Welsh Nympho’s


Bethany “(37 year old nymph, 5ft 2, 106 lbs, 32C)” had stopped me in the lane on my home tonight and told me to be at her house at 7:30 pm and not to be late. She told me we had a lot of catching up to do at her house as husband was going out at 1830 to a Christmas do till gone midnight.

She told me as she would be on the settee ready for me and she would leave the key in the front door and I was to lock it once I got in.

I was greeted with the sight of her 5ft 2 frame dressed like a porn star in a red ¼ cup Basque, black seamed stockings, red G-string and black 4 inch high heels. Typically for her, she had over done the make up and looked a bit like a cheap, inexperienced tart with her bright red lipstick, blue eye shadow etc.

On the coffee table beside her were two gold 6 inch vibrators, one really thick 10 inch black vibrator, a thick flexible pink 24 inch double ended dildo, four different size butt plugs, a large tube of KY, douche, pack of wet ones and a box of tissues. On the floor in the corner was a blue plastic sheet with the wall side edges going about a foot up each wall and the other two sides had something pushed under each of the other two sides to create a sort of pond.

Beth told me her daughter; Stephanie “(18 year old nymph, 4ft 10, 96 lbs, 30B)”and boyfriend Robin “(27 year old skinny, 5ft 9, 126 lbs, 5 inch, slim, cut)”were upstairs and would not be down unless she called them. But for now she wanted me to strip and stand in front of her so she could watch my cock get hard and the foreskin slide back over my knob as I watched her teasing and playing with her small tight breasts and pussy. This didn’t take very long as she laid back with her legs spread wide and her fingers teasing her clit till it got hard and she started leaking lots of juice which she carefully spread all around her clit and the shaved petals of her pussy lips before slipping one hand lower to lube her ring as the other hand started pumping two very wet, eager fingers rapidly in and out of her cunt.

When Beth was satisfied that my cock was hard enough she leant forward while continuing to pleasure herself with both hands and slowly slid her wet lips over the end of my knob and sucked gently so that her mouth sliding over my throbbing cock pulled the foreskin back exposing my sensitive knob to her tongue as she continued down the shaft to the base while alternating between sucking and licking all the way down. She held my throbbing cock in the back of her throat for some time as I stood there with my legs turning to jelly at her expert technique she started to gently vary the suction and licking while the humming noise she was making vibrated on my swollen knob causing me to leak precum down her eager throat. Suddenly she gave a long muffled groan and clamped her lips tightly on my cock as she had her first orgasm of the night. After a few minutes she relaxed the sucking grip her mouth had on my cock and let it slip from her mouth as she leaned back to recover. I was lucky she released my cock when she did as I could feel my cum laden balls tightening ready to flood her mouth with five days worth of hot cum.

I felt quite weak after being tense for so long as I desperately tried not to cum with this little vixen sucking me that I had to sit down on the settee beside her to recover. As we recovered I massaged her firm breasts with their now very hard nipples sticking out until she said, “right now we will really have some fun, but you must do everything I say without question?”

I hesitantly replied, “Ok, so long as no pain. With that she reached behind the cushion and produced a very feminine pink fluffy edged sleep mask which she put on so I could not see anything, next she placed something over my ears that blanked out all sound, it felt totally disorientating as I sat there expectant with my cock still hard as iron wondering what else Beth had in mind for her pleasure.

After about five minutes I felt hands on my legs and willingly let those hands pull me forward to the edge of the settee so that my arse was just over the edge before they spread my thighs wide for who ever’s easy access. Then as I half lay on the settee I felt the rear cushions moving as something warm and wet started licking my aching cock, they started going up and down the length of my cock pausing briefly at my knob to lick up my precum before working back down to tease my balls. I lay there determined not to cum, as this was so nice and not caring whether it was one of the women or the boyfriend as the feelings whoever were creating were multiplied by the fact that the only sensation I had left was touch as site and sound had been stopped. I was lost in my sensual sexual ecstasy as I fought a loosing battle not to cum too soon, when I sensed weight on the cushions either side of me. This caused me to concentrate on who was standing over me and my need to cum eased off as I tried to work out which of the three was there and what they would do to me.

