Naughty Friend Buys My Silence Ch. 10


Naughty Friend Buys My Silence 10 — He gets to know a Slutty redhead Stripper bombshell.

Submitted: August 20, 2021 to Literotica (Copyright Kaizer Wolf)

Tags: cheating (slut/boyfriend), prostitution, big tits, blowjob, domination, harem


IMPORTANT: I made some changes to the story to make it consistent everywhere. If you don’t like the changes, just ignore them. This story is overall the same either way.


– CHAPTER 10: Stripper –

– SATURDAY, DECEMBER 19: Late Evening –

I tried to steady my heart as a literal redheaded bombshell walked up to me in the club, wearing black PVC boots, a matching pleated mini-skirt, and a wet-looking bikini top that was covered by a transparent plastic hoodie, which somehow made her look even more slutty and sexy than it would have without the extra garment.

She also had shiny red thongs straps pulled up on her bony hips, and had a pierced belly button, along with her black bikini top having very slight bulges, causing me to wonder if maybe her nipples might be pierced too. Or maybe her nipples were just really hard.

It was obvious her measurements were almost the same as Amber’s, her tits only a little bit smaller, possibly 36-D cups, and her hips noticeably a bit wider, but otherwise being just as thin.

But then there was her face.

Fuck, she had the face of an angel if I ever saw one, the kind of face that would look attractive even if she weighed three-hundred pounds, though her slim neck and delicate jawline were definitely hot as fuck, never mind her gorgeous blue eyes tastefully surrounded by dark makeup. And the whole thing was framed by thick vibrant red hair hanging in heavy curls on her shoulders.

And then there was her adorable cute nose, and full lips that had a light sheen of lip-gloss, looking extra shiny in the dim lights.

As she approached, and I kept my gaze averted so I could try to calm down, it took me a second to realize that the transparent pleated skirt that Amber had been wearing on stage probably went with this plastic hoodie, which actually made me even more nervous when I thought about them sharing an outfit between the two of them.


Fuck, I was in trouble.

Never. Never in my entire life had I ever felt this uncomfortable around another human being.

I was almost relieved when someone intercepted her and got her attention, prompting her to stop and turn away briefly to address them, only for me to immediately focus on her plump ass when I realized she had a vibrant blue butterfly tramp-stamp just between the two dimples on her lower back, her shiny red thong pulled up high enough to just barely cover part of it.

Holy fuck.

Oh my God, I was in so much trouble.

Shit, I needed to calm down. And fast.

Trying to take a deep breath, I kept my shaking hands out of sight as I thought about school, just trying to reminisce over how stressful this last semester had been, and wondering how it was going to be attending this more unorthodox college in the spring, which didn’t have traditional semesters, but would allow me to get some general education classes in through five week increments.

Just anything to get my mind off my present situation.

Before I knew it, the gorgeous redhead was stopping a couple of feet away from my table, facing directly toward me.

“Hey,” she said sweetly, her youthful innocent voice making me feel like I was going to melt in my seat, a slight hesitation to her tone. “Ryan, right?”

I cleared my throat, trying to relax as I glanced at her. “Yep, I’m here with…err, Hazel,” I said lamely, almost saying my sexy blonde’s real name.

She grinned at that, a breathtaking smile that almost made my mind go completely blank. “Thought that was you,” she said cheerfully. “Mind if I have a seat? Your girlfriend sent me out here to entertain you a little.”

Oh fuck.

Holy fuck, Amber, no you didn’t.

I wasn’t sure if I could handle this right now. I was so uncomfortable that I actually would have preferred she just walk away, even though every other guy in existence would scream at me for being an idiot, but holy shit I couldn’t handle this.

She had a sexual presence so powerful it was palpable in the air. I could feel a literal tension, created from the raw carnal sexuality that was her entire existence.


I cleared my throat, feeling like I couldn’t even think straight. “Umm, yeah. Sure, you can have a seat. Feel free.”

She nodded, her plastic outfit making all the sexy noises in the world as she moved closer to sit down across from me at the small two-seater table, only to fold her hands in her lap and smile at me warmly as she tilted her head slightly, looking like the most adorable fuck doll in existence.

“I’m Jess, by the way,” she said politely, only to lower her voice. “I’m sure you know my real name, but if you Lefkoşa Escort wouldn’t mind…”

I nodded simply, keeping my eyes on Sarah still dancing on the stage, but no longer seeing her now that all of my attention had been trapped by this slutty goddess.

