Churned in Bed


Ryan Summers was lying on one side of the bed prior to sleep when he heard a knock on the door. He put the tablet he was reading from, on his chest and looked up. The door opened and Jenny, Ryan’s aunt, walked in. She looked like she just came out of the shower. Her hair wad wet and she was wearing a bathrobe which reached down to her knees. As usual, the clothing, which would look fairly decent on a normal girl was looking outrageously slutty and sexy on Jenny. But then again, everything looks slutty and sexy on Jenny.

She came and sat on the edge of the bed, beside Ryan. He himself was wearing just a pair of boxers. It was hot tonight and he didn’t felt the need to wear anything else.

“Whatcha reading?” she asked in her signature sultry voice he had grown all too accustomed to.

“Nothing,” he replied. “Just checking my facebook profile.” He picked up the book and started reading again.

She looked him up and down for a moment. Ryan knew how he looked like. He had been spending a lot of time in and out of gym exercising which have now resulted him a body which could easily rival any body builder and some more…

“Sooo…” she said, putting her hand on his chest, feeling the hard muscles rippling beneath her. “What’s up?”

His body has not an ounce of fat in it and even lying down his eight pack abs showed up perfectly. He finally put the book away and put his arms behind his head, flexing his biceps.

“What do you want Aunt Jenny?” he asked.

She ran her hand down over his body, his eight pack abs, and his tight pelvic muscles until she reached his boxers. She didn’t stop and kept travelling downwards, reaching the bulge in his pants.

She looked up and saw him looking down at her hand and then looks up again, a smile creeping up on both of their faces.


‘I didn’t ask for this. I didn’t want this.’

Shani didn’t know where she was. She was awake…or asleep…she didn’t know. Maybe both…

But now that I have it, now that he is a part of my life, is my life…I wouldn’t change a thing.

Wherever she looked darkness welcomed her. Has she died? She could hear voices. Far, distant voices. Like she was listening from underwater. Is that what it feels to be dead?

But even then she knew those voices…at least one in particular. It was that voice…the voice.

His voice.

It was his voice that proved that she is not dead. She couldn’t be. Not until he gives her the word…

I sleep and wake beside sexual predator that hungers for my body.

Shani slowly woke from her deep slumber. Her body was aching through and through. She tried to open her eyes but the light was too bright instead she tried to listen. Her sense of hearing hasn’t returned completely so the sound came to her ears were still muffled.

It looked like someone was talking around her. Her head was throbbing in pain like someone was pounding it from the inside. ‘Go Away’, she tried to say but her throat was too dry.

The voices grew louder and clearer.

‘I want you…’ a voice, a very euphonious voice floated to her ears.

The voice was distinctly female but it didn’t sound human. She doesn’t know how she knows that but she just does.

‘So do I…’ another voice replied.

It was this voice that made her shiver to the bones. All sense of confusion, all sense of fatigue, all of her pain vanished the moment she heard the voice.

It belonged to him.


He’s here!!

Shani’s eyes flew open and she saw Ryan. At the same time the last few days flew into her mind.


Less than sixty seconds after Shani met him, Ryan was making her cum. He molested her in a girl’s dormitory hallway while she was wearing nothing but a one-piece bathing suit. He walked right up to her, admired her dark skin, plush lips, and huge tits, and then kissed her. He kissed her and touched her, shoved strong fingers into her tight wet pussy.

The orgasm left her into a writhing, panting mess. She fell down to the floor in a heap. As she stood up, an hour later, she knew she was changed. The Shani she knew died that night and a new girl was born. The new girl who worshipped cock like ancient gods. She was always hungry. Looking for her salvation and her salvation was Ryan Summers and his big mighty cock.

The night she had her first sex with Ryan, sealed her fate with him. And he was insatiable. He was always over her…inside her. As he fucks her, Shani contemplates, and marvels at the truly immense size of his dick and the effect it was having on her body.

‘This feels just…delicious. Well, Shan. You’ve always wanted the biggest of dicks!’

But what really surprised her, is that her desires have only been awakened, and not been fully satiated. No matter how many times he would fuck her, no matter how many times he would fill her womb with his seeds, she would still want more.

And Ryan had much, much more to give. Shani still doesn’t know who is or rather, what he is. All she knows is that whatever he does, however he does it, it isn’t human.

