Jed Goes Camping with His Sister


“I was so looking forward to it. Why do you have to be so clumsy?”

“Jed, you make it sound as if I did it on purpose.”

Of course she hadn’t, and I was being a jerk. When the woman you love, badly sprains her ankle while out walking, you give her sympathy, and not abuse.

A heartfelt sorry from me, followed by a hug, got a big smile from her. We were now OK again.

An hour later, I was still disappointed about tomorrow’s camping trip being cancelled, but I was doing my best not to show it. And I still hadn’t plucked up the courage to tell Jess. She wouldn’t be happy, and she would probably find some way of blaming me for Lizzy’s misfortune, even though that would be completely irrational. However, when I did eventually call my Sister, she was surprisingly calm about it.

“It’s no big deal, we can always go camping on another weekend. I’m just glad that her ankle isn’t broken.”

While we were eating our evening meal Lizzy was quiet, and I could tell that there was something on her mind. I didn’t ask her what it was, because I knew that when she’s ready, she’ll tell me. We’d almost finished eating, when she did.

“I’ve been thinking about your camping trip. You can still go.”

“But what about your ankle?”

“I can hobble about on it, and I’m sure that if I ask my Mother to stay with me while you are away, she will say yes, even though it’s short notice.”

I wanted to go, but it didn’t seem right. I would be away having a good time, while she was at home, unable to walk properly.

“No, I’ll stay here and help you.”

We then had an argument. She was insisting that I go, while I was insisting that I would be staying. It got heated, until, after realizing how silly I was being, I stopped.

After putting my hands up, as if surrendering, I said, “OK, you win,” and then, after kissing her on the cheek, “Thanks.”

As expected, her Mother was happy to come and stay while I was away. And Jess was delighted that the trip was now back on.

“So just you and me Bro. And don’t forget, I’m in charge.”

That wasn’t news to me, because she was always in charge. As usual, she had planned the camping trip, and she would decide the itinerary. I’m twenty five years old, and Jess is only twenty, but she’s the leader. I don’t mind, despite being older than her, I’m happy to follow.

We were in bed for nine thirty, because tomorrow was an early start for me.

“What time is Jess picking you up at?”

“Six, and if I’m not ready I’ll be in trouble.”

“Try not to wake me up.”

“I’ll be as quiet as a mouse.”

“You’d better be. Mother is coming over at eight, and I’d like to still be asleep when she arrives.”

I then turned over, so that my back was against her. It was so that she would think that I wanted to sleep. But I didn’t. I was in a playful mood, probably because of the excitement of going away for the weekend, so I was going to make her believe that I wasn’t interested in having sex. As expected, it wasn’t long before she spoke again.

“Don’t even think about sleeping before you’ve fucked me.”

With my back still towards her, I calmly said, “What about your injury?”

“It’s my ankle that’s sprained, not my pussy.”

That was funny, but I managed not to laugh. If I was careful I’d be able to tease her a bit more.

“I’ve got a long day tomorrow. I need to sleep.”

“And you’ve got a long cock. I need it inside me.”

I was going to say more, but before I could, she poked me in the ribs, and it was painful. I quickly turned over before she could do it again.

This time when her hand was on me, it wasn’t to inflict pain, it was to stimulate me, because it was now on my cock.

“You thought that you were being funny, pretending that you weren’t interested, but you were just being pathetic. I’ll forgive you, but only if you make me come, and more than once.”

There are many things I love about Lizzy. That’s why I married her. For example, she has brains as well as beauty, and she has a wicked sense of humour. And nobody makes a better cheesecake than her, and that’s important to me. But top of the list is her enjoyment of sex. She’s a woman that likes to fuck, and often. At times I have difficulty keeping up with her. So I knew that before I went away, she wasn’t going to let me just turn over and go to sleep. But that wasn’t a problem, because I was as eager to do it as she was.

We were now passionately kissing, and my hands were on her tits. She has a slim body, that’s best described as petite, so her breasts aren’t mountains. However, as always, they were big enough to excite me. And because she was only twenty two years old, they were wonderfully firm.

“Suck my tits.”

