips meet your chest briefly, my other hand stroking your cock, throbbing and glistening in my own juices. I stand on my toes, my breath meeting your ear “it’s time for your reward” I whisper, stroking you “and I want to make sure you have a front row seat” I finish, my tongue flicking your earlobe before I turn, leading you by your cock to the other side of the bed, the door side on to us. I kneel in front of you, your own mirrored closet to my back as I begin stroking you, you can see everything from my lips to my stockings and feet with the mirror as I position myself for you.

You’re brought back to attention when my tongue finds its way to your balls, I take them into my mouth and look up at you, stroking your cock as you feel me taste you playfully. Before long I’ve worked my lips to your pulsating dickhead, keeping eye contact I envelop you with my tongue, opening wide as I take you inside my warm hole, your moans welcoming my tongue against the underside of your cock as you thrust, hitting the back of my as I gag. I pause, sliding off of you “I want you to fuck my throat like I’m your slut, please fuck my throat baby ” I beg as I open my mouth and your eyes shine with excitement, grabbing my hair as you thrust, however this time your whole length is met with the entirety of my bottomless hole, the muscles in my throat tightening around your cock in unbearable pleasure as you slide out.

After taking a moment to recover from the sudden pleasure you’re back in position. Your rod pointing directly at my open mouth as saliva drips down my tongue and chin, making my perky tits shine. You let out a grunt as you grip my hair, pulling my throat onto your cock as you begin to facefuck me, my saliva and your precum pouring out of my mouth as I slut my throat out to you. I moan against your throbbing pole as you stretch my throat, my fingers working away at my clit as I find myself between the throes of my own pleasure and yours, it doesn’t take long for your climax to rise as you fuck my tight hole and take what you deserve for the first time “I’m going to cum” you pant out as my mascara runs down my cheeks, my eyes locked on yours as my lips go from the base of your thick cock to the tip, thrust after thrust as your balls tighten.

Just as the door swings open. It’s Tracey.

“WHAT THE FUCK!?” she yells, as I pull your cock from my throat, stroking it with both hands as I arch my back, looking you in the eyes with my face on display “cum on my pretty face baby, cum all over my slutty fucking face!” I moan as your body seizes up. Tracey’s screams of protest are drowned out in your pleasure as you unload your large throbbing member, rope after rope of hot, sticky cum landing across my lips and forehead. “Paint my whole fucking face baby” is all you hear as my hands coax load after load onto my cheeks and tongue as I open my mouth. I stick my tongue out, my face covered in your molten cum, my eyes never leaving yours as I swallow the rest out of your still throbbing cock, your moans subsiding as I caress you with my tongue, stroking you gently as you look at your masterpiece.

I turn my attention to Tracey, who is now silent in all her cuckold glory. “What?” I ask, annoyed.


“I was feeding him” I smirk ” or maybe he was feeding me” my tongue moving to tease the tip of your cock.


“He needed a slut and you weren’t being one for him”


“Yeah he really seemed to like that part” I smile up at you, your cum dripping down my face as I scoop it onto my finger, licking and sucking it clean, bit by bit as Tracey storms off and you look down on me hungrily, I smile.

“I can’t wait until it’s my turn again.”

——— End

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it.

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