Cuckolding Mom Pt. 03 – Mom’s Mine

Big Dick

Every teenaged boy should wake up at least once in his young life, with a beautiful mature woman kissing him passionately, while another is sucking on his cock. Especially, when the mature women kissing him and sucking his dick are his aunt and mother respectively.

The funky smell of sex, our musky body odors and stale perfume filled the room with the delightful reminder of the activities of the night before.

Aunt Jenny gave me one last lick with her tongue, moved her head back, smiled at me and flashed me those gorgeous hazel eyes. I then followed her gaze downward as we both looked at the back of my mother’s head, her auburn hair fanned out and resting on my stomach.

She was lying on her side, the side of her face resting on my stomach, sucking my cock sideways into her mouth. She mostly concentrated on my circumcised helmet, but would take about half my hard morning wood into her mouth, making a hungry slurping sound each time she did.

“I love watching your mom suck cock,” Aunt Jenny chimed, “I think it’s one of her most gifted talents.”

She then moved up and cradled my head in her arm. She pushed of her large breast towards my face and angled its nipple towards my mouth.

“Suckle me sweetie, just like you did when you were a baby. You could never get any milk out of me, but I was your favorite pacifier.”

I didn’t need any coaxing. I clamped my lips around her areolas and sucked her taut growing nipple into my mouth and sucked it with the same rhythm my mom was using on my dick.

I reached up with one hand and kneaded Aunt Jenny “D” sized breast.

“That’s it sis, finger your pussy while you suck your little boys cock. Good girl. Maybe we can all have a nice morning cum together. Wouldn’t that be special? Wouldn’t that make our daddy so proud?”

My mom started to suck my cock more earnestly and Aunt Jenny held my head tighter and tangled her fingers in my hair. A fresh scent of female sex filled the room and I could actually hear the squishy sounds of them both sloshing their fingers in, out and around their pussies.

It didn’t take long for us to climax. Each of us lost in our individual pleasure. My mom feasting on her son’s cock, while fiddling with her clit and pussy. My aunt reliving her nephew suckling her tit as a baby, her fingers ram-rodding her cunt. Me, having my mother draining my cum down her throat as I massaged and nibbled on my aunt’s full breast.

The orgasms weren’t as intense as the night before, but they left us all breathless and satisfied. We slumped together for a while, basking in the glow and smell of morning sex.

Aunt Jenny broke the mood as she slithered out of bed. “Okay, let’s get going. Everyone go shower and whatever. Beth, after you’re done, get breakfast started and well meet in the kitchen. Got it?”

I nodded and mom slid off the bed and I watched her skinny ass walk out the room, followed by Aunt Jenny’s nice, rounded butt.

I lay back on the pillow, put my hands behind my head, looked up at the ceiling, trying to comprehend what had happened since yesterday afternoon.

It all started with me spreading tanning oil on my aunt’s body. Her sucking me off, coming into my bedroom, watching me jack-off, then fucking me with my mom watching. Mom joining and getting finger fucked. Then this morning. And what the fuck are they doing with grandpa?!

Again, it was my aunt’s voice interrupting my thoughts. “You’re not up yet? Get going Michael.”

I jumped out of bed, stark naked. She smiled at me. Paused to look at my limp dick dangling between my thighs. Her voice softened, “Now shower and come down to breakfast. Ok sweetie.”

Aunt Jenny was sitting at the kitchen table in her full-length white cotton robe. The robe was open exposing her crossed long, tan legs up to her mid thighs. Her legs had a sheen to them as if freshly shaved. She had a pair of slippers on, with pink feathers around the top. She was smiling at me when our eyes met, as she had caught me again admiring her.

I looked over at mom. Jesus, she was standing at the stove with her back to me, her backside almost completely naked. Just the draw string of an apron across her lower back and one around her neck. She had on three in high heel slippers, that gave a nice definition to her calves, thighs and butt. I looked her up and down.

“Yeah, I think your mom has a nice ass for a thirtyish old lady.” Aunt Jenny noted as we both were looking at mom.

Mom turned her head and looked at us. Our eyes met; I could see her blush as she turned back to flipping a pancake.

I went over to the counter, poured myself a cup of coffee, keeping an eye on my mom’s legs and ass. I sat down at the table taking in all of my mother’s sleek backside as she finished making breakfast.

She brought the pancakes, bacon and sausage to the table and say down. As I reached for some pancakes, Aunt Jenny looked at mom and curtly said, “Elizabeth, you know the rules.”

