Video Love


My son Alan had just gotten a small video camera and was going crazy videoing everything in sight. My husband bought it for Alan for his twentieth birthday. At first I thought it was a good idea but it soon got a little tiresome. One day I was doing some house cleaning and Alan was watching me. I was wearing a top that day and when I bent over my son started to video my cleavage.

“What are you doing?” I asked him rather angrily.

“Nothing Mom.”

I told him to delete whatever footage he had of me. He wouldn’t do it. I went over to take the camera from him and we sort of wrestled as to who would have it. Our bodies got pressed together and my tits were against Alan’s chest. We just looked at each other for a long moment and then Alan kissed me on the mouth. I tried to pull away but Alan brought one arm around my waist. My son was wearing a pair of shorts that day. I could feel his cock bulge pressed against my belly.

Alan threw the camera onto the couch and he started to pull my top up over my head. I was trying to stop him but he pulled my top free. The only thing holding my tits in was my bra. I wear a ‘C’ cup and my son was staring at my chest. I hate to admit it even now, I was getting horny from all that tussling. Alan didn’t waste a second. He reached around and unsnapped my bra. My big tits came free.

It all went so Silivri Escort fast. Alan pulled down his shorts and I was looking at his long, thin cock. I guess I just gave in to my son’s desires. Alan pulled my pants and underwear down and mother and son were standing naked together. I felt like a young girl seeing her first naked man. Alan retrieved his camera and started shooting my naked body.

“Stop that now!” I said to him.

Alan didn’t stop at all. He took hold of me and pushed me onto the couch. He walked over to a table in the living room. He set it up so that the camera would take a video of the couch. Alan then walked over to me and got onto the couch. He took hold of my legs and spread them apart. I knew this should never have been happening but I had my eyes glued to his cock. My son knew just what to do.

He took hold of his dick and started to rub his mushroom head across my folds. I just lost whatever self-control I had that morning. I started to moan as I felt my son’s cock growing bigger. In a few minutes Alan had his cock at my opening and he pushed into me. What can I say, there hadn’t been much sex between my husband and me for some time. Alan sunk his prick all the way into my tummy. I gave up trying to stop my son. I wrapped my legs around his back and Alan Şirinevler Escort took me there on the couch.

I looked down to see Alan’s ass bobbing up and down as he fucked my pussy. It felt so good as he buried his long cock all the way inside me. I started moaning and I even told my son to fuck me hard. A big smile came over his face and he gave it to me even harder. I could feel his balls bouncing off my ass cheeks as he stirred his rod around in my drenched pussy. I was wet alright. My pussy was making slurping noises every time Alan drove his cock into me.

I never imagined anything like this would ever happen. Now that Alan was making love to me, I never wanted him to stop. Alan lowered his mouth and he found both of my nipples. He began to bite on each one and I screamed my head off. I was having these small orgasms as my son kept feeding me his cock. I wish I knew how long we went at it. Alan started making these noises and I knew he wasn’t far off from cumming.

I was on the pill but I should have made him pull out. He didn’t and I felt him blast his hot load of seed into my belly. I squeezed Alan’s hard cock with my pussy muscles. I just had to get every drop of his baby seed from his dick. Yes, you could say I was addicted to my son’s cock. I knew this wouldn’t be Şişli Escort the last of our lovemaking. Alan must have had a big load saved up for me. He squirted his spunk inside me for some minutes before he stopped.

We were both panting as Alan left his cock inside me and I kept milking his bone to get the last of his cum. When Alan did pull out, I reached down and felt his seed dripping out of my hole. I caught some of it on my fingers and I raised my hand and tasted it with my mouth. God, how I missed the taste of a man’s cum. I licked my fingers clean and then Alan got up from the couch. I somehow got to my feet and went into the bathroom. When I got back. Alan was looking at his footage of our lovemaking.

“You have to get rid of that,” I told him.

I didn’t want to risk my husband or anyone else seeing what we had done. Alan went to the beginning and let me see the viewfinder. I almost came again. There was my son pumping his prick into my pussy and my face said it all. I was loving everything he had done to me. My legs were strapped to his body and you could see his long cock working in and out of me. I knew we would not be deleted anything that was recorded.

Alan said he would lock away the video camera so that no one could ever see us fucking. You are probably wondering if anything more happened between us. Alan and I started fucking on a regular basis. He would catch our lovemaking on his camera. There I was riding my son’s cock and him squeezing my breasts as he drove his cock up into my pussy. I know it is totally crazy what we have done. It is even more insane to have a record of it but I can’t stop now as I need to have Alan fucking me for as long as he can.

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