Cuckold Regret


I was married to an absolutely wonderful woman. She was sweet, caring, intelligent, funny, and incredibly gorgeous. She has an angelic face, is tall and has a slim build. It was easy to understand why I was so attracted to her. It was also easy to understand why most every other guy we’ve ever met felt the same. She was definitely a looker but also had an air of approachability that seemed to invite attention. So much so, that strange men would often chat her up wherever we went out. I’d imagine most men would find it off-putting to be made a third wheel on their own cart, but I found it as a source of pride. I knew a man’s innocent chat was far from innocent. That the true intent was to get into my wife’s pants. But I also knew that my wife was devoted to a fault and would never even consider acting on whatever attraction she may have had. I could trust her completely and enjoyed watching all those men crash and burn at the end of the nights we went out. No doubt, jacking to thoughts of being with her.Everything was great as the years went by, but as is typical, the sex life started to wane. It was certainly not for a loss of attraction. I think it was more a loss of variety. We married early in our lives and didn’t have many partners, so our limited experience was with each other. She seemed to be content with the missionary position, cum and roll over to sleep. No blow jobs, no anal sex. Nothing more than the slow love-making of a couple in love. I wanted more. I wanted a slut. We were in a sexual slump and thought another dick would help get her to let her sexual hair down.Over the years of seeing all those men hungry for my wife, the thought of sharing her began to take hold. I started having visions of her being fucked in all sorts of positions. Imagining her tits bouncing as she rode a cock as I looked on. Her mouth engulfed on some stranger’s cock. And the semen. Seeing semen dripping from whatever orifice my fantasy centered on at the moment. Gawd, I wanted to see that more and more.Late one evening after a night of dancing, we got into bed as usual and had sex. I was nearing orgasm when I broached the subject of bringing another guy into our bedroom. She exploded into a hissy fit. She threw me off her and called me everything from a pervert to a latent homosexual. I got a thorough tongue lashing. She even threatened divorce if I ever brought it up again. Geez. That didn’t go very well at allIt was days before she spoke to me again, and even then it was abrupt. I finally had mustered up the courage to confront her. I played the victim and said I couldn’t apologize about being open with my feelings toward her. That I was only thinking of her and making her happy. That she was beautiful and deserved it. She allowed me to finish while standing there with arms crossed and lips pursed. She didn’t buy any of it. The silence Pendik Escort continued.This went on for another week and it only served to fan my fantasies. Thoughts of seeing her with another man grew into an obsession, enough to make me watch porn about cuckolding, gang bangs and circle jerks – any form of debauchery in which I could envision my wife playing the starring role. Watching that porn soon turned into jacking off to it. A lot. Every chance I got, I would drop my pants, call up a porn site and check out the porn videos… and jack. It was only a matter of time before my wife came home early and walked in on me.Again with the hissy fit, only much more intense now. I’ve never seen her so upset. ‘How could you’ this and ‘What’s wrong with me’ that. It was as close to a pacing rant as I’ve ever seen her in. I think I preferred the silent treatment. She finally stopped long enough to put her fists on her hips and tell me we were going out. “You want this?” she said. “Fine. You’re going to get it, you prick!”She stormed upstairs leaving me with my mouth gaping. What just happened? Did I hear her right? Should I be happy or worried? I was still absorbing her words when I heard her call downstairs to me.”Put your dick back in your pants and make your own dinner, asshole. And be ready to leave at ten. I don’t even want to see you before then!” The door slammed.The words had such vehemence in them that I was certain she would see to it that I did not enjoy that night. I was no doubt going to be led into a sea of regret and guilt and would rue the day I brought it up. It was only 6:00 and I knew I had a long wait ahead of me. I went to the kitchen to make myself a ham sandwich and cracked open a beer. Yes, it would be a very long wait indeed.10:00 finally rolled around and I dutifully went to the base of the stairs and in a tacit ‘fuck you’ she made me wait another twenty minutes. When she finally emerged, my jaw gaped open.She paused at the top of the stairs with her hands on her hips looking down on me as if to give me time to absorb her outfit. She wore black high heels and thigh-high stockings. I had forgotten she even owned a pair. Her skirt was a black three-quarter thigh length with a zipper up the front. I’ve never seen her with the zipper anything less than fully closed, but now it was unzipped a third of the way. And her blouse. It was a white button-down that fit her like a glove and showed off her physique perfectly. The buttons were undone to just past mid-breast, enough to advertise that she wasn’t wearing a bra.When we’d gone out in the past, she’d never dressed so provocatively. She looked gorgeous. If I were to guess, my wife did indeed have intentions for the night that she’d never had before. She slowly descended the stairs and stepped up to me.”Look, I still think you’re an asshole,” Pendik Escort Bayan she said. “But I do apologize for the things I’ve said and the way I’ve been acting. I’m just upset about