“But Jenny, please.”

Aunt Jenny just gave mom a stern look. Mom stood Lefkoşa Escort up, undid the back draw string of the apron and puled the other over her head, placed it on the back of the chair. I looked at my mother’s slightly sagging, “B” cup tits as she sat back down. Her head bowed and her light auburn hair hanging against the sides of her face.

“God Beth, stop acting like an innocent, shy, little schoolgirl already. Jesus, bitch, you’ve sucked your boy’s cock. Just stop.”

With that my mom gave her a quick mean glance that quickly disappeared as if she knew better then to challenge her older sister.

I noticed my mother’s nipples were pointing straight out. The house’s morning air didn’t have much of a chill to it, so I wondered if mom got excited from playing or being the submissive little cunt.

I looked over at Aunt Jenny as she took a forkful of pancake into her mouth and asked, “Rules?”

She pointed at her mouthful of food, chewed, swallowed and answered, “I’ll explain after breakfast.”

Most of the conversation during breakfast was monopolized by Aunt Jenny. The days schedule: beach, lunch, beach, nap, go out for dinner, back here to relax. Not a mention or even innuendo about sex!

I kept eyeing my mother’s chest as I ate. Her tits weren’t perky like the college girls I went out with, but they were inviting and my cock responded to the visual stimulation. I was a bit surprised to see that Aunt Jenny seemed to be looking at them more than she was looking at me, which made me even harder.

After we were done, Aunt Jenny poured herself another cup of coffee and said, “Sweetie, let’s go sit on the sofa and let your mom clean up in here.”

Mom gave us a quick envious glance as we left the kitchen.

We sat on the sofa right next to each other. Aunt Jenny crossed her legs, causing her robe to open exposing her luscious, firm tanned thighs.

Thinking it was an invitation, I placed my hand on her velvety, warm skin and gently squeezed it as i started to move my hand up toward her pussy. She reached down, took hold of my wrist with her thumb and forefinger, lifted my hand off her leg, “We’ve had enough stimulation already this morning, Michael. We have to pace ourselves.” With that, she placed my hand on my own thigh.

I thought to myself, ‘Pace ourselves? Fuck Aunt Jenny, I’m a 19-year-old boy! With women that look like you and mom I could cum twenty times in a day! Alright, an exaggeration, but damn, I’m already as hard as a rock just looking at mom’s tits all through breakfast, and now, the heat and fresh smell of my Aunt Jenny’s body next to me and your long, beautiful legs right there! God, I think I might cum without touching myself if I kept looking at them!’

It was then my mom came out of the kitchen and stood in front of us wearing only her heels. Her hands at her sides, her feet shoulder length apart. Her head up, her beautiful light auburn hair shimmered in the morning light around her lovely face. I gazed up and down her smooth lightly tanned hairless body. Her pussy slit glistened with a hint of wetness.

Aunt Jenny, again, interrupted my moment. “Ah, yes, the rules. Michael, whenever it is just us three in the house from now on your mother will be naked. She will keep her feet at least shoulder length apart, even when sitting and her mouth will be open at all times. All her holes will be accessible at all times. She will obey and let us do whatever we want to her and do whatever we instruct her to do, without question or hesitation, or she will be punished. Isn’t that correct, Elizabeth?”

Looking straight ahead, mom answered blankly, “Yes, sis.”

“Well go over the punishments later. I think sometimes she disobeys just so she’ll be abused.”

I looked at mom standing before us. Head high, shoulders back, forcing her tits to point out. perfect posture.

I decided to test the rules.

“Mom, step in front of me.”

She took a few steps forward, I spread my thighs apart and she stood between them. Her hairless pussy only a foot from my face. It looked freshly shaved. I could see that her cunt lips were moist. I inhaled her pussy scent. I looked up at her. She was looking straight ahead at the wall behind me a blank stare on her face. I took my forefinger and ran it along her pussy slit, parting its lips, revealing the inner pink of her lips and her juice’s coating my finger as I sliced her open.

I moved my finger back and forth, her pussy lips folded around it. God, my mother was sopping wet! The scent from her cunt permeated the room.

I looked up at her. Her face was now flush, she was taking short breaths as my finger manipulated the rim of her naked pussy.

Her scent overtook me. I wanted to taste my mother. I dropped on to my knees between her feet forcing them further apart. I wrapped my arms around her thighs, gripping the insides with the cup of my hands, I pulled her soft, slim, warm thighs open.

I looked up to see the outline of her tits jutting from her chest, Girne Escort her nipple hard and pointing out.

