With the Kids’ Help

Ana Armas

Linda watched both of her children grow up. She watched from the front row not from the cheap seats. Being a stay at home mom made her proud not many people make that kind of sacrifice anymore for the children.

The past 2 years were tough. Cindy and Robert were getting older and they needed her less and less. Mainly she was transport for sports and their very active social lives. The mini van her husband had made fun of when they bought it 4 years ago already had tons of miles on it. Proving that it was a very good purchase.

Robert had started College and he was doing very well. He made the baseball team and was now a starter. At 6’1 195 lbs. he was an above average athlete and could play just about any sport he choose. His love was baseball and she was proud that he made the team and was now a starter even though it wasn’t cool for her to shout from the stands anymore. He allowed her to go as long as she watched silently and didn’t embarrass him in front of his teammates or even worse a girl that he might be going out with. Even though Linda considered herself a hip mom apparently Robert didn’t.

18 year old Cindy was another story… Never in a million years would she have joined a team. High School was hard for her mainly because her focus was on boys and not on her studies. She was a true beauty and her 101 lb. frame, B cup breasts and long blonde hair had made her a very popular with the boys which added a lot to her distraction in school. Cindy had warmed up allot to her mother in the past year and she allowed her mom to talk with her friends while she transported them around. Linda tried to play it cool with Cindy’s friends, but sometimes they knew she was tickled pink to think that she could hang with the crowd. Cindy played on that a fair bit getting money for clothes and movies at the drop of a hat from her mom who wanted to feel cool.

Linda still cleaned up the kids rooms mostly due to it being a habit. Mainly because she liked to feel needed and that is where this story started.

Linda was changing the sheets in Cindy’s room and something fell in between the bed and the wall. Reaching down she recovered a pair of panties a nightshirt and one small vibrator. Linda was simply shocked to find a vibrator in her daughter’s room. Sitting on the bed she studied it and checked it for operation. It was a short thin pink one and she assumed it would be great for masturbating. The 2 vibrators she owned were the 60’s old porn star type that her husband had bought for her at some point in her marriage. One was a big black one that she knows was a part of one of his fantasies and the other was the old white standard that did the trick, but was noting special. Cindy’s vibrator was like a little BMW compared to the old Oldsmobile she had in her dresser.

Linda was kind of turned on holding her daughter’s vibrator. She may not have admitted it at the time, but after she put it back where she thought it fell down from she went in her room and masturbated for the first time in 6 months.

Linda thought allot about her daughter and that pink vibrator over the next few weeks. It started to consume her thoughts and nightly dreams. Small noises heard from her daughters room caused her to listen hard and wonder if she was using it at that moment. Pleasing her little pussy with that pink BMW…

Linda was now masturbating at least twice a day as she could get no relief from her husband who had lost interest in her many years ago. She was no doubt a M.I.L.F. and any man in the neighborhood would have camped at her door if she became available, but she didn’t know that. All the housework and running around plus swimming 3 times a week left her with a nice 130 lb. frame that left most mothers in her dust.

One Saturday after Linda saw her husband off to work (he usually worked on Saturdays) she went into her usual routine of cleaning. Linda was upstairs cleaning the kids bathroom which had doors opening to both Cindy’s and Robert’s room as well as the hall when she heard a noise in her daughter’s room. Quietly with her heart racing she moved to her door to listen closer to the noise which she hoped was the tiny pink vibrator that she was now obsessed about. Getting closer to the door she realized it was slightly open and she moved to position her self to take a peek inside. Linda was so nervous, but she couldn’t resist.

Inside Linda could only see Cindy’s lower half. Cindy’s was slowly rubbing the pink vibrator she had held in her hand over top of her baby blue silk panties. The slit between her puffy lips was clear as she slowly rubbed the vibrator up and down against the wet spot. Linda couldn’t pull herself away from the sight as she starred at her 18 year old daughter masturbating. Cindy started to get more excited and she started to lift her ass off the sheet and it looked like she was now humping her pussy against the vibrator and not the other way around as she moved to climax. Cindy’s performance ended as she moaned and Linda could see Bomonti Escort her stomach muscles tighten and her legs drew up and she started to shake a little. Linda broke from her trance and made her escape to her own bedroom.

