Long John Silver

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In the village where I had lived for a year, there was a little store that sold all the essential food and alcohol one would require. Their prices were slightly higher than the supermarkets in the adjacent town that was fifteen miles away. The sheer convenience, however, negated the added expense.As I settled down to my sedate existence in this magical little enclave, I got to know all the locals one by one. I had made no secret of being gay, mindful of the many single women that lived in the area. I certainly didn’t want unwanted and annoying female attention. The smorgasbord of male talent that I encountered in the store, nonetheless, consistently had my mouth watering.During my first year, I saw a guy called Long John in the store from time to time. His proper name was John Silver. I imagined that due to his height, which was at least six-foot-three-inches, he had garnered the nickname of Long John.Long John was tall and long-limbed, and if I am to be quite honest, skanky. He always wore well-worn tracksuit pants, threadbare polo shirts, and enormous old boots that looked like he had inherited them from his father.One would not refer to him as good-looking, and yet, there was a strange sexiness about him. Although we never communicated directly during our visits, I did make observations about his demeanour.Firstly, he had enormous workman’s hands that were rough and scraggy. Next, his mumbled conversation made one believe that he had a speech impediment of sorts. Lastly, Long John continually wiped his mouth with either the palm or back of his hand as he spoke.The reason that he and I finally communicated with one another was as a result of large wood stumps that he was able to supply.One of the features in my home was an enormous fireplace. I bought all my wood and stumps from another man in the village. He was a miserable and unreliable bastard that I did not enjoy supporting.I loved using large stumps, which I would place on either side of the fire, enhancing Büyükçekmece escort bayan and prolonging the process. The visual benefit of this was also fantastic on the cold winter nights, as I sat cozily enjoying the warmth.One morning as I visited the store and moaned about my wood supplier, the owner incredulously asked me why I didn’t use Long John’s services. After informing him that I didn’t know that Long John supplied wood, as luck would have it, Long John’s truck pulled up outside.After Long John entered the store, we got formally introduced. My heart skipped a beat as my hand got sheathed in his rough paw as we shook hands. Having only ever seen him side-on before this, I noticed that he had what seemed to be an oversized tongue in his mouth. As we commenced chatting, his hand began wiping his mouth to and fro, as I had seen many times before. Inexplicably, this procedure gave me a raging boner.When our business transaction got concluded, Long John promised to deliver my wood later that day. As I was about to leave, I once more extended my hand, hoping that I would get to shake his soggy, spit-sodden paw.Disappointingly, Long John now wiped his hand vigorously over his shirt before we concluded our deal.When I got home, I couldn’t wait for his visit. I wasn’t naïve enough to think that I would get lucky, but after a year of ogling him, the ice had fortuitously got broken.At forty-thirty that afternoon, Long John pulled into my driveway. From the moment he arrived, he was a lot more engaging and friendlier than he had ever been. I wasn’t sure if being out of the spotlight of the shop, he felt more relaxed, or if now that I was a customer, he was donning a business-like persona. It was, after all, universally known that I was gay, and as we all know, straight men can often be skittish around gays, particularly when in heterosexual company.I was, additionally, very impressed with the stumps he had brought Escort Çatalca along. They were vastly superior to the ones I had formerly purchased. Amusingly, as he was about to unload them onto my veranda, he looked at my delicate hands when I offered to assist him and sternly opted to complete the task on his own.As I watched him in action, I did not doubt that his sinewy arms were powerful. I was becoming more and more enamoured with Long John by the minute. John, as he had by now invited me to refer him, was a real alpha stud.Once he had unloaded all the stumps, John followed me indoors so that I could pay him. Hoping to retard his visit, I offered John a drink, which he gladly accepted. He did not appear to be in any hurry and leisurely sipped the beer that I handed over to him.Making small talk, I asked him about his nickname, which I presumed was due to his height, and also had a Stevenson (Treasure Island) connotation due to his surname.“Yeah, that’s the polite version,” he proffered. “Obviously, with my surname and height, that’s what most people assume,” he then mischievously replied.Intrigued by this, I became compelled to learn the impolite version.“Well, if you promise to keep a secret, I will tell you,” he conspiratorially responded.“Scout’s honour,” I jokingly countered with the appropriate saluting gesture.An uneasy look now overcame John’s face, like someone who had misspoken. In the pause that followed, I was about to throw him a lifeline when John again spoke.“Well… I got the nickname at school. You see, I have a very long cock, and my buddies used to tease me about it,” John shyly concluded.Excited as I was about the revelation, I reservedly replied with a simple, “Oh.”By now, John had finished his first beer and was rapidly glugging down his second one. I once more mentioned how happy I was with the stumps he had brought me, in order to diffuse any inhibitions he might be feeling after his exposé.When I handed Esenler escort over his third beer, he placed it on the counter and said, “Before I have this, I’d better take a piss.”After I pointed the direction to my toilet, John exclaimed, “Would you mind if I piss outside? You see, I’m a slovenly pisser and drive my wife mad with all the spillage. That’s why I generally piss outdoors.”“No, not at all,” I answered as I led the way onto my back veranda.After John passed by me, he took up station on my back lawn, just beyond the edge of the veranda. Without facing away from me, he then lowered his tracksuit pants and cupped his dick in his right hand. With his attention focussed on his cock, I was able to have a good look at the reason for his schoolboy moniker.The only word that now came to mind was spectacular! John’s substantial dick was very long and topped with a foreskin overhang of epic proportions. Once the foreskin tube began wiggling about as a wide spray of piss fanned out over the lawn, I instantly understood why he was a messy pisser. I watched transfixed as he moved his hips from side to side, wetting a large portion of the lawn. I had never seen anything more erotic in my life.Intrigued as I was, I was under no delusion that he was straight and summarily having an outdoor man-piss, a practice that was popular in this region because several guys popping in had pissed outdoors. I had, nevertheless, never been lucky enough to witness such an overt display because all these men had always faced away from me. Even more fortuitously, John got so fixated on his task, that I could freely sate my voyeuristic wantonness as he focussed on the task at hand.After John finally finished, he gave his impressive dick a few deft shakes before returning to its imprisonment.Once inside again, John commenced sipping his third beer. I was betwixt and between complimenting him on his handsome dick. I did not want to damage our budding friendship by being salacious, but yet, his overt demonstration gave me a feeling of deliberateness. On an impulse, I decided on a bold approach.“I could see how you got your nickname,” I cautiously informed him.With an air of mock modesty, he shrugged his shoulders proudly.Feeling like a green light had got given, I decided to pursue my conniving ploy.

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