Journey of a T-girl – Act Five


What is dating like for a young trans, femboy?One word: Difficult.It is tough to meet people in real life. Firstly, the internet is not real life. I learned that the hard way with trolls and online bullying. Now, I found some great people on the internet; Max, James, Brian, Jasmine, Trixie, Tasha, Reese. I have only met a few actually in person, and they all went very well, but again, not real life.Dating apps go like this: You chat. They seem interested. You meet up. You hook up. Both, male and female dates want to see one thing, the novelty of my cock under my dress. They both want to touch my cock. Then the guys want a blowjob, and the girls want pussy licking or tribbing.  Then, if I am lucky, they might watch me jerk off. They are usually surprised that I can get a hard-on and that I cum so much! I have yet to have a second date.When I meet someone in real life, I have a choice: whether to tell them that I am a trans right away, or don’t for a few dates.I tried not telling the truth, but then after a few dates, it was very awkward, especially when he is reaching between my legs and wondering why I am pushing his hand away. I decided it is always better, to be honest.So, honesty, most dates end, directly after I tell them. Some wait until after the drinks or dinner to be finished if I am lucky.I was just about to turn eighteen, and I thought I was destined to be alone forever.Then, I went to a university party with my best friend, Greg. He was on a football scholarship but, I was in the last year of high school and couldn’t afford university anyway. It was the first party of the year, and the party was raging Lefkoşa Escort when we arrived. Greg introduced me to some of his teammates, and they were very hot! We decided that I wouldn’t say anything to anyone at this time and just have fun!I was having a great time when Luke approached me as I was getting a drink.”Hi, I’ve been watching you?” Luke said, smiling.”Creepy,” I answered, jokingly.”No, not like that,” Luke fumbled, “I think you… are beautiful.””Well, then I forgive you. Watch away,” I teased.”I’m Luke.” He introduced himself.”Samantha,” I said, extending my hand.”Nice to meet you,” Luke said with more confidence.”You too,” I answered back.”Do you want to go someplace quieter to talk? Luke asked.”Sure,” I said, as we left with our drinks.We went to his room upstairs, which was small but mostly clean, and sat on his bed.Luke was a lineman on the football team. He was six-foot-five inches and over two-hundred pounds of muscle. Luke had beautiful, smooth black-brown skin and dreamy brown eyes.  He was a very handsome black man! When I stood beside him, my slight frame only went up to his chest.Luke grabbed my hand, and we walked up to a room upstairs.We talked for a couple of hours, and the conversation was exciting and enlightening, not what I expected actually.I liked Luke, and I think he wanted me, which was proven when he leaned in to kiss me. It was a deep passionate kiss that made my entire body tingle. After that kiss, we looked at each other. I liked this guy, and I knew I needed to tell him about me before things got any further.”Luke, I really like Girne Escort you,” I started, “but I need to tell you something important.””I like you too, go ahead.” Luke listened.I had rehearsed this speech, but it still stumbled out of my mouth.”I was born a boy,” I started.Luke listened and didn’t make a run for it. Good so far.”I dress and live as a girl,” I continued.Luke looked at me for what seemed like forever before he spoke.”Like a transsexual?” Luke asked.”I don’t know what to call myself, but yes,” I answered.Luke paused again, and I thought it was my time to run to the door.”I have a secret too,” Luke began.”Okay,” I said, with slight hesitation.”I am bisexual,” Luke told me.”That’s cool,” I said, relieved. “Thanks for sharing that with me.”I then took the initiative and leaned forward and kissed him. Luke kissed me passionately back. His hands moved across my body. I was filled with nervous energy when his hand moved across my thigh toward my cock—the moment of truth. Luke lifted my skirt and found my hard cock under my pink panties. He rubbed it and smiled at me. I kissed him back, harder.Luke then moved back, hooked his fingers inside the waistband of my panties, and pulled them smoothly off. My hard seven-and-a-half-inch shaved cock bounced out in front of him. He looked down and smiled lustfully, kneeling between my legs and grabbing my cock. He jerked it up and down, looking at me seductively and then took it into his mouth.Luke was a fantastic cock sucker. He said my cock was the first one he had sucked, but he had watched a lot of porn. It must have been Magosa Escort a master class. Luke pushed his finger, then two into my tight asshole, moving it in and out. It wasn’t too long before I needed to tell him that I was coming. I expected him to jerk me off to orgasm, but he sucked on me even more diligently.I was moaning hard and then started to cum in his mouth. He let some of the cum drip out of his mouth down my cock, but he swallowed most of it. He still had some of my cum in his mouth as he moved up and kissed me on the lips. It was the most erotic kiss I have ever had and my very first cum-kiss.”Your turn,” I told him seductively.”You don’t need to,” Luke smiled. “I have always wanted to suck on a cock for as long as I can remember.””And you are very good at it,” I told him truthfully, “but I really want to pleasure you.””You have an amazingly beautiful cock,” Luke complimented.”Thank you,” I blushed. “Now, let me see yours.”Luke smiled and opened his jeans and pulled down his pants. I was shocked when he revealed his cock to me. It was a monster! Luke’s cock was at least ten inches long, and he was not even fully erect yet. Large pulsing veins came from the base of his shaft to the large purple cock head. It was scary and beautiful.”A lot of girls are intimidated by my cock,” Luke confessed.”I can understand that,” I admitted.Luke disappointedly started to pull his pants back up.”No!” I said, stopping him, “Your cock is amazing, and I am not intimidated at all.”Moving forward, I pulled Luke’s jeans back onto the floor. Kneeling before him, I took his massive cock with both my hands and took him into my mouth. My lips were stretched, but I managed to get almost half of his enormous member into my lipsticked mouth. While I couldn’t get him entirely in, I did lick and tongue his cock head until he was rock hard. Luke’s balls were heavy and round, and he moaned as I cradled them on my tongue.

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