“Enjoying the show?” Victoria wondered curiously, her deep blue eyes nearly sparkling, her vibrant red hair hanging in those heavy curls on her transparent hoodie.

I cleared my throat again. “Umm, yeah, for the most part.”

“Aww,” she pouted, not seeming convinced. “What’s wrong, cutie? Something missing up there?”

I wasn’t sure what she was going for, wondering if she was thinking I was disappointed that my ‘girlfriend’ wasn’t on stage anymore, but decided that I needed to get my ass in gear and try to be at least a little bit charming.

“Umm, well I’ve been outside all this time, and I guess that means I missed your dance,” I replied lamely.

Her azure eyes lit up at that like a Christmas tree, her expression full of pure joy. “Oh, well I can fix that for you real fast, if you want a private dance, handsome,” she said with a sexy wink.

Oh my God.

Oh shit, this was too much. How could a single person exude so much eroticism?

I felt like a room full of strippers couldn’t compete with this single individual.

And her plastic hoodie was reflecting the light in certain spots so that I couldn’t see her skin in that particular area, almost making it feel like I had x-ray vision and was seeing underneath her clothing when I shouldn’t be able to do so.

Shit, I bet she would look absolutely adorable with the hood up, forcing some of her heavy red curls more flat.

“Umm, that’s alright,” I replied uneasily to her offer, feeling like my head was starting to spin.

“What?” she said in mock disbelief, clearly exaggerating her reaction. “You don’t want a private dance from me? But it’s even free of charge.”

I focused on her in surprise, prompting another gorgeous grin that took my breath away.

She looked proud as she spoke. “I did say your girlfriend sent me out here to entertain you, didn’t I?” She pouted then. “I’d be a really horrible friend if I charged you for something as simple as a little lap dance.”

I wasn’t sure what it was, but something about her playfulness, including her exaggerated pout, unexpectedly made me feel more relaxed, almost as if it reminded me of how Amber and I would sometimes tease each other.

Without even realizing it, my hands stopped trembling, and I found myself smiling at her, my entire chest feeling really warm.

“You can entertain me with your words,” I replied sincerely. “More than happy to talk with you for a little bit. If you don’t mind.”

She seemed genuinely surprised at that for some reason, but quickly recovered. “Okay,” she said warmly. “Then can I ask how long you and Hazel have been together? I had no idea she split with her previous boyfriend.”

I shrugged, surprised she went for that topic right away, wondering if she was playing the ‘concerned friend’ role, wanting to scope out Amber’s new ‘boy-toy’ to make sure he was alright. “Not long,” I admitted. “We’ve known each other for a while,” I added allusively. “But just started dating recently.”

She nodded slowly, her brow furrowed slightly as she seemed to absorb that.

“What about you?” I wondered. “Got any boyfriends?”

She grinned at that. “I love it how you made that plural,” she said playfully, only to giggle at my embarrassed reaction. “Yes, I do have a boyfriend, but it’s nothing too serious.”

I nodded. “Must be pretty hung, huh?” I blurted out.


Did I really just say that?! What in the hell was wrong with me?!

Holy fuck, I was making such a fool of myself!

Surprisingly, she burst out laughing. “Nope, not really,” she chuckled, seeming highly amused. “He’s actually not very tall either,” she added, only to elaborate when I gave her a confused look. “See, your girlfriend and I don’t exactly have the same type of guy we like. She likes them tall, built, and well-hung…” Her grin widened. “As I’m sure you are,” she giggled. “Whereas I’m much more interested in how my man treats me. Like, my boyfriend waits on me like I’m a princess, and loves to blow my mind in bed in any way I want. He always makes it about me.”

“I see,” I replied simply, uncertain of what else to say.

She giggled again, holding her curled fingers up near her lips as she snickered. “Yeah, those things are much more important to me than how big his cock is, or how tall he is,” she continued with a grin. “Plus, he’s cool with keeping it casual. Like, we don’t live together or anything, and he has no problem with it when I occasionally bring a guy from the club back to my place to fuck. So yeah, pretty casual.”

I nodded, sincerely shocked she was disclosing that she lived a similar lifestyle as Amber. Like, disclosing she did ‘tricks’ on the side Kıbrıs Escort didn’t feel as if it should be something to share with a stranger, but maybe she realized that I must be in the same kind of situation, since I was Amber’s boyfriend.