Her gapping pussy now fully exposed. Its smell seemed to wash over my face. I knelt straight up and my mouth pushed into my mother’s sloppy wet cunt.

I sucked her juices into my mouth. I pulled down on her thighs, forcing her to squat on my face. I continued to lap up her juices. My checks indented as I sucked them into my mouth, slashing my tongue as deeply as I could into my mother’s twat.

I felt her hands grasp the side of my head as her fingers tangled in my hair. She was holding my head in place, sitting on my face. Even with my ears covered by her thighs I could hear her moaning, sobbing as her I ate her pussy.

Mom was grinding her cunt on my face. Smearing her pussy juice all over it. When I clamped my lips onto the hard knub of her clit, she stopped massaging her cunt against my face. She twisted her fingers into my hair and tightened the vice grip of her thighs around my head. I heard her loudly beg, “Oh my God, Michael, there, right there honey, suck it, suck it baby. OOOOOHHHHHH, DEAR GGGGOOODDD!”

I sucked my mother’s clit into my mouth, flicking my tongue all over it. Pressing my tongue hard against it. Washing it, loving it, worshipping it, with my tongue, nibbling on it with my teeth. Her musky pussy juices poured into my mouth and I swallowed my mother’s essence.

Her thighs began to shiver around my head, squeezing it even tighter in a vice like grip. Then it seemed her whole body tensed around me as she let out a low gruntle moan that filled the room.

I kept sucking her clit and juices in my mouth, swallowing and feasting on them. My cock was rock hard and restrained in my shorts. Each time I took a breath through my nose my mother’s pussy scent added to my wanting to devour her.

Her orgasm started to subside. I eased the suction on her cunt. We both started to relax. I let my hands arms release her thighs. Her pussy slipped off my face, her feet touched the floor. She held on to my head with her hands to keep her balance. She then let go, stood unsteady for a moment, went to her knees and sat back on her calves. We knelt this way together looking at each other. My face dripping with her pussy juice, her face flush and her breathing still slightly labored.

Our eyes met and then my mother scanned my face. She reached up with both hands, gently held the sides of my face in each, raised up in her knees, leaned forward and started to lick my face. First, she licked and sucked her juices off that were about to drip off my chin. Then she in turn licked, kissed and sucked her juices off my cheeks.

My mother was relishing, savoring her own cunt juices, lapping them up into her mouth, over her tongue and swallowing them hungrily down her throat. When catching her breath between her tasting and smelling her pussy off my face, she moaned softly, “Oh God, Oh God, Oh God.”

After sucking the last drops of her cum off my nose, my face was clean. My mother, sat back on her calves, put her hands by her side, looked at me, with a loving stare and keeping her lips parted. She waited for me to instruct her what to do next.

For the first time I felt that I was in complete and utter control of my mother.

I stood up, pulled my t-shirt over my head, tugged my shorts and boxers down off me. My cock pointed straight out just about a foot away above my mother’s head as she knelt before me resting her ass on her calves.

She was looking up at my stiff rod.

I demanded calmly, “Suck it mother.”

She raised her ass off her calves in a praying position, her open mouth inches from my cock. She started to reach up and hold it in her hands. I barked sharply, “No mother, just use your mouth.”

With that, she leaned forward and sucked the blood engorged head of my cock into her mouth. My mother had my cock, her son’s cock, again in her mouth.

I felt her tongue swipe up and down on my pee hole. I knew she was tasting my pre-cum. She started to move her head lower onto my dick, taking me more into her mouth, stretching her jaws. My mother’s cheeks indented as she sucked more of me into her mouth. Her tongue caressing the underside vein of my shaft. Tears formed in her eyes as she looked up at me. My cock slowly penetrating her lovely face.

She let out a gagged gasp as the tip of my dick hit the back of her throat. Drool escaping from the corners of her mouth and landing on her tits.

“Fuck my cock with your face, mother.”

She kept her lips clamped tightly around my cock as she started to move her head back and forth on my cock. The sound of her slurping mixed her gagging each time my cock head hit the back of her throat.

Jesus! I could smell her pussy odor escaping from her slightly spread thighs. My mother was nothing more than a pathetic, cock craved slut. And she was getting aroused by being ordered by her son to suck his dick.

As I continued to watch my dick slide in and out if Magosa Escort my mother’s face, I knew it would not be long until I came.