One hour after Bakırköy Escort she walked into his room, he was done slurping two of her dorm mates. One was Jillian. She actually saw Ryan fuck and then ‘Sucked’ her inside his balls. The other was Gail, his then girlfriend. Then he started sucking his own cocks and then drank ‘the cum’ pouring straight from his balls, which, suffice to say, was quite a lot.

It was just the beginning.

Shani had spent two weeks in that room with him, during which he had fed four more girls, all of them more beautiful than the first one. He would also often share his treat with her, feeding her his cum.

None of the girls complained about their untimely and unnatural death, none of them wanted to. Even the headmistress ignored him, as if it was totally normal for a guy to walk around mostly naked in the halls of a girl’s dormitory.

During these two weeks, he never gave Shani a moment’s rest from his insatiable cock. He would fuck her relentlessly and repeatedly filling each and every one of her orifices up to the brim with actually some left to bath her with it, literally. At the end, she couldn’t take anymore of him, but she couldn’t stop him either. Like he was some kind of lethal drug which she knew would kill her but would still keep taking it. By Friday, she was craving to wear just a pair of pants. So she was actually relieved when he said that he was going home this weekend.

‘Really?’ she asked, a bit more enthusiastic than necessary. ‘I mean…really, I will miss you,’ she corrected, rubbing his cock.

Ryan nodded. ‘I know,’ he said, then pulled her for a passionate kiss. ‘And that’s exactly why I have decided that you are coming with me.’

Shani remained speechless as she took it in. ‘Wait, what? But-but why? You are going to your home. Why do you want to take me with you?’

‘You know why…’ He said, slipping two strong digits in her weeping pussy.

Suddenly Shani felt weak in her knees and had to take Ryan’s support to keep standing. He grabbed her, picked her up, and laid her on the bed, getting on top of her. With strong, deft movements, he pinned her arms on top of her head, spread her legs apart, and—in one swift movement—entered his prodigious phallus inside her dripping, throbbing cunt.

She wailed and thrashed under him but when he started to REALLY fuck her, she squirmed and moaned like a cat in heat, screaming like a banshee.

Twenty minutes later, Shani was lying on the bed, gasping and barely able to move. Her legs were twitching in the aftershocks of her last orgasm.

‘So…so…w-when…are we…leaving?’


By Sunday night, they reached his home. On the way, he had fucked her three times—once at the parking lot of the dorm, once in a coffee shop restroom and once in the car when they had parked outside his house.

As a result, when Shani got out of the car and reached the main door, her dress was all but torn apart. He knocked at the door and a woman opened it, who she first thought was his sister but turned out to be his mother. She was tall and buxom, with long waving hair and beautiful eyes.

She ushered them in and closed the door. She noticed Shani’s stained and disheveled dress but didn’t mind it, like she knew it was going to happen. Shani also met his aunt, he so famously talked about. He had told her that Jenny was beautiful, but now she knows how inappropriate that description was. Jenny was downright gorgeous. No words could ever describe her beauty. The two sisters were also different from each other.

While Ryan’s mother was sweet and womanly, Jenny was seductive and fierce. But both of them were the epitome of feminine beauty and possessed a figure that would make the sexiest supermodel consider career change.

At dinner, Jenny asked her nephew about his studies and his grades, and then, brazenly started asking about his sexual escapades. Shani blushed deeply when he said he had dumped Gail for her and then glared at him when he mentioned he had already fucked her. He even gave an exact estimate of the number of times he had actually fucked her in the last two weeks. Both Jenny and Judith gasped when she heard the number. Jenny glanced at Shani and winked.

After dinner, Ryan took Shani to his room upstairs. The moment the door was close, he was over her, again. He slung an arm around her slim waist and pulled her closer. Her tits mashed against his chest like marshmallow against marble.

‘Wai…’ before she could even utter a word of protest, Ryan mashed his lips upon her soft ones and shoved his tongue in her mouth. Immediately she melted and started to kiss back.

You have no choice…you are mine!

She broke the kiss, stepped back from him and pulled the red cocktail dress she was wearing, off her nubile body and then, kicking off her heels, shimmied out off her black nylon tights. Now she was garbed only in her black lace bra and her matching black thong. She closed her eyes and put her hand on his chest. He put his hand on the back Başakşehir Escort of her neck while his other hand snaked down to her bubble butt and lifted her off the floor. She slung her legs around his waist. They fit perfectly, like two pieces of a 3-D puzzle. Ryan noticed it and liked it very much.

