The Club Hunt Ch. 02


The Party Begins

The terms for the hunter’s contract call for them to enjoy their “spoils” for one day. They were each to provide a list of desired things to do with their spoils. Once approved, they would be setup in the appropriate settings. This is what each requested:


He wanted to have one hung up outside as a trophy that he could have pictures taken with. He would then like her taken to a preparation room where he could enjoy setting her up as a stuffed girl in the lobby. The other he wanted delivered to his room.


He wanted them both put in the back of a flatbed truck and driven around the yard. He wanted pictures of the entire experience> He think wished to have them taken to a room where he could enjoy his trophies until he was spent.


He requested both girls hung up outside so he could have pictures taken between them. He then wanted them delivered to his room.


She wanted them to be delivered to her room. She wanted to enjoy them in that state for a while, but for them to participate when she requested.


A crowd began gathering in the courtyard. The news of pictures had spread, and people were milling around the courtyard, as well as the veranda above. A small truck came into the courtyard with Tom’s trophy in the back. It backed into position under the yardarm in the center of the courtyard. The technicians lowered the straps and fastened them to the girl’s ankles. They then winched her up to the right height. She swung slowly in the breeze. Tom stepped up beside her and steadied her swinging with his hand. They took many pictures with his rifle in one hand and the girl’s leg in the other as everyone cheered. When finished, they lowered her back into the small truck. Tom got in the passenger side, and they took off.

They pulled around the side of the building to a small building nearby. A large door was up, and they drove in. After the door was lowered, they got out. The technician asked Tom if he wanted to carry his prize into the preparation room.

“I would love to, but you had better help me. I don’t want to damage her.” Tom pulled her by the legs to the end of the truck bed. He put his hands under her shoulders and pulled her upright. From there, the technician picked her up and put her over Tom’s shoulder. Tom carried her into the room with her arms swinging behind him in rhythm with Tom’s gait. They laid her on a table and the technician left.

He lightly stroked her hair and breasts She didn’t move. “You are so beautiful.” He gently took her chin and moved her head left and right. “Well, it’s time to claim my trophy.” He lifted her up by the shoulders and pulled her to the edge of the table until her head was hanging over the edge. He threw on of her arms over her chest to steady her an put a finger in her mouth to open it. He unzipped his pants and took his rock-hard member out. He gently pushed it into her mouth. She lay motionless as he began pumping her mouth. He pushed in gradually a little at a time until he was completely in. He wasn’t particularly large, so she didn’t appear to have any problem taking it all. He pumped and pumped as she lay still until he let go everything he had in her mouth. When he as finished, he pulled out and watched as some of his cum came dripping out of the still open mouth. God, this is amazing. These girls are GOOD. He pulled her back upon the table and rested for a while.

When he got his strength back, he went to the other end of the table and pulled her until her pussy was at the end of the table and her legs were hanging down almost to the floor. He put her ankles over his shoulder, spread her legs, and stepped up to her. He put a finger into her to set if she was ready to fuck. She was very wet. He entered her and began thrusting. Her body was bouncing on the table, but the glassy stare continued. He came quicker this time. He dropped her legs and fell on top of her. After he had rested, he pulled her back to the center of the table. He bent down and whispered in her ear, “That was the best experience of my life.” He walked out as he told the technician he was finished with her. As soon as he was gone, the technician handed the girl a robe and she headed for the showers. Her day was done.

