A Mom Too Deep in the Woods

Big Tits

A beautiful mother in her mid 30s has been divorced from her husband for 6 months. She realized that she has been a workaholic to avoid the pain and also that her 17 year son has been acting different. She has not noticed until a week ago that Brandon has not been dating the last few months. When she asked him about it he said he thought she might need him around more. She cried and hugged him and vowed to spend more time with him….in fact we haven’t been camping in years. Let’s dust off the tent and go……so the planned out a weekend trip to the San Bernardino Mountains. Brandon, the near professional internet surfer did the research for the trip. He found a beautiful spot near a lake looking at aerial pix. Since Linda was coming home earlier each day Brandon had less time to surf porn and more time to read up on the camping sites. One link he found was about a 1998 Bigfoot sighting in the area. He printed it to prove to his mom that he was being good online..he would die of embarrassment if she ever knew the kind of sites he liked. As the day came it was sunny as could be, which as he had hoped caused his mom to wear short shorts and a small tank top. Like many women her age Linda was naive to the effect the sight of her flesh had on men….even younger men like her son. After only 3 hours of hiking they found the site. They had passed an amorous couple walking down the hill about 2 hours back. As they passed the couple playfully kissing and grouping at each other Linda realized how much she missed sex. Not just fucking but also kissing passionately, touching and feeling a naked man’s body in her bed. She fantasized as she hiked until she realized that her pussy was wet, very wet….for the first time in months. She tried to not think about sex as they found a spot for their weekend. While they set up their tent….she decided nothing would cool down her pussy except the cool water of the lake 60 feet from their tent. She told her son that he should go in the tent and change first. As anxious as she was to change her wet panties out for a dry bikini. She was worried that she was so wet that if she changed first, Brandon might smell her pussy in the tent. That thought mortified her. She quickly changed and joined her son in the water…..she was relived as her bikini panties flooded with the cool water. The young mother welcomed the relief from her almost Escort Ataşehir over powering fantasies….. After almost and hour cooling down in the water, they put on dry clothes and felt warm and refreshed. Linda began making dinner while Brandon collected wood and started a fire. Soon it was getting dark and the fire was roaring. The typical pyre in ever boy caused Brandon to add more wood than really needed for Linda to cook dinner. Linda enjoyed serving dinner for Brandon. It makes her miss having a husband or other man to take care of. After dinner they make smores until they had their fill of sweets. The beautiful mother told her son it was time for her to go to bed. Brandon said he would go get some more wood and refresh the fire then turn in. The summer night made it too much too hot to wear the sweats Linda had brought. She left on the tank top she had on and quickly stripped down to her tight little underwear. She wanted to be in her sleeping bag before Brandon came in. She got in the sleeping bag, but she was still too warm. She unzipped it all the way around and felt better. The hiking, swimming, and emotions the fantasies caused, had taken the women’s energy and she fell asleep quickly. Brandon gathered the wood in about 5 minutes but that was only an excuse not to go in the tent yet. After all he had seen and thought about today he needed relief. He quietly grabbed his mother’s damp swimsuit and took it out in the woods. When safely away he laid it out on a patch of grass kneeled down as if between his mothers legs and stroked until he exploded all over the grass and her bikini bottoms. By the time Brandon slipped into the tent 20 minutes after Linda she was sound asleep. Her stirring had caused the sleeping bag to separate and she was face down and unconsciously displaying her bare feet one entire leg and half her cute little butt. Her tank top had rode up showing the small of her back almost up to her shoulder blades. Even thought Brandon had only cum a 3 minutes earlier, the sight of his sexy scantily clad mother in the tent and no one around for miles made him hard. He stripped down to his boxers and t-shirt and got in his sleeping bag. He stared at and studied the parts of this beautiful women’s body that showed. He looked at her feet and how sexy the soles looks facing up. His mom walking around barefoot was Ümraniye escort one of the sexiest images of his young life. He now could not control himself and had to touch them. He reached out