As soon as my mouth was on her nipple, she moaned, and her hand that was on my cock, started to move faster. But I wasn’t worried that she would make me come. She has done this now so many times that she was an expert. She was stroking my cock with a speed that was exciting me, but well below the level that was needed to finish Girne Escort me off.

I was now giving both her nipples the attention that they needed, one in my mouth, and the other was being tweaked by my fingers. But soon she’d want more than that, she would want her pussy to join in. And surprisingly, it was minutes rather than seconds before that happened.

“Finger my wet pussy.”

I did, and she was right. What I’d done to her tits had certainly got her juices flowing. My two fingers were sliding in an out of her with ease, so I added another. That made her gasp. I knew what the next thing that she’d want me to do to her was, so I didn’t need to wait for her to ask, I just did it. And when I did, she purred.

“I like that, do it again, but harder.”

This time when I rubbed her clit my touch was firmer, and her response was a low moan. A third stroke of her little pearl got another moan from her, but a lot louder than the previous one. She was coming to the boil.


Did she mean the finger on her clit or the three that were inside her?

My guess was that it was her clit that needed more, but in case it wasn’t, all my fingers were now moving speedily.

That got the response from her that I expected. More noise and more movement. Her moaning was now almost off the scale, and she was pushing her pussy against my fingers.

“Fuck, I’m going to come.”

I had to smile. There was surprise in her voice, as if what I was doing to her wasn’t going to eventually make her climax.

And what a climax it was! I was proud of my contribution towards it, but I couldn’t just stay still and admire it, I needed to act. What she expected now, was for me to get my cock into her as quickly as possible, preferably while she was still in it. Then I was to fuck her hard. No holding back.

While I parted her legs she was still, but entering her made her animated again. And when I was fully in her, she grunted. Then I started fucking her. Long hard strokes.

“You can do much better than that.”

It was a challenge, and I was up for it. Each stroke was now my best, ending with my balls slapping against her.

I only managed to keep going for a minute at the most, but it was enough for both of us. She got there first, and two strokes later I joined her. I was completely satisfied, and she was as well. However, when I return, after being away for three nights, both of us would be desperate to do it again.

I got up at five thirty, and when Jess arrived at six, I was ready.

“Do you want a coffee before we leave?”

That got a quick no from her, followed by, “I’ll drive.”

That suited both of us. She preferred to drive, and I was always happy to be a passenger.

When we were in the car, about to set off, she asked, “Did you pack everything?”


“Including your sleeping bag?”

Then she giggled. Why was that funny? Before I could ask, she said, “Read this.”

She was now on her phone, sending me something. As soon as I received it I opened her text, then I clicked on the link. It took me to a story, ‘Camping with my Sister’. It was on a website that I hadn’t heard of before, but the name of it contained the word sex, so the story was going to be pornographic.

“When you’ve finished reading it you’ll know why I asked you about the sleeping bag.”

As she drove off, I started. To say that I was curious was the understatement of the year, so I was reading it quickly. The first part was setting the scene. Like us, it was two siblings on a camping trip. Amusingly, called Jack and Jill. When they arrive at the camp site, and unpack, there’s only one sleeping bag. Jack has forgotten to pack his. And that’s why Jess had asked me if I’d brought mine with me. Up to that point it was a story that a child could read, but at night, when they share Jill’s sleeping bag, it became adult only.

When I’d finished reading it, I put my phone down. It had been hot stuff, and it had aroused me. Our camping trip would be enjoyable, but not as enjoyable as theirs!

“So what did you think of it?”

I decided to play it down. It would feel uncomfortable telling my Sister that I’d enjoyed a story about incest, particularly one that was about siblings on a camping trip.

In a casual manner, I said, “It was OK. Some spelling mistakes and a bit of bad grammar, but that didn’t distract from the story.”

She laughed and then she said, “Just OK? And only you would point out the errors, rather than just enjoy it. It’s been written to excite, and not to win a literary prize. It’s porn, not high art.”

Thankfully, she left it at that. No more questions from her about what I’d just read. As we continued on our long journey, I kept going back to the story, thinking about what had happened between Jack and Jill.

It was a cold night, so they had no option but to share the one sleeping bag. And, because their clothes were wet, after both of them had fallen into a river, they were naked. It wasn’t believable. Kıbrıs Escort Didn’t they have any spare clothes? But the writing, and the story, got better when they were together in the sleeping bag.