I mean, she must know that, if she was being so open about it.

When I didn’t respond, she smirked at me. “You don’t seem too surprised by that,” she commented.

I shrugged, glancing away. “I mean, you’ve got to make a living somehow,” I said simply.

Unexpectedly, she looked surprised, and a little confused. “What do you mean by that?” she wondered.

Now I was confused, knowing she should understand what I was saying. Did she just want me to confirm that we were talking about the same thing?

“Umm, just that I get it?” I said hesitantly, deciding I needed to explain that I really understood how it was. “My girlfriend mentioned that this kind of job can be up and down, and I’m sure you might have some nights where you don’t even break even if it’s slow, since you have to pay out a stage fee and such. So I’m just saying it makes sense that you’d want to supplement your income every once in a while,” I added with a shrug.

Unexpectedly, she leaned forward and lowered her voice, her blue eyes narrow. “Wait, do you think…” Her eyes widened. “Shit dude, I don’t fuck for money. You know that’s illegal, right?”

Oh shit!

Oh shit, I’d fucked up! Again!

And worse this time!

I quickly tried to recover. “I am so sorry,” I replied, my tone as sincere as I could manage, knowing I’d look like even more of an idiot if I attempted to lie and say that wasn’t what I meant. “I didn’t mean anything by that. Fuck, I’m sorry. You probably think I’m a complete asshole now.”

She frowned as she sat back and crossed her arms, seeming pensive briefly, only to look over when someone started approaching us.

At the same time, I realized Sarah was crouched on the edge of the stage now, only wearing the shiny sky-blues stockings, thong, and matching blue bikini top, busy with her head tilted back as she took a long swig of a guy’s drink while she let him rub the smooth material over her thin thigh.

Which was surprising to me, the drinking part, since while I was sure the bar staff should know she was twenty-five, she had been introduced as an eighteen-year-old. But then again, I highly doubted most of these college guys even thought about that, since they were used to underaged drinking.

Sarah then handed the beer back to him, almost dismissively waving him away as she gestured for the next guy to come over, who likewise handed over his drink so she could take a swig while he rubbed her thigh, it appearing as if the ‘drink’ was payment for the service.

Fuck, she looked so hot in that particular position, but was also acting as slutty as hell, having cash sticking out all over the place from all the tips she’d accumulated in the last five or ten minutes. Not to mention, the thong she was wearing was too tiny down below to fully cover her trimmed pubic hair, which wasn’t noticeable when she was standing, but was very noticeable in this position.

Even from here, I could tell the guys were staring, undoubtedly wishing they could get away with touching there, instead of only her thigh. Because sure, a shaved pussy was hot, but there could also be something very raw and carnal about seeing a hairy, but well-groomed, one.

Yeah, I was totally going to fuck this chick like a whore real soon, feeling a little excited about ‘punishing her’ for being such a slut tonight.

Returning my attention back to the person walking up to Victoria, I realized it was a nerdy dude with some pretty bad skin problems, seeming to have no reservations as he walked right up to her and rested his hand on her shoulder, beginning to rub the shiny plastic material over her undoubtedly warm skin.

“Whoa!” Victoria said in surprise, quickly twisting away. “Hey now, you know the rules, honey. No touching unless I give you permission.”

“Oh,” he replied with wide eyes, his voice a little nasally. “S-Sorry, Jess. I was just wondering if I could pay you for a lap dance.”

She gave me an apologetic expression, actually fully relaxing to her normal position, even though he was standing so close, only to speak to him. “Afraid not tonight. Sorry. We’re low staffed and I’m taking a short break before I have to get back on stage.”

“But I’ll tip you really well,” he promised, looking desperate.

She frowned at that as she focused up at him. “Look, cutie. I’d love to give you a lap dance and take all your money. Really. But I can’t tonight. Management won’t let me.”

“B-But, I’m going home tomorrow,” he pleaded.

Her red eyebrows — which I only now realized looked like they were her real hair color, indicating she might actually be truly a redhead who dyed her hair a more vibrant shade — raised up slightly at that. “You go to school in Lefkoşa Escort the area, right?” she said seriously.

“Oh, umm, yeah,” he replied lamely.

“Then you’ll be back in a couple of weeks?” she continued, her eyebrows still raised.

He shrugged. “I mean, I guess.”

She nodded, looking away from him entirely as she focused on me. “Well, I’ll be here,” she said simply.

