The Closet Friend


Cade was just chilling in his room on an average Sunday afternoon. He was playing his Playstation 4 as well as assorted internet gaming and streaming.He stopped abruptly when he got a text from his childhood friend Derek. Derek asked Cade if he wanted to stop over to game with him for the afternoon. Derek played Xbox, so they couldn’t play online together. Cade responded that he would be over in a bit.The two lived in a rural area, but they lived nearby. They were close friends as children but had grown apart through the years. Derek was the typical high school jock and Cade was the typical undersized, skinny, dorky guy. Although they did not associate with each other much at school, they occasionally spent time together through the years. As a result, Cade considered Derek to be his “closet friend.”Cade took a quick shower and put on some clean clothes. He had a bit of a crush on Derek ever since he had realized that he liked guys. Cade had broken up with his boyfriend a few weeks prior, so he was recently available. Most of the kids at school knew that he was gay even if the adults didn’t.Cade didn’t have his own car, so he decided to walk to Derek’s house. After a brisk five-minute walk, Cade arrived at Derek’s doorstep and rang the doorbell. Derek answered the door in gym shorts and a tank top. Derek was 6’2”, muscular, and quite athletic. Cade gave him a bit of a casual look-over as Derek let him in.Derek immediately started to taunt Cade about how badly he was going to dominate him in Call of Duty. Cade was a bit more casual but just as confident. Besides, Cade knew that he played the game way more than Derek did.They immediately headed to the “man-cave” at Derek’s house. They settled down at the couch directly in front of the television and got right at it. Derek narrowly won the first match as Cade was struggling to adjust to the new surroundings, system, and controller. That Escort Beylikdüzü only served to rev up Derek’s trash-talking to another level.Cade rebounded on the second game and beat Derek soundly. At that point, the trash-talking was in full effect. It started with the “your mom” sort of thing, but quickly escalated to “your girlfriend” or “your ex-boyfriend” inspired taunting.As they worked their way through several different matches in different games the taunts became increasingly specific and explicit. Cade looked over at one point to taunt Derek only to find a rather obvious erection poking around inside of his shorts.Derek noticed that Cade was looking at him and called him out for staring at his bulge. Cade retaliated by calling Derek out for having the aforementioned bulge.As the two played their next game, the banter became very specific to that previous interaction. Cade managed the win despite all of the distractions.As soon as the game was over, Cade found himself taking a quick look to once again find that Derek was still clearly erect. Derek caught him looking and called him out for it once again. Then, suddenly, Derek pulled his shorts down and exposed his erect cock. Although Cade just caught a quick glimpse of it, it appeared to be quite thick and lengthy.Cade was completely distracted for the next game. He couldn’t stop thinking about Derek’s cock and the taunting wasn’t helping matters either as Derek won easily.As soon as the action broke, Cade glanced over to see that Derek was still in the same state. Derek started to laugh. He had noticed that Cade had clearly become erect and that his shorts were bulging out. Cade hadn’t even realized it as he had been too busy fantasizing about Derek. Besides, his bulge was clearly not impressive as the one in Derek’s shorts.Derek called Cade out for having an erection. Then, in Beyoğlu escort taunting fashion, he asked Cade if had an erection because he had seen Derek’s cock.In a brief moment of boldness, Cade told him “Yes.”Derek resumed taunting for a bit and then eventually pulled his shorts down again and started wagging his cock back and forth.Cade stared at it intently before finally reaching out and wrapping his left hand around it. He felt like he was going to melt as he felt the size, thickness, length, and heat coming off of Derek’s hard cock.Cade fully expected Derek to shrug his hand away or to shove him, but that didn’t happen. There was a brief standoff in which both of the young men stood still in anticipation of the other making some sort of move. Cade broke the stalemate as he started to slowly stroke whatever portion of Derek’s cock that was exposed. Derek let out a sigh and his head drifted backward slowly. His hips swiveled and surged forward slightly as Cade’s stroking got faster and more aggressive.Not satisfied with the current level of intimacy, Cade stopped and removed his hand. As Derek turned his attention to see why the action was interrupted, Cade said, “Take your shorts off, Derek.”Cade got to his feet and waited for Derek to kick his shorts to the side. As soon as they were removed, Cade crawled in between his legs and after a couple of quick strokes, he pulled Derek’s cock downward to meet his mouth.Cade took a deep breath and slid halfway down Derek’s cock on the first try. He bobbed on it several times going a bit deeper each time. He held it as long as he could but finally had to back away. He gasped for air as several “strings” of saliva connected Derek’s cock and his mouth. He wiped it away and after a few breaths, he was once again bobbing on Derek’s cock.Cade barely even looked at Derek as he went through several more cycles Bomonti escort bayan of deep oral. There was an occasional moan or cry of pleasure as Cade continued. As Cade drew back once again, he started to stroke Derek’s slippery cock slowly.The boys finally made eye contact as Cade was in his submissive position. Cade confidently taunted Derek, “So, did you like that?”Derek nodded his head and softly said, “Yeah.”Resuming their previous level of trash talk, Cade said, “I’ll bet Jenna can’t suck your dick like that. She probably doesn’t even want to,” referring to Derek’s current girlfriend.“She probably does it like this,” Cade remarked as he gave Derek’s cock a quick subtle lick.“Or maybe like this,” he added as he sucked on the very tip of Derek’s cock.“But I like to do it like this,” Cade bragged, followed by a deep dive that engulfed most of Derek’s length. Derek doubled over and grabbed Cade’s head as he moaned in pleasure.As Cade once again withdrew, Derek asked, “Dude, please don’t talk about Jenna. Not like that, not now.”“Okay, I won’t mention her again if you admit that I am the best that you have ever had.”As Derek hesitated, Cade went for it once again.Once Cade stopped, Derek confessed, “Alright, you are the best cocksucker ever. Just don’t stop.”Cade happily accommodated Derek and continued on for several minutes.Feeling confident that Derek wasn’t going to back out of the deal at that point, Cade decided to try to push it to the next level. He backed away from Derek and got to his feet. He slowly peeled his shorts down and kicked them off. His long t-shirt tumbled down and covered him up for the most part.Then he approached Derek and straddled him. Cade was on his knees on the couch with his t-shirt sporting the outline of his modestly sized hard cock. He held Derek’s much more substantial cock in his hands as he asked, “Are you okay with taking this to the next level?”The nervous smile on Derek’s face was all of the answer that Cade needed.Cade rose up, grabbed Derek’s cock with his right hand, and guided it to his eager hole. He lowered himself down on it and took the tip inside. “Oh, fuck!” Cade groaned as he wrapped his arms around Derek’s muscular neck.

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