“I need to pee.”

That brought me out of my daydream. My stomach was starting to rumble. If we were going to have to stop somewhere so that she could use the restroom, we might as well eat.

“Can you wait? That burger place we like is only a few miles away.”

“OK, if I get desperate then I’ll cross my legs.”

I hoped that she was joking, but it wouldn’t surprise me if she could still drive while her legs were crossed. My Sister is a very resourceful person.

It took us fifteen minutes to get to it. As soon as we were parked, she was out of the car and hurrying to the restroom. Half an hour later, we were back on the road, and my stomach was no longer rumbling.

Both of us like camping, and it’s what we have done from an early age. Occasionally, a family holiday would be in a hotel, but most of the time it’s been camping in remote places. Now that our parents are older, they no longer join us, but Lizzy has taken their place. She’s as keen as we are. If it wasn’t for her sprained ankle, then she’d be with us now. And where we were driving to was one of our favourite places that we have been to several times before.

We got there with only half an hour of daylight left, but that wasn’t a problem. Within twenty minutes we’d pitched the tent. We’d done it so many times before, we could do it in our sleep. Now all we needed to do was to get the rest of the stuff from the car. Jess did that while I searched for fallen branches to make a fire.

It didn’t take me long. I was back within ten minutes, with enough wood under my arm for tonight and tomorrow morning. Jess was waiting for me, and she looked worried.

“We have a problem.”

“The tent is near an anthill?”

She shook her head. I was relieved. We’d done that once before, only discovering that in the middle of the night, when they’d invaded our tent. It had been a nightmare getting rid of them.

“It’s worse than that.”


“I wish it was,” then after hesitating, she added, “I didn’t bring my sleeping bag. I must have left it in the kitchen. I’m sorry, I should have made sure that I’d packed it.”

She had to be joking. Next she would be saying that we needed to find a river, so that we could fall into it, and get our clothes wet.

“What are we going to do?”

When I heard the anguish in her voice, I realized that she’d really left it at home, and that she obviously hadn’t done it on purpose. I wasn’t happy, but getting angry with her wasn’t going to help the situation. I needed to stay calm.

Twenty minutes later we were drinking coffee together, and laughing about it. The problem was now no longer a problem. And it had been easy to solve. My sleeping bag could be completely unzipped, turning it into a blanket. We’d sleep together, with it covering us. And because our clothes weren’t wet, we wouldn’t be naked!

When it was bedtime, we undressed in the tent, with our backs to each other, and then we quickly got under the sleeping bag that was now being used as a blanket. It covered both of us, but only just.

Jess said, “This is cosy.”

It certainly was. We were going to spend the night close together in just our underwear.

“Yes it is, but next time make sure that you bring your sleeping bag.”

“OK Jack.”

Jack? Then I remembered the story that she’d asked me to read.

“Very funny. Now let’s try to get to sleep.”

She managed it easily, falling asleep in a matter of minutes. But after half an hour I was still awake. I couldn’t get the story out of my head. It was Jess’s fault, because when she’d called me Jack, I’d started thinking about their first night together.

They were in one sleeping bag, and both of them were naked. You didn’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out what was going to eventually happen. They were going to fuck. But surprisingly, the author hadn’t gone straight to it, they had built up the suspense. The writing had been good, making you believe that it was real, rather than fiction. And some of it had even been funny. When his erect cock had prodded her in the back, Jill had responded with, “Is that a gun in your pocket, or are you pleased to see me?”

Despite it not being original, and the fact that Jack was naked, so he didn’t have any pockets, it still amused me.

Eventually, after some time, I felt myself drifting off.

I’d liked that part of the story, but I didn’t like it when it happened for real. I’d woken up in the middle of the night, and I was spooning Jess. And worse, my fully erect cock was prodding her. I quickly moved away. Thankfully she was still asleep. But now I was worried about going back to sleep, in case it happened again. Somehow I managed to put it out of my mind, and as soon as my cock was limp, I was falling off asleep.

The next time when Kıbrıs Escort I woke, I wasn’t spooning her, and I wasn’t prodding her, but it was her turn to be doing something that was inappropriate. And she was worse than I’d been. We were facing each other, and her hand was inside my boxers, with her fingers tightly wrapped around my stiff cock. I couldn’t believe it.

