Wrong Number Ch. 03


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Yes hello, is Jessica there?

I’m Jessica, who is this?

Well hello Jessy, this is definitely a treat to finally get to talk to you. I feel as if I already know you.

Well maybe you do. Tell me who you are and I’ll be the judge of that.

Oh I’m not so sure I should tell you who I am.

Why not!

Well, lets just say that it would take away from what I’m trying to achieve with this call.

And just what is that?

Is your mother there with you?

My Mother? No she’s out doing some shopping or something.

Are you so sure?

What do you mean?

I mean are you so sure that your mother really is out shopping?

That’s what she told me, I’m sure she wouldn’t lie to me. Now WHO exactly is this? You sound about my age. Do you go to my school?


Well what do you want? Do you need some notes from a class or something?

No, I think I’ve got all the notes on you that I need.

Then what the heck do you want?

Jessica, did you ever wonder if you’d one day look just like your mother when you were all grown up?

What’s that suppose to mean.

Your mother is an awfully pretty woman you know. Did you ever wonder if you would look as pretty as her?

How do you know what my mother looks like?

Oh I’ve seen her around. The front and the back.

Excuse me?

Just kidding.

Is there a point to this call? Or should I just hang up this phone?

You never answered my question?

What question?

Have you ever wondered if you could possibly look as good as your mother?

That’s none of your business what I may or may not want to LOOK like when I get older!

Its ok to get upset. I would be to if my mother looks as pretty as she does and I didn’t.

What the Fu…

Listen, there’s no need to deny it. Your mother is a very attractive woman. Just because her daughter doesn’t look as good…

I look just fine thank you very much. I am more than happy with the hand nature has dealt me. Perhaps unlike you, I have bigger goals in my life than how much I ‘compare’ to my mother in the looks department.

Ohhh, a little fight in the vixen. This makes it all the more enjoyable.

Makes what more enjoyable? If you don’t tell me in 5 seconds who the hell you are, or what you want, I’m going to hang up this phone!

You know your mother wasn’t this difficult. Oh she resisted in the beginning, but she showed her true colors fast enough.


Did you know mommy has a thing for you?


She told me herself. She just loves her cute little baby girl. Maybe even more than what some people would call appropriate.

I know what this is all about now. Your just some sick, crazy bitch who gets her kicks out of making obscene phone calls.

Not at all. Its what I get after I make the obscene phone calls I enjoy so much. Just ask your mother.

You’ve crank called her as well have you?

Yep. It was a most enjoyable conversation.

I doubt it. She would have told you off big time. My mother doesn’t take bullshit like this.

Oh she took it alright, and more.

I think its time for me to hang up now. I need to free you up to harass other people.

You may hang up if you wish, but you wont get to hear where your mother is at this very moment.

I told you dummy, she went shopping!

That’s just the lie she told you.

Ok mystery girl, where the hell is she then?

Don’t worry. She’s VERY close to me.

What is that suppose to mean? Is she there with you or something?

She’s here, but not with me.

Why can’t you talk in complete, non-fragmented sentences?

[Giggles] Your cute. Your mother never told me you’d be so much fun to play with.

Fuck You! If my mother really is there, which I doubt, then put her on the phone. I DARE YOU!

Nothing would make me happier than to put your gorgeous, sexy mother on the phone. But I’m afraid she’s a little busy at the moment.

Sexy? What kind of a freak are you? And don’t give me that crap that she’s busy. If she really were there, she’d stop what ever she were doing to talk to me.

Not if you could see what she’s in the middle of doing.

Are you going to put my mother on the phone or not!

Well let me ask her. ‘Hey girls can you stop for a second so nip-nip can hear me.

Girls? There are other girls there with you?

Oh ya, there are several of us here. Your mother is just that much fun I had to share her.


“Hey nip-nip guess who I’m talking to?… That’s right, your baby girl…Don’t look at me with those big eyes, she wants to talk to you…Oh stop shaking your so fast, you looks so silly. What’s the matter? Don’t you want to tell Jessica all about us? No?” … I’m terribly sorry Jessica, but Etiler Escort your mother just isn’t in the mood right now to talk to you. I guess she’s too embarrassed about her predicament.

