Domination of Liz, part 3


After the weekend I spent dominating Liz lit a fire in me that I didn’t want to let go of. My desire to dominate her, to own her and to have her totally as mine drove me. I was driving home from work and had just hung up the phone after talking to Liz about our upcoming camping trip this weekend. It had been five months since our last weekend away and our Dom/Sub thing had continued since then. My desire to up the stakes was driving me crazy. I knew I wanted her, wanted to claim her and make her mine, completely. As I drove along, an adult bookstore caught my attention. I quickly turned the wheel and headed into the parking lot. I knew what I wanted before I even entered the store. I got out of my car and headed into the store. I was greeted by a cute young sales clerk who asked if she could assist me. I told her what I was looking for and she led me through the store to the BDSM section where the sub collars were located. She showed me many and even tried them on for me. When she pulled a soft black leather collar off the shelf that had three black laced X’s on the front and put it on, I knew that was the one I wanted. She helped me pick out a leash to match, she rang me up and I walked out of the store with what I hoped would be the beginning of a new adventure with Liz. My mind raced as I held the collar in my hand as I drove home. When I got home I called Liz and told her I had just bought her a present. She begged and pleaded me to tell her what it was but I told her she would have to wait until tomorrow to see. “I want you to always be mine,” I said interrupting her pleading. “Mmm. So do I,” she purred before we hung up. I put the collar in a box and wrapped it then finished packing for our weekend. My raced with thoughts of what I would do to test her obedience if she accepted her position. As I laid in bed that night I thought of Escort Karaköy a way I wanted to test her obedience when we were camping. I had to jerk my cock that night thinking about what I wanted to do her before I could sleep. Before I headed to Liz’s the next morning, I grabbed a piece of twine, a sheet of paper, a blindfold, some rope and a marker that I would use for her test. I place them in the trunk and slid into the driver seat and set the wrapped collar on the seat next to me. I put the leash I purchased in the center console for the moment. My heart was racing as I pulled into Liz’s driveway and I hoped she would respond to the gift like I hoped she would. She was standing on the front porch before I even got out of my car. I grabbed the box on the seat next to me and got out of the car. Her eyes sparkled with excitement as they looked at the wrapped box in my hand. “Hi Babe,” she said as I climbed the steps of her porch. I smiled at her wickedly as I bent down and kissed her deeply before opening the door and guiding her back inside the house. “Have a seat,” I said motioning to the chair. She quickly sat down and squirmed in her seat as her eyes focused on the wrapped package in my hands. “Liz, ever since our weekend in Yellowstone, I have been thinking about this,” I said. “What,” she questioned me. I handed her the box and said, “This.” Her hands were shaking as she peeled the wrapping from the package. She looked up at me and smiled before she lifted the lid off of the box. She gasped loudly as she saw the collar laying neatly in the box. She reached in the box with her right hand and lifted the collar gently from the box. She held it in her right hand as the fingers of her left hand softly ran over the laced X’s on the front. She slowly looked up at me and smiled a very sexy smile. “Oh Kayaşehir escort my, God, Dan, I love it,” she softly said as her eyes met mine. “I’m glad you do,” I said with a sigh of relief. I reached down and took the collar from her hand. “Shall we see how it fits,” I said. She nodded her head up and down and stood up and turned around. She reached back and lifted her hair as I slid the collar around her neck and fastened it in the back. When I finished she turned around, her fingers feeling it around her neck. “How does it look,” she asked. “Mmm, it looks perfect,” I growled at her. “It feels perfect,” she whimpered. I pulled her into my arms, my eyes locked on hers and said, “You now belong to me and me only, all of you . Do you understand?” “Yes, I understand and want to belong to you and only you,” she said. My dominate side took over quickly hearing her words. I spun her around and bent her over. Her hands braced herself on the arm of the chair. My hands slid from her shoulders down her spine until I reached her ass. My hands caressed and squeezed her cheeks before I gripped her shorts and pulled them down. My hands rubbed her bare ass as I said, “This is mine!” “Yes,” she whimpered softly. I slid my hands between her legs and let my fingers brush against her smooth lips and said, “This is mine!” “Yes,” she whimpered louder. I brought my hand back and swatted her ass cheek, “Yes, Master,” I commanded. She jumped and inhaled sharply before she answered, “Yes, Master.” As I slid her shorts back up and stood her up facing me. I looked down into her eyes which sparkled with desire. My min d thought of the test I had planned for her and my cock twitched in my shorts. “You are now mine, you belong only to me, you will obey me and please me in any way I ask,” I told her. “Yes, Master, only you,” she Küçükçekmece escort bayan said with passion. “Liz, I promise that I will always take care of you, protect you and keep you safe,” I said. “I trust that you will, Master,” she said smiling. “Now are you ready to go,” I asked as I playfully smacked her on the ass. “Yes,” she giggled, “Very ready!” We packed her stuff in the car and headed toward the campground. When we got there, we pitched the tent and set up the camp site. I loved to watch her, the sensual movements she made without even realizing it and knowing she was all mine, made it that much more erotic. When we finished, it was late afternoon and I headed to the trunk of the car were I pulled the items that I put in there this morning and returned to the site and sat down. I made two holes in the sheet of paper and threaded the twine through them. “What are you doing,” she asked. “I want to test your obedience ,” I said without even looking at her. “How is that,” she asked curiously. “Strip naked,” I ordered her. She hesitated for a moment and looked around, then slowly stood up said, “Yes, Master,” then stripped her clothes off. I un-capped the marker and wrote on the piece of paper, “My Master says I need to be tested.” I stood up and tied the sign around her neck. She looked down at it, looked back up at me and smiled sexily. “What exactly am I going to be doing, Master,” she said as her body quivered with excitement. I smiled wickedly at her and grabbed the blindfold and put it around her eyes. She inhaled sharply as I tied it around her head. I grabbed the rope and took her hand and led her down the pat h away from our campsite. Her breathing was rapid as we made our way down the path. “I won’t let any harm come to you,” I said listening to her rapid breath. “I know, Master,” she said confidently . As we reached the end of the path there was an opening with some little trees scattered around. It was not a main path but a path that could very easily have some traffic of campers farther down. My cock twitched in my shorts again as I positioned Liz between to small trees and tied her hands so her arms were spread wide.

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