Those Three Little Words – Part Seven


Three days had past since I had last seen my Master and I missed him like I was without an arm. He was constantly in my thoughts, and each time Mistress Gina used me the gap where he should be became more and more prominent to me. Each time I heard footsteps to the basement I felt hopeful.“Slut. We’re going out” said my Mistress, descending the stairs of the basement and opening the door to my cage. I was excited to be let out of the basement- I had only ever ventured out when Mistress had summoned me to parade in front of guests and when I was allowed to shower. Other than that I had slept in the dark cage, waited in there and even eaten in there.Mistress clipped a lead to my collar and I reached for the crumpled pile of clothes that lay on the floor- never once had I needed them until now; I’d either been left naked or dressed up in indecent outfits. Right now I was wearing a tight, blood-red corset, a tiny black thong and suspenders with lacy stockings. The outfit made me feel every inch the slutty submissive I was- but even I drew the line at going outside dressed in it.“What do you think you’re doing?” snapped Mistress, striding forward with me still knelt on the floor. My hesitation angered her; something I knew I should have avoided. “Did I give you any other command?” she snarled, crouching down so that her face was level with mine. “No Mistress,” I amended, “It’s just… I thought-““You thought I’d let a little slut like you cover up in public?” she spat, laughing cruelly; “Don’t you want everyone to see you for the whore you are?”Cornered, I had to agree. I thought of Master to stop me from panicking and refusing, I couldn’t let him down now. With a satisfied smirk she straightened up, and led me silently up the stairs. I crawled all the way to the front Sarıyer escort bayan door, where I was allowed to stand and put on a pair of monster heels. I tottered behind Mistress, breathing in the fresh, cool evening air as we walked to where her sleek black Jaguar was parked on the grand drive.“You’re my dog today slut, my own little bitch.” Mistress said. “Yes Mistress,” I agreed, she loved role plays – I had been her maid and pupil already in the time I’d spent with her. “Sit” she said, never failing to remind me of her dominance. I knelt on the tarmac while she gagged me. “Now, all dogs ride in the boot – don’t they bitch? Get in then.”She opened the boot and I clambered in, and lay in the trunk. She shut it and a few seconds later I heard her get in the car herself. The engine hummed to life and I felt the car move. I lay uncomfortable and cramped in the boot; every now and again I’d be jolted about by a bump in the road, or slammed into the back by a sudden stop. Relief flooded through me as Mistress opened the boot but it was short-lived as I saw that we were in a car park. I couldn’t protest with the gag in, but Mistress saw my panic.“Come on bitch. I don’t have all day,” she said yanking the leash around my neck, forcing me to get out from the boot in an awkward manner. I stood, stretching my back after the cramped ride, only to be pushed to my knees. “Good bitch,” Mistress said, and she walked forward. I crawled after her, much too aware of my exposed ass, and inappropriate outfit. The car park was deserted, luckily, and we were heading for the back door of a large building. Mistress tied the leash to the railings of a stairway, and then walked down to the door and entered.Exposed, I felt dread and anticipation Silivri escort flow through me – I had to admit I was excited though; my pussy was moist and warm under the thin fabric of my thong. I tried to work out where we were… it was too big to be a house, maybe a club? There was a thumping of music coming from within so it seemed pretty likely.After at least ten minutes, my Mistress returned with a man. Illuminated under the streetlight, I could make out that he looked to be in his mid fifties. He had balding hair and was wearing a smart jacket. I guessed he was the owner of the club… if that’s what it was. “This is her,” said my Mistress, untying me and pulling me forward. The man looked quite unsurprised by the sight of me, and looked me over in an almost clinical way.“Big tits, nice ass, pretty face. She’ll do fine, thanks Gina – I really owe you,” said the man. Mistress nodded and turned to me.“This is Mr Gates, owner of this fine gentleman’s club. You’re to help him tonight, one of his dancers has dropped out last minute, and he’s got an important show on. Understand?” she said. I nodded.So… I was to perform in a ‘gentleman’s club’, I thought. My stomach twisted with nerves, I had absolutely no experience with ‘dancing’, I had never even stepped foot into a gentleman’s club before. “Mm, she’s obedient this one, I think she’ll be a tremendous extra for your show tonight,” said Mistress, talking to Mr Gates again. “Excellent. Well, we haven’t got long until the doors open, I better introduce her to the girls and get her training,” he replied.Mistress led me into the club, and I was submerged into a haze of smoky air as I entered. The club itself was dimly lit, with a bar and various seating areas. The only thing that made Escort Topkapı it different to any other pub or club I had been in was a huge centre stage; and on it were various poles and platforms.Mistress undid my leash and collar, ungagged me and I was allowed to stand. “Do as he says, slut. I’ll be back later,” she said, flashing me with one of her rare smiles and leaving me with Mr Gates. I walked backstage with him, passing a gaggle of women crowded around a rail of clothes. We entered a dressing room, where I was introduced to a dancer who was sat at her mirror.“Kim this is Charlotte,” said Mr Gates, surprising me by using my name, I had been so use to responding to ‘slut’ or ‘whore’ with Mistress. The girl turned round and shook my hand, smiling.“Charlotte’s filling in for Debbie tonight so can you please show her the ropes on the poles and teach her your routine; she’s going to be your partner” explained Mr Gates.“Sure,” said Kim and the owner left.Kim stood from her dressing table and surveyed me curiously.“Cute outfit,” she complimented, I blushed very aware of how she was decently covered up in a fluffy pink dressing gown.“Don’t be embarrassed,” she said smiling, “We’re all here together, I’ve got nothing to hide; I do this because quite honestly I need hard, easy cash. And besides you’re gonna have to do a lot worse than just stand there looking pretty, so chill out”I was still a little shy as she led me onto the empty stage. “Relax, it’s all professional – just separate yourself from your usual personality and become a performer, become someone totally different for the night,” she said. I smiled, I was already warming to Kim; she had such a bubbly personality. “Right, now place your hands here – it’s quite a skill pole dancing, but it’s simple enough to learn – I’m going to show you a routine and then I want to see you do as much as you can. That way I can see where your at, and what bits we need to work on.”I spent the next couple of hours learning a few basic moves on the pole; which is actually a lot harder than I had previously thought.

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