Her rhythmic breathing, and occasional snore, told me that she was still asleep. If I was careful I could remove her hand without waking her, and that would avoid any embarrassment for both of us. But I was reluctant to do that, and the reason for my reluctance was simple. I was enjoying her hand being on my cock.

I’ve always been envious of my Sister. My looks are passable, but she’s beautiful. And she’d been lucky in getting Mother’s slim figure, while I got Father’s heavy frame. Physically she’s a lot like Lizzy, except she’s a cup size bigger. A psychologist might speculate that I was attracted to Lizzy because she reminded me of my Sister. As uncomfortable as that would be, I’d find it difficult to disagree with them. Up to now I’d been happy to just admire her, to appreciate her beauty from a distance. And that’s how it should be between siblings.

But her slim fingers, gripping my engorged cock, was a game changer!

I was now staying perfectly still so as not to disturb her. I wanted her hand to stay where it was for as long as possible. Any sudden movement might end this and I didn’t want that to happen.

There then was a sudden movement, but it was from her and not me. She’d moved closer, so close that her breasts were squashed against my chest, and I could feel her breath on my face. If I was to move my head, we’d be able to kiss. My excitement had gone up a level, and not just because she was now so near to me, but also because her hand was still on my cock, and it was now slowly moving up and down.

It lasted for a minute at the most, but while she was doing it I was in heaven. Slow sensuous strokes of the full length of my cock. Any longer and I would have come.

It had ended as it had started, suddenly. She just removed her hand, and then she turned over. Then she muttered a single word. It was Jack. That was telling. She must have been dreaming about the story. In it, Jill had stroked Jack’s unrealistic twelve inch cock. I couldn’t match that, but I was still proud of my eight inches. Hopefully, while we were still camping, she would dream again, and it would be about the end of the story, when Jill lets Jack fuck her with his monster cock. And while she did, she would think that I was him again, and so she would open her legs for me!

In the morning I was the first to wake. By the time Jess was up, breakfast was ready.

When I handed her a coffee, she said, “I slept well last night. What about you?”

“It was OK.”

But the time when I was awake, and her hand was on my cock, was a lot better than just OK.

“And I had a really vivid dream.”

I already knew that, and what she’d dreamt about, but it would be exciting to get more details from her.

“Tell me about it.”

“I’m not sure that I should. It was X-rated.”

“In that case I definitely want to hear it.”

That made her laugh, but when she’d finished, she still seemed reluctant to tell me.

“Don’t make me beg.”

That got a chuckle from her, and then she started telling me.

“It was part of that Jack and Jill story. They are in the sleeping bag, and he gets aroused. She notices his big cock, and that gets her excited.”

“And you were watching this?”

“No, it was better than that. I was Jill.”

And without her realizing it, I had been Jack.

“Wasn’t his cock extremely large?”

“Yes, twelve inches.”

Then she stopped, but I wanted to hear more.

“What happened next?”

“You can guess the rest.”

I could, and I was going to tell her.

“He put his big cock deep up your little pussy, and then he fucked you hard.”

I could see in her face that my explicit words had shocked her, and she was silent for a few seconds before speaking again.

“Yes,” and then, to my surprise, she added, “And I enjoyed it.”

This was exciting me, so I was going to get out of her as much as I could.

“Did you manage to take all of his cock, and did you come?”

“No, it was too big for me. But he did make me climax.”

So far she’d answered all of my questions, but I had another one, and it was as personal as you can get. I was going to ask it, even though I wasn’t expecting her to give me an answer.

“How many inches can you take.”

For a second or two, her eyes widened. That wasn’t surprising, because her Brother had just asked her how big her pussy was. But would she answer me? She did, and with more detail than I had expected.

“Seven inches, but if you get me very excited, then eight is OK.”

Her saying ‘you’ in that sentence, had sent more blood into my cock, and if she was to now look at my crotch she would see an impressive bulge.

Then the conversation was ended, with her saying, “I need to pee,” and then quickly getting up, and looking for somewhere private to do it.

When she returned, there was no more talk about her dream. But I had a feeling that before our camping trip ended, Jack and Jill would feature again!

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