The next thing I felt was someone’s hand on my jaw opening my mouth before something hard was pushed between my lips gently forcing my mouth open wider. As it slid in Lefkoşa Escort I realised it must be one of the vibrators and guessed it was Beth or her daughter on the settee with me and wanting me to lube and warm it before they started using it in the tight cunts. As they continued to just fuck my mouth with it the person between my spread thighs worked their mouth over my leaking knob and slowly swallowed my whole length until their chin was tight against my full balls and my knob was tight in their throat. They then stopped any movement that I could sense and were doing something that excited me to the painful edge of cumming but wouldn’t take me past it. I was in heaven. I was disturbed from concentrating on the feelings in my cock as the vibrator in my mouth was replaced with something warm and smaller. I suddenly realised that it was Robin’s slim small cock and in my euphoric state, avidly went to work on caressing his smooth knob with my tongue before he pushed further in my eager mouth and stopped me working my tongue on his swollen knob. I was rewarded as he did this with the feel of his cock twitching as I started to taste his sweet sticky precum leaking into my mouth and drank, eager for more.

My inhibitions about no pain or water sports etc. had gone as I was so horny now I would have agreed to absolutely anything now to keep this sexual euphoria going, my throbbing cock had taken control and wasn’t going to give up until my balls were completely empty. The female between my thighs removed my cock from her mouth and holding the base just ran her tongue round and round my knob as Robin started fucking my mouth causing his balls to hit my chin as his slim cock easily (which surprised me) slid down my throat. I really enjoyed the feel of Robins slim cock slipping in and out of my throat which surprised me as although I have in the past eagerly tried deep throating a few cocks, the others probably due to there size always caused me to reach.

After few minutes of vigorous throat fucking from Robin he suddenly stopped and the Girl on my cock stopped as well. As I lay there, I sensed and felt a lot of movement going on around me and was getting desperate for more action to keep my cock on the edge when I felt someone spreading there legs between mine, forcing mine out almost painfully wide. Then a hand grasped my cock and held it vertical as something warm wet and tight slowly seemed to part and slide slowly over my leaking knob, it was Beths daughter Stephanie’s bald pussy lips stretching apart as she lowered her juicy cunt onto my thick rigid cock. It had to be Stephanie as Beth’s pussy was a lot slacker from plenty of fucking.

Stephanie didn’t stop lowering herself on my cock till she was sat with her full weight on me. She then paused for a while as her cunt got used to my cock deep in her cunt before she slid up down my whole length a few times to make sure she was well lubricated and comfortable enough to fuck my cock. I lay there with bated breath waiting to feel every millimetre of her tight wet pussy sliding rapidly up and down my cock when she started fucking herself with my cock, but she didn’t.

As I waited desperately wondering what the delay was I again sensed movement, but this time it was from between my legs as well as on the settee. I jumped as someone between Stephanie’s and my thighs applied what felt like cold KY to my ring and started to expertly rim me and work the lube as far as their finger could reach past my ring. Soon a second and then a third joined the finger while Stephanie just sat still on my aching cock. As I lay there wondering what Robin was going to as I assumed Beth was going to fuck me with a vibrator as I felt the three fingers in my ring stretching it as wide as possible for the easy entry of the vibrator and was looking forward to being fucked with it as Stephanie slid her leaking pussy rapidly up and down my cock.

Robin started moving on the settee so that he now straddled my supine body and as I felt him kneel over my chest I eagerly opened my mouth wide to accept his hard slim cock and taste his precum again. As I waited for him to offer me his cock the fingers were withdrawn from my stretched arse and I felt what must be one of the smaller vibrators slowly applying pressure to my ring, before it slipped past and into my arse. I was just thinking how life like it felt without the vibrations on when Robin moved forward on my chest and before I knew what was happening this very juicy shaved pussy was lowered firmly over my mouth. I very nearly came before Stephanie had time to start moving as I realised Robin was fucking my arse vigorously with his slim cock and it was Beth on the settee with me.

As soon as I realised who was where, doing what I started fucking Beth’s cunt with my tongue to get her pussy juice flowing freely like it usually did and her daughter started bouncing up and down on my lap as she fucked herself in time with Robins fucking of my arse. Stephanie’s pussy like her mother’s was leaking juice all over my balls where it gathered before trickling down my crack to give added lubricant to Robins cock Kıbrıs Escort as it slid in and out of my arse. I concentrated on bringing Beth off so as to prolong my orgasm and knew she was getting close, as I had to keep swallowing her sweet pussy juice. Quite soon she moved her body back slightly so I could tease her clit with my tongue before sucking it deeply into my mouth as I sensed her start to cum. I loved doing it that way to her as she always had a bigger cum that way and I got lots more pussy juice to drink.

