Small Town Virgin , Old Bar Owner Ch. 03


This is part 3 in the story of Tia who is 18 and is just recently discovering the weird and wild life of sex.

This part will involve Tia’s friend Angel who is older than Tia and far more sexually active. Angel is shorter than Tia. Tia is about 5’6 and Angel is about 5’3. Both girls have dark hair with a slim build from being active in sports. Both girls love to have Show Off make up on. Both girls always dress in sporty comfortable clothes. Hoodie sweaters and tight jeans or black leggings. Tia’s bra size is 36c & Angels are a smaller 34b. Tia being taller with wider hips has an ass that looks wide in the best way. Angel being short with thicker thighs has an ass that sticks out no matter what type of bottoms she has on.

Weeks have gone by since the wildest two nights of Tia’s life. Things have seemed to gone back to normal which only confused Tia more. Tia and her friend Angel have gone to the town bar numerous times without any incidents happening. Tia tells herself that what happened to her was just her being in very rare situations. Therefore she refused to tell Angel what had happened. In the past couple of weeks, Angel has become really close and serious with her boyfriend Andrew. Andrew was 26 who met Angel in the city 2 hours away from the girls small town. Andrew was a man who still lives as if he’s back in his college frat days. He works at the mall for quick cash to continue his party ways. Andrew towered over both girls standing at 6’3. He wasn’t muscular but he had a solid body type. Really broad shoulders that matched every other part of his thicker body.

Tia finished her daily house chores her mom left for her. She then texts Angel to see what her plans were. “Hey! My mom’s going to the city tonight, want to hangout??”

Angel replied “hm..I’ll let you know. Andrew might come see me!”

Tia not wanting to be bored replied “Well even if he does… Would you two want to come over and drink here?? I don’t mind third wheeling haha”

Angel not wanting to sounds like a bad friend “haha okay I’ll see what he wants to do. I’ll message you later.”

The sunsets and by time she knew it…it was 11pm. Tia started to give up waiting for Angels message. Tia decided to drive to the bar to see if Angel was there.

As she pulled into a parking spot her phone began to ring. It was Angel.

“Tia! Tia where are you?? Haha Tia I need your help!”

Tia responded. “I just got to the bar. Where are you? I have my car.”

Tia then sees Angel and Andrew stumbling and laughing by the bar entrance. Angel wasn’t making sense over the phone so Tia hung up and walked towards the couple.

“Tia!! How’d you know! We need a driver!” Angel said with drunk excitement.

“Okay well get in my car. Please do not throw up in my car haha” Tia responded.

Tia then noticed something that she thought was odd… Andrew was giving her the up down eyes. Almost like he was checking her out. Not wanting to make the situation awkward she didn’t react to it.

After she got the couple in her back seat she asked where they wanted to go.

Angel says in a drunk loud malatya seks hikayeleri voice “don’t take me to my house Tia! I told my dad I was going to the city tonight. And… My dad hasn’t met Andrew yet haha I thought you said we could hangout at your place??”

Tia rolls her eyes knowing she’ll have to commit to her 3rd wheel request from earlier. “Okay. There’s isn’t alot of alcohol there though. Maybe a couple cans my mom left.”

The couple didn’t respond to Tia as they were in their own world kissing and drooling all over eachother.

Finally at Tias house, the couple continued their sloppy make out session on the living room couch. Tia trying to avoid babysitting the couple says “well what should we do guys? Want to watch a movie or play a game?”

Angel stops kissing her boyfriend to acknowledge Tia’s question “ you want me to call a guy for you? I know a few guys who think you’re hot!”

Tia being confused by Angels response says “uh…no. I don’t want a guys attention right now. Well. I’m going to turn on the tv. You guys enjoy each other’s company.”

Andrew enters the conversation “hey! Tia right..I’m sorry I’m stealing Angel from you tonight. Next time I’m in town you should come with us before we get this drunk haha But… Can we use a bedroom here? We’ll be quiet I swear.”

Tia quickly trying to decide what room to sacrifice to Angel and Andrews sex session responds “…uhm… Yeah my room. Last room on the right.”

The couple staggers down the hallway without breaking their kiss. The couple enters Tia’s room and shuts the door behind them.

An hour or so passes and Tia gets curious out of boredom. She no longer hears her bed squeaking and the couple moaning in pleasure. She opens her bedroom door slowly and sees the couple sleeping fully naked on her bed. Angel was laying on her back so Tia noticed her tits and small patch of hair between her legs fully exposed. Nothing new as she’s seen Angel naked plenty of times. Tia tried not to stare but couldn’t help but notice Andrew who was laying on his stomach. His thicker legs lead up to his hair covered ass cheeks that stuck out. Sweat was still going down his broad shoulders towards his lower back. Tia was slightly turned on by seeing his exposed body. The smell of her bedroom was of obvious sex and alcohol.

Tia then noticed her laptop was still under her pillow. Tia tip toed towards the bed. Angels head was on top of the pillow. Tia tried to quietly grab her laptop but failed. Angel opened her eyes and smiled “hey! What are you doing? Were we loud??”

Tia whispered “no you weren’t. I’m just bored and am grabbing my laptop.”

As Tia walked out of the room with her laptop, Angel got out of the bed and followed.

“Where are you going?” Angel asked.

“I’m going to sleep in my mom’s room. Don’t worry about my bed. I’ll do laundry tomorrow.” Tia replied.

Angel used the restroom and then stumbled into Tia’s mom room to keep Tia company. “Hey! Im super sorry. I hope you don’t feel like I wanted to avoid you tonight. I just rarely see Andrew and wanted to spend alone time with him.”

