Amy and Her New Family


Since Amy moved into their house and lives just more than a year ago, Danny could not stop thinking of, and secretly ogling her. She was just so beautiful and perfect. She scared him a little too. With her self-assured and dominating air, he did not want to appear naïve or stupid, anything like a younger brother, even if they are technically unrelated. He would not like to cause trouble with his mom too. Especially as she has been doing her best to care for Amy and him since his dad died in a car accident almost two years ago. And then, her best friend, Amy’s mom, of cancer a few months later. So, he tried to keep his distance, while using every available opportunity to watch her and be close to her without creating the impression that he was stalking her. Or, even worse, in love with her. Yuck! Definitely not the case. Not now. Or ever. He’s not one of those affectionate, touchy-feely guys that he sometimes sees in the movies. He’s already becoming a real macho man, in charge, like how he remembered his father, he thought. Although it was true that she often visited his dreams, leaving him wet and spent in the morning, or with a persistent morning glory that he has to work off in the shower, he was sure that it was normal. To be expected even, living in the same home 24/7 with a sexy angel. Well not 24/7, although it sometimes felt like it. And she wasn’t really an angel too. He had watched her unobserved with boyfriends. There was Steve. They fucked in the pool when they thought no one else was home that evening. Arriving home early from a friend’s birthday party, his parents still at a work function, he heard sounds outside. Not expecting Amy home either, he sneaked around the back of the house, peeking around the corner. There they were, naked in the pool, with just the full moon casting light onto their bodies. He couldn’t see much underwater, but from their rhythmic and coordinated movements they were undoubtedly screwing. Amy’s increasingly passionate moans seemed to spur Steve on to thrust harder. And faster. Danny could not keep his eyes of Amy’s bouncing breasts above the water surface. And her face. Agape with passion and pleasure, it shook his insides. Wishing that he could make her squeal like that. Sensing that they were close to an awe-inspiring climax, he knew he had to make himself scarce but he couldn’t Arnavutköy escort move. Watching the final moans and thrusts, he finally got going, slipping out of the yard and into a nearby park where he stroked off his boner in the darkness, relieving the ache that had built up. When he returned, they had left. Alone in the big house, with his lingering memories of her tits and rapturous expression, he had jerked off again, finally feeling satisfied for the moment. The second time that he had watched her secretly having sex was with Robert, a large black guy with a cock to match. They were on the couch in front of the TV on a Saturday afternoon. Apparently whatever they had been watching were boring and they got busy with each other instead. This time, he had a much better view, peering in from the outside through a crack in the hastily drawn curtains. Robert was lying lengthwise on the couch, Amy on top of him, bucking wildly. It looked like a mature form of rodeo, which would have been funny if it didn’t have such an immediate arousing effect on Danny. His boner was pressing against his pants as he watched Amy’s lily white butt moving up and down on Robert’s thick black cock. Wow! If only if it could have been him, he thought again. He opened his pants and his dick jumped out, desperate for attention. Matching their strokes, he leaned against the wall, massaging himself. She rides like a master, he thought, increasing his rhythm to match up. It wasn’t long before Robert came with a final few slower, deep thrusts. Danny spurted against the wall before ducking out of view. Jerking his attention back to the present moment, Danny watched as Amy took down the dry laundry items from the clothesline. As she bent down to put each piece in the laundry basket, he could see her short skirt riding up, giving him a brief but delicious glimpse of her skimpy white lace panties each time. Oh, the promise that it holds, he thought, longingly. He was only half concealed by a corner of the rough brick wall but felt emboldened by the fact that her back was turned to him. And by the thrilling sensation of his growing erection. He watched her for a few more moments, squeezing his increasingly sensitive bulge. She seemed to be bending lower and lower. Her legs slightly wider apart, he was sure Avcılar escort bayan he could see the swelling of her pussy lips. Then, his stomach turned as she spoke. “I can see you there, you