Bull shit, she isn’t even there. And who the hell is Nip-Nip?

That’s your mommy’s pet name when she’s here with us, on account of her two long…ummmm…!

You really are a freak aren’t you?

If you think I am, you should just see your mother!

You fucking liar. You’ve never even spoken to my mom.

Oh I had a very nice, long conversation with her only three weeks ago. It was very enlightening I can assure you.

What crap are you talking about now?

I called her exactly three weeks ago, much the same way I’m calling you now. She was very concerned about the things I had to say about you.

About me? What things about me?

Well for one, that you had been spending an awful lot of time with us.

I still don’t even know who you are.

Nip-Nip was very shocked to hear about all the different uses we had found for that long tongue of yours. It downright scared her.

What the FUCK are you talking about?

She told me how crazy I was for saying such things. How me and my friends were horrible girls for corrupting her dearest daughter’s young body.

You never corrupted anything!!!

And then something happened that truly surprised even me.

She told you to go to HELL!?!

No, she got turned on! [Giggles] I couldn’t believe how hot and bothered she was getting, listening to me tell her all about the lesbian slut her daughter was…IS!

You psycho! What mother would get turned on by some crazy bimbo rambling on such filth about her daughter?

Apparently Nip-Nip did.

Your just plan sick. Go get a life and leave mine alone.

Don’t you want to know why your mother is here?

I told you, SHE’S SHOPPING!

Nope, she’s just been too embarrassed to tell you where she’s really been spending her time the past few weeks.

She is NOT there with you and your fucked up friends. She never in a million years would socialize with your sick kind.

Your right about that, she never EVER would voluntarily spend time with us. That’s why she ISNT volunteering.

What’s that supposed to mean.

It means your mother has no choice in being our little mommy plaything. Its amazing how willing a dignified, responsible older woman can be to serve a group of teenage girls with a little persuasion.

Persuasion my butt! I expect my mother to be home any minute, full of shopping bags and a loving smile on her face.

Do you remember anything odd happening when you came home from school last week?


When you were dropped off by a friend and went into the house, did anything catch your attention? Perhaps a certain person’s mother being caught in an embarrassing situation?

Well no…I mean…well…

What was your mommy dearest doing when you walked through that door and caught her in the middle of the living room?

She wasn’t doing ANYTHING! All I saw was her legs as she darted up the stairs. She must have had her reasons for being in such a hurry, even though she could have at least hung up the phone instead of dropping it to the floor as she ran.

Hmmm, so nip-nip just did manage to get out of that little predicament after all. Well I know what she was doing just before you caught her. Do you want me to tell you?


She was talking to me on the phone that day, and she was doing it with three fingers up her…


Curse me all you want. I know the truth. We’ve been making her do it many times since. Thats of course when we’re not spanking the hell out of her. If you could only see your mother’s red butt from Samantha’s last spanking you’d know the truth as well.

My mother would never stand to let trashy girls like you spank her. NO WAY!

You know something your right! Nip-nip never does ‘stand’ when we spank her. That’s why she has to bend over our knees.

I’m hanging up the phone right now!

‘Come here Nip-Nip. Your lubby dubby daughter doesn’t believe you would let a trashy teen like myself spank your big white butt. Yes that’s right, bend over so your dear precious can hear me swat your tush. What? Yes I know you wanted to keep this all from her, but she wants to hear me spank you, so turn around and bend over…NOW!’

You’re fucking crazy! Your not even talking to anybody!


What was that?


What’s going on? What’s that smacking noise? Why is somebody moaning?


I hear crying! What are you doing?

Boy you should see this butt now Jess, its sure getting red now.

I don’t believe you, it can’t be my mom, it can’t be!

You know what she loves the most after a good spanking Jessica?


A good finger fuck!

You’re a depraved bitch.

You see I usually begin by teasing her inner thighs while Fatih Escort she’s still bent over. This only gets the slut hotter, never mind that her pussy is all ready soaking wet.

I must be dreaming, this call is too much.

I then bring my fingers up to her hot little sex and rub incessantly, sort of like what I am doing now!