He carried her to the bed and slowly laid her upon it. Then he removed her bra while still kissing her and started massaging her round firm breasts in slow, circular motion. She moaned in his mouth and arched up her back, pushing her breasts into his hand. Her moans became louder as he left her lips and trailed his kisses down her body, her neck, her flushed bosom until he reached her breasts. He paid each of the mounds with delicate attention.

He worked slowly. He was in no hurry.

He slowly crawled down her body, kissing her taut belly and her navel, until he reached her cunt. It was flushed like the rest of her body and moist with arousal. Without warning, he thrusted his quick, skillful tongue into her slit, and got into work.

She gasped as he suddenly penetrated her weeping slit, the cool appendage feeling soothing against her flaming hot skin. She started squirming under him, clenching at the bed sheets, as her orgasm slowly reached the crescendo.

‘Oh Ryan…’

He continued his ministrations, grabbing her thighs to steady her. She knew it was happening she could feel it bubbling up…

Oh God!

She wailed loudly to pronounce her orgasm. Her body went rigid and she clamped Ryan’s head between her thighs.

After a long time, she slowly climbed down from the high and her body relaxed. He was waiting patiently for her to calm down. Now that she did, he wasted no time and got on top of her, his incredibly long and thick cock hard as steel.

Shani waited for the pain that would come with the penetration. She squeezed her eyes shut and clenched teeth. She felt him line his cock with her weeping cunt and he started pushing. But the pain never came.

He did penetrate her, she could feel it, sliding inside her, the moist walls of her pussy stretched to it’s limits, and she arched her back, delving in the amorous tingle that passed through her body, driving her insane with lust.

But the pain never came…

She opened her eyes and met his gaze, his deep blue eyes, dark with lust and hunger. She knows that look. She has seen it hundreds of times when he was with her or with any other girl. But today something was different. Today, there was also a hidden intensity behind it which reminded her of looking into a fire when everything had burned out and the glowing coals remain.

It was the look which didn’t scare or repulse her. Instead it made her draw herself closer to him, participating with him in the act. They moved together, in perfect harmony, Ryan leading the way, like a duet song sung perfectly.

He slid his length in and out of her, slowly, carefully. He had all the time in the world…

Soon, Shani was moaning and writhing under him, wrapping her legs around his waist, her ankles digging into his impregnable ass, pulling him closer, deeper. His cock was pulsing and buckling inside him, like a live snake.

As he thrusted into her, repeatedly, he also focused on the rest of her body, particularly her big round tits and her rosy pink nipples. He touched her, in ways a man never could, like invisible chords of pleasure, plucked all along her body to play a tune that could only inflame helpless Shani with more desire. She would never admit it in the open, in all of her sex life, she had never met anybody in her whole life—man or boy—who could sate her lust in such way Ryan did.

She saw him moving above her, his dark eyes burning into her soul. His cock had become so hard, it seemed so unreal. Sweat dripped from his body as freely as cum dripped from her pussy.

He grabbed her titties, each one in his hand and began massaging them roughly like leavened dough. Shani knew it should hurt her but she felt immense amount of pleasure instead and beseeched him to do more so. He consented, sucking her long, juicy nipples in his mouth, one by one. She gasped when he flicked his tongue across the very sensitive and very hard nips. He was thrusting his cock inside of her in slow sinuous motion, driving her crazy.

But her euphoria was short lived as suddenly Ryan tightened his grip on her breasts, garroting them. Shani’s eyes flew open and she screamed loudly as the pain reverberated through her body like a sledgehammer. She saw that Ryan had put a vice-like grip upon her breasts, chocking them so hard, they turned a deep shade of red.

Ryan kept sucking on them, like a hungry calf yearning for milk from his mother’s teats. Then he opened his mouth as wide as he could and started sucking her tits in his mouth…literally. His saliva, mixed with her bodily sweat, provided with enough lubrication and soon, as she watched on, her entire right tit was inside his mouth. Shani gave out a painful yelp as her mound got crushed into Bebek Escort one-third of it’s actual volume and moaned as they returned quickly to its original size and got enveloped by the warm, wet confines of his mouth.

But Ryan wasn’t done yet.