Stephanie started fucking my cock very hard and fast as I felt her tight cunt muscle’s spasming in her orgasm as she tried to milk my cum into her eager cunt, close behind Stephanie I felt this very warm satisfied feeling as Robin rammed his cock as deep in my arse as he could get it and hold it there as his balls emptied their hot load, this caused me in my excited state to grab Stephanie’s hips and pull her down so hard on my cock that I felt my knob slip past the entrance to her fertile womb as I pumped my first load as deep in her cunt as possible. In my excitement of cumming I sucked Beth’s clit so hard she came with a flood of juice that made me think she had lost control and pissed over my face, until I sucked some into my mouth and tasted the unmistakeable sweetness of her pussy juice.

As I lay there with my still hard spent cock in Stephanie’s cunt recovering, Beth climbed off me and removed the ear covers and blindfold saying “come on I want to try something new and dirty now before you go soft”.

Beth was so eager she sped things up by pulling her daughter up of my cock, which allowed my cum to leak out down her legs. Then she dragged me over to the corner were the plastic sheeting had been set up with Robins warm cum leaking out between my cheeks as I walked. She stepped in and knelt facing me and took my cock deep in her mouth as she thoroughly cleaned her daughters and my cum from it. I think the thoroughness of the cleaning was to ensure I stayed hard for what she had planned next and also because Beth loves the taste of cum. After all the action so far and the length of time we had been fucking I would have been happy to relax for fifteen minutes, go to the loo, wash and come back for the next session like we have done before.

But Beth always gets what she wants and tonight was going to be no exception. She stopped cleaning my cock and told her daughter to get Robin hard and over to where we were now. I stood and watched as the two of them came over to us and was surprised when Stephanie, who must have known what her Mother had planned, got on her knees and started sucking Robins arse fucking cock back to full hardness.

When Beth was satisfied both our cocks were hard enough for what she wanted she told Robin to get inside the plastic and lay on his back. As soon as he was in positioned she turned away from me and got hold of his cock and lowered her wet cunt until he was as deep as he would go. She then told me to remove the butt plug from her arse and replace it with my cock. I removed the plug with a plopping sound and saw it was covered in KY lube and then knelt behind her on the plastic and gently slid my thick cock in past her ring until all my cock was inside her arse, she then told Stephanie to get the little stool and sit on it so Mum could eat her pussy and drink all the combined cum.

Beth told robin to just stay still and let me fuck her hard as she licked her daughter to climax. As I started fucking her hard I realised that each hard in thrust of my cock caused Beths pussy to slide up Robins cock and when I pulled back she slid her cunt back down his cock which meant our cocks were on alternate strokes. Having just cum I thought I would last forever, but the sounds of Stephanie cumming on Beth’s expert oral skills soon had both Robin and I cumming hard at nearly the same time in both Beth’s arse and cunt. Beth’s arse took a good five minutes before it eventually stopped spasming on my cock as her orgasm went on and on.

When she had finished cumming I went to pull out as my knees were beginning to hurt and I needed to get my breath back as I felt like collapsing. As Beth told Robin and I to keep our cocks in as deep as possible while they went limp, Stephanie stood up with her legs apart in front of her Mother and said, “I am ready.” Having cum twice in forty minutes with no break it didn’t take long for both our cocks to soften inside Beth.

Beth then said “right now you two are soft you are both staying there until you flush your cum from my holes with your piss.”

Robin and I almost in unison said “what?” and Beth replied “just do as your told and piss at the same time, as I know men always need to piss after cumming and you have both cum twice without a piss, if you don’t I will use the douche on both you!”

After what seemed an eternity as I was until after this, totally put of anything at the thought of pissing in front of anyone, I was busting for a piss and said so. Beth said “don’t you dare until Robin is ready to piss at the same time and both of you make sure your in as tight as possible!”

God, Girne Escort by the time Robin said he was ready my knob felt like it was going to explode. Beth said “right, push in as hard as possible and fill me with your piss now!”