LEAVE HER ALONE! If my mom is there, then leave her ALONE!

Gosh Jessy, but if you could only see the look on her face as I work up her hot box, you’d change your tune pretty fast.

Mother would never allow herself to be so humiliated with her daughter listening on the phone like this…

So suddenly you agree that your mother can be a horny slut in private when your not around?

No…I um…didn’t mean…

Well you’re right, she is a slut in private. She knows your listening on the phone right now, and as embarrassed as she, she can help but grind her puss on my fingers.

How could she do something like that to me? How could she embarrass me like this? If what you are saying is true?

Sorry baby, but your mother can’t help being a slut to a group of teenage girls. Once we tricked her into confessing her true self, she’s craved every moment of her torment.

Tell her to stop it right now! Tell her that I’d never EVER forgive her!

Are you sure you want her to stop? After all, I’ve already slipped two fingers inside her cunny and it would be a shame if I took them out.

I don’t care! It’s fucking sick and disgusting!

It sure is, but ohhh so hot, don’t you think?


Woops, I’ve accidentally slipped in another finger. Clumsy me.

Take them out, please leave my mother alone!

But she’s fucking her hips back on them and all. I think she want me to keep them in.

Tell her I’ll never talk to her again. Tell her that I wont love her any more!

As you wish. ‘Hey Nip-Nip, your little baby doesn’t seem to approve of your slutty behavior. She wants you to stop fucking my fingers. What? Please stick in another? But that’s four fingers you slut!’

NO! No more fingers! Tell her I’ll hate her for the rest of my life if she doesn’t stop RIGHT NOW!

Oh gosh darn it, clumsy me. I somehow let yet another finger slip in. Hope you can forgive me. But boy you should see your mommy go.

I’m going to throw up.

I’ll tell you what Jess. I’ll give your mother a chance to prove she still loves her baby. I’ll give her pussy a choice. Either she can decide to stop fucking it on my fingers to show how much she cares for you, OR she can BEG me to plug my thumb with the rest and fist that womb you came from. Whacha think?

She…she’ll choose me. She has to choose me. I’m her little girl…

Why should she? When I give her pleasure and all you give her is bratty disrespect?

I’d…be good to her. I’d be a good girl…

How good? What would you do for your mommy to make her love you again?

W…what ever she wants. I’ll be nice to her…and do things…for her…

Hmmm, I don’t know. You sound waaaay to prissy to do what it’ll take.

I promise! I promise to make her love me again. To make her happy of me!

We’ll lets just see. ‘Hey Nip-Nip, guess what! Guess what your daughter is saying to me? She’s willing to do ANYTHING to make you love her the way you’ve always wanted her to. Isn’t that great? Don’t look at me that way, she’s willing to be your perfect little angel! All you have to do is stop fucking my fingers and she’s all yours!…Yes, that’s what she said, she wants to be your girly toy. Its either that, or you can have my fist up your cunt! They’re both tempting choices but you must choose one.’

What’s she saying? Does she want you or me? Please tell her I love her. Tell her I want to be her…toy!

I don’t think she believes you. She thinks your just saying it so she can’t have her fun with me!

No no, I want her to have fun. I want her to have fun with me. Tell her I want to be her toy daughter. I’ll do anything she wants to make her have fun!

Are you sure? Would you really please your mommy the way she needs? Even do the nasty little things she loves so much?

Yes, I promise. I’ll do everything for her.

Like biting her big nips?


And sitting that cute bum on her pretty face?


And stuffing that dainty hand up her mommy snatch like she’s dreamed for so long?

[Sniff]…yes…anything. Anything she wants. I’ll do it all.

‘Did you hear that Nip-Nip? Your baby says she’d do it all. Finally you’ll get your wish and taste your daughter’s hot pocket! Every time you can’t shut that big stupid mouth up she’ll stuff it with pussy! Imagine every time you tell her to go clean her room, she’ll ram her hand up your womb for her troubles! Isn’t that great?’

I…I don’t want to hurt her…

Oh Jessica, you’ve made your mommy sooo happy. You should see the tears. Its a dream come true for her. She simply can’t wait to get you all alone. Mother and daughter, as Halkalı Escort it should always be.