As soon as she went into her room Linda opened her robe. Laying on the bed she got her old Oldsmobile of a vibrator and closed her eyes. Slowly replaying the events she had just witnessed she brought her self to a mind blowing orgasm. Laying on the bed soaking wet between her legs she was now faced with the embarrassment knowing she had just had the best orgasm she could remember thinking about her young daughter.

Over the next two weekends Linda tried to again to catch her daughter masturbating with her door slightly ajar. Much to her disappointment the door was closed each time she tried her cleaning the bathroom trick. One good thing was that bathroom the kids shared was never so clean.

The third week was the charm… Linda found the door to her daughters room totally open and quietly was cleaning when she heard the whirl of her daughter’s vibrator. As quietly as she could she tip toed over to the open door and peered in. Cindy had her night shirt pulled up to her waist and this time her naked pussy was visible. Cindy was working it slow in no hurry to cum. Linda could see her whole body now with the door open and she watched Cindy’s face turn to pleasure as she worked the pink tool against her clitoris. This time her own hand moved into her robe and touched her panties which where now wet. Watching her daughter was a complete turn on because she was doing it secretly and she loved seeing her daughter as a young woman. All of her features were perfect. No sags, no ripples, and even her tits stood up when she was lying on her back. Slowly Cindy’s intensity increased as Linda watched her face as she was now twisting on the bed obviously pleasing herself tremendously. In a quick stroke just about as Linda thought Cindy would come she reached a little further down and pushed the entire pink vibrator into her tiny little pussy. The first two strokes where incredible as Linda neared orgasm herself although she was barely aware. Cindy took the end of the vibrator in her fist and was now forcefully hammering against her sweet little hole. She held the vibrator tight as the side of her hand mashed against the pink fold of her pussy. Cindy reached up inside her night shirt and started to twist a nipple. Linda’s hand mirrored her daughter’s and the pleasure was shocking as she mimicked the movement before her. Cindy’s started to buck and twist moaning hard now Cumming for what seemed like a full 60 seconds. Linda found herself in the same boat and her hand had to reach over to the counter to keep her from falling over. Linda was sweating and soaked as she closed up her robe and peered secretly into her daughters room to make sure she had not heard her. Cindy had pulled the vibrator out of her pussy and was lying there resting after her little bit of morning fun. Linda thought she looked so peaceful as she rested and she sported a glow across her face that is only present after a great sexual experience.

Linda retreated to her room to rest. There was no way to deny that she had been as turned on as she ever remembered being. Watching her daughter was naughty and wrong and she loved it.

The next weekend after she saw her husband off to work she hurried to get her cleaning supplies and get up to that washroom. Linda had masturbated all week thinking about the way her daughter looked with that sweet pink vibrator jamming in and out of her little love hole. Linda wanted some more hoping to possibly see her daughters tits.

Linda moved quietly down the hall listening intently for any indication that her daughter was awake. This mother of 2 kids was already wet between the legs as she turned into the bathroom.

“What the…” Linda’s thoughts went racing with what was standing in the bathroom. There in the spot she hoped to occupy was her son Robert.

Linda stopped dead in her tracks. Although she was not the one in the wrong this time she tried to stay quiet and backed out into the hall. There in front of her was her son with his boxers down around his knees with his back to her looking at what she thought was certainly his sister. The light from her room was against his face and she could see his arm and shoulder moving leading her to believe he was stroking his cock. Shocked and… yes turned on is what she was. Linda looked hard in and effort to try to get a glimpse of his cock. Roberts arm was going faster and faster and then without a warning her turned and started shooting globs of his semen into the sink. Robert was stroking vigorously to get all he could out as he trust his hips forward as he came in the sink. Slowly he stroked his cock milking the last bit of cum into the bowl.

Linda backed away down the hall and then went to her room. Watching her little daughter Bostancı Escort masturbate was one thing, but knowing her brother, her son, a man was watching her too… Linda’s hands ran jagged into and out of her pussy. She was so turned on she tried to stuff a fist into her hole while she replayed what had just happened. Overcome with her orgasm she lay helpless on the bed. Eyes glazed over and legs weak it took her an hour to recover.

