Working from Home


I took a long and deep breath, and tried to focus on the workday ahead of me. My boss was asking about a minor ticket I’d taken on earlier, I had a meeting in like ten minutes, and I knew that there was a performance review creeping up on me. It was hard enough to care, to get work done, under normal circumstances. But these were abnormal circumstances, as my girlfriend helpfully reminded me with another loud ‘slurp.’

Working from home had sounded fun to start, since getting to spend more time with Haley was something I’d wanted for a while, and we hated the separation of me having to commute to work everyday. What I didn’t realize is that distance had been keeping me safe from here apparently insatiable libido. It started out by taking over my lunch breaks, then into random acts throughout the day, then her just taking up residence underneath my desk and edging me for hours upon hours. My mind was jolted back to reality by the aggressive ‘ping’ of a Slack message. Fingers danced on the keyboard, trying to explain to my boss what was taking me so long, while simultaneously tabbing over to code, but every so often a delicate roll of a tongue would draw my attention down. “Babe,” I pleaded, “I need to get this done.”

Haley looked up at me, innocent green eyes behind round glasses, and gave a noncommittal hakkari seks hikayeleri shrug, pulling her lips off my cock with a sloppy sound. “You’re allowed to do work. I’m not stopping you.” And she immediately resumed as I sputtered in indignation.

“You absolutely are stopping me! Do you know how hard it is to program wh—” I was interrupted by her throat enveloping my entire cock in a single motion. Her head bobbed furiously, starting to bring me to the edge again, as some sort of twisted punishment for complaining and trying to get her to stop. I gritted my teeth, stared dead eye at my computer, and slowly but surely started to code. My entire lower body was wracked with pleasure as I did so, and I could hardly imagine how I was going to get through a meeting where I would be expected to have video on. But I could deal with that later. For now, I had to finish my work up. It was the most difficult five lines of code that I’d ever written, as my girlfriend started trying harder and harder to get my attention. Fingers began to play with my thighs as she teased along every inch of my pulsing cock, tracing the veins with her tongue, orbiting the head with dainty licks, taking it all down and sucking and slurping as hard as she could. The sounds were overwhelming, and the dirtiness of the entire situation was more than I could handle. I sent a link to my code to my boss, reached under the table, and grabbed her by her pigtails. She looked up, and nodded at me.

That nod was all I needed. I fucked her face with all I could, the gaging sounds filling the air as the minutes ticked away. But try as I may, I felt like I just couldn’t. Every time I got close, there was a slight tickling sensation in the bottom of my stomach that made me back off. With a frustrated groan, I pulled her off of my cock. Hayley looked up at me, gasping, with wide eyes and slime covered face. “Why the fuck did you stop?” She demanded.

“Well like…” I struggled for words, “You’ve been edging me all day, right?” She rolled her eyes and nodded, “And you haven’t let me leave this chair?” Another nod. “I uh. I can’t cum because I feel like I’m about to pee. Like a lot. I don’t think I’ve peed since last night.”

She stared at me, incredulously, an unspoken ‘Are you serious?’ on her face. Then she snorted, then started to chuckle, then just broke down into outright laughter. I joined her, the absurdity of the situation finally hitting me. As much as this life seemed like something out of a porn, biology had a way of getting in the way of things in unexpected ways. And god, I loved the way she looked when she was laughing.

A loud ‘beep’ signaled that my meeting was about to start. My eyes went wide, “Oh, shit.” I didn’t have to explain what was wrong, she would know. I clicked the button to join the conference, but quickly muted myself and turned off the video. I’d enable it soon, but first things first. I pushed my chair back, away from the desk, so that I could run to the bathroom before things started.

Hayley’s hands locked on the chair seat, and pulled me back in. I glanced down at her, an ‘Are you serious?’ expression returned to her in kind. “You’re not leaving here,” she explained, “until I say you can.” Her lips slowly wrapped around my flacid dick, and I raised an eyebrow at her. Was she really going to go this far? “Please turn on the camera,” she ordered while talking around my cock, “This is an important meeting after all. Can’t let a bathroom break interrupt it.”

I took a long and deep breath, clicked the button, and let the entire engineering team see my face. No one seemed to be paying attention to me yet, there were a few more engineers who needed to present their work before me. A blissful smile spread across my face as I released the tension in my muscles and filled the air with the sound of me draining my bladder down the throat of the love of my life. And every time I glanced down, there she was, staring up at me with wide and loving eyes from under the desk.

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