Yes, I’ll be a good girl for her. Now PLEASE let her come home. I’ll be a good toy for her!

See there you go again! Being the selfish bratty girl again!

WHAT? What do you mean? I’m not…

Here your slut mother is moments away from getting my fifth and final big finger up her snatch, ready to scream out in unbelievable pain and pleasure, and all you can think about is yourself and your incestual desire to have her all alone.


Go on, tell your mother to come home. Tell her how she can’t enjoy the simple pleasures of my fist because her prissy bitch daughter wants to do it herself! Go on, deny your mom!


But what?

I want her to go home…happy…

But doesn’t Jessy poo want her mommy slut’s tongue as far up her tight cunt as soon as possible?

YYY…yes…but I want her to be…happy first…

So what are you trying to tell me girly?

Please…let her be happy.


FFFist my mommy!

Oh sure, now you’ll say it after feeling guilty!

No…please, I want you to do it. I want you to stick the rest of your hand inside her. Please make her happy, I want her to be!

But is it what you want? Telling another girl to plug a hand up your own mommy’s stretched cunt?

Yes! I want you to do it. Give her pleasure if that’s the way she wants it.

Didn’t you say that it was disgusting earlier? Didn’t you tell me you’d disown her if she did anything remotely like this?

I…um…its not disgusting. I think its…nice…

[PLOP] Ohhhh there is goes Jessica! ALL FIVE FINGERS! Isn’t that amazing. No matter how many times we do this to her, it still amazes me. Gosh is she a fucking slut.

Please be gentle with her. Not too rough!

But she likes it when we’re rough with her. You should see it in her eyes right now, begging me to pound her cervix with my knuckles.

Oh gosh!

Well that’s what you wanted remember? You wanted her to be ‘happy’! I’m making your mommy VERY happy dear! Come on Mary, sit on her face. Rub that juice all over her mouth. Hey Samantha, pull those long nips HARD! She just LOVES that!


Hey Jess, is this turning you on?


Don’t you wish you could be the one pulling on those long nip-nips?


And washing her face with your cunt?


And feeling around your birthplace with your fingers?


Are you a slut just like your mother?


Do you want to play with your damp pussy?


Do you want to play with it for me?

Uh Huh!

While wishing you were here having sex with your mommy?


Would you like to cum with your mommy dearest? At the same time?


Drop those jeans to the floor right now!


Cram those sticky fingers inside those panties masturbate for me baby. Masturbate that mother fucking puss of yours for me!

Oh ah ah!!!

Such a slut you are. Just like your mum! Perhaps I’ll stick my fist up your womb too! Would you like that pig?


I can see that tiny puss stretching for my hand right now. Imagine, mother and daughter, laying side my side, my fists up both your cunts! Wouldn’t you just love that?


Nip-Nip is almost there. Any moment now. keep those fingers rubbing!

PLEASE!!! HURRY!!!! I can’t hold it…

Boy does my hand slide in and out with ease! She’s soaking the floor!

AHHH!!!! I’m going to cum…



Five minutes Later…

My my my, that was some orgasm. This really gets you off doesn’t it?

[panting] Yes…it does. Thank you!

For what?

For bringing my mother and I…closer together…

You’ve got no idea. But it does look like the two of you have a LOT of things to talk about when she gets home.

Yes we do, but I can’t wait.

Getting that fist ready I bet?

[giggles] Yes, it’ll be waiting for her.

We’ll be sending her on her way just as soon as we finish on her tongue a few more times, if that’s ok with you?

Yes, enjoy. But please be gentle with her!

I’ve heard that one before. See ya around Jess!


Oh wait…just one more thing…

And what’s that?

You hear that clicking sound?


That’s the sound of my little tape recorder turning off.

Tape recorder?

Yep, that’s right. Say hi to your mom for me when she gets in, and tell her all about the tape. She’ll know what I’m talking about!

What? But wait…

Click…dial tone…

Hello? HELLO???

Jessica sweetie I’M HOME! Just look at this dress I bought you from the mall!

Oh gosh, MOTHER!

To Be Continued…

* * * * *

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