Cindy was a beautiful woman now. She walked around the house in the skimpiest of clothes leaving little to the imagination. Linda’s mind retraced many events and conversations of the past few years that had locked into her memory and things seemed to make sense. There was one thing that Linda knew for sure and that was she was more turned on in the past month then she thought she had been even when she was in her teens.

Thursday night and Linda was doing some laundry and a few other chores around the house. Cindy was home and had been up in her room most of the night doing homework. Linda fantasized that Cindy was masturbating up there, but in reality she had spent most of the night talking to her friends on the phone which to her was more important then homework. Cindy came downstairs while Linda was loading the dryer and informed her mother that she was off to sleep for the night and gave her the nightly ritual kiss on the lips. Linda noticed immediately the baby T and the V type panties she was wearing. Her figure was truly incredible and Linda looked long and hard at her ass as she walked up the stairs. Even though Cindy didn’t play sports it seems her legs were very toned… I guess that is the benefit of being a teen you don’t have to work at it and you still look gorgeous.

Linda’s mind had wandered and she walked up the stairs very slowly thinking about her daughter. As she turned up the steps intending to go up the next flight she heard her husband talking to Cindy in the family room. Linda thought about what Cindy had been wearing when she saw her in the basement and wondered if she had put a robe on before she went to give her father his kiss goodnight.

Linda rounded the corner and she saw her daughter sitting on her daddy’s lap in his recliner. She had her legs over one arm and her cradled her back against his arm with the other. Cindy was laughing and seemed to be flirting as she squirmed on her fathers lap still in the little V panties and baby T which had risen slightly exposing the skin just underneath her breast. Dear old dad had his other hand on her upper thighs and he was gently stroking them with his finger tips as she giggled lightly. This both angered and excited Linda as she watched. It had been a long time since she had been touched by him, but there was no way to deny watching it made her wet. Linda stood in silence hoping it would go further. Her husband made longer strokes up and down her legs that almost reached Cindy’s tiny panty clad pussy which had rode up forcing her pussy lips to mold the green silk. With one last laugh Cindy rocked forward up off the chair with her fathers help she awkwardly made the dismount. Her fathers hands had pushed against her ass and lingered even when she was under her own power. Quickly he reached down and adjusted his erection as she turned around almost catching him. Cindy leaned over him and kissed him on the mouth. She kind of made a purring noise as she did this and Linda was startled. It was easy to think that her daughter was turning her husband on with her tight little body… but was Cindy teasing him or perhaps even turned on by him?

Linda had a lot to think about after this.

Linda was thinking about all of this when her husband finally came to bed. She watched as he got undressed and she thought about how they used to love to have sex. One of the thing’s Linda had though about was why she was so turned on watching these events the past weeks. It was likely the same reason for his behavior tonight they had not had sex in months. No man or woman is immune to doing things out of character when they are horny.

Linda made a decision to fuck him right then. As soon as he slid between the sheets she rolled him over and reached for his cock. Immediately he started to defend himself. Linda had not been the aggressor for sex 99% of the time, but she couldn’t believe he would not take this gift. Using he other hand she managed to get inside his boxers and it she noticed it was somewhat sticky. Pushing her off him he rolled off the bed grabbed a pillow and left the room.

“What the fuck!” Linda thought to herself and then it dawned on her that he jerked off thinking about their daughter and that is why he was sticky.

Linda didn’t sleep much that night. She was angry at her husband and she got up in the morning still feeling that way. Instead of her normal robe she fixed breakfast in a short T-Shirt and panties figuring if a show was what he liked a show he would get.

Robert Esenyurt Escort came down and he noticed that his Dad was sleeping on the sofa in the family room.

“Did you guys have a fight or something?” Robert said from behind her quietly.

“No.” Linda said as she leaned over to get a pot from the cabinet forgetting about what she had worn this morning. This was definitely not lost on Robert as her had to retreat to the table to hide his erection. When Linda had leaned over he got a good shot of her pussy and although covered by her pink panties he couldn’t help, but be aroused.

