Hunting Samantha Part 2


This story is a collaboration with Lust_Lover_1913. So if you like it, please tell her too! “What the hell is going on in this fucking house?” Sam saton the corner of her plush bed. Daniel must have wrapped her fluffy baby blue robe around her as some point, but events since the shower were kind of blurry. She just couldn’t make since of it all. Nathaniel was the one hitting on her, the one she’d watched and kissed. The other factor that was really confusing her was that, if she was honest with herself, she’d admit that she didn’t mind at all that Daniel had taken her virginity. Sam shook her head and sighed in frustration. “I’m the eldest son. I have first rights.” Daniel stated simply. “I think you should come down and talk to dad and Nat, Sam.” Her robe wrapped tightly around her still nude and slightly damp body, Sam followed Daniel downstairs. Her dad was sitting on the sofa reading the paper and Nathaniel was playing a video game. It was one of those roll playing zombie things, she never paid attention to his games. Sam plopped down on a recliner by herself and stared expectantly at the others. Her dad took his time, neatly folding the paper. Nathaniel oblivious to what was happening until Daniel kicked him. “Ouch! What was that for?” He asked before noticing Sam was in the room. Finally picking up on the tension in the room, he turned the game off. Dad leaned forward and sighed. “I guess you are ready for an explanation huh darlin’?” Sam looked at her father, but didn’t say anything. “Sweetheart, in 5 days you will be 18 years old. I know you are confused, not only about your brothers, but about changes I’m sure you are experiencing in your own body. I remember when it happened to your mother.” He chuckled to himself at the memory. “She was insatiable. She couldn’t get enough of me. It started for her about the same time. She wanted to fuck any one and anything she could get her hands on. She and I had known each other most our lives. You see, sweetheart, we were cousins. She was an only child, just as I am. Our family, as you can see, isn’t like other families. We have none of the sexual taboos that a typical family has. That is because we are more like a pack of wolves. Think of me as the Alpha male. Your brothers are also part of the pack, as are you. Soon, one of the three of you will take over as the Alpha of our pack. That won’t happen until you choose a mate, Sam. You must choose someone in the family as your mate. Since we are all that is left of our family, it must be one of your brothers. I’m too old for that anymore and it’s time for some fresh leadership. I encourage you to get to know your brothers well. Test their courage and their loyalty. Erenköy escort In time, your choice will be obvious to you. Take all the time you need, as we don’t tend to age as quickly as most people.” Sam stared at her father, her mouth slightly agape. While half her brain was telling her that this was nuts, the other half knew that what he was saying was true. She had no other way to describe it other than that the whole story just felt right. She also had the feeling that the story wasn’t yet done. “Go on,” she encouraged. “The reason we think and run the family like a pack and for our slow aging, is actually pretty simple. Sam, sweetheart, we are all werewolves. Now I know this sounds more absurd than the fact that I am encouraging you to fuck your brothers, but only speak the truth to you. Concentrate, I bet right now you can since whether or not I’m lying to you.” She could, as a matter of fact. It was almost like a scent in the air that if she crinkled her nose, she’d get a whiff of. He was telling the truth. “Centuries ago, one of our forefathers was cursed by an Indian Medicine man to roam the Earth as a wolf. That man was still married and chose to make love to his wife in this wolven form. She conceived and ever since then, our blood line has carried the wolf gene. We are able to transform from human to wolf and back again. The pull to do this is strongest at a full moon, but really we can do it at anytime. We aren’t like the werewolves in stories. We don’t terrorize villages or attack and kill people. This is the reason you must mate with one of your brothers. We need the gene to be passed down to the next generation. For males of our kind the change seems to happen right around their 16 th birthday, usually at the full moon, for females, around 18. And as you know, there will be a full moon in four days.” Questions immediately bubbled to her mind. Wolves? They could transform into wolves? How was that possible? She had to choose one of her brothers as a mate? Oddly enough, that last thought was very appealing. She knew that society was very against incest, but this was different. The reason she had to mate one of her brothers was to strengthen the blood line, not weaken it. The first one she asked was, “How long do I have to choose?” Poor Sam was suddenly very torn. She loved both of her brothers equally. Then again, she loved them as brothers. Until now, she had never even conceived of them otherwise. Daniel was the practical, logical one; where Nathaniel was the happy go lucky fun loving one. Not only did she have to consider what was best for her, but what was best for the whole family…pack, she had to içerenköy escort bayan get used to that. “As long as you need.” Daniel answered. Well, that was a relief. “I need some time to