Daddy’s Rules, Daddy’s Consequences


I’m lying on my back in the cage. My legs are cuffed up and open, and Daddy is stroking his magnificent cock on the other side of the mesh. His face is a mixture of concentration and amusement. My eyes pinball from his eyes to Bestie, my pet name for Daddy’s dick, who is now leaking precum. My heart is racing, aroused at the sight of Daddy’s engorgement, but also from anxiety. My “number one” job is to clean Daddy’s dick when he leaks, and in my current state, I cannot perform my task. Daddy moves his hands slowly down the length of Bestie and drops of the precious elixir tremble and then fall onto my skin. I look up, miserably at Daddy. “What’s the matter, my baby slave? Aren’t you happy to have Daddy’s precum decorate your pretty white skin?” “Yes, of course, my Daddy, but I want to taste it. I want it inside me instead of on me.” Daddy’s eyes get wide and he feigns a confused look on his face, but he never stops methodically stroking Bestie. “Oh, I’m sorry, my baby slut slave. I must have missed something. Is this about what you want?” “Oh, no, Daddy! I didn’t mean it like that. You just asked me what was the matt…“ “That’s right and I still want an answer. What’s the matter, Little Girl?” “I just want…“ “YOU want?” “Daddy, please. Let me explain.” “I’m all ears, but I’m losing patience, my sweet, silly, Goofgirl.” His mouth is twisted in a tiny smile and he walks closer to my head, so the drops land on my erect breasts. Escort Küçükköy “I regret?” I offer. He looks at me. He blinks. “I regret I cannot do my job for you, my Darling, my Daddy.” My legs are starting to tingle, but the pussy Daddy has named “Toya” is dribbling down into a pool by my asshole. “And what happens when my baby slave does not fulfill her tasks?” He asks me. Toya is swelling and filling at the sound of his quiet, but sonorous voice. “You punish me, Daddy,” I say and look him in his deep, inky eyes. He crouches beside the cage and strokes the back of my head through the mesh. “Yes.” The word rolls deep in his throat. His eyes examine his caged slavegirl. He sees the ruby glow at the tips of my ears and the base of her throat. He sees the pointy nipples rising and falling with the accelerated breath of excitement. He can smell her pussy from here. He stands, and I crane my neck to watch him as he moves to the latch. He uncuffs my ankles and undoes the latch. I keep my legs in the position he placed them until he tells me I can move. “Lower those legs and skootch down so that your ass is on the other side of the door. I want to fuck my property in the cage before I mark and score that pretty flesh,” he says. His eyes are dancing. I moan, reflexively and follow his instructions. As soon as my hips clear the slender threshold, he is on his knees in front of me. He grasps my hips roughly and tugs me closer. Mecidiyeköy escort He crawls inches closer and then, suddenly, he is inside me. I grunt like an animal as his dick fills my slobbering pussy and she squeezes him in her embrace. My eyes roll back in my head at the ecstatic sensations. Having Bestie inside my body is a singular pleasure. Electrical pulses from my pulsing clit to my pulsing asshole explode like sparks. The mesh on my back as Daddy fucks me reminds me of my captivity. I am an owned slave for the service, use and pleasure of my Magnificent Black Master. He has claimed me and I belong to him. My wants always come second to his. I was born to be fucked by him and when he drills me, when he fucks one of his holes, the euphoria I feel is unsurpassed. I am so grateful to my DaddyMaster to have recognized my true nature and put me to work doing my duty as his Babygirlservantslut. My legs regain sensation, and I wrap them as high as I can on Daddy’s back so he can fuck me deeper. I look up through the mesh of the cage and pray that I can come when Daddy says I can, if Daddy says I can and not before like I want to with every passing second that he fucks his owned slave flesh. “Go get the hairbrush, the switch and the spoon,” Daddy says. My pussy is still pulsing. Daddy has selected my three least favorite implements. “Yes, Sir,” I breathe. My legs are wobbly from being bound. I gingerly walk upstairs and Merter escort bayan find the toy box in the closet. My hands land on the flogger and I regretfully grab the hairbrush and the spoon. The switch is on the headboard and I swing it as I walk the slow walk back to Daddy. Daddy nods to the table, and I set the implements there. He pulls me onto his lap and hugs me close. I rest my face onto his neck and breathe in his Daddy scent. I hug him back tightly, so grateful to be in his strong, sure arms. “Get over my lap, Babygirl,” Daddy simply says. I kiss his neck and lay across his legs. He rubs my ass roughly and pinches the flesh. I feel gooseflesh bloom under his touch. I run my arm down his calf and hold on. “This flesh is entirely too smooth and unmarred, Babygirl,” Daddy says. “You have a long session ahead of you today. I need you to do your duty. When you don’t, Daddy has to beat your ass.” I know better than to argue that he was the reason I was prevented from doing so earlier. I know it doesn’t matter. If I can’t do my chores, I need to be punished. Daddy’s equation is simple, and my logic has no place in it. As Daddy begins the hand spanking, I squirm with pleasure. His strokes are rough and slow. He lets the heat build in one place and then increases the tempo. His blows land on my thighs and on the sit spot. The skin begins to glow, and I have to force myself not to clench. When I squirm away reflexively, Daddy yanks me back into position so he can strike me again, more easily. My clit hardens against his thigh, and my breath grows ragged in my throat. He leans forward and grasps an implement. When he runs it over my rosy skin, I realize it is the hairbrush.

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