and ran his hand over the bottom of her foot. Unable to think of any excuse of what to say if she suddenly awoke, he whispered, “Mom are you awake, I thought I heard something.” When no reaction came he slides his hand up her right calf and said the same thing. Out of his control, his hand slid up to her thin smooth thigh and he asked again. His left hand then repeated the movements his right hand had done on the other side if her body. Before he knew it he was lightly massaging both cheeks of her thinly covered ass. He then noticed a sent in the tent he had never smelled before. It was not perfume, and not body odor but it was present and getting stronger. Although the fire outside lit up the tent well shining through the thin nylon, the area of Linda’s panties covering her pussy was in the shadows. The patch over her lips was soaked but not visible to her son. Had Brandon not been a virgin, he might have recognized the scent as that given off by a female’s body when aroused. A little aromatic hint evolution devised to help the denser half of species to know when the female was ready to mate. Even though young Brandon did not recognize it, another creature in the woods did. He lumbered thru the woods towards the scent. Brandon getting braver and hornier got on his knees and pulled his cock out of his shorts. He wanted to jack off while he touched his mother’s ass and the small of her back. Just as he was smearing the new precum over the head he heard a noise outside. He then recognized the closing noise as footsteps. He was very nervous realizing that other campers were close. He quickly rushed to push his cock back in his boxers. He then tried to cover his mother’s body with her sleeping bag. Whoever this was approaching was getting very close. So close that that is was now obvious they intended to enter their tent! As they roughly tried to swat the tents entrance to the side, Brandon called out, “just a minute”. They ignored him and continued the entry. The nylon moved aside and the person’s big head pierced the opening. Brandon startled his mother awake when he yelled, “Hey get out!” The invader continued and when the hairy shoulders Bostancı escort bayan made it past the nylon Brandon realized in horror that it wasn’t a camper, but rather a large bear. Linda screamed as they were defenseless. As the bear moved on all fours over them its head began to rise. Linda expected to see the bear’s dog like muzzle and gnarling teeth any second. The head now raised up to reveal a face! The mother and son froze in astonishment as a humanoid face with blue eyes starred at Linda. Their hearts races almost as fast as their minds as they came to the realization that the legends about a Bigfoot creature were true! Before Linda could think another thought, the creature pounced on her. Brandon bravely yelled at the nearly 7 foot tall furry beast and began punching it. With one quick hairy backhand from the tree trunk sized arm across Brandon’s jaw he went flying thought the tent. By the time his body landed he was barely conscious. With a one quick swipe of the creatures hand he spun Linda’s body around from facing him to on her hands and knees, and with a second swipe and barely audible tear her little cotton panties disappeared. Still in shock she instinctively tried to crawl away. His huge hand gripped her shoulder to hold her in place. The beast immediately began the task he had entered the tent for. As he moved on his knees up behind the small framed women, she felt a blunt instrument hit her on the small of the back. She thought maybe Brandon was again trying to rescue her until she looked over and saw his still dazed body laying face down on the other side of the tent. She could now tell the instrument was wet as it slid off Linda’s back then poked at her thigh. She moved her head and shoulders down cowering under the strength of the beast. As the wet blunt instrument again poked at Linda, this time in the crevice of her tan little ass cheeks she realized what was happening. It was now the woman’s instincts took over and caused Linda to raise her ass up in the air. This horrible creature intended to mate with her and the only thing that would be worse than getting raped by him would be to be sodomized. Again the beast lunged his fur covered hip towards Linda this time though, his approximately 15″ member found it’s wet mark. The member pierced the mothers lips and slid in about a foot in one movement. This first penetration felt like a sharp punch in her womb. The creatures cock slammed so far into her little body that the wind was knocked the wind out of her. Young Brandon looked up towards his mother through the haze in his head. While so stunned that he thought he was dreaming he focused his eyes on the woman’s half nude body.

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