I glanced over at Aunt Jenny. She was sitting in a chair opposite us. Her tanned long legs crossed, her dangling foot making small circles in the air. Her hands gripping the arms of the chair. She had a slight grin on her face as her focus was on her sister using her face to fuck her nephew’s cock.

“Stop mom,” I said sharply as I pulled back and my cock literally making a popping sound as I took it out of her mouth. Her face leaning forward as if she didn’t want to let it go.

She looked up at my rigid cock, dripping with her saliva, inches from her parted lips. Her eyes filled with tears, not from sadness, but from my cock stretching and gagging her.

“On your back.”

She glanced up at me, leaned back and lay on the floor. Her thighs parted wide, her knees up and her feet on the floor. Her bald, glistening pussylips parted slightly.

“Put your hands over your head.”

My mother was completely exposed to me. Her hands over her head. Her long, soft auburn hair framing her lovely face. Her lips parted, her breathing steady. Her clean-shaven underarms made my cock twitch. Something erotic about my mother’s pits arousing me more. Her tits flattened against her chest. Her stomach lay smooth. Her bald pussy, her thin thighs parted. I took her all in. I inhaled her scent coming up from her laying prone before me.

“What do you want, mother?”

She had a quizzical look on her face.

In the same easy tone, I asked again, “What do you want, mother?”

“I want you to fuck me.”

“Say it better, mom.”

“I want you to fuck me, Michael.”


“I want you to fuck me, Michael. I want you to fuck your mother.”

I looked at Aunt Jenny and then at my mom.

“And?” I glanced at Aunt Jenny.

“I want you to fuck me, Michael. I want my sister to watch. I want your cock inside me. I want you to make you cum. I want to feel your cum inside my pussy. Your mother’s pussy. I want you to fuck me son. I want you to fuck your mother.”

I dropped to my knees, leaned down, took my hard shaft in my fist, rubbed the tip of my cock up and down her sloppy wet slit, found her gapping opening and eased my cock into my mother’s cunt.

As the girth of my dick penetrated deeper into my mother, the inside of her pussy’s warm flesh melted around it and seemed to suck me in. I put my hands on either side of her and straightened my arms out so I could look down at her as we fucked.

My mom tilted her head back, looking at her sister and moaned, “God, yes, he’s as thick as daddy!”

She laid her head back down, her mouth open, inhaling as my dick continued to slice deeper into her.

“Yes, Michael, fuck me. Fuck your mother”

I pushed my cock to the hilt inside her and pulled back and then started to rhythmically fuck her. Her feet came off the floor and danced freely in the air. Her small tits sloshed up and down with each thrust and withdrawal. The body odor from her pits and pussy mixed exotically around us.

I knew I was close to cumming. I shoved my dick to the hilt inside her and ground my pelvic bone against her clit. My cock moving around inside her pussy, touching and felling every part of the insides of my mother.

When the first wave of my cock spewed inside her, she reached around my back with her hands caressing me, holding me. Her back arched. Her eyes closed. Her lips separated, showing her teeth clinched together. Her thighs moved up either the side of me pressing hard, her toes curled and she met my orgasm with her own as I filled her cunt with my cum.

My cock pulsated as my mother pussy throbbed around it. The feeling was so intense with pure pleasure, my whole body tingled.

She let out a low, gruntle sound, “NNNNNNNNNNNNNNN.” That filled the room.

The second wave of my sperm shot out of me. It was more intense than the first. I let my bodies full weight gall on top of my mother. Her calves went around my legs, she locked her ankles around my upper thighs as if she was trying to push even more of my cock push deeper into her cunt.

The third pulse, entered her with less force. I started to lick, kiss and suck my mother’s neck. Enjoying her salty taste. Lost in ecstasy.

As the waves of cum diminished through my shaft into my mother, I raised my head and we kissed passionately as our orgasms decreased in intensity. Our tongues dancing together. her fingers now stroking through my hair pushing on the back of my head. My hands moving up and down her sides, over the outside of her thighs and then back up to her head.

Our orgasms ended, we lay entwined together. Our breathing labored. When I felt my cock grow limp inside her and start slip out, her pussy muscles grasped at it, trying to stop it from leaving her.

I pulled back, lifted my weight off her. Our skin peeled apart as the sweat from our bodies separated.

I sat back and pushed myself onto the couch, my limp, cum, coated cock resting between thighs.

Looking down at my mom, her legs still spread apart, her knees bent and her feet planted on the floor. Her wet hairless pussy had a soft sheen as our the combination of our cum oozed out of it, passed her puffy pussy lips towards her asshole.

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