By the time he returned to his room, the other trophy was already there, laying on a rolling table under a cover. Tom removed the sheet and admired the beautiful woman. She was blonde, no more than 24 or 25. He decided to take her from behind. So, he picked her up and put her on the bed on her stomach. He climbed on the bed and lifted her by the hips until her knees were under her. He pushed her head down to the bed. Her stood behind her on the bed admiring her perfect ass before him with a wet pussy calling his zonguldak seks hikayeleri name. He mounted her and began a steady rhythm. She bounced on the bed in sync with his thrusts until he was ready. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head back as he let go. It felt great as he growled, looking down at this body below him. When he was finally finished, he laid her back down on her stomach. That was the third time today he had come, and he wasn’t finished. He went to the head of the bed and climbed in front of her. He sat against the headboard and pulled her forward until her face was in his crotch. He put the wet, limp dick into her mouth, patted her head, and sat back to relax. He just sat and looked at the beautiful body laying quietly in front of him with his dick in its mouth. He though, “I could sleep like this.” In thirty minutes, he was back. He grabbed her by the hair and fucked her mouth until he came. It was glorious. He moved her down on the bed and lay next to her. He said he was going to sleep and thanked her for the wonderful time. He held her until he went to sleep. When he awoke, she was gone.

Larry was outside in the courtyard and watched Tom. Shortly after Tom left, another small truck arrived with Larry’s trophies. Larry stood beside the back of the truck, lifted one of the girls up by her arm, and they took pictures. He then went to the back of truck and pulled one of them to the back. He held one leg up by the ankle and pushed the other leg wide open, exposing her pussy to the world. Many pictures were taken. He then climbed into the truck and went to the head.

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He knelt behind the girls and lifted each head by the hair. The crowd cheered as the pictures were taken. When they were finished, Larry climbed into the cab, and they drove off to the cheers of the crowd. They drove to another open door and drove in. The door was lowered as they pulled in. The technicians carried the girls to tables and left Larry with his trophies. He knew he would never be able to fuck these two as many times as he wanted to. But he could play with them for a while, and that was what he was going to do. He took a bucket of warm water and began washing each of them carefully. He went over every inch of their bodies, spending extra time between their legs. They may not be able to acknowledge an orgasm, but he wanted to make it hard on them to stay still. After he figured each has one, based on the clenched teeth, he decided it was time for him. He picked one up and carried her to a couch in the corner of the room. Carrying her limp body excited him, and he was hard by the time he laid her down on her back. He decided to taste his trophy, so he knelt and began licking her wet pussy. She was very wet. He worked her for twenty minutes, but she never broke. So, he stood up and entered her. He held her legs up and thoroughly enjoyed every second of her wonderful body. He came quickly and dropped her legs. When he was breathing normally again, he stood up. There was a little cum dripping out of her pussy, so he took a picture with his phone, he wanted proof he had fucked her until he came.

He left her there and went back to the table. He would need the other girl’s mouth to help him get up again. Larry pulled her head to the edge of the table and turned her on her side. He opened her mouth and out his wet, limp dick into her mouth. He held her mouth close and pulled in and out. He soon was clear, but not any harder. He stopped for a while with his dick in her mouth. She just lay there, and it was hot. After ten minutes of waiting, he started squirming to get his dick harder. When he finally was hard, he decided to “reward” her mouth with a good fucking. He thrusted in and out, rubbing against her tongue until he came. It felt great. He laid her head down and his cum was dripping out of her mouth. He took a picture of that. That was his favorite picture of the day. He knew he was done. He brought the first girl back to the table and straightened that second girl out. He thanked each one profusely and told the technicians he was finished. By the time he was clear of the door, both girls were in a robe heading for the showers. Their day was done.


As soon as Larry was clear of the courtyard another truck arrived. The crowd was having a great time and enjoying the never-ending stream of “dead” beautiful girls being displayed. Because Mike wanted both girls strung up, the technicians had to add another yardarm. While they were doing that, Mike got into the truck bed and held up the girl’s heads one at a time for pictures. Everyone cheered each time he lifted a head for pictures. They all knew the game. When they were ready, they backed the truck up and lowered the straps. They attached a strap to the inside leg of each girl. They then carefully and slowly pulled them up by one leg. When they were to the top, there were two women hanging by one leg with the other leg hanging outward awkwardly. It was quite a sight. Mike stepped between them, put his arms around each one’s waist, and smiled. They took the pictures, and everyone cheered. When finished, the technicians carefully lowered them back into the truck. They threw a blanket over them, and Mike shouted out, “The shows over folks. We are the last ones.” The truck took off and Mike walked back through the crowd shaking hands and enjoying their congratulations. He headed for his room.