Tia replied “no worries. I’m fine. Im glad you two had a good time. Do you want some clothes to sleep in?”

Angel didn’t respond and started to fall asleep naked next to Tia. Tia got tired after awhile and closed her laptop. She covered Angels body with a different blanket and tried to fall asleep. Tia got comfortable laying opposite direction that Angel was in. So head to feet position. The silence in the house was interrupted by heavy foot steps in the hallway. Andrew used the restroom and then… Opened the door to the room Tia and Angel were in.

Tia pretended to be sleeping to avoid an awkward situation. She could feel him standing over her and then walk over to Angel. “Babe…angel…wake up. Come into the other room!” Angel didn’t respond with words. Instead she pulled Andrew on top of her and started another make out session.

Tia feeling safe to peak opened her eyes to see Andrew was still fully naked and was laying on top of Angel. She could now she all of Andrew. His half hard dick and dangling balls were covered in hair. Hair that lead all the way up his ass crack.

Andrew removed the blanket that was in his way which exposed Angels naked body. “Okay but be quiet. Your friend is sleeping right next to us.”

Angel didn’t seem to care as she pushed his head down to her chest. Andrew grabbed both of her firm tits and began sucking on her tiny dark nipples. He then started to make his way down her stomach.

Tia sneaked another peak in disbelief of what was happening. Andrews head was now in between Angels legs so he could taste her. This cause Andrew to put his ass in the air. That’s what triggered Tia’s sex mind. The smell coming from Andrews fully exposed body sent Tia into a confused frenzy. She could smell his sweat. She could smell his dirty asshole. She could smell the sex still covering his dick and balls. Tia began rubbing herself under the covers. She kept one eye open to avoid getting caught.

Angel started to moan louder and louder as Andrew licked her pussy and asshole clean. Then he aggressively flipped Angel into a bent over position in front of him. The quick position switch put Angels feet right in front of Tias face.

Tia was concentrating on how big Andrews dick was until she noticed a new scent. Angels sweaty feet. Tia couldnt help but watch Andrews big dick spread Angels hairy pussy lips with each stroke. Tia starred back and forth at Andrews dick and Angels sweaty feet curling in pleasure in front of her face. The scene and moaning sounds were more than enough to keep Tia engaged.

Andrew adjusted his leg position a little and it gave Tia another reward. Now both Angel and Andrews feet were in her face. Tia noticed the couple were deep in concentration so she had no issue leaning her nose forward to get better sniffs of their feet. Angels smelt of soap and a small scent of sweat which reminded Tia of pickles. Tia kept her nose on Angels soft soles for a few minutes until her scent began to fade. Without hesitation Tia moved her nose to Andrews rough hairy foot. She couldn’t help but roll her eyes in pleasure. She could smell dirty socks and sweat that was similar to cheese. Tia pressed her nose between his long toes as she could feel herself about to cum. Almost as if he planned it, Andrew moved his foot away from Tia’s face.

Andrew pushed Angel down so that she was laying flat on her stomach. He stayed on top of her so that his sweat was dripping onto her back. Angel started to cum to the new position. Her moans got loud so Andrew put a pillow over her head. As her moans got quieter and quieter Andrew kept fucking her with deep strong strokes. Every stroke caused Angels ass cheeks to jiggle in rhythm.

Now that Tia couldn’t smell their toes, she focused on how aggressive he was being to Angels body. Angel was now silent meaning she fell back to sleep after being pleased. But Andrews strokes stayed consistent. Tia watched as his hairy ass cheeks would jiggle with every thrust. She couldn’t help but notice Andrew seemed to like that Angels body went limp and motionless. His grunts of pleasure got louder. Tia wanting to cum got brave and changed her position so she could see Andrews dick fucking Angels body. Tia had to lay across the couples leg so her head could see between their thighs. As Tia watched the aggressive session in front of her… Andrew noticed Tia watching.

Andrew didn’t react and kept using Angels body to please himself. The smell of their sex and of his sweaty dirty asshole would hit Tias nose with each stroke. Tia accidentally made a loud sniff noise as she rubbed herself to their scent. Again Andrew heard it but didn’t react. Tia got brave and started to lean closer to Andrews thrusting ass cheeks. Finally what Tia secretly wanted…happened.

Andrew grabbed Tia by the back of her head and pulled her into his hairy ass cheeks. Now knowing that Angel was passed out and that Tia wanted to smell him, he played into the situation. “Ugh that’s right. I know what you want little girl. Sniff my ass! Sniff my ass while I fuck your best friend.!”

Tia complied as if she was in a trance. Rubbing her nose and face between his hairy ass cheeks. Without thinking she squeezed his ass cheeks and spread them apart to get a better angle. She couldn’t believe how strong his asshole scent was. It immediately sent her into an orgasm.

As Tia started to moan in pleasure, it caused Andrew to start draining his balls.

“Holy fuck yeah you little bitch. Put your nose up my dirty asshole! Don’t stop sniffing. I’m fucking cumming. I’m cumming inside this bitches pussy!!”

Andrew squeezed the back of Tia’s head as he felt his balls empty inside Angels body. Finally he pulled Tia’s face from his ass crack and pushed it towards Angels naked crotch as it leaked cum.

“Youre a fucking weird little girl. I loved it. And I doubt you want anyone to know what you just did. So your secrets safe with me if you keep it between us. I can’t lose Angel just because you like sniffing assholes.” Tia laid motionless and didn’t respond.

Andrew walked to the bathroom to shower.

As Tia rolled off of Angels legs… She tried to decide if she should tell Angel what happened. Tia couldn’t make up her mind and fell asleep pleased by yet again, another weird situation.

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