Cindy came down next.. Walking up to her Mom she too noticed her father on the Sofa and looking into her eyes said “Are you guys fighting or something?”

“No everything is fine now go sit down breakfast is almost ready.” Linda said and then received and embrace from her daughter which was totally a shock. Cindy’s just hugged tight against her mother’s body and slowly scratched up and down her back. Linda leaned back a little on the counter receiving the surprised embrace.

“Honey…” Linda said feeling a little uncomfortable having Cindy’s hands on her mashing her tits against her. “Honey… Thank you for the hug you are sweet, but these eggs are going to burn.” and with that Cindy released her.

Turning over the eggs to check them Linda was so aware of what she had worn downstairs this morning. Linda decided to make the best of it and sat down with the kids proudly pushing her chest forward. Robert had definitely noticed and was still sporting his erection right through breakfast. Maybe this time it was her turn to turn them on for a change.

Her husband barely made it out the door for work as no one in the family wanted to wake him on the Sofa. In a rush he encounter Linda in the bathroom when she was stepping out of the shower and didn’t give her a second glance.

Linda picked Cindy up from school and she said she wanted to go shopping tonight. Linda really didn’t want to make the trips to the mall with all of Cindy’s friends in tow, but upon hearing Cindy actually wanted to shop with her and not her friends really picked her up.

After dinner which her husband didn’t make it home for they went out. Linda was feeling a lot better once they got to the mall and she realized that this wasn’t just some plot by Cindy’s to get something she wanted. They had a great time going in and out of stores trying on clothes and goofing about. Cindy walked right into the next store which was lingerie without a seconds hesitation. Linda watched as Cindy worked her way around the store picking out a few items. Linda was a bit surprised at the small skimpy panties Cindy wanted to try on, but she was trying to stay hip. Linda heard Cindy calling from her cubicle in the dressing room and she went to see what she needed. Cindy opened the door and pulled her mother inside with only the tiny pink panties on that Linda now realized where see through and a matching bra… well a half bra that was also see through.

“What do you need I hope you are not thinking of buying that you are too young?” Linda said trying to be stern, but secretly she was hoping to see Cindy masturbate in those panties.

“Do you think these will turn Daddy on?” Cindy inquired

“What did you just say?” Linda said knowing her face quickly flushed.

“Do you think this would turn daddy on? It is a simple question mother.” Cindy said very matter of fact like.

“Why would you ask that Cindy?” Linda started to say more, but she was speechless.

“Oh I know dad wants to fuck me he has dry humped me on more then one occasion I think it is time for some payback don’t you think?” Cindy had said so it easily Linda knew this was a well laid plan.

“I have seen him with you. Yes he looks like he wants to fuck you” Linda sad sadly.

“He definitely no longer wants me.” Linda said quietly bringing tears to her eyes.

Cindy hugged her Mom trying to comfort her “Mom I don’t want to fuck him he is an idiot. I want to help you get some revenge on him for ignoring you and making you unhappy. I know you saw us the other night and I played it up. I could feel his dick on my ass and I played it up a bit for you so you would be angry. Then I saw him on the Sofa in the morning and I thought it worked.”

“Cindy.. what?” Was all Linda could get out.

“I saw you in the morning and I knew I hurt you too and that wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted you to kick him in the groin and throw him out. Robert and I know you are unhappy and we have both met his girlfriend.” with this Cindy leaned back to check her mothers face still embracing her.

“Girlfriend?… Jesus I knew it…! I just knew it! That fucking snake!” Linda said feeling weak and falling to the seat in the change room. “I have been so good to him. I gave him everything my whole life is this family.”

“I am sorry Mom I really am. Robert and I talked about it and we will testify against Dad so you can fleece him in the divorce.” Cindy now trying to lift her Mom’s spirits “I have a plan that I need you to approve before I go any further.”

“What is this plan Cindy? I mean I am getting a divorce and he is the one having the affair that you will testify too what could make things worse for him.” Linda searched for an answer as her anger now started to show.

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