He got a little something to eat, and by the time he got back to his room, the two girls were on rolling tables under sheets. He pulled the sheets off and marveled at the beauty of them. And they were good at this game. They hadn’t come close to flinching yet. He didn’t want to try to break their concentration. He was freaking out at how hot it was fucking two beautiful “dead” girls. He decided to take a hot shower and he took his time. When he came back into the bedroom, of course no one had moved. He laid the two girls on the big bed side by side on their backs. He pulled the outside leg of each girl open so he could look at both pussies at the same time. He put a finger in each and began fingering them. Both were wet and he enjoyed them liking what he was doing. He tried to make them come and break their concentration, but he could not. He finally climbed on one of them. It was time to enjoy what he had. He entered the redhead and went in completely. She took everything he had, and that was impressive. He wasn’t rich, but he was hung. He started heating up and decided to get out before he came. Time for the blonde. He changed bodies and repeated the process. This was incredible. He had two beautiful bodies just laying there for him to enjoy. This time, he decided to finish with this one. He tried to go deep, and she took everything he had. He pumped her until he was ready and drove in balls deep and let go. He bounced her on the bed as he came, but she just bounced without changing the blank stare. He collapsed on top of both and just lay there. They smelled so good and were so soft, it was intoxicating. When he had recovered, he rolled the redhead on top of the blonde. They were now facing each. He pushed all of their legs apart and entered the blonde on the bottom. He was fucking one while they laid on top of each other. He fucked her until he was almost ready. Then he stopped and licked the redhead’s ass on top. He played with her ass for a few minutes until he had settled down. He licked his finger and inserted it into the redhead’s asshole in front of him. She didn’t flinch, so he started pushing in slowly. He was waiting to see if she was bothered by that. No-one had talked about the asshole, and he wasn’t sure what was allowed.

He finally said out loud. “I am thinking about fucking you in the ass. If that is a problem, you may break your play to tell me. If you don’t, I will carefully enter you.” I waited and held his breathe. There was no way she would allow that. After a couple of minutes, she had not moved. He had to think about this for a second. She just lay there on top of the blonde, so he decided to try it. He reached under the redhead into her pussy to see if she was wet. She certainly was. SO, she is fine with this and he had juice to lube up her ass. He began scooping out juice (and rubbing her clit at the same time) and putting it on her ass. After four or five times, he had a good amount on her ass. He pushed his dick into her heated pussy to lube it up and then put the tip on the edge of her ass. He started slowly pushing to open her up. She slowly allowed him entrance, a little at a time. She didn’t move. This girl was a keeper. He wished he had met her in real life. When he was halfway in, he began fucking her ass. As she loosened up, he began going deeper until he was balls deep in her ass. She didn’t flinch. He was in heaven. This was worth everything he had paid. This place was really like Fantasy Island. This would never happen in the real world. He had never met a woman who would allow him to touch her ass. Here, this girl was laying there on top of a big-breasted blonde passively as he fucked the redhead in the ass for all he was worth. He finally fired off the biggest load he had ever done. He nearly passed out from the excitement. He pulled out and just laid on top of both of them for a while. He rolled the redhead off the blonde and lay down between them. He kissed each of them and said softly, “Thanks for each of you. You are wonderful. This was the best day of my life.” He drifted off to sleep with his arm under each girl’s head. When he awoke, they were gone.


I had to call Nancy into my office. There was something I wanted to talk to her about. She came in and sat down. “Nancy, I have a little favor to ask of you. Because of the accident we had, the tenth girl was left in the woods. She doesn’t have anyone to fulfill their dreams. I told her we would pay her the full amount anyway, but she wanted to play a little. She asked if you would allow her to join you with her two friends?”