Just when she thought it couldn’t get any weirder, he started stuffing her left tit into his mouth too. She gasped as he squeezed the delectable mound and pushed it into his already overstuffed mouth. He has to struggle a bit at first, but he finally managed to slip it in…entirely.

Shani couldn’t believe in her eyes. She was always proud of her own tits. She would spend hours in front of her mirror looking at them and admiring their curvature and fullness. She was proud to say that not a single person on this planet could completely grope at them without actually putting much effort. Not even Ryan…at least that’s what she believed. So when she saw Ryan stuff not one but both of those luscious globes—each one easily as big as his head—inside his mouth completely with uncalculated ease, she was a bit sad, heartbroken even. His mouth was working on them as if masticating some tasty candy.

Ryan was in heaven, literally. He never thought he could do such a thing, considering he was a Vorian and vore was in his genes. His whole body was shaking and tingling as each and every nerve ending in his body was hyperactive to point where he could feel almost everything.

The only time he felt something even close to this was when he was being sucked into Aunt Jenny’s balls through her futa-cock. But this experience was much, much greater and intense than that. This was turning up to a whole new level. He knew if he didn’t stop now, he would slurp in Shani and that would be the end of her. Forever. He doesn’t want to lose Shani…but he couldn’t stop either.

Shani’s orgasm hit her like a freight train. Her back arched up and she screamed out loud as her body started shaking wildly and her pussy began gushing out juices at the rate of a fire hydrant. Each thrust from his mighty cock was sending a jolt of electricity through her nerves equal to a thousand light bulbs. Inside his mouth, his tongue was running all over her titflesh, flicking one nipple, then another…or both at once. She started squirming and kicking out her legs as she passed through one orgasm after another. She felt like she was clinging to a tiny boat, in the middle of a stormy ocean and any moment the waves would topple her over.

‘Oh my god he is slurping me in!!!’

If this is what it felt like being slurped, she would happily let him do it twice more, and then double of that, still she would yearn for more. All of a sudden her life held no meaning for her. All she wanted right now, was to be inside him, sloshing in his balls, to become a part of him.

She could feel another orgasm bubbling up, this one much, much bigger and intense than the last one. Ryan’s sucking intensified, pile driving his monster cock inside her. She was on the brink of a mind- blowing orgasm but she couldn’t find the threshold point to get off. The seismic waves of pleasure were coursing through her veins from not one but many points from her body.

On one hand Ryan’s cock was sending off electric currents through her womb with each thrust, while on the other hand, his skillful tongue and warm mouth were working wonders upon her oversensitive tits.

This whole fucking thing was driving her nuts!

Ryan could feel his balls to start tingling. He could feel the sperms churning inside them…a whole lot of them. Shani was squirming wildly beneath him. Her thighs were shaking, her toes curled, her spine tensed, her eyes squeezed shut.

Without any further delay, he held her and started thrusting into her using quick and hard strokes. Her body started writhing faster and she screamed incessantly. Her pussy has turned into a boiling cauldron as she finally came.

Like a thermonuclear weapon, her orgasm hit her in three stages. The initial stage was shirt and intense. She felt his cock pulse inside her and a wave of pleasure radiated from her cunt, spreading all around her body-which immediately tensed up and her hips shot off from the mattress. As the wave reached her upper torso, she felt another sub-wave add to it, reverberating through her.

It was the second stage. It wasn’t as strong but it carried on for longer, helping in prolonging her orgasm. The delightful wave churned into an extremely intense and blissful energy as the third and last wave hit her, turning her screams into shrieks and wails of pure unbridled ecstasy.

At the same time, Ryan came. And he came hard. His churning balls suddenly shrank in size, pushing the ocean of cum inside them through his foot-long cock, until erupted from the tip like a full-blown geyser, flooding her womb with boiling, frothing semen. His body tensed until all the muscles of his body became vividly pronounced as he passed through the hardest, most painful orgasm in his life yet.

He came for a long time, the longest in his life, and it was only when his cum had started to ooze out from the tight orifice of her cunt, that he stopped. He collapsed heavily upon her, both of them breathing heavily, basking in the post-orgasmic bliss. He looked towards Shani. She was looking up at him with tired, drowsy, yet satisfied eyes. Her beautiful lips had curled to form a faint smile. He kissed her deeply, before she passed out.

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