why you would want this.” She stepped close and took my hand. “We’re married, for Pete’s sake! We’re supposed to be together. Us! You and me. I can’t believe you want a total stranger to share our bed.” Nuzzling me now, she looked up and added, “Isn’t there something else we can do?”I was scared to respond for fear of saying something wrong and sparking another hissy fit. All I could do was avert her questioning gaze into my eyes. I stood, mute.”I love you and want to save what we have. What we’ve built. But if this is what you want, I’ll try. I won’t promise you ANYTHING, mind you… but I’ll try. And I don’t like it either.”All I could do was reply with, “I love you, too.”Again. The wrong words. She tensed up and pushed past me toward the door telling me, “Let’s go!” over her shoulder.We drove to a bar we frequented in the past. It was clean and had a good DJ that read the crowd well and would often fill the small dance floor. It always had a decent crowd, but never so packed that we couldn’t find a seat. Plus, it was close. The drive would be uncomfortably quiet and I wanted to shorten it as much as possible.We parked and headed for the entrance. She stopped at the door, pulled up her zipper to halfway, undid another button of her blouse, and turned to me to say, “Asshole!” before flipping her hair and going inside.It was more crowded than usual, but we were fortunate in finding a couple just leaving their booth. We quickly staked our claim and settled in. The booths were larger and U-shaped at the back of the room. They were intended for larger groups, so I felt a little guilty with it being just the two of us. But it didn’t look as though there were any other options that night.”Get me a drink,” she barked.It was the first thing she’d said since leaving the house, so I wasn’t about to wait for the table to be bussed at that point. I obediently slid out of the booth and headed toward the bar. I ordered a couple of cocktails and reflected on whether I should suggest just calling it a night and head home. Maybe we’d be able to work something else out. I looked back at her just as a waitress cleaned off our table. She was smiling and chatting with the waitress when both broke out in a laugh. I hadn’t seen her do that in a while, so I thought I might just play out the night after all.I returned to the booth and set the drinks down and slid back into the seat. She seemed a bit more approachable now. Her smile wasn’t as wide as it was with the waitress, but certainly more than I’ve seen in weeks. She literally guzzled her drink down and slammed the glass down on the table.”Get me another drink. I’m going Escort Pendik to the bathroom,” she said as she slid herself out and headed toward the restroom. I’ve never seen her guzzle a drink before. She’s a sipper. A drink would normally last her an hour. I flagged the waitress and ordered another. My wife’s on a mission for sure. At the very least, it’ll be an interesting evening. I could see her emerging from the bathroom and taking a detour to walk past the bar, rather than the direct route back to our booth. Not surprisingly, every guy along the bar was ogling her. All those same guys that I knew would crash and burn before, but that night might well be different. The thought excited me.I watched as several men tried to muster the courage and say something before she passed them. It’s funny how when one guy gets up the nerve to break the ice – and is successful – the others quickly gather around. It’s like when a lion makes the kill, then the hyenas come out of the bushes to steal the prey. I enjoyed watching male behavior. My wife has always been approachable, but now she looked to be flirting. A subtle difference, but I recognized it. She accepted an offer of a drink from one of the men while another offered her his seat. It didn’t look like she’d be returning soon. The men surrounded her in animated story-telling as I sipped my drink and settled in to watch. Yes. It was a good call deciding to stay that night.She finished her drink, said something to the boys and headed back to our booth and slid in beside me. She looked much more relaxed now. Almost normal. I offered her the drink she’d asked for and asked if she was enjoying herself. She replied that she was doing fine, underscoring the word ‘fine’. She chugged that one like the first and ordered me to get another. I complied and headed to the bar again.The crowd had grown, so ordering another drink took a bit long. I looked back over my shoulder to see one of the men in the group was sitting next to her in our booth. She was playing with her hair and giggling a bit too much with the guy. Yes, she was definitely flirting – and I was loving it. I ordered a double this time.I returned with her drink and sat down just as the guy was getting up. I was a little disappointed, but then my wife followed. She turned to me and took a big swig of her drink. Her eyes never left mine. I couldn’t tell what message that peer contained, or even if there was one, but she put her glass down and headed toward the dance floor with her new friend. The guy looked fit and good looking enough, but nothing special. Certainly no Adonis. But, hey. I wasn’t making any calls tonight. My wife had a sense of rhythm and body control that made you want to dance just watching her. The guy looked to be pretty good too. The two of them appeared like they were having a great time on that first song. It was a hip hop song with a heavy beat and easy to dance to. They got closer for the second song. Much closer. It was salsa, I think. The kind that had a lot of grinding and sexual innuendo. I had never seen my wife doing that with me, let alone another man. I was strangely aroused by it.

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