Nancy smiled, “That would be lovely. She can come in any way she wishes, and we will figure it out.”

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Shortly afterwards, there was a knock on Nancy’s door. When she opened the door, she saw a young lady standing beside two rolling tables with a sheet covered girl on each. “Hello. My name is Beth, and I have your trophies for you. Were would you like me to put them?”

“Just bring them and we’ll see what we have.”

Beth pushed one table into the room and Nancy pulled the other in. Once they were inside, Nancy pulled the sheets off each. There were two young bodies that had their game betrayed by four stiff nipples standing straight up. Beth had a sundress on, and Nancy came up to her and kissed her gently. She lowered one side of her dress down off her shoulders. Beth smiled and lowered the other side and turned around. Nancy unzipped the dress and Beth stepped out of it. She was a black-haired beauty with a dark completion. She had no blemish.

“How about helping me get the girls on the bed?” Beth nodded and they picked the girls up one at a time and laid them on the bed, one on each side. A blonde and a brown-hair staring at the ceiling. Nancy smiled at Beth, “How about you take the blonde and I will take the other, and we can have some fun.” Beth didn’t wait for Nancy, she jumped between the blonde and spread her legs. Nancy followed with the brown-haired beauty and did the same. Within a few minutes, they were slurping up the juices.

Nancy straightened up and spoke. “Ok girls. Dead play is over. Beth and I aren’t doing all the work, so wake up. The other two girls looked at each and smiled. “Time for you girls to earn your keep, right Beth?” Beth and Nancy fell over on their backs and spread their legs. The other two attacked them vigorously. It was not long before they were shaking their legs and moaning. The girls continued until Beth and Nancy gave loud and hard. Once they had recovered, everyone switched, and they played tag until everyone had been with everyone. They continued the revolving door of pussy and tongues until everyone was exhausted.

Beth spoke up. “Ladies, I don’t think we have to leave tonight, do we?” The other two agreed.

Nancy spoke up, “I think we are done. Thank you, ladies, for an unforgettable night. I will never forget you.” They wrapped up in each other’s arms and fell asleep.

Early the next morning, I checked on Wendy. She was feeling much better. She told me she had talked to Bobby and thanked him for what he tried to do for her. She told me she had talked to the counselor and was sure this was going to be okay. She wanted to join the regular staff until she was comfortable taking her clothes off in front of an unknown man again. I told her to take two weeks off when she is released. She agreed and thanked me. I checked on Bobby. He had been released the night before. I called him into my office.

“Bobby, are you okay?”

“Yes, sir. I am not sure I had a concussion. I feel fine. I met with the police last night and told them Carlos’ story. They didn’t seem to have any doubts.”

“Yes, they took Robert’s body to the coroner’s office. We will see what his report is. It should be a cracked skull, and since the rock did it, it will fit. We’ll be fine.”

I found the hunters at breakfast. “How did everyone sleep?” They could not be more complementary of the professionalism of the girls.

Tom spoke up, “I know you are giving us some of our money back. I would like you to keep it and give it to the girls. They earned that. I have never seen such concentration in my life.”

Larry agreed. “I tried so hard to make them have an orgasm that would make them break. They did not. The money goes to them.’ Mike and Nancy agreed.

“Let’s head for the lobby.” When we arrived in the lobby, we found a crowd standing in the middle in the middle of lobby. In the center of the room stood a naked young lady on a pedestal. There was a sign that read “Tom’s First Kill”.

“Tom, what do you think?” He was just standing there with his mouth open.

“I had forgotten all about that. It is amazing.”

“Well, get in there and get the picture.” Tom stood beside the sign with a thumbs-up. After several pictures, the crown cheered, and Tom shook several hands.

After they were finished, everyone headed for their limos. The wishes were over. By the time everyone had gotten out the door, the young lady was down in a robe and heading for the locker room.

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