myself.” She told them and headed to her room. Her life had been completely turned upside down in the past 24 hours. While the practical side of her brain wanted to take the time to logically analyze everything, the adventurous side wanted to go play. She now had an idea of what Daniel was like as a lover, her raging libido told her it was Nat’s turn. She threw off the robe, discarding it to the floor forgotten. Rummaging through her drawers she found her favorite cut off denim shorts that barley covered her ass. No need for panties. They’d just get in the way anyhow. Now to her closet, Sam flipped from hanger to hanger looking for the perfect top. She finally found it, almost the last one, of course. This top was a white sleeveless, button up top but with a collar and those little eyelets for decoration. She left the top two buttons undone and tied the two sides together at the bottom so that only two buttons held the shirt on. She ran a brush through her still damp hair and nearly skipped out of her room. Nat was no longer down stairs, but her father was. He was fixing a harness for the horse. She kissed him on the top of his head and mussed his slightly graying brown hair. She left the house knowing where she’d find Nat. She was right. He sat by a pond, near the middle of their property, leaning against a large oak. He aimlessly picked up rocks and tossed them into the water, each making small ripples. She sat next to him, pushing her hips against him to make him move over and share the natural space between the tree roots. She lightly punched him in the arm and asked him, “You o.k.?” “Yeah, I guess. I didn’t know about the whole mating stuff. Listen sis, I want you to know that if you pick Dan, it’s ok. I won’t be hurt by it.” He didn’t look at her as he said it. His head hung low, his golden hair falling into his face. She didn’t expect that. Not given the way he had reacted yesterday to her. “You don’t want me?” She questioned, the thought nearly brining tears to her eyes. His head shot up and he finally looked her in the eyes. “Wha? NO! That’s not what I… I mean I do! I really do! Aaahh!” And with that he leaned in a showed her how much he wanted her. No gentleness about it this time. His passion for her was obvious in that kiss. His lips pressed to hers and his tongue probed for entry. He held her face to his with his hand on the back of her head. She reciprocated by wrapping her arms around his chest and pulling him closer Escort Tuzla to her. His hand moved up and under her hair and griped it at the base. Pulling her head back he began to kiss down her jaw line, her neck and collar bone. His other hand expertly unfastened the buttons of her top. A deep growling noise erupted from his chest as he noted her lack of a bra. His lips continued down her chest and he dragged his tongue around the outer circle of her areola, but purposely avoiding her pebbled pink nipple. With out removing his mouth from touching her body, Nathaniel turned her body so that she could lean against the tree. His tongue lit her body on fire as he turned his attention to the other breast, still teasing by ignoring the nipples. Her hand moved automatically to relieve the tension and pinch it hard, but his hand intercepted hers and he pinned it beside her. Now it was her turn to growl. Never before had she made that particular sound. Nathaniel immediately reacted to it though and finally devoured her breast. Sam arched her back to meet his hungry warm mouth. She rested her head against the tree with her eyes closed and felt his lips move down her belly. Now his hands deftly unsnapped and unzipped her shorts. Sam lifted her hips slightly so that Nat could wriggle them down. She had no idea where they went as now she was fully focused on the warm tongue swirling up and down her soft labia. Sam untwined her fingers with his hair and held on. She opened her eyes to look down at him. Out of the corner of her eye she caught movement. Turning her head to look, a light brownish wolf could barely be seen behind a bush about 20 yards away. Now knowing what she was, Sam felt no fear. In fact, she figured it was probably Daniel or her father checking on her. On a whim, she winked at the wolf and refocused her attention to the man between her thighs. Nathaniel was now circling his tongue in circular motions around her clit. She moaned and pushed her pussy more into his face. Taking the hint he pushed a finger in to her slick hole. Sam moaned in delight. He had her on fire. Each lap of his tongue made her body sizzle. Dan or Nat? Nat or Dan? Right now… with the magic he was performing, it was all Nat. He slipped another finger in and curled it up to massage the soft spongy spot on the inner wall of her vagina. That was all it took and Samantha was convulsing with an explosive orgasm. Her juices squirted all over Nathaniel’s lips and chin. He continued to slowly bring her down with soft slow licks. Her body quivered from the climax. She looked at Nat and could see a big messy grin on his face as he returned the glance. He slowly made his way back up her body with soft kisses, finally placing a soft, sensual kiss on her lips. The passion he felt for her was obvious in the kiss. She reached down and undid his belt and pulled the waste of his pants down. She needed to feel him; needed to feel him fill her every crevice; needed to taste him as he had tasted her.

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