I had hung on so long it took me a few seconds to start and by the time I started pissing in her arse Robin must have already started as I could feel pressure on the underside of my cock from her filling cunt. It was weird when you consider how much I was anti water sports because as the pressure on my bladder decreased my cock started hardening rapidly as I filled her arse with piss. This had the advantage that for both Robin and I the swelling of our cocks improved the seal on her holes so that my piss inflated her bowel and his her womb.

By the time we had just about finished pissing inside Beth she was shaking like a mad thing in constant orgasm her whole body spasming on our cocks, and screamed ” pull out and cum over my face so Stephanie can clean us up with her tongue. With that Beth moved forward enough for both our cocks to pop out and release a torrent of hot piss to spray from both her holes over both Robin and I as she turned and got on her back and started sucking my cock eagerly as Robin got up and Stephanie started sucking him so we could both cum over Beths face.

Robin must have been as horny as me as in under two minutes we are both moaning we were close to cumming. Stephanie moves between Robin and I and aims both our cocks at her Mother’s face as she furiously wanks us both off. I cum first spraying over Beths open mouth and hitting her on the base and side of nose which causes that on the side to trickle into her left eye and that on the base of her nose to trickle into her open mouth. As my cum starts to trickle Robin cums and Stephanie’s aim is better as it sprays in and around Beths lips. Stephanie continues to wank and squeeze every last drop out for her Mother to swallow, which in my case was beginning to get painful by the time she stopped, as I had nothing left.

As I knelt there gasping for breath Beth lifted her head up and gently licked all the cum juice off of my painfully tender knob and then cleaned Robins cock before Lying back so Stephanie could lick off all the stray cum from her face, which she kept in her mouth until she had licked up every drop. Stephanie then positioned her mouth over her Mother’s and let it trickle out into Beth’s open mouth for her to swallow.

The night was nearly over now, but not finished yet. Both women seemed not to need time to recover as Beth told Robin and I to sit on the settee to recover while they cleared away the various bits. Once that was done the women said they were going for a shower in the shower room and Robin and I got up and followed them upstairs into the large shower room. We showered, a bit cramped all together, and then in the after glow of good sex Robin and I both got a hardon as we looked at the naked women, Beth with her very firm “C” breasts with nipples that seem to be permanently hard and her puffy pussy with outer lips spread exposing her still hard clit, now it was wet and Stephanie with her “B” breasts, with the largest hard nipples I have ever seen and a very puffy bald pussy. Both women had virtually no inner lips to their pussies but both had large prominent clits that slightly protruded from their closed slits.

Beth looked at our hard cocks and empty balls and said, “We don’t have long so let’s go downstairs and finish for the night.”

When we got down there Beth and Stephanie laid on the floor and Beth told me to 69 Stephanie as she needs more practice on bigger cocks while she did the same with Robin. I quickly knelt over Stephanie’s head and lent forward between her outstretched legs till I was staring at her totally smooth, bald, puffy pussy with her large clit just inches from my face. I placed my elbows on the floor and slid my hands under her arse and lifted her lightweight up till I could lick all around her pussy and down her crack to her virgin ring that soon I would bust. I then reached forward with my fingers and spread her pussy lips like an over ripe peach to expose the bright pink swollen interior. I then moved my mouth onto her clit and very slowly circled it with my tongue as I slowly slid a finger of my right hand into her pussy and her arse at the same time. Until I slid my fingers inside her had been contentedly sucking gently on my cock like a baby feeding. Now she had both holes filled she changed to sucking my cock like her life depended on making me cum.

I was getting close to cumming but because my balls were empty now, it was getting painful as my balls contracted with nothing to contract on and squirt out wherever Stephanie wanted, so I determined to make her cum fast before it got to bad. I sucked her clit between my teeth and gently clamping the base of her swollen clit to ensure I wouldn’t loose contact with it when she struggled as she came I proceeded to suck the hard knob as deep into my mouth as it would stretch and rapidly flick my tongue over it in time to my fingers as they fucked both her holes at the same time. About a minute later she exploded in a massive orgasm spraying pussy juice as she struggled beneath me, loosing contact with my painful cock, until with a muffled scream she went still and I withdrew my fingers and got off her looking a bit worried that something was badly wrong.

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