know?” She said, apparently watching him from upside down through the darkened lenses of her sunglasses. Frozen, with his hand cupping his hard-on, he did not utter a word. “You’ve been enjoying the view, haven’t you? Don’t be shy now,” she said. Whether she was encouraging or teasing him, he couldn’t tell. He was embarrassed but she was also completely sexy and a vision of heart-stopping beauty. He tried to slink back around the corner but didn’t want to lose his line of sight either. He was completely mesmerized by her. She straightened up and turned around, facing him. Her short, flowery dress, more of a beach cover-up really, was sparkling in the summer sun. Her smooth skin was blush from the moist east coast heat and her dark brown, wayward curls gleaming. He did not think she had a bra on and it made his cock kick against the inside of his briefs, clearly struggling to be freed from the constraint. She waved him over. “Come help me take the laundry basket in.” Hesitantly, he walked over, still shyly trying to hide his growing erection. But she noticed anyway, he could tell by her gaze and naughty smirk. A couple of steps short of her, he stopped, his courage abandoning him. It had been hanging on by a thin thread anyway. He felt awkward and unsure, not knowing what to do next, waiting for a cue from her. He was aching and uncomfortable, wanting nothing else than to strip off his shorts and offering himself to her. But he was frightened too. It kept him motionless for a few moments, his hand still lightly covering himself from her keen eyes. She watched him quietly, apparently undecided too. She took a step forward, covering half the distance between them. She was close enough for him to see a vein in her neck lightly throbbing. Her breath was quick and shallow. Maybe it was the heat but he hoped she was turned on too. He could see the faint outline of her nipples through the thin material. As he looked, they became more pointed. Or, maybe it was only his imagination born of hope and desire. He swallowed dryly, wincing a little as he surreptitiously squeezed his crotch. She suddenly Escort Bağcılar moved, startling his thoughts. Throwing her arms around his shoulders, she pushed against him, kissing him hard and decisively, as if she didn’t want to give him an opportunity to back out. She shouldn’t have worried, he was passed most rational thinking, although he continued to feel anxious and unsure. He’s never had sex with anyone else before and she was so much more experienced and his step-sister, for goodness sake. It was not supposed to be like this. But his mind was busy losing the battle, he knew that as he pushed his tongue into her mouth, swirling it around hers. She tasted like strawberry lip gloss with a tinge of saltiness. She pulled him closer, trapping his hand between them, still on his crotch. After a last squeeze or two, he pulled it out, feeling him press against her. She clutched his back, pushing herself harder against him. She was moaning softly in his mouth, purring almost. It was incredibly hot and he felt a rush of heat and lust move to his groin. Scared that he had already ejaculated pre-cum and that everything will be over before he even got his shorts off, he broke contact and looked down. Everything was just as it had been but she used the opportunity to put her hand on his bulge, lightly rubbing up and down his sensitive shaft. He almost choked, trying desperately to slow his racing hormones down. This time, he pulled her close, preventing her from moving her hand too much. He kissed her neck and groped a breast with one hand, the other on her lower back, holding her against his aching body. It was his turn to gasp as he found her nipple, clumsily pinching and rubbing around and over the hardened tip. She inhaled sharply, grinding against him, before taking him by the hand. “Let’s go inside,” she said. Hurriedly, they walked in, only as far as the lounge area before groping each other again. She pushed him backward down onto the couch—the same place that she had ridden the giant black dude before. Danny’s breath caught as she sat down on top of him, her ass just below his crotch, legs spread on either side, panties exposed. He could see the bulge of her pussy lips straining against the thin lace, peeking out at the sides. There was a growing wet spot between her legs and, feeling an unbridled urgency, he pushed his fingers inside her panties, spreading her swollen lips and the juices inside. She was purring again, riding her hips against his upper thighs. Fumbling a little, but remembering a video that he has seen about how to finger a woman, he did not stick his fingers in immediately, although he wanted to.

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