He knew what he wanted, and he found it. His prize, his gift, his everything, all knelt and displayed for him to touch and make his own.She knew what he wanted, and it was hers to deliver. She knew the rules. Knees spread, hands on the floor behind her back. She knew her body was never going to be the same again, her choice to give herself to him completely made her forget everything else.She was sat in the perfect submissive Fatih escort pose, her hair flowing down her back out her face, the low light highlighting the deep red lace she wore for him. She knew this was his favourite colour, and by wearing it she hoped she would get something extra out of tonight.They were the perfect power play, and they gave and took each other without abandon, tonight Fındıkzade escort bayan was just a chapter in their lives.She heard the door click open and she closed her eyes ready for his aura to assault her heightened senses. She could already smell his favourite cologne that he wore just for her. He sighed from the doorframe, taking all of her in. She was perfection, and Escort Gaziosmanpaşa her gift made him feel like a king, he nurtured her trust and had enjoyed watching her blossom.He stood in front of her, the next choice was hers. He cupped her chin and made her green gaze meet his steely grey ones. With the other hand, he undid his belt, softly pulling through the loops of fabric, never breaking eye contact. Everything they did, he needed her to consent to. A faint blush painted her cheeks and she nodded, her pink tongue licking her ruby red lips.  He undid his zipper on his jeans, pulling his length out. His gaze told her everything, yet waited for her to give in. The greatest gift was her trust, and he knew how to earn it.

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