Surprisingly, he didn’t take the clear hint, making it obvious he wasn’t going to accept a refusal. “H-How much do I have to pay you to change your mind?” he blurted out.

I decided to finally step in.

“Hey,” I said firmly, leaning toward him as I squared my shoulders. “Take a hint, man. It doesn’t matter how much money you want to pay her, she can’t tonight. You need to accept that, and let her take her break in peace.”


“Hey,” I repeated a bit harsher, abruptly gesturing to my chest. “You see this shirt? You see this? Let her take her break, or else we’re going to ask you to leave for harassment.”

“Shit, man, I’m not trying to harass anyone,” he said in shock, looking almost a little afraid at the use of that word. “I just want a lap dance. What’s wrong with that?”

“Lap dances are not on the menu tonight,” I snapped. “That’s what’s wrong with it. Sorry, but you’re out of luck. Management said no. Do you really want to get her fired for breaking the rules?”

“N-No, of course not,” he stammered, looking even more alarmed.

“Good. Now apologize to her,” I said firmly.

He looked like he was about to cry now, quickly focusing on her. “I’m…I’m sorry Jess. I just really need a lap dance from you.”

Unexpectedly, she was overly sympathetic, her expression pouty. “I know, cutie. But I can’t right now. But you’ll come back to see me in a couple weeks, won’t you?”

He nodded adamantly, still not budging from his much too close spot.

“Okay, I’ll see you then,” she replied warmly, turning back toward me. “Thanks for letting me take my break,” she added. “You’re doing me a big favor.”

“O-Okay,” he replied, finally taking a step away, and then turning back around with hunched shoulders, sulking the whole way back to his seat.

Victoria turned her head toward the wall as she grimaced, only to take a slow deep breath and then put on a pleasant smile as she focused on me. “Thanks,” she replied almost affectionately. “Maybe I should get Mike to offer you a job for real. You’ve definitely got some decent people skills.”

I shrugged, not really having any intention on working at this place, but thankful she’d forgotten that I’d indirectly called her a prostitute just a few minutes ago. “I was pretty social in high school,” I admitted. “And I’m kind of used to dealing with all kinds of people without it getting out of hand.”

“Social in high school?” she repeated, her gorgeous head tilting slightly, her heavy red curls shifting on her plastic-covered shoulders. “Does that mean you’re not social in college?”

I sighed at that, taking a deep breath. “Well, I took too many classes is all. Didn’t really have time to socialize much.” I paused, focusing on her eyebrows again — which was a great excuse not to focus on her massive cleavage. “By the way, just curious but are you naturally a redhead?”

She smirked at that. “What gave it away? My eyebrows?” she wondered.

I nodded. “Yeah, I guess you don’t dye those, since it’s obvious your hair is dyed.”

She nodded. “My natural hair color is red enough that most people don’t notice, but I really like the color it currently is. That’s why I dye it.”

I nodded. “Looks good,” I said simply.

She nodded as well, her eyes darting briefly to my coke. “Hey, mind if I have a sip?” she wondered.

“Oh, sure, that’s fine,” I replied, reaching out to gently slide it toward her.

She gave me a big grin as she sucked the straw between her perfect full lips, leaving a little bit of shine from her lip-gloss behind after taking a couple of sips.

“You can have more, if you want,” I commented. “I can always get another one.”

She shook her head, her smile still warm. “Nah, I’m good. Thanks though.”

“Sure,” I replied, only to hesitate, feeling like an awkward silence was going to fall over us if I didn’t speak up. “Umm, so are you in school?” I wondered.

Instantly, her expression dropped, and she looked away.

Fuck, what did I say wrong?


“I dropped out,” she unexpectedly said, her blue eyes tight. “Was in school to become a nurse and decided it wasn’t for me,” she quickly added, only to take another sip of my drink, her eyes still averted.

“Oh, umm, well that’s understandable,” I offered, only to scoff. “After this last semester, I kind of wanted to just drop out too.”

She nodded, clearing her throat and turning her head to look over at the stage. I glanced over too, realizing Sarah had left and it was vacant now, not even having noticed her departure. Of course, they didn’t need someone up there at all times, so it didn’t appear as if Victoria was in any rush to get back.

At least, I assumed not.

Maybe she was thinking about leaving now…

After all, her focusing in that direction kind of felt like she’d checked out of the conversation…

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