How I Became My Daddy’s Wife Ch. 05


***Author’s note: The POV changes from Thomas to Eva in the third part. Have fun!***

Lifting her in my arms, I take her upstairs, straight to my bedroom. I lay her down on my bed and lean over her to kiss her deeply.

“Daddy please, I need you…” she pants, “please fuck me with your huge cock,” her have wraps around me, leading me to her entrance.

“As you wish, Dolly. Daddy has waited way too long, wanting to wreck your little pussy.”

With the tip of my cock laying between her lips, I drive into her, feeling her opening up to me as I enter her in one firm thrust. She cries out and raises her face to the ceiling, enjoying the sudden intrusion. I start to fuck her hard from the beginning, showing no mercy. My cock is raging and I can’t control myself, finally claiming what I’ve desired for so long.

I pound her cunt harder and harder and her moans grow louder, her climax coming closer. Still hammering her, I hear one loud groan as her pussy walls tighten around my shaft and in that moment an incredible amount of liquid sprays out of her pussy, soaking me, leaving her trembling and gasping. But of course I just fuck her right through her orgasm. Her voice pitches higher as her body starts to climb, her sensitive pussy eager to explode again.

But by this time, I’m near to my own explosion so I fuck her senseless, bottoming out and grinding into her, almost forgetting that I can’t cum inside her. I’m sure she isn’t taking any kind of birth control and I’m not wearing a condom. This could be very dangerous. My mind is promising itself I’ll pull out of her to cum, but my cock is throbbing like crazy, not wanting to leave her cunt’s warm embrace.

My mind wins. Just as I feel myself boiling over, I resolve not to cum in my daughter’s pussy and draw my hips back when she grabs my ass, Girne Escort just like she did in the kitchen before, and pulls me down to bury me inside her.

“Cum inside me, Daddy. Make me your woman. Make me your wife.” The second I hear those words I erupt into her, flooding her pussy with the biggest load of cum I’ve ever let out. But my mind is finally at peace. I wanted to claim her and her cunt from the very beginning and this is just how it should be.

I slowly stroke deep inside her once and twice more, emptying myself completely. I can feel a trickle of my warm seed flowing from her and running down my balls. I kiss her passionately.

“I love you so much, Daddy.”

“I love you too, my little Dolly.”

We hold each other tightly, kissing again and again before heading to the shower to clean up.


We went out for lunch, like any other couple. We held hands, kissed while talking and laughing, forgetting that before being lovers, we were father and daughter.

Time flew past while we enjoyed each other’s company. My Eva is definitely a slut when it comes to sex but she is also a smart, mature woman, so I felt like I was with a woman my own age.

But what happened this morning hadn’t faded from our minds, especially hers. She was wearing a tiny white dress with blue flowers on it and nothing at all underneath, and while she acted all innocent she teased me mercilessly. For example, she never missed a chance to touch me under the table with her foot. She’d pretend to drop a fork and crawl down to kiss the head of my cock through my jeans. It was easy to find, she had me painfully hard the whole time. I was eager to fuck her as roughly as she deserved, so I paid the bill and hurried her back home.

The moment she closed the door I pinned Kıbrıs Escort her back against it, lifting her legs around my waist, fumbling my rigid cock out of my pants and driving straight up into her slick cunt. She was just as eager as I was. I knocked her ass against the door, fucking her senseless before dragging her up to bed and fucking her some more.

I came in her pussy three more times that day, as if I were twenty years younger. I never even thought of pulling out, but she held me inside every time, taking no chances.

“Daddy, you do realize that you probably planted a seed inside me?” she asked with a satisfied grin on her still red face.

“Oh yes, Dolly. If it was a problem for you, you should have thought of that before holding me in while I came inside your little pussy all day.”

“Oh but it isn’t a problem at all for me,” she smirked, her eyes sparkling, “After all, I’m your wife now.”

“Not officially baby girl. You’re still my daughter…”


We were still snuggling in daddy’s bed, panting, daddy’s cum leaking from my pussy when we heard noises downstairs. Daddy and I looked at each other in confusion. He threw on a pair of shorts and went downstairs to investigate, leaving the bedroom door ajar. I was uneasy, so I hid behind the door to listen to what was happening. I was not expecting to hear my mother’s voice.

Yes, we had both forgotten completely that today she was planning to come by and drop off a few things she didn’t need anymore. Some dresses for me and I don’t know what else.

“You just came from the bedroom but you seem very tired Thomas,” I heard her say, “Am I interrupting something? You really shouldn’t be bringing women to the house, it isn’t respectful to Eva. Is she here as well? I’d like see her.”

I Magosa Escort was torn between anger that she only barely remembers we exist when she has nothing better to do and laughter at the look on her face if she knew I was the woman in daddy’s bedroom. I even considered going downstairs to show her daddy’s seed dripping down my thighs, but I held back for his sake.

“You needn’t worry, Larissa. Yes, I was with a woman in my bedroom and it’s exactly how it seems, but Eva went out for the afternoon with friends and my guest will be gone before she comes back.” Daddy is so smart. He replied with a gentle but firm voice, without giving away any hint of what was actually going on.

“Oh… why don’t you go back upstairs then, I don’t want to interfere in your social life. I’ll be gone in a few minutes myself.” she sounded a little annoyed.

“Thank you, Larissa but I’d prefer to help you. I don’t want to take up more of your time,” he answered cheerfully. She didn’t respond and she was out of the house less than ten minutes after she arrived.

Fuck, that was close! What if she had come upstairs and seen me? It was only ten minutes but it seemed like an eternity. I went downstairs to inspect what she’d left for us. While daddy was looking in a box, I noticed a little bright thing on the coffee table in the living room.

It was my mother’s wedding ring. Without a second thought, I slipped it on my ring finger and walked over to my daddy.

“Now, is it official?”

My daddy looked puzzled by my words so I made it easy for him by raising my left hand to his face. He got the picture immediately and wrapped his arm around my waist, pulling me snugly against his chest.

“Yes, I suppose now you are officially my wife,” he said, smiling and kissing me long and slow. Without another word, he lifted me in his arms and carried me up to OUR bedroom, never breaking our kiss. You can figure out for yourself what happened next.

Even if we have to hide our passion from other people, we’ll surely live happily together from now on.

And that is how I became my Daddy’s wife.

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