Loving Mom


mother 39, son 18

I have not been home for a while. I do not work far from my parents’ home, but never found the time to stop. I have not seen either of them since I moved out five months ago.

Now that I was a single man, I usually went out to have a few drinks with friends or would hang out with my girlfriend. However, I had just split up with my girlfriend. I found out she was pregnant with another man’s child. She had tried to pass it off as mine. But I knew better. I always used protection when we had sex.

One of the reasons I moved out was because it felt weird bringing my girlfriend home and not being able to have sex.

I decided to stop by my parent’s house the other day. My Dad was away on one of his many business trips. Mom did not seem to be her usual happy self when I arrived.

“What’s wrong Mom?”

Mom explained that dad was gone more than he was home these days. She let slip that she thought he might be cheating on her. I was not sure of what to think. This was all news to me. I had no clue my parents were not getting along. I sat down next to my mother and I rubbed her back. I did not know what to say to her. Mom looked at me. She then leaned into me and gave me a tight hug.

Mom’s breasts pushed into my chest. I knew I had to try and control myself, but I felt my dick starting to rise in my pants.

I knew I should not be getting excited over the fact that my mother was hugging me, but I could not help myself. It had been a week since Mandy left, I have not done anything to relieve my sexual frustration. Mom looked at my face and then she kissed me on the lips.

That is all it took, we just lost control. We opened our mouths and our tongues touched. My hands went straight to my mother’s chest it was the first time I rubbed her beautiful breasts. Mom broke away from me and then she stood up.

I could not believe what I was seeing, mother slowly began to strip out of her clothes. She stripped right down to her bra and panties. I watched as mom unfastened her bra and her beautiful c-cup breasts came into view. Her nipples stood out from her perky breasts. They were already hard and I could not take my eyes off them. Then she hooked her fingers on the inside of her panties and slowly pulled them down. When her pubic hair Nişantaşı Escort came into view, I could see her beautiful vagina just for my eyes to see that day. I knew then that I had to have her. I stood up then looked at my mother and then slowly began to undress. It was unavoidable, my cock was rock hard, and we had not even done anything yet.

Mom then led me back to her bedroom. I watched as she laid down onto her back, she then asked me to get up on the bed with her. Mom directed me to climb over her so that my cock was in her face. Mom took hold of it by the root bringing it to her mouth, she took me down her throat. No woman had ever taken all my cock like that before. I was becoming delirious, thrusting into my mother’s mouth. I could hear her slurping noises and it got me hard as could be. I eventually pulled away and got in between my mom’s thighs.

I had to taste the woman who had given birth to me. I have never thought of my mother as a sexual being. She was the woman who had taken care of me when I was a child, the woman to cooked me food, who took care of me when I was sick.

Now it was my turn to take care of her. I could see that her vagina was wet and the musky smell was drawing me in. I knew the moment my tongue hit her wet lips this would not be the last time I would be down between her legs eating this delightful pussy.

Mom became very vocal as my tongue worked her vagina. Calling out my name and moaned as I worked her body.

“Oh, uh, Tommy work that tongue,”

I would find out later that my father did not like eating out my mother. To tell the truth I did not understand why because my mother’s taste was incredible. My ex-girlfriend tasted good but she was nowhere as tasty as my mother. I slowly stroked my cock to keep my excitement level. I knew I would be fucking my mother soon enough.

I was waiting for mom to ask me to fuck her. I knew she would but I needed her to ask me to do it. I was also prepared to stop if mother asked me too. Then it happened.

“Tommy fuck me.” she called out.

I stood up and gently pulled her legs apart and I moved my cock to the place I had once entered the world. I could not help but to tease my mom. I rubbed the head across her Pendik Escort slit a few times to get my mom worked up. I use to do this with Mandy when we had sex.

“Oh gawd. Please Tommy, I need your cock so bad!”

I placed the tip of my cock to my mother’s entrance and stopped. I realized I did not have a condom.

“Mom, I don’t have a condom.”

I thought mom would change her mind. I knew if she told me to stop I would. I can control my urges. I also knew it would be dangerous to fuck my mother raw. She is still a young mother. She celebrated her thirty ninth birthday only a few months ago. Plus, she is still in her prime. I knew that a woman could still bare children well into their late forties.

“Just fuck me, Tommy.”

When she said that I did not waste another second. I pushed the head of my cock inside her. I stopped to let her adjust to the size of my cock. I knew from experience that there was no way I could fuck her and not hurt her.

I don’t think I have ever been so hard. Once she had adjusted to those first few inches I slowly pushed in deeper.

Mom’s body began to shudder as she began to orgasm.

She screams out as I fed her all eight inches of my hard thick cock. There was no build up. I began to fuck my mom hard and fast. I could hear my balls slapping hard against my mom’s ass. My mother brought her legs up high onto my back and then she locked them in place. I stretched my legs out and proceeded to pound my mother’s pussy.

The house reverberated with the sounds of our love making our grunting and moans filled the house as mother and son fucked each other for the first time. I could not believe how tight my mom’s pussy was. She had me in this vise like grip as I punished her love tunnel with my cock. I soon lowered my mouth and I found both tits with my lips. I was sucking, licking, and finally biting on her erect nipples. This pushed my mom over the edge.

I felt her muscles writhing around my thick shaft. Mom was begging me to give it to her as deep as I could. I pushed in until our pubic mounds were rubbing together. We must have been going at it for forty-five minutes or longer. I was trying to hold back but my balls began to tighten and I knew I was going Rus Escort to cum. I did not even try pulling out. My body tensed up and I shot the first wads of cream into my mother’s voracious hole. Mom let out another scream when she felt my cum hit her pussy walls.

Her muscles clenched me tight and I blew even more of my sticky cum into her tight pussy. I rested my dick inside my mother until she managed to calm herself down. Mom’s body did shake for the longest time.

“Oh my God Teddy, I haven’t been fucked like that in years!”

I knew I would need my mother more than once. I was going to have my mother as many times as possible. I was right about that part.

Mom and I talked about what we just did. She told me my father had not had sex with her in a year. She also told me she was not on the pill. She told me it made her sick and was willing to take the chance of getting pregnant.

Mom also said she could not take it any longer. She also told me she had fantasies of us having sex together. She said she had found a website that had stories of mother’s having sex with their sons and it had helped to fuel her fantasies. She finally acted out on it.

Once we got ourselves under control, we had another round of sex. This time my mother mounted me and she slid down onto my pole and rode my cock. I love the idea of reaching up and squeezing my mother’s beautiful breasts. One thing I found out was that mom would get loud as I drove my cock deep into her. and I massaged her beautiful breasts with the palms of my hands. I think she might have had even more orgasms than the first time we made love. One thing I did find out. My Mom was a cum freak.

She said she loved it when she felt the rush of my love seed shooting into her body. I did manage to squirt more of my love juice into her pussy. I would fill my mother over and over that day. I ended up staying the night and we continued to make love.

I ended up visiting my mother every day. Even though the first day we had sex I felt the need to wear a condom. The only time we did not was when mom begged me to fill her pussy. Mom also love to give blowjobs.

My father did finally show up from his business trip. Mom told him she wanted a divorce. Dad did not even argue. It was then that I moved back home. now you can find me in my mother’s hot pussy. Mom keeps telling me she does not want me looking for a girlfriend. She wants my cock exclusively for herself.

I do not have any problem with that. I never have to beg my mom for sex. She loves to suck and fuck and she has an endless need for my cock. That is just the way I like it.

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